15 Stunning Cosplayers Who Should Be In The Next Marvel Movie

The world of cosplay has allowed many of the most gorgeous women alive to showcase their beauty and creativity in colorful fashion. We no longer live in a world where we have to hide our interests in nerdy culture such as video games, cartoons, and comics. Now, anyone can proudly share their love of all things nerdy, and it might even be considered cool, thanks to the influx of comic book movies tearing up the box office. The argument can be made that cosplayers are the future of modeling considering how popular the pictures are online. Many of these women have huge brands growing on social media and in their overall professional lives thanks to their success in the cosplay world dressing as iconic characters.

Marvel is the top dog in the world of comics and the characters from their various series have given inspiration to countless cosplayers. Whether playing female characters like Mary Jane Watson and Elektra or putting a twist on the traditional male characters such as Spider-Man and Captain America, the cosplayers have used creativity to wow the fans. We will take a look at some of the most captivating cosplayers to have incredible costumes for Marvel characters. These women look good enough and have enough detail in their work to pass for actual parts of the various MCU films. Here are fifteen stunning cosplayers that should be in an upcoming Marvel movie. We hope the studio execs are reading this!


15 Hannah Keely

Hannah Keely has only been cosplaying for a few years now, but she is already finding a way to make an impact. The Southern California native is mostly known for her Marvel costumes, primarily the one shown here as Black Widow. We have witnessed the character of Black Widow grow in popularity in recent years with the success of The Avengers franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The gorgeous Keely looks incredible in the Black Widow suit and it is the one she has the most pictures of on her various social media pages. According to Keely’s own words, she has only started taking her cosplay seriously very recently meaning she is likely only going to grow in popularity. The incredible look as Black Widow would make her a positive addition to any Marvel movie at some point in the near future. Hopefully we get to see her show off new Marvel cosplays very soon.

Instagram: @keelycosplay

14 Megan Coffey


The passion of cosplaying for Megan Coffey has seen her deliver many memorable photoshoots. Coffey has stated she has a strong passion for modeling, art, cosplay, manga, animals, and science. Theoretically, all of these things can come into play when dressing up in gorgeous outfits to show off your interests. Not every cosplayer has to be a model but it definitely appears to become a mutual thing if you want to become a high profile one in the scene.

Coffey enjoying modeling definitely helps her, as you can see in her photoshoots. The picture showed here is from a shoot as X-Men character Kitty Pryde. Coffey shows great attention to detail in her outfits and she is one of the best Kitty Pryde cosplayers you will ever see. As gorgeous as she is, remember that Coffey has a Masters in biology proving she has both the beauty and the brains.

Instagram: @starbuxx

13 Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne is one of the premiere cosplayers on the scene today and she has shown it with multiple Marvel cosplays. The stunning bombshell is a model for The Suicide Girls along with various other platforms. Laurenne resides in Canada and clearly goes all out when it comes to her cosplay outfits for various conventions and photoshoots. Her social media pages are among the best follows you’ll make online.

The unique and creative interpretation of Spider-Gwen Anti-Venom is aptly titled “anti-Gwenom.” Elise has also cosplayed as other Marvel characters, but this is a recent costume that stands out for obvious reasons. Aside from the originality, the skin tight outfit shows off her incredible curves and makes her look like a million bucks. Spider-Gwen is becoming more and more popular in the world of comics and many of us would love to see Laurenne playing Gwen if she was allowed to rock this outfit.

Instagram: @eliselaurenne

12 Megan Golden


Megan Golden is a stunning cosplayer that has a lot of passions and skills to go along with her love of cosplaying. The gorgeous woman in Utah is known for her sexy cosplay outfits but she is also a talented singer and an avid sports fan. Golden appeared on ESPN radio during the Stanley Cup Finals to show support for her beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. The charm shown from Megan in all her interviews will endear you within a matter of minutes.

This cosplay shown here features Golden delivering one of the most intricate body paints from a few years ago. Megan rocked the Deadpool body paint in 2015, showing off her incredible body with the Deadpool suit in a perfect paint job. Recent years have seen Golden deliver many more incredible Marvel cosplays such as Captain America and Mary Jane Watson. However, the Deadpool one blew up online and made many Marvel fans take note of her. The movie franchise should find somewhere to utilize Megan’s skills. She does have a background in acting!

