15The Twilight Zone

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The timeless sci-fi/horror classic caused a whole generation to hide behind the couch back in the 1960’s. Each of the show’s 156 episodes was littered with more surreal moments and supernatural horrors than M. Night Shyamalan could hope to fit into his entire career. The scariest episode of all,

though, had to be the pilot episodes from the needless reboots of The Twilight Zone in 1985 and again in 2002. (Apparently, at the time of this writing, there’s word of yet another reboot in the works by CBS!)

Why can’t TV producers leave a good thing alone? The most recent remake to date only lasted one season, and while critics praised it for having some faint spirit of the original show, it wasn’t enough to keep viewers hooked, let alone curious to see it through to a second series. Rule number one for TV remakes: if it ain’t broke, don’t dare to try and fix it!

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