15 Stunning Photos Of A Young Melania Trump

The whole world now knows the story of the young girl from small-town, industrial Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), who grew up in a concrete tower block in a family of Communists, and now is married to one

The whole world now knows the story of the young girl from small-town, industrial Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), who grew up in a concrete tower block in a family of Communists, and now is married to one of the richest men in the world, and who will be the next First Lady. Her name is Melania Trump, nee Knavs, and her life story is so interesting because it is so very different than most of the First Ladies our country has seen thus far. She grew up in a forested valley in a town called Sevnica on the river Sava, near a 12th-century castle that could represent her fairy-tale, rags-to-riches story, the kind all little girls dream of.

Another aspect of her life that is both interesting and different for a First Lady is the fact that she used to be a model, and a risqué one, at that. After she left Slovenia and became an international model based in New York, Melania’s photos became even more racy, and she even did nude photo shoots.

If you think you know her, you don't, I promise you that. The following 5 photos encompass a broad range of what a model can do and be, from shy and demure to bold and daring to just plain wacky. And in her younger years while working as a model, Melania did them all. Don't miss out on any of these seductive shots of the woman you will soon be calling your First Lady.


You would never guess by this photo that before she met her future husband in the Kit Kat Clun in Manhattan, Melania Knauss lived a quiet life and kept to herself. She did not go out or party, despite the fact that by that point in her life she was an international supermodel. Back in her sleepy little town of Sevnica in Slovenia, her elementary school teacher, Mirjana Jelacic, said, “She never really wanted to stand out or be the center of attention.” That is a bit hard to believe looking at photos like these. Although Melania is wearing red lingerie and not a bathing suit, without looking closely, you would think she could step right onto the set of Baywatch and fit right in. Her sultry stare and hair blowing in the “wind” only add to that image. She still shies away from speaking in public, but I highly doubt the woman in this photo does not love attention, and she better since she will soon receive even more of it when her husband is inaugurated in January.


These are Melania’s very first modeling photos. They are not uber-sexy, but sweet, and almost more appealing because of it. If they were very sexy it would be inappropriate, considering she only began her modeling career as a teenager. However, these photos were taken when she was 17, by the famed fashion photographer Stane Jerko. She actually “modeled” as a little girl in a young fashion show that was featured in a local Sevnica newspaper along with her sister Ines and a friend named Nena Badek, so I guess she knew all along what she wanted to do with her life. In fact, Nena Bedek said of her old friend, “Melania was transfixed by the idea of becoming a model and loved sketching designs for clothes.” In my opinion, Melania looks nothing like the Melania we know today. I would never know it was her, regardless of how long it has been. Here, she proves she’s already a natural, working those sassy hips.

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Melania once did a nude shoot, if you can believe it. In fact, the photos were so graphic that we cannot show them here, so in lieu of what could essentially be considered Adult Entertainment, I give you this shot of Melania, who still looks very sexy. Her nude photoshoot, though, would certainly be a juxtaposition of the previous photo, if there ever were one. These photos could be seen as a metaphor of Melania going from one life to another; in her youth, she lived a completely opposite life from the one she would end up living. She was sheltered, naïve, and young, living on the other side of the world. The photo we just looked at shows that. The nude photos, however, is worlds away from that. It is raw, edgy, and seductive. It probably took balls for her to pose nude like that, but she definitely wanted to, as in her 20’s she sought out jobs such as this as she became increasingly afraid that the younger models were getting all the gigs. This photo was one of a series of photos from this shoot, all black and white, some facing the wall and some facing the front and requiring much more blur-age.

12 Beauty on the Beach


Possibly one of her most suggestive photos is this one on the beach. She looks sweaty, glistening, and is barely-covered (seriously, that “bikini” top hardly covers her nipples, let alone her breasts!). Her hair is tousled by the wind as the water laps up to her legs and butt. And that look on her face- damn. She knows how to work the camera. With the lighter hair, bronzer skin tone, bared physique, and much younger face, this does not even resemble the modern-day Melania, at least not to me.

When I found this photo, it was labeled “Donald Trump’s Wife Melania- Most Beautiful First Lady in History.” Well, I don’t know if I would go that far (hello? What about Jacqueline Kennedy?), but to each his own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. I would, however, say she is in the running for hottest First Lady. There is a difference, folks; beauty and hotness are not the same thing.

