20 Stunt Doubles Who Are Even Better Looking Than The Actors

The number of beautiful women in Hollywood is unbelievably high. But we tend to get so bogged by down by sexy actresses that we forget about all the beauties who perform other roles in film, like the stunt women and body doubles. In order for you to stand in for someone beautiful, you've got to be a little beautiful yourself. That's just basic physics. There is also the body double side of things, which requires these women to have outstanding bodies as well. So now, not only do many of these women have gorgeous faces, but their bodies are out of this world. While that's not everything, it does help create a whole package.

Since we've stated that these doubles are more attractive than the actresses they're standing in for, we mean to honor that. So, if you've come here looking for a stunt double better-looking than Gal Gadot or someone of her ilk, get lost. You're not going to find it here since no women exist in that realm. That’s not to say that we're not dealing with some extremely hot women here. We are. They just aren't going to surpass the beauty of women considered to be the hottest on the planet. We're realistic. Still, these women aren't going down without a fight. Here are 20 Stunt Doubles Who Are Even Hotter Than The Actors.


20 Tara Macken – Aubrey Plaza

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Tara Macken is a beautiful woman and a talented stunt actress, but we're not about to suggest that she has been better-looking than every actress she has ever doubled for. After all, Macken has worked with Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, and Scarlett Johansson. That's some pretty tough company. But Macken has also worked with other attractive actresses that she could very easily be considered hotter than, including Lily Collins and Aubrey Plaza. Now, this might be a silly game that we're playing here, but we've committed to it and to be honest, we're taking it pretty seriously.

19 Kimmy Suzuki – Lucy Liu

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Kimmy Suzuki is impressive. She has had to do stunts on some of the most demanding films made, films with heavy action and high-flying stunts. Her martial arts background has allowed Suzuki to perform these stunts amazingly, but she is also gorgeous. Throughout her career, Suzuki has been Lucy Liu's go-to girl for stunts and body doubles. Basically, all of the physical acting that people have applauded Liu for has been because of Suzuki. Hollywood just isn't fair sometimes, right

18 Lucy Cork – Rebecca Ferguson

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Lucy Cork has been tasked with the performing the stunts for quite a few beautiful Hollywood darlings like Rebecca Ferguson, Alicia Vikander, Kate Beckinsale, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutell, and How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders. Although there are some names on this list that very few women can compare to, Cork looks pretty damn good next to them. Cork is extremely athletic and proficient in both gymnastics and dance. She has committed her life to training and has, in a fairly short period of time, accrued a very strong body of work.

17 Mallory Thompson – Troian Bellisario

via Mallory Thompson; Variety

Mallory Thompson is one of the busiest stunt actors working today. She's been in some of the biggest productions on both film and television, and she has been asked to stand in for some of the industry's most beautiful stars. She's got it covered, though, so don't go feeling bad for her. It doesn't matter if it's for Zendaya, Troian Bellisario, Courteney Cox, or Maria Bello, because Thompson is up to the challenge and even surpasses many of them in terms of beauty. If only she could speak as well as she can run and jump, she might even be a bigger star than the actresses she does stunts for.

16 Heidi Moneymaker – Michelle Rodriguez

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Heidi Moneymaker has a resume that dwarfs most other stunt actors on this list. It's not the quantity of work that is impressive either. It's the quality. She's done stunts on John Wick, The Avengers, Captain America, Hail Caesar, Ted 2, The Fast and Furious franchise, and more. She's been the stunt double for Julianne Moore, Ruby Rose, Michelle Rodriguez, Amanda Seyfried, and Emily Browning. Maybe you think that one or two of these stars is more attractive than Moneymaker, but don't get carried away and say all of them. We'd even say that she's hotter than most.

15 Gemita Samarra – Lea Seydoux

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Gemita Samarra is a mixed bag. She was a competitive swimmer and horse rider/jumper. She's also a model and a very athletic woman. This has put her in good company in the world of film stunts. The picture above doesn't even begin to do her beauty justice. Most recently, Samarra was the stunt double for Lea Seydoux in Spectre and Ella Purnell in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. While Samarra has acted, appearing as Brea in Game of Thrones, it is most likely going to be her stunt work that keeps her employed in the industry. That's not to say she isn't a good actress. It's just that her stunt work in films like Kingsman: The Secret Service and Spectre is far more impressive.

