15 Straight Female Celebs Who Admitted To Being Bi-Curious

Love who you want to love, and make love to whoever you wish. Whether you like men or women, in the big scheme of life's trials and tribulations, that should be at the bottom of the totem pole, so to speak. With each passing year, people realize the importance of acceptance, especially in the midst of a society that embodies heterosexism.

Politics aside, people like to know about the juicy details of others' lives in the bedroom, especially when celebrities candidly talk about their one-night stands or illicit affairs. When the stereotypical bombshell drops a bomb about how she and her husband partake in a ménage à trois with other women, fans and haters alike fine-tune their hearing. Only one word comes to their mind—hot.

Movies like Jennifer's Body and Black Swan open viewers' imagination to the desire and longing that heterosexual women (and men, of course) willingly explore. The scenes may be too steamy for The Bible Belt, but even die-hard evangelicals would wipe the fog from their screens.

Entertainment stands as a great medium, but people learn best from their favorite celeb's mouth. While Megan Fox kissing her female co-star in a bedroom looks cool, hearing her talk about her experience with Amanda Seyfried sounds even better. So, if you want to read more about your celebrity crush's bi-curious dreams (now realities), then click the link below. Their stories will blow your mind.

15 Amber 'Heard' Her Desires

Amber Heard

"I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute."

Amber Heard, Hollywood's It girl, announced to the world that she fantasizes about men, not to mention women. The 31-year-old actress stunned America when she openly talked about how she toyed with her furtive fantasies. "She identifies as bisexual," a People article states.

Heard dated a string of A-list Hollywood actors like Johnny Depp. Regardless of her real-time romances, her onscreen roles showed Heard with a man, like in the 2009 slasher The Stepfather. Even though Heard admits she never shied away from her s*xuality, she never publicly announced it either. However, she now fully embraces her desires, regardless of what anyone thinks or says.

14 'I Kissed A Girl, And I Liked It'

"The taste of her cherry Chap Stick..."

When the 2008 smash "I Kissed a Girl" played on loop at radio stations everywhere, the sultry pillow fights between Katy Perry and the extras made everyone question their own s*xuality, including Perry. She grew up in a very conservative Christian household, so her curiosity stifled under her parents' strict regime.

However, she explored her longings after she explored her surroundings. "These people were nothing like I had been taught to fear. They were the most free, strong, kind, and inclusive people that I have ever met," she says of the LGBTQIA+ community. Now that Perry proudly claims her bisexuality, she chooses to help other people struggling with their own s*xuality. People "hear [her] roar" for sure.

13 The 'Grey' Area


Who cares about Callie Torres when you got Sara Ramirez?

As one of Grey's Anatomy's leading stars, Ramirez left the show after 10 years. Her impromptu resignation came on the heels of her coming out. Even though she dated several men onscreen, her love went beyond what Torres' flings gave her. She wanted women.

"In a Twitter post, the actress wrote a message in support of LGBT youth—and came out publicly as bisexual," a People article states. She wrote about the ungodly situations her community faces daily. From homelessness to violence to abandonment, homosexuals shoulder immense burden. They fight for their right to love, regardless. Like the other women on this list, Ramirez fights (e.g., marches and protests) with them.

12 'Twilight' Zone Begone!

Kristen Stewart

At least this love story is better than Twilight.

Known as Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart's romantic endeavors reach far beyond anything Swan and her bloodsucking boyfriend ever imagined. During Saturday Night Live, she "came out as gay." Her bold move propelled the audience to clap their approval, not to mention applause.

Even though they knew her as the nerdy necrophiliac on Twilight, they welcomed her into the loving arms of the living. Now that she outed herself, Stewart upgraded her taste in her partners. She and girlfriend Stella Maxwell, an Irish model who also modeled for Victoria's Secret, twinned in matching outfits, bought food for each other, and took long walks with the paparazzi by their side. Their frozen faces and stiff postures make them too perfect for each other.

11 Thirty, No Longer 'Thirteen'

If you don't know Evan Rachel Wood, watch the movie Thirteen.

She and her co-star, Nikki Reed (who also starred in the movie Twilight), toyed with the realities of teenagers—experimentation with drugs and s*x. Who knew Wood actually took her screenplay to real time, though? While her fans thought she identified as straight, the beauty now labels herself bisexual.

"It's a real need. I want people to know that it's ok, 'bisexuality' is valid, and their stories matter," she says. She grappled with her own desires for a time, and even she herself believed that they might go away. Attraction never goes away, though. After she learned to embrace her desires fully, she accepted herself as a woman who loved both men and women. From age 13 to 30, Wood came a long way.

10 'Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates,' But Not Plaza

S*xuality is no laughing matter. Well, unless you're Aubrey Plaza, one of America's funniest, female comedians. Alongside her wedding date, Mike (Adam DeVine), her character, Tatiana, put both men and women under her spell. Her humor, wit, and quick quips made people fall in love, and even though she's just the main character in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Tatiana and Plaza are too similar.

Aside from their comedic charisma, they both explore their same-s*x attraction. Plaza, like Tatiana, made no qualms about who she liked. "I fall in love with girls and guys," the hot actress says. According to her, people, no matter their gender, feel attracted to her, and the love (or lust) is usually reciprocated.

9 Lana Winters In Real Life?

No more straight jackets and electroshock therapy for this girl. Sarah Paulson may be crazy, but only crazy in love.

The stunning actress always slays in her American Horror Story roles, but one of her characters stands out among the rest. During season 2, she played Lana Winters, the lesbian journalist who got committed to a mental institution for homosexuality. Her girlfriend even put her there, which traumatized Winters for life.