11 Lap of Luxury

via GQ

This photo was taken when Melania was quite a bit older, but still relatively young. At least now her face has morphed into something recognizable (meaning as Melania and not some young model who looks nothing like her, despite that it is, in fact, her). Here, she was posing proactively on then-boyfriend Donald’s private jet (that has 18-carat gold seatbelts, mind you). She wore nothing but handcuffs and stilettos for some of the shots, although here she is wearing a strange combination of chains, black fuzz, and sequins as a bikini top.  She was also dripping with diamonds on a bearskin rug. It is a photo that screams posh, lavish, and ridiculous, if you ask me. The epitome of the lap of luxury. Again, this photo was one of many taken aboard the plane that day, all of which are equally ridiculous and over-the-top. Anyhow, this photoshoot was done in 2000 by GQ, and there is an assortment of photos like this that were taken for the 14-page spread.

10 European and Elegant

via FHM

Yet another of the Slovenian beauty’s gorgeous pics is this one, where she is posed proactively in lacy lingerie (once again) with the same seductive look on her face. By her hair and her face that appears to be aging a little at this point, we can tell that whenever this photo was taken, Melania was definitely no teenager, but she was far from her current age, which is approaching the big 5-0.

It was taken, in fact, in 2000, by celebrity photographer George Holz, who has photographed the rich and famous the likes of Angelina Jolie, Monica Lewinsky, Taylor Swift, and good old Donald Trump, too. FHM provided this skimpy get-up, and Holz said of this shoot with Melania, “This was a really good angle for her. If Donald Trump does become president, I was thinking that Melania would be the first First Lady to have done a lingerie shoot. Melania is drop-dead gorgeous and had no insecurities. She was really smart, very European and elegant.”

9 Mile-High Maiden


Back on Donald’s airplane for that 1999 British GQ shoot, Melania now sports a silvery- lavender fur, matching stilettos, and not much else on the stair ramp up to the plane. Her face is severe, her hair straight and blonde, her body lithe and firm, like usual. It is just one more sexual photograph of the future First Lady of America to add to the collection, and one more from that steamy day of hers aboard that aircraft. I found myself wondering if she and/or The Donald had joined the Mile-High Club, but that is a laughable question, is it not? I mean, the guy practically has a Trump Tower penthouse in the sky by the looks of that airplane, so he would be an idiot (ok, more of an idiot) if he had not put it (and her) to good use.

8 A True Seductress


It is not the teeniest bikini we have ever seen Melania wear, but the fact that she is not all the way into it yet makes this photo just that much more sizzling hot. That little tiny bikini bottom is barely on her bottom at all, and it is easy to see how one of those ties could come undone without much effort. It is a pose and a shot of the young Melania, who by the looks of her wet tendrils and glistening skin just emerged from the water, that leaves you begging for more. A true seductress, you can hardly blame Donald Trump for falling for her. And fall for her he did; when they met, it was he who pursued her, and Melania was the hesitant one because she had heard of his philandering ways. But the billionaire seems to get what he wants in life, and all those years ago he wanted Melania Knauss. Just look at this photo; who wouldn’t?

7 Oh-So Suggestive


This is the first photo of this bunch in which I can see both the young and the old(er) Melania. In her very early modeling days, it is hard for me to grasp that it is really her, because she looks so vastly different. In this picture though, her current mature-looking face has blended with her youthful, glowing face to make this beautiful one. It is in between young and old obviously, and is kind of the same pose as the other beach shot was, on her knees in the lapping waves, and her reddish hair. And as always, that knowing, almost-smirk on her face. In this beach photo, however, Melania actually shows more than if she were wearing a bikini, because her top is completely see-through and you can see everything. Along with her hair dipping down into her cleavage and her innocent-but-suggestive look, this is an all-in-all pretty hot photo.

