15 Straight Actors Who Didn’t Mind The ‘Gay Kiss’ On Screen

It is easy to think that men in Hollywood have it made and that they don’t really have to work all that hard to earn their enormous salaries. Well, many do have it made but it is often forgotten that loads of movie stars put a lot of work and effort into their roles. Months of preparation, learning their characters, and remembering their lines while being able to deliver them convincingly isn’t as easy as one would think. Some actors like Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale are well-known for really getting into their roles.

Sure, a lot of the action heroes that we see crashing cars, jumping onto moving trains, and being tossed from the force of an explosion are aided by stunt doubles. Still, guys like Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan do a lot of their own stunt work. Unfortunately for some actors, a stunt double isn’t always feasible and something like a choreographed punch in the face or a prop chair over the head can end up going wrong. These guys just have to suck it up and go through it. After all, they are paid pretty handsomely. Another part of acting that has proven to be hard on actors is having to engage in a same-sex kiss or, even worse, a love scene. Not so easy now is it? Here are 15 straight actors who didn’t mind the ‘gay kiss’ on screen.

15 Daniel Radcliff

27-year-old English actor has been working on stage and in movies since 1999. He’s appeared in The Woman in Black, Victor Frankenstein, and Now You See Me 2 but he is most famous for his role as the title character in the Harry Potter franchise. His acting skills are in demand in movies, theater, and even on television where he has made a few appearances.

He played the part of poet Allan Ginsberg in the feature film Kill Your Darlings in 2013. The film chronicles Ginsberg’s time at Columbia University. His role called for an intimate scene with co-star Dane DeHaan who plays Lucien Carr. The director walked Radcliff through his scenes including telling Radcliff what emotions he would feel in each scene. It's clear Radcliffe did not mind being intimate with DeHaan.

14 Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has won several awards over his 40ish-year acting career. He has really made a name for himself for playing in action flicks such as the Taken series, Non-Stop, and Run All Night in which he has killed more guys with his bare hands than you could shake a stick at. While he has taken on some dramatic roles that have called for a gentler and more compassionate character, Neeson took quite a left turn when he played Alfred Kinsey in the 2004 movie Kinsey. In this film, Neeson isn’t smacking guys in the mouth with his fists but he does smack co-star Peter Sarsgaard in the mouth with a kiss. Neeson claimed that he didn’t flinch during the scene but he admitted that it was one of the hardest things he ever had to do.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio

42-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood over the past 20 years. He started acting in television as a child and moved to the big screen to star in some great films like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Titanic, The Aviator, and The Departed more. He has also produced a number of projects. His starring role as the title character in J. Edgar netted him a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor but he certainly strayed from his comfort zone as a ladies’ man to play the infamous man’s, man. In one scene, DiCaprio affectionately kisses Arnie Hammer who plays Hoover’s alleged lover, Clyde Tolson. DiCaprio brushed of the kiss in interviews saying that it is just all in a days work. How nonchalant!

12 Paul Rudd

THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION, Paul Rudd, Amo Gulinello, 1998, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

Paul Rudd had been on a couple television shows and had bit parts in movies before he landed a bigger role in the 1995 comedy Clueless. He continued to get roles throughout the 90s and 2000s and his career has really taken off over the past 10 years with parts in I Love You, Man, Ant-Man, and the Anchorman series. He has been very busy recently with three movies in post-production. He’s played all sorts of characters although he is best known for comedic roles. He has played gay characters too such as his portrayal of George Hanson in the 1998 film The Object of My Affection. He has kissed a few guys on screen and he certainly isn’t afraid of engaging in it despite being straight. He even kissed Bill Hader while Paul was a guest on Saturday Night Live.

11 Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor has a diverse range of acting credits to his name. He’s played a junkie in Trainspotting, Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and he’s had some comedic parts. The 46-year-old actor has been married since 1995 and has four children but that hasn’t stopped him from playing the part of a gay man. He has been involved in a few gay kisses on the big screen including smooching with Jim Carrey in I Love You Phillip Morris and he swapped spit with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in 1998’s Velvet Goldmine. He was also in some pretty torrid scenes in the 1996 movie The Pillow Book. In an interview conducted in 2010, the Scottish thespian actually said, “I like kissing boys on screen”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

10 Matt Damon

It seems that Matt Damon can take any role and run with it. He’s played the good guy, the bad guy, the straight guy, and the gay guy. He played the latter in his role of Scott Thorson in the 2013 film Behind the Candelabra which starred Michael Douglas as the flamboyant Liberace. Damon revealed a few things about his kissing scenes with Douglas in a Playboy interview. He described a scene in which he was to come out of a swimming pool and go to Michael as he sat in a lounge chair. Damon would then straddle Douglas and start kissing him passionately. Damon said that the two drew up the scene like a football play. We’re pretty sure he didn’t want to fumble the ball and have to re-shoot the scene although he did say that Douglas is a “wonderful kisser”. Hut! Hut!

9 Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has played the prototypical male in most of his movies since his star rose in the early 1990s. He may be best known for taking on the role of 007 in several James Bond films over the past 10 years. In those films, he goes through his share of romances with some gorgeous women and kicks a lot of butt along the way to saving the world from the most insane super-villains. However, in the 2006 film Infamous, which focuses on a period of Truman Capote’s life, the British actor played the role of Perry Smith with whom Capote forms an attraction to. In one scene, Craig and Toby Jones, who plays Truman Capote, shared a kiss. The kiss left Craig shaken but definitely not stirred. It might not be the wettest of kisses but it quite the departure from what we are used to seeing out of Daniel Craig.

