15 Stupid DUI Photos Celebs Regret To This Day

We often see celebrities as somehow being superhuman but the reality is that they are mortals like the rest of us. They have their problems and they do stupid things just like regular people do. There are plenty of famous people that have all sorts of addiction problems and there are plenty of regular people dealing with the same issues. Celebrities commit crimes and so do non-celebrities. The big difference between the two is that everybody seems to know when a celebrity is doing too many drugs, drinking too much, or in trouble with the law.

Impaired driving is a serious issue in all segments of society. It is a true menace that kills. Every day, countless people are pulled over and found to be drunk, stoned, or both. They are given sobriety tests, arrested, taken to jail, and booked into a cell. The process is pretty much the same no matter who you are. Thankfully, for regular folks, they don’t need to be worried that their mugshots will be featured on the news and all over the internet for years to come. We’ve all seen Mel Gibson, Rip Torn, and Lindsay Lohan looking their worst as they posed for their memorable mugshots. Those photos will live on until the end of time. Here are 15 stupid DUI photos celebs regret to this day.

15 Plies

Algernod Washington was born in 1976 in Florida. He was a pretty good football player in high school and in University but he dropped out and pursued a career in music. The move paid off when he changed his name to Plies and dropped his first album The Real Testament in 2007. It produced a couple of top 10 hits and Plies was off to the races. Like many rap artists, Plies worked hard to cultivate a “bad boy” image. His persona was enhanced in 2006 when he and his posse were involved in a bit of gun play at one of his performances. He got even more bad press, which is good press, when he was arrested for DUI in 2017. In this photo taken from police dash-cam, Plies looks totally smashed. What’s with the Home Alone shirt?

14 Tiger Woods

Not all that long ago, Tiger Woods was at the top of his game and his public image was impeccable. He looked like he would easily break Jack Nicklaus’ record for winning the most majors and go down in history as the greatest golfer ever. Everything fell off the rails in 2009 when a few extramarital affairs were revealed and he was involved in a mysterious car crash. He eventually resumed his golfing career but his clean public image was shattered and he has never come close to returning to the same level as in his heyday. In May 2017, police found Tiger asleep at the wheel with his car still running. He was subsequently arrested for DUI. This photo, which was taken at the scene, shows Tiger at his absolute worst. Apparently, he was under the influence of prescription medication which caused him to be unsteady on his feet and semi-incoherent with his speech. He is scheduled for arraignment on July 5, 2017.

13 Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear was one of the sexiest women in Hollywood throughout the 80s and 90s. She made a name for herself through her role in the television series Dynasty before co-starring in T.J. Hooker and later in Melrose Place. Her fortunes took a bit of a turn in 2008 when the blonde beauty was arrested for reckless driving and DUI. It was found that Heather was not drunk but she was pretty whacked out on prescription medication that she took for depression and anxiety. It’s a little hard to tell from this picture just how out of it she was but a quick Google of her mugshot will clear things up. She pleaded no contest to the reckless driving charge and was given 3 years of probation and a $700 fine. She continues to work in movies and television and looks a lot better than she did in this photo.

12 Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez became somewhat of a household name in 2000 when she appeared in the critically acclaimed movie Girlfight. She then went on to be a part of the Fast and Furious franchise as well as landing a few television roles. In 2005, Michelle was in Hawaii filming the television series Lost. She had been issued a few speeding tickets while there but she crossed the line when she was arrested for DUI on December 1st. In one of 15 stupid DUI photos celebs regret to this day, Rodriguez is obviously quite plastered. Her eyes are droopy, bloodshot, and glossy as she mugs for the camera. She actually served time in jail because the offense was a breach of an existing probation order. She has stayed out of trouble since and continues to get a lot of acting gigs.

11 Natasha Lyonne

There isn’t enough Visine in the world to clear up the eyes of Natasha Lyonne as she posed for her mugshot in 2001 after being picked up for drunk driving. Natasha parlayed her role in Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You into a pretty good acting career. She appeared in American Pie, Party Monster, and currently has parts in two feature films that are in post-production. She is pretty fortunate to still have any kind of career after she ran into a bunch of legal troubles in the early to mid-2000s. This photo of the bug-eyed party animal was taken after she was arrested for DUI in 2001. She was sentenced to 6 months probation and fined $750 along with having her license suspended for 6 months. It’s also worth mentioning that she was arrested in 2006 after she threatened to sexually assault her neighbor’s dog. Time to find a new hobby, Natasha!!

10 Nick Nolte

In what is perhaps the granddaddy of hilarious celebrity mugshots, Nick Nolte posed for the camera after he was arrested for DUI by the California Highway Patrol in 2002. Keep in mind that this is the same guy who was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive just 10 years prior to this. The famous actor had allegedly attended an AA meeting earlier in the day but left early. Surprisingly, the veteran actor wasn’t under the influence of alcohol. Rather, he was high on GHB which he had been regularly using for four years. Nolte quickly checked himself into a rehab facility a couple of days later. Interestingly enough, this photo isn’t actually a mugshot according to Nolte. It is apparently a Polaroid that was taken by one of the officers while they were at the hospital having blood tests done that day.

9 Paris Hilton

Famous for being, well, famous, Paris Hilton has been conspicuously absent from the limelight over the past couple of years. Many people are alright with that because she was really getting to be quite annoying. There wasn’t a camera that she didn’t like except for maybe the ones that took her mugshots on a few occasions. One such mugshot was this one which was taken in 2007 after she was arrested for one of her numerous driving infractions. While she looks rather smug in this shot, a judge wiped the smirk off of her face when he sentenced her to serve 45 days in jail. She ended up serving 23 days plus an additional 40 days of house arrest. She has smartened up a bit recently and has been working in television and music.

