15George Clooney or George Cloney?

56-year-old George Clooney got his start on television at the age of 17. In 1984, George landed a role in a short-lived sitcom but he also continued to land bit parts in television and movies through the 80s. He got some recurring roles in the early

90s and finally caught a big break when he was cast in the medical drama ER in 1994. He started to land some starring roles in movies like From Dusk to Dawn, Batman & Robin, and The Peacemaker. These days, George is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents. He is busy making blockbuster films including Ocean’s Eight which is due for release soon. Despite a hectic schedule, he found the time to kick back and enjoy a beer with these knuckleheads. Wait a minute!! That’s not George Clooney. That’s George Cloney!! Better luck next time fellas.

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