15Insensitive Nurse Gets Fired For Instagram Photo

via: nypost.com

33-year-old Katie Duke was fired after a pretty insensitive post she made on Instagram. The ER nurse, who had previously been featured on reality television, was stunned to see her employers give her the boot after 7 years of employment. The whole reason she was fired was because her Instagram

photo seemed to poke fun at a man who had unfortunately been hit by a train. In the photo, she added the caption, "Man vs 6 train." The photo also shows the treatment room.

Explaining her actions, Katie Duke said: “I got a call at the end of my shift telling me I was being let go after seven years in the ER. I was told I was being fired for being insensitive. If you hung around nurse’s station and heard the way we talk about injuries, life and death, you might get the wrong impression — but it’s just a coping mechanism. Now I check my posts so no one gets offended or thinks I am a cold-hearted person.”

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