Instagram: @meganxgolden

11 Sara Moni

The Wasp is one of the more underrated Marvel characters that you don’t see as much in the cosplay world. That may change with the upcoming Ant-Man film, but it will be hard to see anyone top Sara Moni. The Arizona resident has gone on the record saying that she’s a huge fan of Marvel. It shows with the perfect portrayal of The Wasp here in an incredible result. Any fan of The Wasp has to have respect for Moni’s costume work here.

Moni actually uses her passion for cosplaying in a cool way as a member of the Arizona Avengers. This group of Marvel fans will dress as their favorite superheroes to visit children’s hospitals in hopes of putting a smile on the faces of the kids there. Sara clearly loves the world of cosplay and the commitment to detail in her outfits could make her a great help to Marvel.

Instagram: @saramonicosplay

10 Danielle Vedovelli


Danielle Vedovelli’s portrayal of Elektra is one of the hottest Marvel cosplays you’ll find pictures of online. The Brazilian cosplayer is showcasing her passion for the scene by putting together some of the best looking costumes around. There’s a reason she has over one million fans on Facebook as everyone wants to keep up with her latest pictures. Vedovelli also has a background in martial arts which just adds to the Elektra cosplay.

The costumes of Vedovelli see a combination of both intricate detail and incredible sex appeal. No costume shows it better than the outfit she rocked here as Elektra. Given how popular The Defenders was, Elektra is becoming more and more popular. Vedovelli could have stolen every scene if rocking said outfit in the series playing the character. Marvel would get the bonus of having the 1 million+ fans that follow Vedovelli if they bring her over.

Instagram: @danievedo

9 Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano is one of the most underrated cosplayers on the scene today as seen with this incredible portrayal of Black Cat. The passion for comics, anime, manga, and video games all merged with her love to cosplay. Marvel is a mainstay for any comic fan and you have to be a true fan to appreciate Black Cat. The lover and enemy of Spider-Man is among the sexier characters and Graziano shows it off here.

Graziano makes it impossible to envision any version of Black Cat looking better in Marvel films or television series. We are still waiting on the first major debut of Black Cat in the MCU and Graziano’s cosplay just adds to the appeal. Her superb curves and alluring look adds to the picture perfect Black Cat. Of all her impressive cosplays, this is the one that stands out the most, especially to fans of Marvel.

Instagram: @Crystalgraziano


8 Yaya Han


Most of the cosplay outfits we have seen so far on this list have been the beloved superheroes of Marvel. This one is the rare exception of an obscure yet smoking hot villain. Yaya Han is a highly popular cosplayer with a massive social media following. As a veteran of the cosplay scene, we all wait to find out what her next costume will be. Han went deep into the Marvel world with this portrayal of Viper also known as Madame Hydra.

The word Hydra says it all about the character but you still second guess hating Viper when you take one look at Han. As a fan of beauty, photography, and Marvel, cosplay has become a perfect middle ground for all Yaya’s interests. It is no shock that she has become a premiere cosplayer. Marvel should take note of her having over 2 million followers.

Instagram: @yayahan

7 Amethyst Leon

The love of cosplay has given Amethyst Leon inspiration to showcase some very unique costumes. Leon has a strong interest in various fields that make cosplay the perfect outlet to showcase them. Many fans think of her colorful hair first, but her colorful costumes are what make her among the best in cosplay. This specific picture shown is one of her more standard ones yet looks absolutely incredible.

Leon goes deep into the Marvel world with her portrayal of Laura Kinney, aka X-23. The average person likely doesn’t know who this character is but diehard Marvel fans know she’s part of the X-Men. Very similar to Wolverine in appearance, X-23 is far better looking, especially when portrayed by Leon. The California native goes by the “gurl with red hair” but she is rocking blue hair these days. We want to see more of her and Marvel could help with that.

Instagram: @amethyst_leon

6 Katyuska Moonfox


Katyuska Moonfox is one of the top cosplayers in the world right now with her popularity growing. The costumes of Moonfox appear to be among the sexiest you’ll find today. Katyuska has a great resume of incredible pictures on all her social media pages. The Brisbane native is a tremendous model that likely adds to her photoshoots dressing up as her favorite characters in the name of cosplay.

