15 Stupid YouTubers Who Shouldn't Be Rich And Famous (But Are)

Here's something to think about. According to Forbes, in 2015, the top ten YouTubers collectively earned $52.5 million per year. Wow. And that doesn't include money they earn from book and TV deals. They must be very talented, you may be saying to yourself. Well, maybe a little. But what they all have going for them are strong personalities, an ability to entertain and what you might call the gift of the gab. Talking to you. And what else? Well, they are almost always annoying, over the top, irritating and outrageous. In a word: Stupid. And here's another thought that may send you around the bend: Every single person on this "stupid" list is a top earner on YouTube, according to TVGuide. Yes, friends, stupid, outrageous and out there sells. At least on YouTube. Here are 15 stupid YouTubers that should not be rich and famous, but are totally both. Go figure. Read on, grab that video camera and go for stupid, rich and famous yourself.

And bear in mind that on YouTube, nothing is static. Back in 2015, Forbes clocked PewDiePie, that totally stupid Scandinavian, with 40 million viewers. Now? 50 million plus.

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15 Crazy Russian Hacker

Have you ever wondered what happens if you put marshmallows in a container and pump all the air out, creating a vacuum? Or in a Russian accent "wacuum". What about how to make an electric pickle that glows in the dark? Please, please, please. Don't try that at home. Now we know you are curious. CRH is indeed crazy and Russian and, according to his YouTube channel, living somewhere in Waynesville, North Carolina. He does wacky science stuff for the most part. And the hacker bit? He does a nice series of not so serious life hacks. Like how to open a can without a can opener or life hacks for college students that features beer, Cheetos and how to use beer pop tops as a closet organizer. He's got over nine million subscribers and makes just under $2 million a year. By the way, the marshmallows get bigger.

Subscribers: 9.3 million/Income per annum: $1.8 million

His most annoying catchphrase: "Safety is our top priority" as he dons shades.

14 Lilly Singh (aka iiSuperwomanii)


OK. Lilly Singh is young and hot and all over the place. Like, she had a cameo in Bad Moms and Ice Age, has wowed them on Jimmy Fallon Live and when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was about to launch his own YouTube channel, he dropped into a few of our Lil's YouTube offerings. And she's kissed Seth Rogen, who also collaborated on one of her viral videos. According to The Daily Mail, she said "'I did kiss him,' she confirmed of her apparent smooch with 33-year-old comedian Seth in her Christmas special video..." But what about the "stupid" part? Well, there's kissing Seth Rogen, plus videos about what would happen if guys had periods. OK. That's yuk and stupid in overdrive. But she looks good while being really stupid and annoying.

Subscribers: 10.7 million/Annual Income: $2.5 million plus

Most annoying catchphrase: "Funny is the new sexy".

13 Jenna Marbles


Jenna N. Mourey became Jenna Marbles and launched her YouTube channel in 2010. It's a kind of dumb, blingy blonde girly kind of a place where you can watch a drunk make-up tutorial or hear Jenna in drag telling us what guys lie about. And when those outrageous tapes of Donald Trump talking about grabbing women by the 'you know what' came out, our Jenna was pretty quick off the mark with her own viral video on "defence" moves. It gets worse. Her video on "What a Girl's Underwear Means" got over 13 million views, probably mostly from guys hoping to see the blonde, built Jenna modeling. Alas not. And another first for our Jenna: Tubefilter reported that Madame Tussauds New York is doing a wax figure of the selfie-taking blonde bombshell.

Subscribers: 16.7 million/Annual Income: $4 million (?)

Most irritating things about Jenna: Her whiny voice, her stupid little dog and how much she fancies herself.

12 Roman Atwood


OK. Would you want to hangout with a guy who describes himself as a "professional American prankster"? We didn't think so. He's got a girlfriend, an ex-wife and a cute kid or two who he puts to work in his videos. For one video, he filled his entire house with brightly colored plastic balls and jumped in. Plus, he's won our vote for worst husband ever with his "Pretending to Kill Their Kid" video. The guy thinks he's funny. Really funny. He's gotten into Live streams, like when he skateboarded on a treadmill or jumped out of an airplane. With a parachute on, we should point out. Seems it's not all laughs at the Atwood house, as he divorced his wife after she cheated on him (and we quote) "with a guy who p**ped in their driveway." Don't expect to see that scene on his YouTube channel.

