16 Sugar Mamas You Wish Could Tuck You In Bed

The term "cougar" has both positive and negative connotations in our modern world. On one hand, it implies a strong, mature woman who is not afraid to go after what she wants, take control (even of a man), and make the most of (what could be) her sexual prime. It is an empowering image for women, especially as pressure to look physically young is always rising and thus women are afraid of aging. But there is duality in all things, as they say, and being a cougar is not necessarily always the way older women dating younger men would prefer to be thought of or labeled as.

And then we have the sugar mama, the counterpart to the more commonly-known sugar daddy. Both imply that one party is receiving sex and the other - money or material possessions. But for a women as opposed to a man, being the one providing the "sugar" is generally regarded as sluttier.

But put the two together, and a cougar who is a sugar mam is just what some men are looking for. And who is the perfect combination of age, good looks, and money? The answer is the aging women of Hollywood; female stars who have either failed at love, never had it to begin with, or just plain like their men young, dammit. There are plenty of these kinds of women to go around, and luckily for them, there are just as many young men who either fell in love by chance with one of these women, specifically sought out a sugar mama, or just plain prefer their women to be more mature.

The following 16 examples of cougars/sugar mamas are all famous women whom you may or may not have thought of in this way before. They all share this cougar/sugar mama aspects to their lives, and have proven that they love younger men.


16 Cameron Diaz

It’s hard to believe that There’s Something About Mary came out nearly two decades ago in 1998, and that the cute, fresh-faced Mary, Cameron Diaz, is now well into middle age. In fact, at 44 years old, she is old enough to be a cougar, and already has been. Cameron was in a relationship with Justin Timberlake (who is nine years younger than her) from 2003 to 2006. They began dating when she was 30 and he was just 22, the age when most people are just graduating college and still rather dumb about life. Additionally, in 2013 Cameron had the hots for the newly-single Robert Pattinson, who is 13 years her junior. She kept her distance while he was dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, but even after their breakup nothing substantial ever came of her crush. As well as a gorgeous cougar who is still relatively young, Cameron has made tons of blockbuster movies, giving her the finances to be a great sugar mama.

15 Jennifer Aniston


In her Rachel Green days on Friends, Jennifer Aniston was one of the hottest actresses around, and for part of that time, she was married to Brad Pitt. But some would argue that the more she ages, the hotter she gets. Now 47 and married to 45-year-old Justin Theroux since 2015, once upon a time Jennifer dated the much-younger John Mayer from 2008-2009, when she was almost 40 and he was 30. At 40, Jen was entering middle age, while at 30, John was in his prime. Still, they managed to make it last a year. Jennifer is smoking hot, beautiful, and rich, so she would make the perfect sugar mama, and clearly, she was already a cougar. There were also rumors of her having an “encounter”, which I can only take to mean hook-up, with Harry Morton, who was at the time 30 (she was 42).

14 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria made a lasting impression as a cougar when her character Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives had an affair with the young pool guy, played by Jesse Metcalfe. At the time, she was 29 and he was only three years younger, though he played a teenager. In real life as well as on screen, Eva was a cougar. She dated Penelope Cruz’s brother Eduardo Cruz for a year when she was 36 and he was 26. It was rumored that Eduardo was just a rebound from her split with her ex-husband Tony Parker. Either way, the Hollywood actress is a cougar (she is now 41) and she has a lot of money just waiting to be spent on much younger men. Rather, she would if she were single, but she wed 47-year-old Mexican businessman Jose Antonio Baston in May of this year.

13 Sandra Bullock


This should be an obvious one. Between Sandra Bullock’s good looks, great body, impressive bank account, and the fact that she is 52 years old, any man seeking a cougar would be crazy not to want her. She has assets of every kind, and is talented, too. Plus, she is a cougar in real life, having dated a few men who are younger than her, despite having been married to Jesse James, who is near her age. Sandra dated two of Hollywood’s hottest Ryans (Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds), both 16 years her junior. Of course, those two were not dating her as a sugar mama, but she could easily be both that and a cougar. The The Blind Side actress certainly does like her men young; a third young stud she has been romantically linked to is Captain America himself, Chris Evans, now 35. It seems that the young men of Hollywood do not care that she is now in her 50’s because they see all she has to offer.

