15 Stunning Actresses With Absolutely Zero Talent

We all watch TV and movies for the entertainment value. The escape from our reality, and the chance to see the wildly attractive stars on screen is what allures us the most. Especially when we’re used to seeing the lumpy checkout ladies at the grocery store and the oddly reclusive neighbour with six cats and a missing tooth.

Actresses run the gamut from A-list sensations to D-list wannabes but no matter their level of fame, some celebrity gals are smokin’ hot and some are just not. And of those hotties, their looks don’t exactly match their level of talent, if there is any at all. Looks will get anyone noticed, but to snag that coveted Emmy or golden Oscar, you’ve gotta have the skills and the chops to garner respect from fans, co-stars, and industry-types.

Looking good is surely part of the game, but like everything else, they’ll eventually fade and nobody is going to want to watch a saggy old broad on a high-definition 72” screen with zero talent or timing.

Here is a group of 15 undeniably sexy and hot actresses who have questionable talent. Well-liked? Mostly. Easy on the eyes? Definitely. The next Meryl Streep? When hell freezes over.

Enjoy these cute chicks in their prime, whether they are actresses who were at their peak in decades past or are the current hotties of the moment. Model-like looks are a blessing for these women who some may say would never have made it if they weren’t channeling the essence of Gisele.

15 Megan Fox

With a last name like Fox, the stunning actress was already primed to be a hot-to-trot gal ready for the big screen. Her sultry looks have had men and teenage boys drooling since she made her Hollywood debut, but Megan Fox’s popularity was due to her sex appeal and not much for her acting prowess. With films under her belt including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jennifer’s Body, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Whore, it’s not exactly a surprise that the body of work Fox was hired for lends itself to “Razzie” level acting. That said, Fox certainly won the heart of another actor in the biz, Brian Austin Green, so at least when she’s less attractive, she’ll still have one fan. Until then, we can all enjoy the eye candy Fox provides on screen and give her a standing ovation for her silky hair, porcelain skin, and hourglass figure.

14 Tara Reid

Blonde and svelte, tanned and glowing, Tara Reid is ever the pop tart with a girl-next-door perkiness that has been adored by the masses since we first laid our eyes on her. Her looks were questioned for a while due to some less-than-Beverly-Hills-level plastic surgery blunders, but it appears that Reid is back to her lusty self and back on the screen in the wildly (and oddly) popular Sharknado movies. Probably best known for her role in the American Pie flicks, Reid is fun to view on the screen but she’s not exactly an acting teacher’s pet student. Then again, when her co-star is “doing the deed” with an apple pie, she could recite the alphabet and get at least a handful of rave reviews for her work. While looking thinner than usual nowadays, gents still adore Reid from head to toe. Let’s just pray she’s not the next casualty of a future Sharknado!

13 Pamela Anderson

If running in slow motion with one’s boobs leading the way towards the choppy ocean won people Oscars, Pamela Anderson would have shelves upon shelves of the award statuettes lining every room in her pricy home. But since the TV hit series, Baywatch has never been considered much more than prime time fluff, Anderson’s only award will be her endless stacks of Playboy magazines which show off what viewers love most about her… her enviable bodacious body. While there is certainly nothing wrong with flaunting what you’ve got — a gorgeous face, killer curves, and Barbie-like platinum hair – these external attributes won’t necessarily give a broad any acting skills that would impress the likes of a Denzel Washington. Still, Anderson is always a delight to watch, especially when she’s wearing nothing more than a revealing French cut red swimsuit and doing her best to seductively administer CPR.

12 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton certainly doesn’t need the money, so why she thought it would be a good idea to dabble in acting is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. That said, Hilton isn’t shy about putting herself out there, it’s just too bad her acting skills aren’t even close to as fabulous as her posh lifestyle. Coming from a billionaire family, Hilton could do anything when it comes to work, but no matter one’s fortune, the acting bug may bite ya, but it won’t necessarily make you any good at it. When you’re cast in The Hottie and the Nottie, there’s really only so much anyone can do to make the film legit – even the most seasoned actress is up for a challenge. At least Hilton’s reality show with ex-friend, Nicole Richie, showed what Hilton is best at - pretending to be an airhead when she’s likely a lot smarter than she allows us to give her credit for. Let’s hope Hilton sticks to her current DJ gig and her money-making business brand and stays far from any movie set. We’d all be better off for it.