14 Caitlin Dechelle – Cobie Smulders

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Caitlin Dechelle was recently Gal Gadot's stunt double on Wonder Woman. Now that's impressive. We even saw someone suggest that Dechelle was more attractive than Gadot in another piece. As we mentioned in the introduction, we promised you we won't be that stupid and start comparing Gal to anyone else. Gadot is out of this world. She might even be an alien. She just doesn't make sense. But no, Dechelle isn't chopped liver either. It's simply not fair to peg her against an alien like Gal Gadot. She's worked alongside Cobie Smulders, Gigi Hadid, and Ronda Rousey—beautiful women that Dechelle is every bit as attractive as.


13 Rosie Mac - Emilia Clarke

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Rosie Mac made headlines when she was spotted on the set of Game of Thrones season five. The blonde bombshell was tasked with being the body double of the gorgeous and talented Emilia Clarke. Now, we don't want to downplay the beauty of Clarke, but Mac is on another level of human being. She's ridiculous. Sure, she wasn't required to do much on the show other than just look attractive, but dammit she did that really well. After getting some attention from the show, Mac's social media accounts have become a major interest for many people. She's got a cartoonish type of beauty that doesn't quite seem real but apparently, it is.

12 Shelley Michelle – Julia Roberts

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Shelley Michelle has done quite a bit of double work over the years, but she will always be best known for her work on Pretty Woman. Though it's been debated about why she was needed on that film–Julia Roberts insists that was her call, while others say that using Michelle was Hollywood's call–the end result is the same. Michelle was used for most of the risqué shots in the film, replacing Roberts' body with her own. She was even used on the poster. That's right. Roberts' head was simply superimposed over Michelle's more curvaceous body. Now, for this entry, we're using Michelle from nearly 30 years ago, so don't expect her to look like that anymore.

11 Chloe Goodman – Cameron Diaz

via The Sun

Though we're not actually even sure what film it was for (we strongly believe it was Sex Tape), Chloe Goodman is said to have been Cameron Diaz's body double. To be specific, she was her butt double, even though Diaz insists it was her own butt in that film. Now, if this were the late '90s Diaz we were talking about, the conversation would be a little different, but in 2013, Goodman was considerably more attractive than Diaz. Goodman is probably best known for her stint on Big Brother, but she got a little more attention for herself when she discussed her body double work—work that was kept quiet before she revealed it.

10 Shauna Duggins – Jennifer Garner

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Shauna Duggins got some internet publicity when the picture of her and Melissa Benoist from the set of Supergirl went viral. The interest wasn't about how similar Duggins looked to Benoist, though (they really aren't all that close). It was mostly because Duggins is good-looking. She's also been a double for Jennifer Garner, Amanda Peet, Hayley Atwell, and so many more in the past. Recently, Duggins has made enough of a name for herself that she has moved up to the role of stunt coordinator, although she still gets her hands dirty whenever she can. Which we can all agree is pretty awesome.

9 Ky Furneaux – Jennifer Garner

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Ky Furneaux has done extensive stunt work in Hollywood for some of the industry's biggest and sexiest stars. She does well in this profession because she's very capable at stunting, but she also happens to be stunning. See what we did there? When she worked on the film Elektra, Furneaux stood in for Jennifer Garner, performing the stupid amount of flips and other useless maneuvers in that movie. Seriously, go watch the first fight scene between Garner and Ben Affleck in that movie if you’re ever looking for a pick-me-up. Now, Garner is very beautiful, but Furneaux is better-looking. We're not willing to move from this position.

8 Janene Carleton – Angelina Jolie

via The New York Times

Janene Carleton has an impressive resume of stunt work in massive films, such as Salt, X-Men, Watchmen, Deadpool, and more. She done stunts for Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence, Morena Baccarin, and Angelina Jolie. While some may argue whether or not Carleton is more attractive than each of the women on this list, no one will dispute her beauty. Nor should they argue whether or not she's better looking than Angelina Jolie because that's just a matter of fact. Jolie of today looks like what Jolie of yesterday would look like if she had the soul sucked out of her body by Maleficent.

