15 Strange Collections These Stars Are Obsessed With

If you could collect anything, what would it be? Most of us would want to collect the things that we love, but we’re usually limited by money or space. But when you’re a celebrity with deep pockets an

If you could collect anything, what would it be? Most of us would want to collect the things that we love, but we’re usually limited by money or space. But when you’re a celebrity with deep pockets and a couple of roomy mansions, well, you’re pretty much free to hoard whatever you like.

When average folks start collections they usually acquire items such as stamps, coins, magnets, or clothes. Some of us may even go so far as to devote a shelf or even a room to our collections. Celebrities, on the other hand, can devote loads more space, for example, Jerry Seinfeld had a garage built for his car collection that can hold over 120 cars– impressive. And Khloe Kardashian has an entire wardrobe devoted to her massive color-coordinated shoe collection– talk about organized.

But collections are not limited to mundane items and it’s no secret that folks do collect some pretty strange items. Any item you can think of is probably the subject of someone’s collection, somewhere in the world. And it may even be a celebrity. You just never know what people are into. Ready to be surprised? Check out these stars and the kooky collections they love.

15 Quentin Tarantino – TV Show Themed Board Games

In a 1994 interview with Rolling Stone, Quentin Tarantino revealed that he started collecting board games after his first passion, collecting retro lunchboxes, became too expensive. He toyed with the idea of collecting dolls or figurines but didn’t like the thought of keeping them in their packaging so he decided on board games instead. Just the sort of thing we would expect from this eccentric filmmaker.

They are not just any board games either– Quentin collects board games that are related to TV shows. He keeps his collection neatly organized by genres and some of his favorites include games based on Dawn of the Dead and Universe. Universe is closely modelled on the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Wouldn’t you just love to attend a game night at his house?

14 Reese Witherspoon – Antique Linen

13 Johnny Depp – Barbies, Skeletons, Suitcases...

Johnny Depp is a pretty unusual guy. No news there. But what you may not know about the 53-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star is that he is quite a collector. And we’re definitely not talking about coins and stamps. He collects items owned by the trailblazing author Jack Kerouac for starters. His hoard includes first editions, unfinished works, and many of the authors’ personal items such as jackets and suitcases. He also collects art, animal skeletons (!) and— surprise, surprise— bugs.

Depp has also used Barbie Dolls to help him develop characters. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he shared how he used his daughter's Barbies to test out voices while playing with her. But insiders have revealed that Johnny has quite a collection of Barbie dolls himself, mainly special edition dolls based on celebrities. Now that’s all kinds of weird!

12 Tom Hanks – Typewriters

Tom Hanks does more than just collect vintage typewriters – he has an affinity with them. In fact, he’s so attached to his 200-strong collection that he found it difficult to leave them behind when it was time to go on a promotional tour for the film Larry Crowne. To ease his suffering he decided to take one along for the journey. He even included the Corona model typewriter in pictures on social media while on tour– sweet!

Tom first started collecting typewriters in the 1970s and his first purchase was a Hermes 2000. He enjoys drafting letters on them so most of the pieces are fully functional. He’s even developed The Hanx Writer iPad app, which allows users to simulate writing on a typewriter from their tablet. It’s definitely true love.

11 Penelope Cruz – Coat Hangers

When you’re as achingly beautiful as this Spanish enchantress it’s not surprising that you’d want to keep your clothes in tip-top condition. Penelope Cruz, however, takes it to the next level. She collects coat hangers. And we’re not talking about cheap plastic ones from the supermarket here, it’s all high-class stuff. According to insiders, she owns more than 500 non-metal types in her vast collection.

We’re pretty sure she’s got an impressive clothing collection to go along with her wardrobe accessories too. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, she said her favorite designers were L'Wren Scott, Azzedine Alaïa, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, and John Galliano. None of them make clothes that you would want to see on a cheap hanger, right?

10 Ben Stiller – Everything Star Trek

Funnyman Ben Stiller loves Star Trek and collecting memorabilia related to the show. At the 82nd Academy Awards, the actor/director revealed that he’s even got a pair of pointed Spock ears– signed by none other than Leonard Nimoy himself! To show this love for the show he even appeared in the TV special Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond, and named his production company Red Hour Productions– referencing a time of day from one the original episodes entitled “The Return of the Archons” .

If you watch closely you’ll see many Star Trek references in Ben Stiller films ranging from Zoolander to Tropic Thunder. The self-proclaimed Trekkie even took the official Star Trek quiz on the MTV show After Hours and managed an impressive score.

9 Dan Aykroyd – Police Badges

When Dan Aykroyd was a young man he wanted to be a Catholic priest, but he followed his love for comedy and it’s a good thing he did because that path led him to a successful career. The actor made a huge name for himself when he wrote and directed Ghostbusters which would go on to become a massive media franchise.

8 Claudia Schiffer – Dead Insects

We know that Claudia Schiffer has a thing for the more unusual things in life– after all, she dated magician David Copperfield for a while. But this drop dead gorgeous model turned designer has a collection that will surprise you.