12 Halle Berry

Everyone has a crush on Halle Berry, and for good reason. The woman is beautiful, has a sexy body, and she is a famous actress. At 39 years old, she began dating French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry in 2005 when she was 29. He was ten years younger, but the two went on to marry and have a child together. They wound up splitting in 2010, but her reputation as a cougar has followed her, as she is now known that way in the Hollywood world. She was also rumored to have hooked up with Welsh talk show host Steve Jones, who is 11 years younger than her. This was in 2003 when they were both much younger, and as I said before, the younger a couple is, the more the age gap matters. Now Halle is single after three husbands and one child by each of them. If she is still into younger guys, there would be plenty who would love to have the rich actress as their sugar mama.

11 Jennie Garth


Actress Jennie Garth was once married to a more similarly-aged man, Peter Facinelli. But for the last year and a half, she has been married to Dave Abrams. At 42 and 33 respectively, this is no jaw-dropping 20 or 30-year age gap, but it is still significant enough to mention. Nine years is a lot. Plus, Jennie publicly had a “cougar crush” on then-21-year-old actor Sterling Knight, while married to Peter (he thought it was funny). It seems her tastes lean toward those of the younger generation. Perhaps she is stuck in her own “golden years”, the time in her life she was most famous, while filming the television series Beverly Hills. Because of that role and subsequent ones (though none as significant), Jennie has the means to be a sugar mama to her new husband, should he need it.

10 Demi Moore

Demi Moore and the much-younger Ashton Kutcher had a very public romance that led to their marriage. It was frequently mentioned that their 15-year age difference left him closer in age to her three teenaged daughters than to her, and that technically, she was old enough to be his mother. Awkward. Still, the two seemed to share a real chemistry, and they definitely did not look that far apart in age. With his boyish handsomeness and her face that looks much younger than her true age, they actually made a cute (if odd) couple. Ultimately, the marriage ended due to cheating rumors on his part, but people still see Demi as a cougar, and probably always will. Her having a crush on the even-younger-than-Ashton Zac Efron of High School Musical fame did nothing to quell the cougar image. She also has great potential to be a sugar mama.


9 Jennifer Lopez


After Jennifer Lopez split from her husband Marc Anthony in 2011, she waited only a few months before entering into a new relationship with her much-younger backup dancer, Casper Smart. It was this relationship that earned her her cougar status. She famously dated him for five years, but the duo broke up in August of this year. When J. Lo and Casper first got together, she was 42 and he was just 24, making them a couple with 18 years between them. She could definitely be his mother! Now just three years away from the big 5-0, the singer is single and raising her twins. There were rumors that she was dating her Boy Next Door co-star, Ryan Guzman, who was the same age as Casper. Jennifer, who played a cougar in a relationship with Guzman in the movie, denied the rumors. Obviously, she has the cougar aspect down pat, but just as obviously, she could provide the means to be a sugar mama, too.

8 Gabrielle Union

The gorgeous Gabrielle Union of Bring it On fame is somehow 44 (didn’t she just play Kirsten Dunst’s high school cheerleading rival like, yesterday?). And she has earned the title of a cougar in Hollywood because of her marriage two years ago to Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade, who is a whole decade younger than her. Perhaps strangely (or maybe it is just not a common sentiment), Gabrielle loves being an older woman in her relationship, and is open about it. She does not believe age is an important factor in a marriage, citing her and her husband’s goofy personalities and strong family values as what makes them work so well as a couple. Gabrielle does not look 44, but much younger. That, coupled with her fame, fortune, and already-established cougar status, and she’s got the cougar/sugar mama thing in the bag.

7 Adrienne Maloof


One infamous cougar is the former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof, who once dated Anheuser-Busch heir, Jacob Busch. He was 26, she 53. That is an impressive age difference of 27 years, making her more than old enough to be his mother. She could easily fit the profile of another kind of mother, though- the sugar mama. Adrienne thought she was going to marry Jacob, but alas, he was caught sneaking over to her neighbor's house, and that neighbor was Paris Hilton. Ouch. Now 55, Adrienne has been dating 36-year-old Sean Stewart since 2013, and things seem to be going strong. At least he is only 19 years her junior, which is a little better than 27 years (but not much). Adrienne, being a “real housewife” reality star of middle age, is not a surprising part of this list; sadly, it is expected. That being said, she does have her pluses, and those are that she is making one young(er) lad very happy in her role as his cougar, and that she is also capable of being his sugar mama.