We selected the Black Widow cosplay of Moonfox to play into the love of Marvel. Most would name Black Widow as the sexiest Marvel character in the MCU world and it makes sense that Moonfox did a great job rocking it. Scarlett Johansson is known as being one of the hottest women alive and even she would struggle to outshine Katyuska in the Black Widow costume. Every Marvel fan would be in awe of Moonfox’s portrayal of Black Widow when seeing it for the first time.

Instagram: @katyuskamoonfox

5 Dayna Sauble

Dayna Sauble is one of the most talented and beautiful people in the cosplay scene. A love of dressing up as her favorite characters has given Sauble an outlet to showcase that side of her in addition to her other work as a singer. The talented singer is clearly a fan of Marvel as seen by her tremendous Spider-Man portrayal. However, most of her recent costumes have been dedicated to various Disney animated characters.

Given the fact that she looks like a real life Disney princess, they definitely suit her well. The Spider-Woman costume showcases a different side that she clearly looks incredible in. As a natural performer, it would be cool to see her get a role in a Marvel entity either acting or even signing. We already know she looks great in the Marvel costume. Be on the lookout for Dayna’s future cosplays as she is someone worth paying attention to.

Instagram: @daynasauble

4 Vera Bambi


The highly popular Vera Bambi has an inherent sex appeal that makes her a tremendous model. Factor in her love of the cosplay world and you can see why she is so beloved by her fans. Bambi has dubbed herself “The Controversial Cosplayer” due to the polarizing reactions to her costumes. Some people believe they are too risqué or show too much. However, there are many more people that absolutely love what Bambi goes for.

This picture of her portrayal of Spider MJ is actually one of her tamer costumes, but it's still smoking hot. Vera’s incredible curves look amazing in the costume and the Spider-Man colors have rarely ever looked this appealing. Between her sex appeal, modeling skills and genuine love of the cosplay inspirations she dresses as, Bambi is clearly one of the lovely ladies that would be a smash hit in any Marvel series or film.

Instagram: @verabambilive

3 Jessica Nigri

You can’t talk about successful cosplayers that people want to see without mentioning Jessica Nigri. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, 4 million followers on Facebook, and 600,000 followers on Twitter, it is obvious that Nigri is among the most beloved women in the community. Nigri has become one of the cosplayers to take the beautiful and unique world into a more mainstream environment. Some people dislike her for it, but more people enjoying it is a good thing.

Jessica is shown here sporting a stunning portrayal of Magneto. The X-Men villain is not one that the average cosplayer will choose to rock. Nigri took a risk and it clearly paid off with the amazing costume. Most cosplayers are gorgeous women, but the actual costumes make the successful ones stand out. Nigri is a borderline celebrity at this stage with her costumes being a major reason why. It is a bit surprising Marvel hasn’t already casted her in some sort of role.

Instagram: @jessicanigri

2 Holly Wolf


Canadian native Holly Wolf is among the most successful women to enter the cosplay world. Wolf is a highly respected model and a Playboy playmate. The passions of Wolf outside of modeling prove you don’t have to choose between your interests. Despite being a full-time model, Holly finds time to devote to her interests of gaming and cosplay. Her popular Twitch channel features her playing her favorite games and interacting with fans.

Cosplaying has taken her interests to another level with various smoking hot outfits. The picture shown of her portrayal of Ms. Marvel is definitely one of her best. For a soft spoken and kind-hearted individual, Wolf clearly knows how to showcase her sex appeal in the loudest of ways. Fans love it as she is becoming one of the top names in the field. We are hoping to see her on as many platforms as possible, including Marvel entities.

Instagram: @hollytwolf

1 Joanie Brosas

Joanie Brosas has quickly become one of the most popular cosplayers on the Internet. With a background in modeling, Joanie was a great model doing memorable shoots with Playboy along with other top tier companies. The love of geek culture saw her embrace her interests in cosplay. A combination of getting to continue her modeling while celebrating things she enjoys made for a successful time in the cosplay community.

Spider-Man is one of Joanie’s favorite Marvel properties and she showed it with a killer portrayal of Mary Jane Watson. The smoking hot Brosas looks great with the red hair and the sexy outfit. We get the classic girl next door look for MJ but Joanie’s sex appeal adds her own twist to it. The red thong showing is a huge difference maker in the outfit standing out with her own flair. Given how charming, talented, and stunning she is, Joanie would be a great hire by Marvel for any role.

Instagram: @joaniebrosas


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