6 A Sweet Smooch


That Melania Trump sure does love the ocean! Or maybe the photographers (and everyone else) just loves to see her in a skimpy bikini, which is the more likely reason). In her third beach photo on this list, Melania posed in Mexico in 2000 with this blow-up whale, giving him a sweet little smooch. The photo was posted on Twitter by Sports Illustrated. But this year and in this presidential race that has finally come to an end, Melania has seemed like more of a private homebody than she used to be when her norm was jet-setting to this Mexican beach, or on photoshoots in Europe, or even home to Slovenia. But she rarely accompanied Donald as he was off all around the country campaigning, preferring to stay at their homes in New York and Palm Beach and watch him on TV from there. She has been called a homebody who is quite opposite from her husband in that way. The night she met Donald at a nightclub, she had only gone out of loyalty to her agency because she has never been one to enjoy leaving the comforts of home. He was out on a date, but low and behold, he met the third Mrs. Trump.

5 "Melania K"

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Things got really spicy during this girl-on-girl photo shoot with Melania and the Scandinavian model, Emma Eriksson. This shoot was for the French Max Magazine in 1997. Melania was 25 then, and the First Lady cozied up to this second lady in the photo three years before ever meeting the man who would become her husband. The lesbian-themed photos were taken over two days in Manhattan by photographer Ale de Basseville, and this one above is the raciest of them all. Emma’s breasts are fully exposed as Melania, then modeling under the name “Melania K”, embraces her from behind. In other shots from the series, Emma raises a whip as if ready to spank Melania. Ale de Basseville says, “I always loved women together, because I have been with a lot of women who desired the menage a trois.” Well, there you go.

4 1980's Appeal


Even at the very beginning of her career, Melania knew how to work the camera. Here, she at once appears sassy, demure, sly, and naïve, all at the same time. And even though her decidedly 1980’s-era outfit (oh, the scrunchies!) is not sexy by today’s standards in the slightest, she manages to still look oh-ho flirtatious and even sensual; the little detail of her un-zipped jeans is enough to do that trick. Then there is the off-the-shoulder jacket, and voila! She oozes sex appeal, even at that age and in that outfit. Even today, in 2016. This photo must have been taken shortly after she was discovered by Stane Jerko at a 1987 modeling contest. He then asked to snap some photos of her, and as the saying goes, the rest was history! Melania, who had dreamed only of becoming a model since she was a little girl, realized her dream and went on to live it, and exceed it.

3 Jet-Set Chic


Aaaand we’re back on Donald’s plane again. Here Melania is sporting an entirely different kind of swimwear, a one-piece, if you can even call it that. She also sports entirely different hair, and while her body looks smoking hot, I am going to have to go ahead and say she looks better with the longer ‘do. It does make her look very Eastern European though, from where I stand. However way you look at it, her sitting on a private jet on a white couch by a box spilling with what look to be jewels is worlds away from the life she came from, and she wows in this life. Her humble beginnings are what ultimately led her there though, because she wanted so badly to leave her small town. When she was chosen for her first fashion event as a child, she and the other children were taken by train to Belgrade. At the Hotel Yugoslavia (which was later destroyed in the war), they walked down the catwalk for the first time, and clearly Melania knew then which path her life would take her.

2 Corny James Bond or High Fashion Model?


This photo brings an amused little grin to my face, because honestly, it is kind of laughable. Cheesy. Silly. Call it what you will. Melania, yet again on Donald’s plane for that British GQ shoot, looks a little more corny James Bond than high fashion model. It is a little over-the-top, but still, it is something different, so it is cool with me. Melania looks like she is ready to bust some balls and save the world, all while standing in wacky, ludicrous high-heel things on the wing of an airplane. Hey, at least she is versatile, and is keeping the modeling stuff interesting for us, right? Who says modeling has to be all serious, anyway (although, take a look at her face- it is pretty damn serious!)? I would not want to get in her way that day, even if the pistol is not loaded. Here, Melania is one fierce lady!

1 All Woman


Now that she is living the high life as the wife of a billionaire, she does not need to do so many (or any) modeling gigs, nor should she as the soon-to-be First Lady. But back when she did, she most definitely liked to do the lingerie shoots, as that is what she predominantly has in her modeling portfolio. Here, the beautiful daughter of a card-carrying Communist is now all grown up, living an ocean away from her old village, and at least in this pic, is all woman. In fact, it is rumored (and was actually confirmed by an old acquaintance of hers) that she is a little more “woman” than she would have you know; I am talking about the boob job.


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