6 Kate Hudson

She may be the youngest on this list, but Kate Hudson deserves her spot here just the same as everyone else. She is 37 years old, and while one of her past relationships was with a man six years her junior (Derek Hough, now 31), the one that really gave her a name as a cougar in Hollywood is Nick Jonas. Yes, the 24-year-old boy bander dated the blonde beauty for eight months last year. Their 13-year age difference was no deterrence to their romance, and like any schoolboy crush, he gushed about Kate in interviews as if he were wrapped around her little finger. He said of his mature lover that, “We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other, and see something in each other that’s beautiful…we did have a beautiful connection. Even now I have so much admiration and respect. She’s amazing.” Obviously, with Kate’s success as an actress, she is not only appealing to men for her beauty, but also for her wealth, a true sugar mama.

5 Nicole Scherzinger


38-year-old former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger is our next cougar. Just a year older than Kate Hudson, she too may seem young to be a cougar, but as she nears 40, the fact that she has been romantically linked to several much-younger men qualifies her for this list. There was 22-year-old Harry Styles, who reportedly had a “secret fling” with the singer when he was 19 and she was 35, despite their 16-year age gap. Then there was her fellow crooner, Ed Sheeran, whom she casually dated last year but things didn’t work out due to the 13 years between them (they are still buddies, though). Now, Nicole has declared her love for 25-year-old tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov, who is the same age as Ed Sheeran. Maria Sharapova’s ex began dating Nicole in July 2015, and they are still going strong. He may or may not require her financial aid, but it's available if he does, because while she is most definitely his cougar, she has the funds to be his sugar mama, as well.

4 Eva Mendes

One of Hollywood’s most well-known cougars is the beautiful Eva Mendes, who is 42 years old, but doesn’t look it in the slightest. Her personal life is rife with gossip and speculation about her relationship with Ryan Gosling. At 36, he is not so much younger, but young enough, especially in a society that generally still (a lot of the time) holds the traditional belief that the male should be older than the female. She is thought of as a cougar by many people, anyway. They just became engaged this fall, having been together for five years and having had two children together. Let’s not forget that Ryan does have a thing for older women, as he also dated Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams (only older by two years, but still). He and Eva make a very cute couple, and in the crazy world that is Hollywood, they seem more level-headed than most. They will be married soon and not need to use each other for money, but Eva would still be a good choice for a sugar mama, since she has undoubtedly amassed some good savings after years of a successful acting career.

3 Chilli


Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is a singer known best for being in the 1990’s pop group TLC. But her smooth singing is not the only thing this 45-year-old crooner has going for her. No, there is also her money and fame. She landed a famous beau in America’s Got Talent host (and ex of another famous cougar crooner, Mariah Carey), Nick Cannon. Nick is 35, making him 10 whole years younger than Chilli. He was hesitant about the relationship, having recently split from his wife of six years, Mariah, 46. But like Ryan Gosling, it seems as if Nick likes his women more mature. He and Chilli dated for seven months, until October 2016, but ultimately called it quits. She also dated Usher for two years, and he was seven years her junior. At the time of their breakup, he was 25 and she was 32, so it was not the craziest age difference in the world, but it was not nothing, either.

2 Sharon Stone

If you Google “celebrity cougars”, one name that will pop up on every list is Sharon Stone. This is because the 58-year-old Basic Instinct actress dated Argentinian hunk Martin Mica when she was 54 and he was 27, just half her age. They lasted for a year, but she was always thought of as a cougar even before him. Before Martin, who was routinely described in the press as her “boy toy”, there was 24-year-old Chase Dreyfous, whom she dated when she was 50. He was known in the media, at least sometimes, as her “butt boy”. pretty much hits the nail on the head when they describe Sharon like this: “Sharon Stone is a lady I would have always described as a cougar – long before she started dating a 24-year-old. There’s something about her long nails, penchant for fur, and generally abrasive personality that says, 'I eat living creatures for snacks – and I prefer it that way.'" It sounds like all of her young men, none of whom were terribly famous, may have benefited from her ability to be their sugar mamas, but alas, none of them worked out.

1 Tyra Banks


America’s Next Top Model producer and former Victoria’s Secret model Tyra Banks is only 43, but she has had herself some youngins when it comes to men. When she was 38 a few years ago (still young, but not young enough to keep her off a cougar list), the queen of modeling and talk shows began dating a 24-year-old British boxer, model, and America’s Next Top Model judge named Robert Evans. Of course, Tyra is pretty enough (and rich and famous enough…) that the fact that she was 14 years older than him was apparently not a factor. She was also romantically linked to 25-year-old Drake for a few months back in 2012. Then, she was nearing 40, and keeping with her style of dating men about 15 years younger. However, she told Steve Harvey in an interview that, “I ain’t a cougar!” Well, maybe not all the time. Currently, she dates Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, who is famous for Norway’s Next Top Model and about her age. Seems to me they’re a match made in model heaven.


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