15 Storylines In The Walking Dead That Are Dumb AF

When The Walking Dead was first introduced to audiences in 2010, it was questionable whether or not American audiences would resonate with a zombie apocalypse series on AMC. No one could have predicted the success the series would become and it continued to break ratings’ records as the series went on. It became the most watched series on television and has become a cultural phenomenon with people all over the world knowing the names of the characters and even dressing up as the cast during Halloween. Yet, not all of the storyline in the series has been touched by gold. There have been several times in the history of the show when ratings dipped to all-time lows for the series and there have been a number of times when even the most loyal fans have questioned whether or not to continue watching.

Obviously, when the series first started, there were inevitably going to be a few kinks to work out in regards to the plot. The series began with Rick Grimes waking up from a coma and the whole entire world had been taken over by zombies. The storyline took viewers on a journey to come to grips with what happened to the world, right alongside Rick. As the series progressed, Rick’s understanding of the world had to change, as well as the many different characters in the series. While some of the varying plots within the show really helped in telling the story and intriguing fans to want to see more, there were some that were major duds. From plot holes to horrible storylines, check out our list of the 15 worst plots in The Walking Dead.


15 Morgan’s Struggle With His Wife

During Season 1 of the series, Morgan Jones was trying to survive the zombie apocalypse while protecting his son. He seemed pretty skilled at his survival skills, even early on after the world was taken over by zombies. In fact, he was the one that first took in Rick after he stumbled into the neighborhood from the hospital. Yet, the one weakness he had was the fact that he couldn’t kill his wife. While that aspect of the series could be understandable (during the early stages of the zombie takeover), that should have went out the window once she started repeatedly trying to come into the home they were staying in. This was a major plot hole in the series since it seemed strange that he would be so focused on surviving with his son and then keep his zombie wife alive when there was a distinct possibility that she could pursue their deaths. In fact, this is exactly what happened when Morgan’s son died when he told the tale to Rick. It was Morgan’s zombie wife that ultimately killed his son.

14 Lori And Shane’s Romance


It’s not out of the question for a woman to fall into the arms of another man during a zombie apocalypse, especially after she’s been told that her husband died. Yet, there was something incredibly unbelievable in the romance between Lori and Shane. When the audience first saw that she and Carl were alive and well, the dynamic between her and Shane was far from romantic. In fact, they began arguing in such a heated manner that it looked like she didn’t even respect him as the leader of the group. If there really was a true romance between the two of them, there should have been more warmth in their relationship. Also, it was a secret romance, which only further makes it seem like it wasn’t a true relationship. If she really did fall in love with him for keeping her and Carl safe, then it should have been out in the open. As Season 1 progressed, it seemed more and more fake in the plot line and Shane came off looking like a crazy person.

13 Barn Full Of Walkers

When Rick and his group came upon Hershel’s farm, they were completely reliant on Hershel’s hospitality in taking in their clan. Hershel was the one that had medical training sufficient to work on Carl’s gunshot wound but he wasn’t exactly happy to take in their group. The biggest reason behind his hesitance to take in outsiders was the fact that he was hoarding walkers in his barn. It’s not surprising that there would be some people in denial during the zombie apocalypse, especially when loved ones became afflicted and they were holding out hope for a cure. Yet, Hershel took it to a whole new level. He would actually round them up and keep them secured inside the barn. While maybe one loved one might be understandable (except for when you realized that they were actually corpses and beyond any sort of cure), an entire barn full was completely unbelievable. This whole plot regarding Hershel’s denial of zombies taking over the world definitely missed the mark.

12 Father Gabriel Turns On The Group


When Rick and his group first came upon Father Gabriel, he seemed like someone in desperate need of help. He had been on his own for what seemed like the entire beginning portion of the zombie apocalypse and didn’t even really know how to defend himself against the walkers. While he did witness some atrocious behavior within the sanctity of the church walls, he also witnessed the goodness in the group. From keeping baby Judith safe to the camaraderie amongst all the different people within the group, it was a bit unbelievable that Father Gabriel would turn on the people that were keeping him safe. Yet, that’s exactly what happened once they reached Alexandria. He not only went to Deanna to try and persuade her from allowing the group to stay but he also purposefully left the gates open. This allowed the group’s safety to be in jeopardy and it ultimately led to Rick being attacked by a walker within the community. This whole plot line where Father Gabriel was blatantly ungrateful to the group was idiotic and it made viewers question how he wasn’t “accidentally” killed during this time.

11 Beth Gets Taken

When the group becomes separated after the demise of the prison, Beth and Daryl wound up together. Although Beth had been featured since almost the very beginning of the series, the time with Daryl was the first time viewers got to see more of her other than just being Maggie’s little sister. It should have been inevitable that she and Daryl would find their way back to the group, especially since she had Daryl to watch her back. So, when Beth all of a sudden got taken by a mysterious car that just so happened to be driving down that back road, fans were left puzzled. The whole hospital storyline involving the police crew was a major waste of time for lots of fans since it didn’t really end up as much. The only real thing that resulted from that plot line was the fact that Beth was killed for seemingly no reason and the group acquired Noah (who later died anyways).

10 Morgan Loses His Mind


When Morgan was first introduced into the series, he was all alone with his son. While Rick was able to meet up with a group of people pretty early on, Morgan didn’t have the luxury of being with a big group and he ultimately had to deal with the death of his son. Anyone can understand why something like that would traumatize a man but the extent of his madness was a bit unbelievable. When Rick, Carl and Michonne came upon him in Season 3, he had clearly been on the other side of madness for quite some time. He became obsessed with killing the dead and made a full-time job out of it. While there would inevitably be some transition time for when Morgan was around other people again, his reaction to seeing Rick wasn’t exactly a good plot line. He tried to kill Rick with such ferocity that he even stabbed him during their physical altercation. Later on, Morgan went through another transformation to get him out of the maniacal state he was in but even that was strange. The fact that he was left in a cage where the door wasn’t even locked and he didn’t even figure that out on his own was idiotic.