Subscribers: 10.2 million/Annual Income: $3 million (?)

The most annoying things about Roman: His "Smile More" catchphrase and his obsession with tattoos.

11 PewDiePie


Meet Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Who? PewDiePie in YouTube land. The guy has got 52 million subscribers, and his income? $12 million plus per year. The Swedish "web-based comedian and video producer" got started on YouTube doing "Let's Play" commentaries on games and programs. If you like the "F" word and silly guy humor, you'll love PewDiePie. He's diversified into animation with offerings such as "Vegetarians Eat My Face" and "PewDiePimp". Now, PewDiePie has recently been ranting about YouTube sabotaging his channel to favor "someone extremely cancerous". Many think he is referring to the equally obnoxious and totally self-centered Lilly Singh.

Subscribers: 52 million/Income: $12 million plus

Most irritating habits: Laughing at his own feeble jokes, ranting at YouTube, and that "F" word.

10 Annoying Orange


If you like school boy humor and animated talking fruit, you'll love Annoying Orange. The "creator" of Annoying Orange is Dane Boedigheimer. No prizes for guessing the point of it all: It's about a really annoying cartoon orange with human teeth and eyes who annoys the other fruits in AnnoyingLand. Really, another one only the guys would love to hate. When film student Dane, started it in 2009, the critics hated it. So, what happened? It became so popular that AO got his own TV series, a video game, toys, backpacks, and even lunch boxes. Dane used to work for MTV, but since Annoying Orange, he's rich, kind of famous and (of course) annoying.

Subscribers: 5.5 million/Annual Income: $3 million (plus)

Most annoying catchphrase: "Hey Apple".

9 Smosh


Think Dumb and Dumber hangout with a bunch of guys and you've got the vibe about right. The people to blame? Anthony Padilla and friend Ian Hecox boast they have the dumbest YouTube channel. And, after a brief look, we tend to agree. They do a few movie length features (Ghostmates), but it's mostly shorts. You know the kind of thing: Guys together in underwear flexing their muscles or lip-synching songs. They have added a second channel and Smosh Game Videos. Typical? What if Donald Trump... were Mexican? He's build a ramp into the States. If he were on Game of Thrones? He'd say there's no scientific evidence that winter is coming. Are you laughing yet? No, we aren't either.

Subscribers: 22.5 million/Annual Income: $6 million

Most annoying thing: The Dumb and Dumber vibe

8 Rosanna Pansino


Her thing is her Nerdy Nummies YouTube cooking shows. And her cookbook of the same name hit the New York Times best sellers listing in 2015. She makes chocolate chip cookies with the Cookie Monster. We're not kidding. Rosanna's voice is painful, like listening to fingernails scraping down a blackboard. Her vibe? Think Selena Gomez after inhaling laughing gas. Or a beauty contestant whose talent is baking. Yes, it is that bad. She's so perky and smiley and cutesy that you probably won't be able to get through her video on making a SpongeBob cake or Harry Potter licorices wands, let alone her singing the Harry Potter theme dressed as Hermione Granger.

Subscribers: 7.6 million/Annual Income: $3 million

Most annoying thing: Her squeaky, happy, little girl voice and her obsession with watermelons. We're not kidding...

7 Michelle Phan


She does make up. No wait. Don't go. She does make-up for people who want to look like Lady Gaga or Barbie, even Zombie Barbie. Or that blonde woman from Game of Thrones. You know, the skinny one with the frizzy hair. And just to annoy you even more, she channels her Vietnamese ancestry and models clothes or talks about the food. In a word? Self-absorbed. But she made it into that Forbes top ten list, making $3 or $4 million a year. Her YouTube channel may be stupid, but our Michelle is business-smart, with her own line of subscription based make-up called 'ipsy'. Only thing more annoying than Michelle and her make-up tips is Michelle making cupcakes with Rosanna Pasino...

Subscribers: 8.8 million/Annual Income: $3 million plus

Most annoying catchphrase: Teaching and Inspiring Everyone

6 Joey Graceffa


His thing is commentary on games and gaming. Joey's gay and lets you know it straightaway. What's stupid about his YouTube channel? It's got this precious Joey as the center of the universe vibe that gets to you pretty fast. He's like those celebrities who just don't know when to stop telling you about their lives. He's only 25, but in true Joey fashion, he has already done a memoir about his life and all the stuff he's been through. And he goes into a great deal of detail. Thanks for sharing, Joey. Typically, after he came out in 2015, he pronounced that he had inspired a lot of people... And he's doing a line of crystal jewelry. And on and on and on. See? It's getting to you already.