8 Sean Penn

Sean Penn is another guy that has played all sorts of characters. The stoned surfer, Jeff Spicoli, who dreams of riding waves and being surrounded by curvy swimsuit models in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was classic. The 56-year-old has also tackled more serious roles such as Daulton Lee in The Falcon and the Snowman and his role as the coked-out shady lawyer in Carlito’s Way. One of his more well-known roles was that of Harvey Milk in the award-winning 2008 biographic of the politician and gay rights activist. In the movie, Penn’s character showed us that he was comfortable being intimate with a man when he shared an intimate smooch with Scott Smith who is played by James Franco. After shooting the scene, Penn apparently sent a text to his ex-wife, Madonna, to tell her that he had popped his cherry kissing a guy. Awesome! Totally awesome!!

7 Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid has been on the big screen since the mid-70’s and has piled up some pretty impressive credits. Everybody’s All-American, Great Balls of Fire, Traffic, and Far From Heaven are just a few of the movies that have gained the actor praise. In Far From Heaven, the much saner of the two Quaid brothers plays the part of Frank Whitaker who is married to Julianne Moore’s character, Cathy. In the film, Cathy decides to bring the over-worked Frank a bit of dinner to his office. She is shocked to find her husband amorously kissing another man when she bursts in. Dennis must have really gotten into the scene as director Todd Hayes stated the Randy got a little too vigorous during the take. Dennis must have really wanted those Best Supporting Actor awards that he earned through his performance.

6 Bradley Cooper

Long before Bradley Cooper became a household name through films like The Hangover, Limitless, American Hustle, and American Sniper, he was stuck playing smaller roles as most actors do when they are starting out. The first movie that the then 25-year-old got a part in was Wet Hot American Summer. This romantic comedy featured a few actors who were getting started as well. The movie is sort of a spoof of all those 70s and 80s summer camp films. In the movie, Cooper’s character, Ben, is involved in a sex scene with McKinley, played by Michael Ian Black. Unlike several other actors that would be deathly uncomfortable and uptight while filming such a scene, Cooper and Black seem to have somehow made it fun. Of course, he has never been involved in a similar scene since.

5 Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, the 31-year-old English actor, has been around film since about 2004 but he is probably best-known for his role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise. He also made a lot of headlines for his often stormy relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart. Pattinson appeared in a Spanish-British drama called Little Ashes in 2008 in which he portrayed the eccentric Salvador Dali. The role called for a sex scene with Javier Beltran, who played the poet Federico Garcia Lorca. It wound up being one heck of a convincing scene. Pattinson was extremely nervous about doing the scene. The set wasn’t closed and Pattinson recalls electricians giggling as he was trying to perform. The whole ordeal made him consider finding another line of work but, ultimately he didn't mind kissing Beltran.

4 Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck had been in several movies and television shows but was relatively unknown until he got his breakout role as Thomas Magnum in 1980. Magnum P.I ran for 8 seasons and Tom was a household name. By the time the 2000s came around, he was mostly acting in television movies. He has had a steady role in the series Blue Bloods which has been attracting a decent following for the past 7 years. One of Tom’s last appearances on the big screen was in the 1997 movie In & Out in which he portrayed Peter Malloy, a gay entertainment reporter. The role called for Tom to engage in a kiss with Kevin Kline. The two pulled it off in grand fashion. Selleck joked that Kline was a gentleman and even supplied breath mints.

3 Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni has been around the big screen and television since the late 1980’s He is probably best recognized for his role of Elliot Stabler in the television series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. After landing several small television roles, Meloni was cast in a recurring role as the bisexual, psychopathic, and downright creepy Chris Keller in the HBO prison series Oz which ran from 1998-2003. In the show, he has an on-again-off-again relationship with Lee Tergesen’s character, Tobias Beecher. There is no one specific single kiss between the two as there were several. He also locked lips with a few other fellow inmates during the course of the series. He is definitely one of the 15 straight actors who didn’t mind the ‘gay kiss’ on screen.

2 James Paxton

James Paxton has acting in his blood. James is the son of actor and director Bill Paxton who passed away recently after he suffered complications following heart surgery. James was heavily influenced by Hunter S. Thompson and originally wanted to get into journalism when he entered college but decided to switch his major to film. The 23-year-old found himself starring in the television drama Eyewitness in 2016 but the show lasted just one season before being canceled. In the very first episode, Paxton’s character, Lukas, had the first of a few kissing scenes with his co-star Tyler Young. He had never made out with another male prior to that but he went through with it like an old pro despite concerns that those scenes might ruin it for the fans. Who knows if we will see him do it the future?

1 Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith became known for his recurring role as Jack McPhee on the television drama Dawson’s Creek. He has had parts in some Hollywood movies but has largely remained in television where he has recently been seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Fosters. Dawson’s Creek was known to push a few boundaries with raunchy plots and provocative dialogue. It definitely focused a lot on sex. The show was actually the first network show to feature a passionate lip-locking between two guys. In a 2000 episode entitled "True Love", Jack McPhee goes tongue-deep with Tobey, played by Adam Kaufman. Smith had some reservations about doing the scene feeling that it could negatively affect his career but ultimately did not mind. The show went on for a few more years and Smith keeps on getting television roles.

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