Luckily, Winters was only a character in a television show. In reality, Paulson is free to love whoever she chooses. While she's yet to label her s*xuality, she's always crushed hard on Two and a Half Men star Holland Taylor. Nobody blames her either. Taylor's now 74 years old, but she still looks just as gorgeous.

8 Talk About A 'Heart Attack'

Don't worry, ladies. Demi Lovato's single.

After her recent split from a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, the singer might be interested in a same-s*x relationship. After all, she and her male exes went through nasty breakups, so an attractive woman may be who Lovato needs. According to the "Heart Attack" singer, she could possibly be into women, as well as men.

"I am not confirming and I'm definitely not denying. My songs are based off of personal experiences. I don't think there's anything wrong with experimentation at all," she tells Alan Carr. She seems totally fine with the idea of dating a woman, which is great. If she ever dates someone of the same s*x, one thing is for sure. She'd produce quality tracks.

7 Definitely Not Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are two very different women. While Montana dreamed of the surfer-dude-next-door, Cyrus openly admitted her s*xual orientation. Instead of dating A-list actors (cough, Liam Hemsworth, cough), she spoke on her pansexual identity. "I'm very open about it. But I'm not in a relationship," she admits. Even though bisexuality is completely different, the two s*xual orientations share a common ground.

A bisexual or pansexual person technically can date the same gender or s*x. However, a bisexual person shows interest in either two s*xes or genders, while a pansexual person shows interest in any s*x or gender. If the definitions confuse you, then remember Cyrus might date a woman, which is what's most important. (Let's be honest.)

6 Mom, Wife, And Bi

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin, a celebrated actress who appeared on True Blood and X-Men, came out as bisexual.

The 34-year-old wife and mom officially labelled her s*xuality with a single tweet, which dates back to 2014. "Proud to be a happily married bisexual mother. Marriage is about love not gender," she states. She originally announced her bisexuality months before her 2010 marriage to husband, Stephen Moyer, another True Blood hottie.

Her ballsy move only strengthened her relationship, though. Not only does the couple feel even more secure, but they set a solid foundation for their children too. Instead of facing judgment or ridicule, their babies will grow up in a loving, nurturing, and cozy household, which is every child's dream. Paquin stays slaying both onscreen and offscreen.

5 Love Has No 'Fault'

Shailene Woodley, the actress in the movie The Fault in Our Stars, talks about her own s*xuality, which has nothing to do with inpatient hospital stays and support groups, okay!?

According to her, she falls in love with a person and not a s*x or gender. "I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what s*x they are," she says. Even though she normally dates men, she says she's open to anybody, as long as they have an attractive personality.

Maybe she fell in love with fellow actress Isidora Goreshter's personality? The two women said they were only platonic friends, but maybe they wanted to keep their affairs quiet or maybe they just really are friends. Le sigh.

4 Jennifer's Bi, And So Is Megan

Megan Fox, like her character in Jennifer's Body, is bisexual.

She believes that "people are born bisexual and then make subconscious choices based on the pressures of society." According to her, she knows she likes women as much as men, so she's totally cool with her preferences. However, she's still selective about who she kisses and touches.

During Jennifer's Body, her character kissed her co-star, which proved to be less sensual and more awkward. "I was laughing because it's awkward and it's strange. Neither of us wanted to do it," she explains. As much as she loves her female counterpart, she felt really self-conscious during the scene. However, she still slayed the lip-lock.

3 'We R Who We R'


Is it really that surprising that Ke$ha (née Kesha Sebert) isn't straight?

The performer, responsible for pop's winning streak in 2010, told Seventeen that she fell in love with a person's character and not their genitals. "I don't love men. I love people. It's just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you're with," she says. She also told another magazine, Out, that she never saw herself as gay or straight. She just liked men and women, as long as they emanated an attractive aura.

Unfortunately, Sebert and love seem like polar opposites. As of late, the multimillionaire and a label executive threw accusations at each other. While he blamed Sebert for ditching the label, she accused him of s*xual assault. Even though the battle's been ongoing since a couple years ago, Sebert's still chained to the label. Right now, her energy's focused on her case and not her love life. Hopefully, she gets her freedom back.

2 Nothing 'Stranger' About Shannon Purser

Shannon Purser

The only thing wrong with love is hate.

Shannon Purser, a 20-year-old actress who debuted as Barbara "Barb" Holland in the Netflix hit Stranger Things, recently tweeted about her ambiguous s*xuality. She told family and friends that she liked both men and women, which shocked and stunned the fandom.

During an episode of Stranger Things, Purser kissed her female co-star, which led to people talking about the actress' purported affair. Not only did Purser deny, but she belittled the admirers who shipped them. Maybe Purser and her friend play around onscreen, but only onscreen. Purser admits she's "very very new to the LGBT community," so she needs time.

1 'What A Girl Likes'

Cardi B

"I don't want ya man."

When Cardi B, up-and-coming rapper and Love & Hip Hop star, went on The Breakfast Club, she admitted that she sleeps with women. When her ex-boyfriend went away (he spent time in prison), he told her she could do the deed, but only with women. However, the "Lick" rapper rarely does one-night stands.

"Cardi admits she can't keep having s*x with whoever she wants anymore because people are into some shady blackmail business," an article states. Even though she and her boo eventually parted ways, Cardi might still sleep with women. However, she is dating rapper Offset, so her freaky side's probably satisfied.

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