Subscribers: 7.2 million/Annual Income: $2 million

Most annoying thing: His voice, weird facial hair and hairstyles

5 The Fine Brothers


They got into a lot of hot water last year when they launched their "React" channel and copyrighted the word. Some said it was like Donald Trump copyrighting "You're Fired". Now, how to describe them? Baby Butt Syringe videos. Parents React to Clown Sightings videos. The Brothers don't seem to do a lot themselves, but rather recycle other people's reactions. So, they are like producers. Is the stuff funny? It's supposed to be, but, quite frankly, much of it isn't unless you find mostly seniors watching Clown Sightings and saying things like "OMG" or "That's Creepy" interesting or amusing. But, somebody's lapping it up because their two channels have 21 million subscribers. Income? Around $9 million. But the question is why? That's what is really stupid: Why anyone watches the stuff.

Subscribers over two channels: 21 million (plus)/Annual Income: $9 million (plus)

Most annoying thing: Copyrighting "React".

4 Rhett and Link


This comedy duo kinda channels a Saturday Night Live silly, guys together vibe. College boy ha-ha. Typical fare? 7 Surprising Uses for Poop and Eating a Scorpion videos. They are "Intertainers" (Internet and Entertainers). Occasionally, they actually manage funny but then spoil it with a plug for an advertiser, as in Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs Geek. Their morning show Good Mythical Morning features stuff like a discussion on constipation and diarrhea. Sounds really disgusting and stupid? You'd be totally correct. And we haven't even talked about a Christmas episode where they brought out a cake topped with crunchy bugs that the guys sampled. You know it's supposed to be funny because they have their friends there who laugh at this stuff.

Subscribers: 16.8 million over two channels/Annual Income: $5 million (plus)

Most Annoying Catchphrase: "Good Mythical Morning".

3 Tyler Oakley


Think gay nerd on steroids and you've got Tyler Oakley down pat. He's got nerdy glasses, nerdy hair and nerdy clothes. You can watch Gay Guys Learn About V*ginas or Tyler and a hunky guy looking at pictures of celebrity ripped abs and trying to guess who they belong to. Could you spot Justin Bieber just looking at his abs. Stupid. Yes. Funny. Well, that depends. Now, for downright uncomfortable, you might want to watch Tyler watching a video of his birth with his mom. And no prizes for guessing who he voted for: The dead giveaway is that video with Hillary (as in Clinton) and Michelle (as in Obama). His vibe? Tyler is sincerely, preciously stupid, we think. In his own LaLa Land.

Subscribers: 8 million/Annual Income: $1 million (plus)

Most annoying thing: You can't skip those damned ads...

2 EvanTubeHD


This is a "family" friendly channel featuring some truly annoying children trying to be funny and cute and clever all at the same time. They've got 3 million plus subscribers. The "cute" kid is Evan Tube and he does totally stupid things like making pizza "his way" and challenging his parents to see whether kids or adults are better at hide and seek. Stop yawning. It's not so much boring as just downright irritating. Plus, Evan's videos are really ads for Lego or McDonalds or other stuff kids bully their parents into buying them. In fact, his whole family is smiling all the way to the bank.

Subscribers: 3 million/Annual Income: $1.5 million

Most annoying thing: His cute kid smile.

1 Prank vs Prank


If you like "funny" videos featuring life-sized plastic s*x dolls titled My New Girlfriend, well you are going to love these two BF (Boyfriend) and GF (Girlfriend). They spend all their time playing pranks on one another. They've got over 10 million subscribers and pull in over $2 million a year. For what? Videos of pranks that are so totally childish that we suspect Evan Tube had a hand in them. Take the one where the guy proposes on April Fools' day and ends with "April Fools". The most stupid one has to be the one where the girlfriend is in the shower, the guy fashions chocolate to look like poop, mixes it with snow and then throws it into the shower with his girlfriend. Who watches this stuff?

Subscribers: 10 million/Annual Income: $2 million (plus)

Most annoying thing: How much money they make off of this stuff.

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