8 Flo Rida

Flo Rida was born in 1979 and he gravitated toward a career in music from a young age. He hit the big time in 2008 with his hit single “Low” from his debut album Mail on Sunday. He has been quite successful having collaborated with a lot of well-known musicians. The rapper was busted for DUI and driving under suspension in 2016 after police witnessed him driving his Bugatti erratically in South Beach. Police gave him a field sobriety test but the “Elevator” singer was too toasted to pass it. He admitted to officers on the scene that he had been drinking but insisted that he could make it home. No dice. He was booked after blowing .185. His glossy eyes in this mug shot leave little doubt that Flo Rida was more than just a little tipsy.

7 Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf was a Disney actor in the late 90s before getting into mainstream feature films. His breakout role came in 2007 when he starred in the movie Disturbia. He went on to land parts in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Eagle Eye, and the 2012 film Lawless. He has been involved in plenty of trouble including accusations of plagiarism and overall bad behavior. This picture of the Fury actor was taken in 2008 when he was arrested for DUI in West Hollywood after crashing his car. This wasn’t the first time the ex-child star has been in legal trouble. He was arrested when he was 9 for stealing a pair of sneakers and then again when he was 11 after stealing a Gameboy from Kmart.

6 Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland has had a very prosperous career in movies and television. The Canadian actor is the son of Donald Sutherland who has been in the business since the early 1960s. Kiefer has earned his fame through his many award-winning performances on both television and the big screen. He gained a lot of recognition for his portrayal of Jack Bauer on the television series 24. He made headlines in 2007 when he was arrested for DUI for the third time in a 3-year span. The actor turned himself into Glendale Police to serve a 48-day jail stint. The sentence caused his hit series to delay production but everything was back to normal after his release. He was also given a 5-year probation term and a fine of $510.

5 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was once considered by many to be the most vicious guy on the face of the Earth. It looked like nothing could stop him until he got lazy with his training and was soundly beaten by Buster Douglas. Things just got worse with his rape conviction in 1992. After spending less than 3 years behind bars, Tyson looked like he was going to be able to reclaim past glory but it never happened. His last shot at boxing redemption came in 2002 when Lennox Lewis battered Tyson before knocking him out in the eighth round. Tyson posed for one of 15 stupid DUI photos celebs regret to this day in 2006 when he was arrested for DUI and possession of cocaine in Arizona. He now voices his own cartoon character on Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson Mysteries.

4 Xzibit

Xzibit has quite an impressive resume. Rapper, actor, producer, and popular radio personality are some of the 42-year-old’s achievements. He has collaborated with the likes of Ice Cube, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. You may have seen him on the television series Pimp My Ride? You may have also seen his name in the headlines for owing nearly $1 million in back taxes or his attempt at claiming bankruptcy? Surely you have seen his mugshot that was taken by LAPD after he was arrested for DUI in 2014? He doesn’t look too happy and there is probably someone who was even less happy. Namely, his brand new bride. Xzibit was arrested on his wedding night when he was caught speeding and registered a blood-alcohol level of .14. He spent his wedding night in jail but was released in the morning after he had sobered up. Not a great way to start the honeymoon.

3 Justin Bieber

When most people get stopped by police and are asked whether or not they have been drinking, they tend to deny it as to avoid the harsh penalties. Not The Biebs. Justin Beiber was arrested for DUI in 2014 after he was seen in a yellow Lamborghini recklessly speeding through a quiet neighborhood in Miami Beach. Bieber immediately fessed up that he had taken anti-depressants and washed them down with a beer. Just to make sure the officers could appreciate his level of intoxication he added that he had been smoking pot all day too. Of course, the singer reeked of liquor, had bloodshot eyes, and was staggering a bit and using plenty of foul language which netted him additional charges. Bieber was definitely disoriented. He seems to think he is posing for Vanity Fair instead of a mugshot. At least he avoided doing the duck face.

2 Jeffrey Donovan

Jeffrey Donovan has been in movies and television since the mid-90s. Aside from bit parts in shows like Homicide: Life on the Street and Law and Order, Jeffrey landed parts in feature films such as Sleepers, Vegas Vacation, and Hitch. He has been very busy in recent years. Most notably, Donovan starred in the hit show Burn Notice for its entire 7-season run. One of the 15 stupid DUI photos celebs regret to this day was taken in 2009 when Jeffrey was arrested for DUI. According to Miami Beach police, Donovan’s tires could be heard screeching as he swerved to avoid colliding with a cop car. He failed a field sobriety test and was booked. While he admitted to knocking back 3 glasses of wine, Donovan attributed his intoxicated state to mixing Benadryl into the equation.

1 Randy Travis

Randy Travis has released over 20 albums and has had 16 number-one hits. He also had success in movies appearing in such films as Black Dog and The Rainmaker. His star began to fall in the 1990s and his life became a bit of a mess. Travis found fame once again in 2012 but it was for all the wrong reasons. Police discovered the country crooner in his car with an open bottle of wine. Things got truly bizarre later that year when he walked into a convenience store and stole cigarettes. Oh yeah, he was naked too. He proceeded to crash his car and was found lying naked on the road. Travis fought and threatened the officers as he was being arrested. Judging by this mugshot, Travis got the worst of it.

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