15 Stunning Photos Of Salma Hayek At 51

1966: year of the Beatles, Vietnam, and the first time the U.S. government realized that cigarettes were actually dangerous. Maybe we should warn people about that. If you can believe it, 1966 was also the year future Latina bombshell Salma Hayek first graced us unworthy mortals with her obviously divine presence. Born in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico, Hayek was already captivating telenovela fans by the late 80s, and in 1994 went on to a starring role in El Callejón de los Milagros, Mexico's most-awarded movie in its entire cinematic history. Hayek first stormed Hollywood's hearts with 1995's Desperado, opposite Antonio Banderas, and cemented her spot as one of Hollywood's steamiest stars by gyrating around From Dusk till Dawn with the world's most fortunate reptile.

Co-star to some of the biggest 90s names, Hayek snagged roles opposite Matthew Perry, Will Smith, and Kevin Smith. She would later supplement her acting career with production, directing, and, as you'll see here, some kind of immortality pact with the devil. At an unbelievable 51, Hayek appears scarcely altered from her Desperado days and is still burning up our screens in recent releases like Beatriz at Dinner, How to Be a Latin Lover, The Hitman's Bodyguard, and Drunk Parents. Despite a pregnancy at 41 and five decades of intense fisticuffs with time's insistence about the whole aging thing, Hayek has joined Keanu Reeves' rebellion against succumbing to the dreaded sag and bag like the rest of us feeble humans. Here are 15 photos of Salma Hayek that will make you shocked to learn of her age.

15 How To Be A Latina Babe 

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One of Salma Hayek's latest releases, How to Be a Latin Lover (well, if you're giving lessons...) finds her in the role of a woman whose estranged brother must learn what it is to be a family. While we're unsure how well she succeeds at that particular task, she certainly triumphs over the clock, which hardly seems to have made a dent... anywhere. From the sleek figure to that mass of signature black hair to, well, everything in between, Salma is heading into her 5th decade no crinklier for the wear. Poured into this lace and leather concoction that many a younger woman would shy from, Salma dazzles in this sheer top which can hardly contain the trademark voluptuousness that made her a natural choice for both big screens and fantasies everywhere. Muchas gracias, Mexico, and if you've got any more where Salma came from, we're all eyes.

14 Lazy Days

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The star is happy to return to her native home of Mexico, and takes a moment out of relaxing in her hotel to snap this laid-back photo, in which she has not even bothered to get dressed. While Salma's famous curves are tantalizing tucked away, the drape of her bathrobe highlights them nevertheless, and sets off her plump pink lips. It seems to be a go-to colour for Salma, who understands that to overpower a face like that would be a crime, and sticks to complimentary colors that make her overwhelming natural beauty pop. Her silky hair cascades down into the open neck of her robe, calling attention to the curves that always seem to steal center stage, even when they're not spilling out of the world's scantiest scrap of ribbon and lace. Her flirty lashes promise what her robe hints at, and the knowing little smile that was snatching hearts all the way back in the 90s still has the power to beguile.

13 The Oscars' Big Picture Mistake

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This year's Academy Awards saw a bit of an oopsie when La La Land instead of the actual winner, Moonlight, was awarded Best Picture, and Salma was front and center for it all, sitting just behind the stage manager who announced the mistake. One thing that didn't go wrong? Her stylist. Salma's hair is pulled back to display almost everything because, well, this dress doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. The ruffles at the top frame her generous chest and go on to overlay her more famous valuables with just enough spacing to hint at the smooth skin underneath. With all of this sauntering around the red carpet, it's truly a shock that anyone noticed the flub at all. La La Land, Moonlight – is it really that important? When you have a distraction like Salma, who can really remember nonsense like getting the names correct, anyway?

12 Legs, Legs, Legs

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While Salma's more pronounced bits are sadly absent from this picture, the fact that she literally forgot her pants more than makes up for that. Her sheer pantyhose give those long legs a sexy, freshly suntanned cast, and the seams along her back thighs leads one to wonder exactly where are they heading. Maybe she's wondering the same thing herself as she poises one thoughtful finger against her full pout and smolders directly into the camera with those dark eyes. The casual drape of her arm draws the gaze to that long lean line of the fabulous things yoga has done to Salma's astonishingly taut body, her graceful fingers nearly stroking the flawless skin. Hats off to whoever positioned that block of marble underneath her, leaving almost nothing of those spectacular thighs to the imagination. Judging by their impressive tone, she must work them out all the time.

