15 Stunning Musicians Who Are Anything But Flat

There are many talented musicians. But you aren't going to see someone like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande on the list that you're about to look at. As they may be talented, but there are certain elements that make them unable to stack up to the competition.

You won't find yourself missing those two lovely ladies though, as we've tracked down arguably the 15 hottest women in the music industry who are anything but flat when it comes to what resides on their top half. And just in case you have hesitation about any of our selections, the photos we selected will definitely help hammer home our point. We're sure you're going to have no complaints by the time you finish with the list.

We've traveled around the world as just because a few of these singers, like Cheryl Cole and Rita Ora, may not be as popular in North America doesn't mean they aren't well worth your attention.

We also get down and dirty with some personal details from several celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Iggy Azalea; one of which is far from natural on the top half.


15 Rihanna

Rihanna is perhaps always going to be known for her musical talents. After all, this is a list of the hottest musicians that aren't flat. But if you find yourself captivated at the above photo, it's her increasingly prominent movie career that you have to thank. The dress that she is wearing was worn to the premiere of her recent film Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets that also stars Cara Delevingne and was written and directed by Luc Besson.

"I'm very excited to be here, I love London. When Luc Besson calls, you just go, you just show up. I don't care what it is, you just say: 'Yes sir, I'm coming'", said Rihanna when talking about the film.

14 Fergie


We're going to apologize if after reading this entry you have the song "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas stuck in your head. But when you look at the above photo, you can understand why it was worth the risk to be able to talk about how sexy Fergie is looking.

While Fergie is spending less time in the spotlight as she did in the past, the paparazzi snapped the above photos of Fergie back on August 1st when she was hitting up a beach in Kauai, Hawaii.

Whether or not she has new music on the way, we're sure you're just left hoping she has more beach destinations planned.

13 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey may leave you thinking some impure thoughts (especially considering that photo!), but you may be surprised to hear the start of her relationship with Nick Cannon was definitely innocent. The two held off having intercourse until their wedding. When asked about it, Carey said

“It’s not that we had no intimacy, we just didn’t have complete intimacy. It’s just me, and my feelings.”

We're sure that means they must have had one hell of a honeymoon! Unfortunately, their relationship did not last and the two were separated several years later with their divorce being finalized in 2016. Not before however, Carey gave birth to fraternal twins back in 2011.

12 Beyonce


There aren't many celebrity couples out there, if any, that have a bigger following than Jay Z and Beyonce. They've combined to sell hundreds of millions of records and it seems whenever there is a new development in their life, that the world can't get enough.

This extended to her and Jay Z starting a family. After announcing on Instagram that they were expecting twins, over 6 million people liked the photo in the first 8 hours.

The twins - one boy and one girl - were born on June 13th, 2017. We're sure if Beyonce takes photos of her wearing some revealing clothes that it also stands a great chance of getting a ton of likes in a very short amount of time.

11 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson should be given a lot of credit for managing to take her singing career and use it as a platform for other ventures. Along with an attempted acting career, Simpson founded the Jessica Simpson Collection, a fashion line, which has earned more than $1 billion in revenue.

While Simpson has been under fire in the past for her looks, most prominently around the time of her giving birth to her children, the above photos are incredibly recent and prove that she is looking incredibly sexy. The man on her right, in the photo on the right, is her husband Eric Johnson.

That being said, you can expect to hear more of Simpson's singing voice in the near future as she has an album that she hopes to put out this year.

10 Katy Perry


Katy Perry is known to flaunt her body in a variety of scenarios. She's been involved in some big television shows, such as a guest role on How I Met Your Mother. She'll often strip down to nothing when performing, including some time on Saturday Night Live. And don't even get us started on the amount of skin that she leaves uncovered in all of her music videos and photo shoots.

Which may explain why there is no way she would be able to be left off of a list like this. Whether or not you enjoy her music, the above photo probably isn't going to leave your head anytime soon. And you're probably just fine with that!

9 Demi Lovato 

To be fair, Demi Lovato has several parts of her body that she puts on display and may make your jaw drop. But when you look at the above photo that we have for her, it's clear which asset (or assets) we're using to help justify her spot on this list.

Not that we really need to justify it. After all, you're getting to stare at a revealing photo of Demi Lovato, so aren't we all the winners? Lovato should be commended not only for looking outstanding but also being vocal about the importance of having a healthy mindset towards fitness and your body.

