15 Stunning Women Who Tried Selling Their Cherry Online

Walk up to people on the street, and ask them about the time they lost their virginity, and after they slap you in the face (let's face it, how personal can you get with strangers?), they'll certainly recall the time they gave up their V-Card, even if they don't choose to share it with you. It's a memorable time for any young man or woman, but it's rarely a public event.

For most people, their virginity is a sacred thing. For an odd few, however, they see it as their ticket out of wherever they are since they're selling it online for cash and prizes! You may have heard about this at one time or another, but it's been going on for quite a while, and these situations almost never work out one way or the other. But that doesn’t mean a lot of money doesn’t change hands, or, at the very least, is attempted to be exchanged online. In most places, selling sex is illegal, but there are ways around it depending on where these women ply their trade. Granted, we aren't calling any of these women prostitutes since technically, they aren't. They're just trying to earn a living, pay for school, or cover some serious debts and have found an ingenious if not risque way to do it. You might ask yourself if we should've thrown some men on the list, but there actually aren't that many who've tried... probably because they knew it was futile, but if it ever happens, we'll cover it!

Here are 10 of the most notable times a woman tried to sell her virginity online.


15 Carys Copestake

In 2007, 18-year-old Carys Copestake offered up her V-Card on a website popular with prostitutes in Great Britain with the headline “Virginity For Sale £10,000.” The ad continued to read, "Hey, I think the title says it all. I'm an 18-year-old virgin with student funds to pay, and I'm looking to sell my first time right here. I'm brunette, 34C, green eyes, all in proportion and good looking." The name provided wasn’t her real name, but she admitted to a reporter that she was a student struggling to pay for her studies (Noticing a trend here?).

Whether or not the deal was consummated remains a mystery, but she told the press she was offered the money in cash and was going to go through with it. Some believed she wasn’t really a virgin and could even have been a prostitute working a gimmick to make more money than normal, but without a real name and only second-hand information, the world will likely never know.

14 Elizabeth Raine


When she first threw her chastity upon the auction block, the young woman pictured went by the name "Elizabeth Raine," though her true identity has been outed as Hanna Kern. She was, at the time, a 27-year-old bio engineering student at the University of Washington when her auction went live. She's since been called a "high-achieving college graduate" who dubbed herself the Virgin Whore. When the auction closed, she had a whopping $801,000 sitting in front of her should she choose to go through with the deal. She didn't.

"With the blessings of my management and the high bidders, I have decided to put a stop to this kerfuffle (to describe it nicely) and return my focus to my medical training." After her identity was revealed, she received a great deal of negative attention from her university. She even faced disciplinary action from the school due to her "sullying the name of the prestigious university." That's not why she backed out of the auction, though. As one of her friends put it, "This auction didn't work, plain and simple. Hanna had to face the fact that maybe her virginity wasn't worth as much as she thought it was."

13 Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan earned a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from Sacramento State, which ended up costing her a considerable amount of money. College in the States isn’t cheap after all, so sometimes, people need to think outside the box. When the 22-year-old woman went on the Howard Stern show to sell off her virginity to cover the cost of her education, she set everything up in advance to ensure it was legal and safe.

Dylan’s sister not only worked legally as a prostitute in Vegas; she was also a featured subject in the HBO series Cathouse, so it wasn’t difficult for Dylan to work out a deal with the proprietor of the Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof. The auction went live on BunnyRanch.com with everything on the up-and-up, but in the end, the transaction was never consummated. Rumors of the bidding estimated it reached as high as $3.7 million, but Dylan still made a quarter million on the deal without having to go through with it by collecting the deposit made by the winning bidder who ended up reconciling with his ex-wife despite being on the cusp of consummation.

12 Alina Percea


Alina Percea was only 18 years old when she decided to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. Percea was interested in earning a degree in computing but needed some cash to pay the bills. She was inspired to auction off her chastity after learning of Natalie Dylan’s endeavor to do so. While Dylan racked up bids in excess of $3 million, Percea cashed in her V-Card to an unnamed 45-year-old Italian businessman for 10,000 Euros. According to Percea, she went through with the deal, making her the only one on this list to do so.

She was flown to Venice where the two met, spoke English, and had a nice evening. "I liked the man and got on with him well. He didn't look 45, and he seemed much younger.” While she didn’t bring in very much money, she was more than pleased with the result. "It is not so much money, but it means I can live at home with my parents while I go to university. It will help support us for the next two or three years." There was some controversy over the nature of her virginity, which was contested by her former teacher in Romania.

