14Fawlty Towers

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The legendary sitcom about an irate hotel manager is clearly well-loved by America because since its run in 1975, U.S. TV execs have tried (and failed) to remake the show not once, not twice but a total of three times (wow, guys get the picture already). The original British sitcom

starring comedy icon John Cleese as the short-tempered hotel manager, Basil Fawlty, is loved by generations, so why channels ABC and CBS even attempted to touch the show is baffling.

The first attempt by ABC in the late 70’s starred Harvey Korman and Golden Girl Betty White, but even White at the height of her fame couldn’t save it, and it never went further than the pilot. The next attempt at a remake lasted a few months but ultimately bombed in the ratings and was canceled. The third (and hopefully final) attempt to reboot Fawlty Towers in 1999 seemed to fare much better than the others and even had John Cleese’s blessing! But, it only survived a measly eight episodes before being taken off the air. Awkward!

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