While she has battled addictions in the past, it's clear Lovato looks better than ever.


8 Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole Scherzinger is definitely familiar to people discussing her assets. She has often been under the debate on if they're real or not, and when asked back in 2012, Nicole said

"Everybody can have cleavage with the bras we have today. And I use those bras – absolutely. They can give you confidence! I haven't had cosmetic surgery. But maybe I would, in time. I'm not against it. If you want to enhance something or make yourself feel a little bit more confident. To each their own."

So it's clear she wasn't against the idea and given how she looks recently, something tells us she may have decided to take the plunge and go under the knife. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

7 Christina Milian

There are several gorgeous women on our list who have success both as a singer, but also in other facets of entertainment such as acting. For Milian, that's absolutely the case as along with a singing career that has spanned decades, she has also acted in several films including Love Don't Cost a Thing and is even a band geek in American Pie.

When talking about her talents in the past, Milian has admitted that acting was actually her first passion. When you consider she is worth millions and has had a successful career since she was 19.

We're sure that whether you love seeing her on the big screen, with a mic in her hand, or you know just lounging around in a bikini that you're going to be loving it.

6 Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj has several moments in her life where she leaves very little the imagination with the clothing that she chooses to wear. So perhaps you aren't shocked that when discussing her antics in the bedroom, that Minaj also leaves little to the imagination

"I demand that I [finish in bed] I've been told that I'm like a guy. Like, "Why do you always have to [finish]?" Uh, because I do. We're both doing this for the same reason. We both want the same feeling at the end, so if I can't have that feeling, I'm going to make you feel like s***," yikes. That is one way to definitely ramp up the pressure in the bedroom.

Though it's never cool to make your partner feel like sh*t. C'mon Nicki.

5 Cheryl Cole

Several celebrities on this list you may love to look at from the front or from the back. For Cheryl Cole, however, we wouldn't blame you if you were a bigger fan of what she has going on in the front. Especially when you learn that Cole has roses tattooed all over her rear and part of her lower back. While it isn't the only tattoo Cole has, it's definitely the hardest to ignore.

When talking about her unique design for a tattoo, Cole said

"My friends say, ‘Cheryl, please, you might regret it’, but to me, it’s art," as well as admitting it took roughly 15 hours to do.

4 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez must be one of the busiest people in Hollywood. She stars in the television show, Shades of Blue is a judge on a reality show and has several projects on the horizon including appearing in NBC's version of Bye Bye Birdie that is scheduled for 2018.

Not to mention the fact that she dates Alex Rodriguez! Lopez is inspirational for not only her work ethic but her outstanding good looks and the positive attitude she has towards her body

"It's hard to avoid comparing yourself to others, and I've definitely been guilty of it myself. I remember thinking I wasn't thin enough because I had curves. But I've learned that being healthy and feeling great aren't about having one specific body type; it's a completely individual thing. Feeling beautiful is an attitude, and we should all look for the beautiful things we love about ourselves, regardless of how our bodies compare to someone else's."

3 Iggy Azalea 

Iggy may not have the biggest assets on our list, but we do have to give her credit for completely owning up to the fact that she is artificially enhanced. When asked in an interview what she wishes she could alter about her body, Azalea said

"I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I'd thought about it my entire life," as well as admitting that she used to put padding in her outfits to give the illusion of a bigger chest.

Love or hate her music, you have to commend her for taking the steps that she felt necessary to start loving her body.

2 Rita Ora


Rita Ora is perhaps more prominent of a celebrity in the UK than she is over in North America. But the above photo also makes you aware of perhaps other prominent aspects of Ora that she often puts on full display that we're sure you love even if you just learned who she is.

And while you may be a fan, when talking about her 'assets', Ora admitted she didn't always love them

"I started maturing when I was 14 and so for me, I hated my boobs and I went to musical theatre school so we wore leotards and did ballet. I was the first one to have t*ts and I hated them until the hottest guy fancied me and then I liked them!"

1 Madonna

It is abundantly clear that Madonna is comfortable in her own skin. When she was 56 years old, Madonna stripped it all off for Interview magazine but that was also far from the only time in her career that Madonna gave people a look at her body.

Madonna also did an interview where she opened up about how she has kept in shape,

"I started doing yoga again, which I haven't done in years and years and years. I'm so used to exercising with music playing very loud, and when you do yoga, you're just listening to your breath."

We're sure that yoga also helps make sure she keeps her flexibility as she gets older.

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