11 Raffaella Fico

Raffaella Fico was 20 when she offered her purported chastity for one million euros in an interview. The Italian model had done numerous photo spreads wearing very little clothing but insisted she had never had a boyfriend. This was a woman who had appeared for a season on Italy’s Big Brother. She admitted she wanted the money to pay for acting lessons and a home in Rome, which is understandable. Rome is a really nice city.

"I don't know what it's like to have sex,” she told Italian magazine, Chi. She even offered her opinion on how she would deal with the intimacy were she to find the gentleman unattractive. "If I don't like him, I'll just have a glass of wine and forget about it." Sadly for any fellow with a million Euros to spare, the whole thing was just a publicity stunt… and it worked. Fico rose in popularity in Italy as a result of the *ahem* exposure, and though it happened nine years ago, we're still talking about her now.

10 Alexandra Kefren


Alexandra Kefren, an 18-year-old Romanian woman, has auctioned off her virginity to a businessman in Hong Kong for a reported $2.5 million. Kefren discussed her reasons for selling herself as coming from a viewing of the 1993 film Indecent Proposal, in which Demi Moore sells herself for a paltry $1 million to a billionaire played by Robert Redford. Inflation sucks! “I saw a movie on TV. It was about a girl who sold herself for $1 million a night," she explained. "And I thought, 'Maybe I can do this too with my virginity.'"

Kefren used an online escort agency called Cinderella Escorts to host the auction, which reached higher than any other on this list. "I would never have dreamed that the bid would go so high and we would reach [$2.5] million. This is really a dream come true." Kefren isn’t planning on blowing the money on useless crap like most people; she intends on buying her parents a home and attending school at Oxford University. In March, Kefren reported that the deal was going to happen and everything was working out, but nothing has been confirmed… yet.

9 Catarina Migliorini

Catarina Migliorini’s attempt to sell her virginity comes with an interesting twist. In 2012, then-20-year-old Brazilian Catarina Migliorini agreed to auction off her virginity as part of a documentary film titled Virgins Wanted by an Australian director named Justin Sisely. The twist was that a young male virgin was also auctioning off his V-Card to the highest bidder, but at a significantly reduced cost compared to the $780,000 that a Japanese businessman offered up to bed Migliorini.

She ended up backing out, complaining that Sisely’s description of the winner didn’t match the actual person. She then tried to sell her virginity again in 2013 but failed to finish that deal. By 2015, she was shopping around the idea for a Brazilian reality show called “There’s Something About Catarina” that would pit 20 gentlemen against one another for a prize of $1 million and the chance to take her V-Card. Thus far, she's remained unsuccessful.


8 Graciela Yataco


Graciela Yatoca is a Peruvian model who, when she was 18 years old, offered to sell her virginity to earn money to support her sick mother and poor family. “Deciding to sell my virginity was not an easy thing, but what else have I got?” You might think that a model would be making a decent living, but she was only making about $60 a month doing various acting and modeling jobs. Her mother’s illness was so devastating and her family’s income so low, she felt she had no other recourse. Don’t worry, the story gets better.

Gracia, as she prefers to be called, was able to put her auction on hold when a wealthy businessman offered to pay for her education… and he didn’t demand to take her V-Card or anything! The cost of taking her virginity began at around £5,000 but spiked to £1.5 million before she decided to take her ad down.

7 Rebecca Bernardo

Rebecca Bernardo was 18 years old when she decided to put her virginity up on the auction block. The Brazilian teenager was still in high school when she uploaded a video to YouTube (the video has since been taken down) of her plan to relieve herself of the burden of virginity. Like a lot of the women on this list, she had a good reason for offering up her chastity: her mother was bedridden, and she needed money to take care of her. She told CNN in an interview that after her mother succumbed to a stroke the previous year, it was up to her to care for the family, and she couldn't afford to do so.

Her mother eventually weighed in and expressed a desire that her daughter instead get a job like everyone else, but after Bernardo refused an offer from a Brazilian TV network to cover her medical costs, she left the auction up, garnering an excess of $35,000 from interested men all over the globe. As of now, it's not known whether or not Bernardo has accepted an offer or checked her V-Card.

6 Miss Virgin Spring


Miss Spring was the name given by a 17-year-old Hungarian woman (She turned 18 shortly after the press coverage) when she offered her virginity via an online auction. She stated that the reason she was auctioning herself off was to pay off her family debts. When the auction concluded, a British man was the highest bidder at £200,000. Miss Spring was another young woman to start her auction on eBay, but it was eventually taken down. When this happened, a Hungarian television station (Tabu TV) covered the auction.

The winning bidder offered to marry Miss Spring, but she declined the offer. She eventually pulled out of the entire auction after she was beaten and nearly raped by four men in her home in Hungary. According to a report in the Australian Times, Miss Spring was not severely injured in the assault and her chastity remained intact. There is no indication she has put herself back up on the auction block via a different pseudonym, so the likelihood of her selling her V-Card remains unlikely.