Her secret passion is collecting insects. Her home is filled with dead creepy crawlies and images and pictures of insects. She even has a piece of art in her living room that was created using insect parts. And as if that isn’t enough, she claims that her 2011 knitwear range was inspired by spiders. Okay, you’ve creeped us out Claudia, seriously.

She’s not the only celeb who likes to collect insects. Anna Faris revealed on The Late Late Show that she and husband Chris Pratt bonded over their mutual passion for collecting dead bugs.

7 Rod Stewart – Model Trains

When you think of model train sets, Rod Stewart is probably not a name that springs to mind is it? But believe it or not, Rod loves model trains and has quite an impressive set-up in his 28,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion. He also claims to have one of the largest collections of pre-Raphaelite paintings and loves 18th century French and Italian pieces.

Back to the trains... Rod’s masterpiece measures 23 feet wide and 124 feet long and the detail is jaw-dropping. It features over 100 buildings spread out over 1,500 square feet and is designed to capture post-war Manhattan. There are brick and stone skyscrapers, some more than 5 feet high, terminal stations, and even tiny signs in the shop windows! Even more impressive is the fact that he built most of the pieces in hotel rooms while on tour.

6 Martin Scorsese - Movie Posters

Martin Scorsese is a living Hollywood legend. This talented director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and film historian has enjoyed a career spanning more than 53 years. During his lifetime, he has made notable contributions to cinema and won numerous including the AFI Life Achievement Award. He is the director behind films as Mean Streets, Casino, The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street.

When he’s not making films he loves to help restore them and he’s the founder of The Film Foundation, an organization that preserves and restores classic films. He’s also been collecting movie posters for many years and his collection is so impressive that sections have even been on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. This collection has also helped bring recognition to the artists who designed the classic movie posters.

5 Amanda Seyfried – Taxidermy Pets

Don’t let Amanda Seyfried's angelic face fool you, this beauty has a rather disturbing hobby. She revealed on TBS show Conan that she likes to collect taxidermy animals. Yup, you heard right– dead stuffed animals. But why? Well, she says that it’s much easier to have stuffed creatures instead of real animals, especially when you live in the city. Hasn’t this girl ever heard of plush toys? They’d be a lot cuddlier!

4 Rosie O’Donnell - Happy Meal Toys

Actually, this one doesn’t come as a shock at all. Collecting toys is just what we would expect from this lovable comedian and TV personality. Her stash includes vintage playthings such as an original 1960 Chatty Cathy doll, a Mrs. Beasley (from the show Family Affair) and a perfectly preserved Kitty Carry-All doll. But apart from classic toys, she also has more than 2,500 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys.

She started collecting the Happy Meal toys in the 1980s when she toured America as a stand-up comic and says they remind her of her childhood. When McDonald's heard she was collecting the figurines from 101 Dalmatians, they sent her every single one and she said it felt great to have them all. Celeb perks, what can we say?

3 Angelia Jolie – Knives

Before she was a mother of six and a Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie was quite an unusual young lady. Don’t forget that this is the same woman who once claimed that she had cut herself during sex to heighten the pleasure and famously wore a vial of her ex-husband’s blood around her neck. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that Jolie has a fine collection of knives.

According to Angelina her mother gifted her with her first knife at the age of 12 (that’s kind of weird on its own) and she’s been collecting ever since. She keeps her special pointy collection locked up beyond all the little hands in her home, but she is said to be encouraging her son Maddox to start a knife collection of his own.

2 Nicolas Cage – Comic Books

Nicolas Cages' comic book collection was every little (and big) boy's dream. It was legendary, but sadly in 2002, Nicolas auctioned off a vast number of his comics in order to help him through a difficult financial time. And we’re not talking small change here either– the auction netted over $1.6 million.

Many folks believe that the theft of his “Action Comics #1” in 2000 and other highly valuable pieces soured his taste for collecting comics which may have also lead to him selling them off. Unbelievably the “Action Comics #1” resurfaced 11 years later in a storage shed and found its way back to Cage. Later that year the immaculate issue that Superman made his very first appearance in was sold for $2,161,000. It was the first comic to ever fetch over $2 million.

1 Kelsey Grammer – First Edition Books

Kelsey Grammer became a household name when he played the neurotic psychiatrist Frasier Crane on the hit show, Frasier. The fact that Kelsey chooses to collect rare edition books feels so right, doesn’t it? It’s perfectly in keeping with the soft-spoken character of Frasier to imagine him reclining in a book-lined study.

Although it’s easy to imagine Kelsey as a retiring bookworm, he hasn’t always behaved so innocently. He suffered from alcohol addiction for many years and in 1998 he was arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession. According to insiders, his substance dependence made him erratic and difficult to work with on the Frasier and Cheers sets. In 1995 he was sued by an ex-girlfriend for defamation of character over content he included in his autobiography So Far.


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15 Strange Collections These Stars Are Obsessed With