11 Bewitching In Black

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If there's one thing Salma does well (or rather two things), it's seducing everyone around her. While somewhere is a high school prom missing its disco ball, who can remember these sleeves anyway (she's wearing sleeves?) when they're framing such a picture? The sultry eyes, highlighted with just the right touch of brown, and the lips, understated so that her gaze nearly overpowers you, yet sill beckoning... After pregnancy and five decades, Salma, as this dress helpfully displays, still flaunts the waist of an eighteen-year-old. The tight leather skirt leaves little to the imagination and shows that any twenty-year-old upstart will have a hard time competing with a woman who could be her mother... if her mother looked like Salma Hayek, that is, and whose does? We can hardly believe this is a woman who last year first qualified for AARP. Exactly which deal did she make with Satan, and is he still open for takers?

10 Rhapsody In Beautiful

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If you've ever dismissed yoga as hippie nonsense, this picture ought to convert even the most staunch non-believers. With legs that go for miles and belong on any woman decades younger, Salma shows that all that stretching imparts far more than mere bendiness (a worthy attribute in its own right). From the smooth lines of her calves up to that flirty peek of thigh in this patterned black dress that drapes her curves just perfectly, Salma's legs are a true testament to the benefits of regularly getting off your butt. But then, sometimes there are times lying around on it suit just fine, as she shows us here by reclining so that the sinuous lines of her body make us once again demand, "Fifty-one?Are you sure?" It can safely be said that no one is going to be asking Salma any time soon if they can bring her an honoured citizen's menu.

9 Beauty and Brains

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In 2008, Entertainment Weekly named Salma number 17 on their list of the 25 Smartest People in TV. It may be hard to remember, but under the luscious mane and that tantalizing peek of suntanned leg is a brain that founded her own film production company and regularly contributes to charities dedicated to raising awareness of discrimination against immigrants and violence against women. Salma is herself a naturalized US citizen who first moved to California in 1991 to study acting. It just goes to show that if you're Salma Hayek at least, you can have it all, including a pair of the most enviable legs this side of Tinseltown. A faithful practitioner of yoga who studied at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, Salma has arched and folded and downward dogged her way to these toned calves and succulent thighs, and as you can see, not a second of it went to waste. This dress caresses everything in just the right place, from head to elegant toe.

8 Pretty In Pink

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Even with her seductive eyes shielded by sunglasses, Salma still manages somehow to smolder. From the gently waving hair just grazing the tops of her collarbones and inviting the eyes even lower, the star dazzles in this simple pink dress. Skillfully highlighting her hourglass figure with a black bow and leaving her neckline where it belongs, that is to say in a dead drop, Salma gears up for Milan fashion week by posing for a quick Instagram snap. With her lips perfectly outlined in a juicy pink that compliments her dress and reminds us that her eyes are hardly her only above-neck asset, Salma shows us that there doesn't need to be anything unsexy about growing old. The flower print coils just exactly right around that sensuous figure and outlines the real stars of this look (for those of you who need the reminder) and reiterates once again that she's allowed to ignore little nuisances like gravity.

7 Isn't She Lovely

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The star posted this shot to her Instagram of herself enjoying a massage – and by the utter bliss on her face, she appears to be enjoying it a lot. Her hair is flung carelessly out to either side, left to stream freely down her back and over the arms of this lucky man. There are more than a few men who would probably fight for the chance to put this look on Salma Hayek's face, and with that scoop neck proudly displaying very understandable reasons for fisticuffs at dawn, one can hardly blame them. Salma looks stunning and summery in this filmy top that tightens perfectly in all the right spots and is left to billow out around her arms. Her full, heart-shaped lips part in a euphoric sigh as the man's hands work away at those pesky knots, probably brought on by the stress of hauling around all that gorgeousness.

