15 Strange Facts About Our Favorite TV Shows

You can probably imagine all the maddening things that can happen behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and most times we never hear about it. Some actors like to prank their co-workers while ot

You can probably imagine all the maddening things that can happen behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and most times we never hear about it. Some actors like to prank their co-workers while others will drive their coworkers crazy with their diva behavior. Some things happen on the show that we wouldn’t even expect. They are spontaneous and often even shock the actors themselves. These are shows that we grew to love over the years and are always sad to see them go. We wish that they could go on forever so that we could always tune into our favorite characters. We want to be part of their lives and see the crazy things that they do.

The shows are there to comfort us, make us laugh and to give us some relief from the stress of our days. When our favorite show goes off the air, we feel momentarily lost until we grasp desperately to the next show and hopefully it’s an old one so that we can binge watch six seasons all at once. When watching the shows, we can often miss the fun or strange facts about the show that can intrigue us further. I love hearing about things that go on behind the scenes as it gives you a peek into the making of the show or the people involved in it. Whether your favorite show is still on air or not, you are sure to love this list of strange facts about your favorite TV shows.

15 American Horror Story - Evans Flashes Co-Stars

Via Collider

This show is certainly a guilty pleasure of mine, mainly because I like creepy things. If you haven’t seen the show yet, then you are truly missing out. It’s a TV show that’s like watching a weekly horror movie, and every season is different. There is always something different going on to keep viewers interested and that’s what makes a TV show great. In season four of American Horror Story, Evan Peters flashed Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange. He was wearing a hospital gown and thought he was completely covered. He was wearing a c--k sock, but that didn’t seem to matter. He bent over, and of course, the girls got a little more than they bargained for. Paulson seemed to enjoy the little show however as she kissed Evans on the cheek afterward. Evans was mortified about the accidental flash, but the girls were very forgiving.

14 Boy Meets World - Rider Strong Stole His Character's Jacket

Via The AV Club

Boy Meets World is a huge favorite of mine from back in the day. It was just one of those down to earth genuinely good shows. It taught us lessons that we could take through our own experiences in high school. We grew up alongside Cory, Shawn, Eric, and Topanga. We loved the characters through all the seasons and were heartbroken when the show finally ended. As is the case with most shows, you are generally not allowed to take souvenirs. Disney likes to keep the memorabilia; they rarely give anything to the actors unless you are a pretty big star. Rider Strong, the actor that played Shawn though, was determined to have something to remember the show by. When the show finally ended he left with the characters’ leather jacket. It’s totally in character. Don’t worry Rider; Shawn would have done exactly the same thing.

13 Breaking Bad - Their Odd Curse Words Rule

Via Washington Post

Many of the shows are pretty careful when it comes to swearing. For the most part, it’s generally not allowed. But AMC liked to make the exception now and then based off of the fact that the show itself was pretty gritty. They had a policy that they would only allow one “f--k” to be said bleep-free per season of the show. It’s kind of funny actually that they made it a rule. If you have ever watched the show you know that there are lots of “f--ks” through the five seasons of the show but only one was allowed to be bleep-free. In any show that is based around drugs and the selling of them, you have to expect to have a few “f--ks” around no matter what. It just feels good to say it sometimes, am I right?

12 LOST - ABC Chairman Got Fired For Approving Expensive Pilot

Via Typepad

Hollywood can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to going over budget on a film or TV show. Budgets are set for a reason and if a scene costs too much to make sometimes it is cut completely so that the overall season stays on budget. In the case of LOST, you would think that they would have a pretty small budget, after all, they spend most of their time on an island wearing the same clothes every day. But the first episode of season one was a little different because it had the plane crash on the beach and there were a lot of expensive props. It was the Chairman of ABC that was responsible for greenlighting the cost of the pilot episode. He gave the go ahead, and the episode ended up costing $12 million to produce. Lloyd Braun didn’t even read the script when he agreed to the pilot and because of his approval he ended up getting fired.

11 American Idol - Hicks Got More Votes Than Reagan

Via New York Daily News

This is one show that seemed to be able to stand the test of time, and it made for some pretty great stars. Not everyone made it even though they became a “winner” at the end of the season, but we have American Idol to thank for singers such as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Those are two ladies that really made an exceptional career from winning American Idol. We all love our favorite TV shows, but some people take it a little too far. When Taylor Hicks was performing during the end of the season, he received more elected votes than Ronald Reagan did when he was running for president in 1984. In other words, people are more concerned about who will be the next American Idol than they are about their next president. It’s a sad, sad world out there people.

10 Curb Your Enthusiasm -Exonerated Innocent Man


The TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm cleared a man of criminal charges based on an episode they aired. Lucky for Juan Catalan that the showed helped him out because he was looking at jail time for a crime he didn’t commit. He already spent five months in jail on charges of murder when an episode of the show aired showing him at a Dodgers game when the crime took place. He had been charged with the murder of Martha Puebla who was sixteen at the time in 2003. He had always denied the crime stating that he had been at the Dodgers game the whole time. The fact that he was with his six-year-old daughter didn’t matter. In the scene, it shows Catalan eating a hot dog in the background, which turned out to be his saving grace. The Los Angeles City Council decided to pay Catalan $320,000 in order to drop the lawsuit he had on the city.

9 Friends - Matthew Perry, The Man Slave

Via Metro

There’s no doubt about the fact that the cast of Friends was always really close. After ten years they were more like family than anything else. There were times when they were even closer than that. For awhile Courteney Cox had herself a man slave in Matthew Perry. For a six-month period, he had to do basically anything that she asked. It was the result of a bet he lost. There was a time that she appeared on Jay Leno and described the whole bet to him. After they had a good laugh she rang a bell and out came Matthew Perry holding out a box of tissues for her. I think the whole thing is hilarious and it’s a little endearing that Matthew would attend the show with her to complete the whole gag. The whole cast is still friends after all this time, and there are even talks about a reunion show.