7 Dejay Roestenberg – Kristen Ritter

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Dejay Roestenberg has done stunt double work for Kristen Ritter, Dakota Johnson, and Emily Blunt. She may not be better-looking than Ritter for everyone, but she's at least in the same conversation. In fact, she's comparable to all three of these women, and we're including her because of it. Roestenberg's done quite a lot in the field using her martial arts experience and her ability to fall over and get hurt without damaging her body. Big-named actresses simply get paid too much money to risk them hurting themselves. Besides, we can't really picture Dakota Johnson doing any physical activity. Both her and Ritter and Hollywood royalty. They probably had servants to do their active work for them since the time they were born.

6 Chelsea Bruland – Allison Williams

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Chelsea Bruland is often the stunt coordinator on the films she works on, the head honcho if you will, but she does do some stunt double work as well. For instance, she did the stunt double work for Allison Williams in the 2017 horror film Get Out. Now, the picture should speak for itself, but in case you didn't notice it from the photo above, Bruland happens to be beautiful as well as talented. Sure, she may not be Mila Kunis-level of hot when she stood in for her in Bad Moms, but she's still got that special something and no one can deny that fact.

5 Elsa Pataky – Natalie Portman

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It's not the acting of Elsa Pataky that we're interested in. Yeah, she's been in the Fast and the Furious franchise, and she was in Snakes on a Plane, but that's not why we're here. We don't care that she's married to Chris Hemsworth either, even if that means she's one half of perhaps the most attractive couple in the world. We care about her double work. In Thor: Dark World, during the big kissing scene between Thor and Jane at the end, Natalie Portman was busy doing other work, so they threw a wig on Pataky and had her be the one to kiss Hemsworth. This might be the reason why the kiss looked so natural because Hemsworth was really kissing his own wife.

4 Monique Ganderton – Famke Janssen

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Even though Monique Ganderton has done some acting with her own face showing up in the final cut, we're more interested in her stunt double work. She's stood in for a great number of actresses over the years, including Leelee Sobieski, Darryl Hannah, and Famke Janssen. While each of these actresses are equally attractive, Ganderton brings a little extra beauty to the role. You may argue this, but it's not like Ganderton is doing flips on screen. She's just a beautiful model who stands in and looks good from any angle from time to time, so Hollywood has our back on this too.

3 Linda Jewell – Miranda Cosgrove

via IMDb

We're going to be honest here. There are some photos of Linda Jewell where she kind of looks like Cheri Oteri and then there are those where she looks incredibly hot. We're just going to assume that the really hot photos are more accurate than the Oteri photos. Having said that, Jewell has been a stunt double for Miranda Cosgrove, Maggie Q, and Nathalie Emmanuel. We don't think there are very many women on the planet who are as gorgeous as Emmanuel, but Jewell has Cosgrove beaten.

2 Samantha Jo – Kristen Stewart

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Samantha Jo is not just one of the world's top martial artists or just a talented actress; she's also hotter than many of the actresses that she has done stunt doubles for on screen, and some people say that is what really counts. Having stood in and done the difficult stunts in Twilight for Kristen Stewart and in Sucker Punch for Jena Malone, Jo proved herself capable of more than just flips, kicks, and acrobatic climbing; she also showed those actresses what it was like to be next to someone more attractive than themselves for once. Something they probably don't experience often.

1 Amy Johnston – Scarlett Johansson

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Amy Johnston is the daughter a kickboxing champion (David Johnston) and is quite accomplished in martial arts on her own. Her strength in kicking people led her into the profession of stunts for film and television, a field in which she has done very well for herself. But who cares about all that work stuff? Anyone can do that. But not anyone can be compared in beauty to Scarlett Johansson. Johnston might be the only stunt double in Johansson's career who is even remotely as attractive as the star. Just typing that makes us feel crazy, but it's the truth. Just look at Johnston. She really is a remarkable specimen.

Sources: Wikipedia; IMDB; Youtube; THR


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