11 Elizabeth Berkley

While Elizabeth Berkley was a teen idol from her days on the beloved and often syndicated TV series Saved By the Bell, her adoring fans more likely enjoyed her sheer attractiveness rather than her subpar acting abilities. Of course, the TV show was a classic, but Zach, Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie were put on their teen pedestals for their “adorable” factor, not their path to the Emmy awards. Berkeley grew out of her high school hot girl/smarty-pants role and made her way to the pole in Showgirls as an exotic dancer who revealed far more than her personality on screen. While her acting may be questionable, her tall frame, silky hair, model-like features, and girl-next-door sexiness are undeniably appreciated by many. We do not see much from the actress as of late, but we can always find a rerun of Saved By the Bell as we surf through the channels.

10 Denise Richards

Being the ex of the wild and wacky train wreck Charlie Sheen, is something to marvel at, but just because one marries into (and divorces) a famous acting family doesn’t make her any more talented. Indeed, the tanned, toned, and bronzed Denise Richards is smoking hot, but her acting chops are more on the side of lukewarm. The film Wild Things turned Richards into an instant sex kitten and it was fun to watch her in Starship Troopers, but when it comes to raw talent, hers may lie more in motherhood than Hollywood. Scary Movie 3 was only made more frightening by Richard’s lines, but at least we had something sexy to look at while we cringed not only from the acting, but the campy storyline as well. Even at age 45, Richards is still super gorgeous, so she ought to milk her sexy looks while she can, since falling back on acting may lead to a bump on the head.

9 Jessica Simpson

Gorgeous, rich, and adorable. This sums up the mom of two, Jessica Simpson to a tee. She’s been a successful recording artist, a business mogul, and the face of many a brand seeking a youthful buyer-base for anything from cosmetics to clothing. If only Jess stopped there. She’s done well in many areas of her life, but sadly, most would say acting ain’t one of them. Sure, she was hot as hell in The Dukes of Hazzard and Employee of the Month, but sexiness does not equal talent on screen, except for filling out her “Daisy Dukes” to utter perfection. With all the dough Simpson now rakes in with her businesses, it would be a shame for her to try to give it another go as a movie actress. If her reality show with her ex-husband wasn’t telling enough, Simpson is best as herself — goofy and naïve as she makes herself out to be. Trying to convince us she’s the next Glenn Close is a far cry from anything worth an applause.

8 Carmen Electra

Born Tara Leigh Patrick, Carmen Electra’s change of name not only made her seem more intriguing, but upped her sex appeal even further. While Electra is electrifying, her face and body are the real hits, not her ability to kill it on screen. Even so, Electra made her way to the big screen in films such as Scary Movie, Disaster Movie, and Epic Movie. Anyone seeing a trend here? Electra was a fan favourite as she showed off lots of skin on the hit TV series Baywatch, and her spreads in Playboy found their way into millions of fellas’ bedrooms worldwide. Electra is surely a stunner, but her film career is based more on her outward appearance than her abilities to wow the director with her talents. While she’s still got her looks, Electra will surely get cast again, but if ever her sex appeal dwindles, don’t expect Hollywood to come calling.

7 Melissa Joan Hart

When you're best known for being a teenage witch, it is safe to say the Oscars might not be part of your future. Sure, Melissa Joan Hart was a child success, but silly storylines and overly bubbly acting is for kids. Guys love Hart’s all-American good looks, lush blonde hair, and curvaceous body, but not too many consider her to be a true Hollywood star. These days, we've seen Hart act on the small screen in made for TV movies when she’s not creating clothing for kids. She’s a hard working mom of three young boys, so the fact that she’s been able to keep her looks up is a miracle. While Hart is still adored by fans, it’s more for her overall likability and cuteness, not for her on-screen portrayals. Still, it doesn’t hurt to look the part, even if the part is in a D-list production.