8 Arrested Development - The No Mustache Policy

Via The Daily Dot

Some people just don’t like mustaches. I happen to be one of them; it just feels weird kissing a guy with something furry above his lip. If you actually do some research, there is much to say about certain particles attaching themselves to mustaches. Anyways I digress. On Arrested Development they had a no mustache policy, which is actually pretty weird but true. There were a lot of no-nos when it came to the show. Fox executive Gail Berman said there was a “standing rule for men in comedies: no hats, no mustaches, no fluffy shirts.” Pretty strict set. When it came to David Cross, he found the news rather alarming. He had to fight to keep Tobias’ mustache on the show. Thankfully he won, and there was no issue but wow, what a weird policy to have. Sometimes people shouldn’t have the power that they do.

7 Freaks and Geeks - Franco, The Small Town Cool Guy

Via Socialite Life

Poor James Franco, he always seems to be the butt of some joke. He was roasted one year and allowed his friends to take him down a notch and to say they attacked his sexuality is putting it lightly. The guy really didn’t stand a chance. Many people also believe that he’s a hack in Hollywood, an actor with no real talent. They say he’s just been lucky with the roles he received so far. Well, when it comes to his role on Freaks and Geeks, Judd Apatow wasn’t very kind to Franco either. When he first met Franco, he said that he believed him to be not attractive enough to be a real star. “We thought his mouth was too big for his face and he seemed perfect to be a small-town cool guy who wasn’t as cool as he thought he was."

6 How I Met Your Mother - Too Much Dog Dander!

Via Wallpapers Online

Death by dog hair! Apparently, that was what it was like filming for one actor on the show. When it came to How I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnor had some difficulty with some of the scenes. It had nothing to do with nudity or having to kiss someone with bad breath. Not at all, in fact, it was the dogs! When Josh’s character was dating Robin, there were many scenes in which he had to interact with her dogs, and she had a lot of them. There was more than one scene as well which made it that much harder on him. The sad part about it was that Josh is allergic to dog dander so what should have been a normal scene turned into a nightmare for him. He had to shoot them as quickly as possible before his nose started to run and his eyes got all puffy. Hey! That’s showbiz for you.

5 Bob’s Burgers - A Family Of Cannibals?

Via Fox

When it came to pitching the show Bob’s Burgers, the writer, Loren Bouchard, had a little twist to catch their attention. She ended up pitching the show as, “a family of cannibals who run a restaurant.” It certainly did grab their attention. After a few laughs, the producers were definitely interested in the mind behind the show. They discussed the show, and in the end, they loved everything about it, except the cannibalism part. When they launched the pilot episode, they made mention of the cannibalism but left the rest of it out. Another change they made in the original creation was with the character Tina. Tina was originally supposed to be the eldest brother but was changed to the eldest sister instead. Fox thought that the two brothers were way too similar, so they changed the sex completely. Either way, we love the hilarious show!

4 Bones - From Extra To Bonafide Writer

Via JustWatch

You never know when you’re going to get your big break in Hollywood. Many actors spend years trying to make it big, while others seem to slide through the cracks flawlessly. One day you could be an extra on the show and the next thing you know you are calling the shots. Possible? Most definitely. It actually happened to an actor on the set of Bones. In fact, that’s what happened to Dean Lopata. He played an extra on the show, the role of one of the victims. Then he got to talking to the powers that be and the next thing he knew he was one of the writers for the show. That’s a pretty big step up for an extra. He is now one of the writers in charge of what happens on the show. Good for you Dean Lopata!

3 Modern Family - Luke The Genius?

Via Modern Family Wiki

In Hollywood, you just never know who you are going to meet. There are some every different and often odd personalities in the film industry. You meet many different people, some that are dumb as bricks while others are so smart that you wonder why they aren’t working for NASA. Actor Nolan Gould plays Luke on Modern Family and to say that he’s kind of dumb as a character would be the understatement of the century. But in real life, he’s the complete opposite. The boy is a genius! He’s so smart in fact that the young boy is actually a member of Mensa. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a group for smart people, very smart people! So that begs the question, what is this smart boy doing in Hollywood instead of ruling the world. Why aren’t you working for NASA Nolan?

2 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Will Mumbled Everyone's Lines 

Via YouTube

We all know Will Smith to be quite the jokester, especially in the beginning of his career. He knew how to have fun on the set; he rarely took things seriously. Who could blame him really, he was a young guy living the dream. While on set, Will Smith was often seen mumbling the lines from other characters during the whole first season of the show. He wasn’t doing it as a joke or to annoy everyone; he did it because he was nervous. The rest of the cast were veterans of acting while he was the new kid on the block. He was so nervous about messing up that he memorized everyone’s lines. He wanted to cover up the fact that he had no experience. Watch the first few episodes of the show, and you will see what I’m talking about. Will is actually mumbling the lines as they are being said by the other actors.

1 The Office - Actors Were Connected To The Internet During Filming

Via EpicThings

I loved this show! Loved it! I was so sad when it ended and even sadder when Steve Carell took a backseat to the later seasons. I thought he was the best part of the show. His lack of knowledge of life just made me die laughing all the time. Sigh! The strange fact about the show was that all the computers had internet connection. It’s kind of an odd thing, and you have to wonder why they would even bother. But many of the actors who weren’t necessarily the main focus of the shot at the time would often check their Facebook or start surfing the web. Maybe they allowed it because at times they spent a lot of time staring at the screens pretending to work. If Steve was the main focus of the camera, the rest of them were checking emails or ordering from Amazon. I love it.

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