6 GQ Mexico

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At 51, Salma is still in high demand as a cover model, and this picture demonstrates exactly why. That pout, those eyes, which need only a skillful hint of makeup to skewer even the most confident. And that's just her face! GQ Mexico has obliged every fantasy by once again putting her in flimsy lace, so fragile-looking we wonder how it can even handle all of her curves. Her silky stomach, toned as any woman's half her age, appears completely untouched by knife or age. Maybe this calls for a reprisal of her role as the sizzling vampire queen in From Dusk till Dawn who sensuously rippled her body amidst the smoke and flame of a completely captivated bar. 21 years have passed since that slinky dance, but Salma's body seems to be completely unaware of that. Certainly her waist hasn't noticed that 21 years and a child ought to have shaken a disapproving finger at such transparent lingerie.

5 Quinn Magazine

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Magazines just can't stop plastering Salma all over their pages – and it's not hard to see why. Cheekbones most models dream of, a pair of eyes that need a touch of mascara at most, the tousled locks – everything about Salma begs to be captured. In this shoot she wears a tight black dress that showcases her trim waist and is held up by straps so flimsy a wardrobe malfunction seems a breathless inevitability. Salma's curves steal the show here by bursting from the middle panel of this outfit, which helpfully contains her most beguiling assets with just a tiny scrap of lace. It ends just tantalizing inches from the lingerie coquettishly peeking out from behind this panel and hinting at what's underneath. Her hand, unblemished, creamy, unwilling to give away her true age the way most age-speckled hands do no matter how tight and tucked the rest, draws our eyes back by nearly caressing the underside of her beleaguered top.

4 Covergirl At 51

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Salma understands well the old adage, "if you've got it flaunt it" and demonstrates that perfectly on the cover of GQ Mexico itself. Her predilection for lace once again rears its head, and just barely qualifies this cover to be hawked at your local family-friendly grocer. Straining to keep it PG-13, that one little thread valiantly struggles to hold everything together, and in the process perfectly frames those completely faultless assets. The hairstyle her makeup team has opted for gives her a mysterious look, the lips breathlessly parted behind that one stray strand bisecting them, the single sultry eye done up in black and corresponding brown. She could leap straight from this cover to that famous tabletop of From Dusk till Dawn with no one the wiser that decades have passed between her last undulating attempt at table dancing. If past photos have shown anything, it's that she hasn't lost one ounce of elasticity.

3 Leather And Lace

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Recipient of multiple awards and a mainstay of "sexiest celebrity" polls, Salma has good reason for the rapturous look pictured here on her face. The beguiling lips, parted as if in wait, belong to any glossy-mouthed 22-year-old just elbowing her way into the Hollywood scene. Her arms graze lingeringly along her ample attributes and those hooded eyes look far off into the distance while her sleek hair pillows underneath her head, flung back in passion. Everything has hardly undergone any alterations since the days when she played the young love interest to Antonio Banderas' strapping musician/hitman, 22 long years ago. If Salma has noticed the passage of all this time, no one bothered to send the memo to her unsilvered hair, her firm young lips or anything that might cause you to forget where her eyes are, which gently rises against her toned and slender arms.

2 Stunning In Purple

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In case none of the former images were convincing enough, Salma proves here that she hasn't lost a single step to the young and upcoming starlets; at 51 she perfects this plunging little purple number with no hint of encroaching age. Everything is sleek and tight and this dress highlights and amplifies everything which yoga and that aforementioned devil's deal can do for a woman.  Her necklace fits seamlessly into the hollow of her throat and helpfully points the way onward; the tousled waves of her hair and rose-tinted lips complete this look that might belong to a woman half her age. Salma's 51-year-old curves are clearly every bit as tantalizing as that slinky vampire queen's who rose out of the smoke and onto "Top 50 Hottest Celebs" lists all around the world.

1 Corset Curves

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Corsets are often used for waist and curves training; wearing one for extended periods of time can impart a figure to even the most boyishly-hipped woman. Salma, of course, requires absolutely no assistance in this department. The corset emphasizes rather than concocts, pushing and pressing in all the right places to rehash everything the previous pictures have continuously pointed out. This woman may very well be the hottest 51-year-old ever. If time is supposed to heal all, so too does it eventually tell all, but as to Salma's actual age? Well, there's certainly not a whisper from it about that. Trying to spot a wrinkle, sag, or even a stray grey hair is a bit like trying to find Waldo in a haystack made out of Waldos.

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