5 Noelle

Noelle was the name provided by a 21-year-old Belgian student when she offered up her virginity to the highest bidder in 2011. Noelle used an Amsterdam-based escort website to sell herself to a wealthy Italian businessman who actually turned out to be an Italian actor named Paolo Calabresi. Calabresi was one of the folks responsible for debunking Raffaella Fico’s auction, so he leaped at the opportunity to do so again. Calabresi won the auction with a 50,000 Euro bid and even met with Noelle to determine whether or not the offer was genuine.

Upon meeting the young woman, Calabresi decided she was genuinely attempting to sell her virginity, but she was too nervous to go through with the deed due to the press coverage. Noelle eventually returned to her studies and, so far as anyone knows, remained a virgin. The escort service ended virgin auctions with Noelle saying “once was enough.” You can’t really blame them since the money never ended up changing hands.

4 Unigirl


This 19-year-old New Zealand student went by the name "Unigirl" when she offered up her prize to the highest bidder back in 2010. She posted the auction on New Zealand's leading auction site, TradeMe, though the site said they wouldn't allow such a thing. Even so, the listing remained, and she garnered $45,000 from one lucky bidder. She planned to use the money to pay for her college tuition. "I am offering my virginity by tender to the highest bidder as long as all personal safety aspects are observed," her ad said. "This is my decision made with full awareness of the circumstances and possible consequences."

After the auction closed, she posted a note thanking everyone who was interested. "Thank you to the more than 30,000 people who viewed my ad and to the more than 1200 offers made." Police attempted to contact the girl to implore she didn't go through with it for her own safety, but she hadn't violated any laws as prostitution is legal in the country. Unigirl didn't post a picture of herself in the auction, so we don't have one of her here, though she did describe herself as attractive, fit, and healthy.

3 Gumtree Girl

Because the so-called Gumtree Girl was only 16 when she put her virginity up for sale, we chose to show a generic picture here. Gumtree is a classified network site similar to Craigslist but is exclusive to the United Kingdom. The Gumtree Girl claimed to be from Northern Ireland and may be the youngest woman to offer her virginity for sale online. The auction was listed as "Virginity for sale" and offered her body as "available to the highest bidder." You can't get any clearer than that.

When the ad went live on Gumtree, she was immediately inundated with offers from sleazy men. When a reporter at the Belfast Telegraph learned of it, he posed as a businessman who met with her, twice offering £6,000. He attempted to determine the authenticity of her ad, and it appeared that she was willing to go through with it to earn some money to pay for art supplies. She even revealed her home address to the reporter/complete stranger. At the last minute, though, she backed out, insisting it was all a joke, but it was likely she got spooked by the prospect and backed out like so many on this list.

2 Shatuniha


The Russian auction site, 24au.ru hosted an auction for a Siberian teenager's virginity in 2013. The 18-year-old went by the name Shatuniha with the following written on the auction posting: "Money is urgently needed, so I am selling the most treasured thing." She indicated she was willing to meet with the highest bidder within 24 hours. "I can come to a hotel at Predmostnaya [Square] with a certificate proving my innocence."

The auction jumped to 900,000 rubles ($27,700) within one day and, according to the local police, she didn't break any laws. When asked by the Siberian Times if what she was doing was legal, the police responded, “[We have] no right to give a moral assessment of the girl’s actions." There is no solid indication that she went through with the deal, but there is also no reason why she may not have. The auction went live, closed, and was presumably paid for, so it's highly likely that this event was one of the rare ones that ended with a young woman's deflowering.

1 Rosie Reid

If there’s one thing the people of eBay may not have considered when they launched their auction site, it’s that people would try to sell themselves and their chastity. Rosie Reid posted the following auction in late January 2004, but eBay had to take it down: "Eighteen-year-old university student looking to sell virginity. Never lost it due to lesbianism. Will bung in free massage if you are any good. Picture on request." Three days after it was posted, eBay took it down, but Reid brought it back up on another site with the following description: "18-year-old lesbian (muff diver) virgin. You are bidding for a prime piece. 18 years young, NO PREVIOUS OWNERS! Shipping will be covered by the vendor; item is non-refundable. This product may contain traces of nuts."

According to a British tabloid, the auction ended with a 44-year-old divorced father of two who paid £8,400 for her V-Card. Since you can’t really take a tabloid at face value, the results of the auction and whether or not Reid consummated the deal remain dubious. When the British press located the supposed auction winner, he denied everything, so this particular sale could've gone either way.


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