6 Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West is considered to be one of the hottest babes of all time. Her bottom itself is more famous than some people in Hollywood could ever hope to be, and her famous family is on TV and in the gossip columns. No matter where you live or where you look, a Kardashian, probably Kim, will appear, whether on a billboard, in a 4-page magazine spread, or doing something fabulous on a TV set. While Mrs. West spends lots of time filming reality TV, it’s her fictional work that even Kanye would throw a rotten tomato at. She’s been on some TV shows in bit parts, but even she must know her acting is as bad as a reality TV addiction. Perhaps you’ve seen her on 30 Rock, CSI: NY, or Last Man Standing, but as pretty as she is, her talent in the acting arena is not a pretty sight. With so much money and other business ventures to attend to, including motherhood, West would do us all a favour by throwing in the acting towel and using it to wash off her layers of makeup… she’s so gorgeous that she certainly doesn’t need it!

5 Brooke Shields

She’s been on the Hollywood radar since she was a child, but as beautiful as she is, Brooke Shields’ acting chops were lost somewhere on The Blue Lagoon. Shields is totally likeable and seems to try hard, but her role on Suddenly Susan seemed forced and not as great to watch as a still photo of Shields would be. While Shields seems to be down-to-Earth and not self-impressed with her naturally amazing looks, most would agree that her acting skills are no match to her beauty. We can now see Shields hocking furniture on television commercials, and that seems to suit her well. If she’s comfortable on a recliner, then we would be too, especially if she comes with the delivery! Shields is a total icon, from her days modelling skin-tight jeans to her latest gigs for women’s television, but if she’d step back from acting or get some better roles, for now, her hot-factor is her main attraction.

4 Hilary Duff

Guys like Hilary Duff for her petite and perky body and adorably hot cute looks. While some people may enjoy the fluff-type movies she gravitates toward, not too many viewers would consider the actress an extraordinary talent. She is good for typecasting though – those girl-next-door looks make any movie fun to watch – and she exudes likability. Flicks such as A Cinderella Story, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and Beauty & the Briefcase are great for tweens, but the academy isn’t exactly running to theaters to see what Duff will put out next. Duff dabbles in music too and tries to show off her sultry side, but once a McGuire, always a McGuire. She’s now a mom of a young son and currently on the market since her split with her now ex, so Duff is showing the fellas that even if they don’t love her films, she’s still one hot little package.

3 Bai Ling

Exotic looks, a killer body, the ooze of unending sex appeal, and a knack for driving men and women alike wild, Bai Ling is one to watch on the big screen. Not for her advanced acting, but just to see how she moves and grooves. Ling has been featured in movies including Wild Wild West, Love Ranch, Dumplings, and Crank: High Voltage, and her name on the credits brought viewers to come watch, but it was more to see the stunner in larger-than-life form than to expect to see something Oscar-worthy. Ling is an unbelievable 50 years old now, and at half a century, she looks as good, if not better than women half her age. Perhaps that’s the secret to her years of success in the business. Check her out on red carpets in skimpy ensembles or caught on camera acting flashy. Ling is one to enjoy for her sexiness if nothing else.

2 Jenny McCarthy

From Playboy to MTV to her current radio show and gig hosting New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with the rich as heck Ryan Seacrest, Jenny McCarthy has surely made a name for herself in the public sphere. She’s perky, pretty, not afraid to tell it like it is, and totally wild. Her blonde hair, big boobs, and fit body make McCarthy easy on the eyes and fun to tune in to. That said, her acting gigs are no match for the other successes she’s had over the years. Dirty Love, Scary Movie 3, Santa Baby, and Wieners are some of the movies she’s been in, and while they are fun for taking your mind off things, they are no Oscar-level performances. McCarthy is a great interviewer and seems to be well-received when she’s playing herself, but give her a role and you’d wish it were New Year’s Eve all over again so we can see the best of the stunner. Donnie Wahlberg stole McCarthy’s heart, but he surely loves her attractiveness both inside and out.

1 Shannon Elizabeth

Simmering hot looks that rival those of a cat-walking supermodel with a perfect face and body make Shannon Elizabeth one to keep your eyes peeled open for at the movies. But no one can have it all, so while Elizabeth was blessed in the looks department, she was not quite as lucky when her creator was handing out decent acting skills. We have seen the stunner in films including Tomcats and Night of the Demons, but she’s probably best known and loved for her role in American Pie, where her seductiveness and sexual prowess made her co-star go weak in his knees (and other places). Elizabeth was a former model, so she’s always lead with her appearance, but as good of a model she may have been, it just hasn’t translated to the big screen. Good or bad, we’ll still keep watching the beauty… she’s too hot to pass up!

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