9 Ron’s Obsession With Killing Carl

When Carl and the rest of Rick’s group first entered Alexandria, Ron seemed like the perfect kid to help acclimate Carl into the community. They were similar in age and it seemed good for Carl. Yet, that quickly changed once Enid seemed to take a liking to Carl. Ron was already threatened because he thought Carl was stealing away his girlfriend and things became even worse when Rick killed Ron’s father. While the whole situation was a difficult one, it didn’t seem bad enough that it would turn Ron into a homicidal maniac. Yet, that’s exactly how the series portrayed it out to be. Ron became obsessed with trying to get a gun and even stole some bullets. Then, he lured Carl into the garage to shoot him at point blank. While this whole plot line was unbelievable enough, this were made entirely worse when Carl refused to tell anyone what happened. Both Rick and Jessie questioned them about what was going on in the garage and for some reason, Carl covered for Ron. If anything, Carl should have let them know that Ron was mentally unstable and needed to be watched at all times.


8 Sam Endangers The Entire Group


While all kids in the zombie apocalypse inevitably have troubles growing up, Sam Anderson had the most difficulty dealing with the horrors around him. This may be due to the fact that he was sheltered within the walls of Alexandria for practically the entirety of the zombie apocalypse but based on his behavior, it was more than that. His obsessive behavior over Carol’s cookies and his anti-social behavior seemed to point towards a developmental disorder rather than just the normal pains of growing up in a world with zombies. When the entire community became overrun with zombies, the group made the decision to bring Sam along with them while covered in zombie guts and blood. This came directly after a time when Sam refused to go downstairs in his own home and had sequestered himself in his bedroom for days. Now, they expected him to be perfectly fine with walking into the woods surrounded by zombies? This entire plot line was a major fail but mostly on the part of Rick for allowing Sam to come and endanger the group in the first place.

7 No One Sees Jesus

Jesus is known for his ability to sneak around without being seen or heard and he is incredibly resourceful and strong. This became evident when he was first introduced into the series and he gave Rick and Daryl a run for their money. Jesus was able to sneak out from his captive state in Alexandria and even had time to check out the community’s armory and provisions before confronting Rick and Michonne in bed. While the audience can believe that he is spry and good at being light on his feet, it’s a bit more difficult to believe that he would go into Negan’s compound unnoticed. He was laying on top of one of the trucks, just like he did during his first encounter with Daryl and Rick. It’s inevitable that the people inside the truck would have heard him being jostled around, just like Daryl and Rick did. Yet, even if Jesus would have remained perfectly still, it’s impossible to believe that the others within the compound wouldn’t have seen him. The whole point of the overwhelming force of the Saviors is that there are so many of them. They have lookouts, people on patrol, various cells scattered everywhere. The entire plot line regarding Jesus sneaking in and freeing Daryl was hard to swallow.

6 Negan Takes Carl Under His Wing


Negan is a character that constantly contradicts himself, which is one of the main reasons why many of the loyal fans to The Walking Dead series don’t appreciate his appearance in the show. While he wants everyone to be subservient to him, he seems to also like when people are hugely defiant. How does someone that wants everyone to kneel down when they see him also like when people shoot down his men and try to kill him with an assault rifle? During Season 7, Negan seems to take Carl under his wing after he killed some of his men. He sat him down to have a heart-to-heart, Carl shadowed him as they walked around the compound and Negan even brought Carl refreshments. Yet, the worst part of this plot line was the fact that Negan allowed Carl to return to Alexandria when all was said and done. Given the fact that he was not above keeping people prisoner there (since Daryl was the first to be taken), it stands to reason that Carl would have been an excellent candidate to help keep Rick and his people in line. The fact that Negan didn’t punish Carl or the group for his ambush and let him return to Alexandria just seemed like a waste of time for viewers of the series.

5 The Saviors Don’t Mind Carl’s Gun

When Negan and the Saviors came to get their “half” of everything at Alexandria, it was Carl that was the most defiant. In fact, when a group of the Saviors began ransacking Carl’s house, Carl pulled a gun on them. From everything we know about the Saviors, their behavior is far from forgiving when it comes to dealing with insubordination. In fact, there have been a number of times when the Saviors have been called off from killing or beating someone to death at The Kingdom for doing far less than what Carl did at Alexandria. This plot line where Carl gets a pass for pulling a gun on a group of them while they are collecting their promised goods is more than just a strange occurrence. This is just an unnecessary part of the storyline that made audiences wonder where the consistency is regarding the Saviors behavior. Since they are definitely not above killing young boys (since that’s how they got the people of the Hilltop Colony to fall in line), the whole situation at Carl’s house is just another major inconsistency.

4 Savior Would Rather Die


During the 8th episode of Season 7, there was a bit of a wrestle between those that were willing to accept their fate as Negan’s providers and those that were hoping to fight. When Michonne was first introduced into the series, she was a lone wolf that spent a great amount of time without anyone prior to meeting up with Andrea. Yet, once she became acquainted with Rick’s group, she wanted to become a member and did everything she could to prove that she was one of them. In the early days during the “trial” period with Rick, Michonne seemed almost subservient in his wishes. When she went out on her own and was able to commandeer a car driven by the red-headed Savior, it was both surprising and not surprising at all. Michonne had proven that she could get things done on her own but she hadn’t done things without Rick’s permission for some time. When the red-headed Savior drove Michonne to The Sanctuary, Michonne saw that she wouldn’t be able to take it down as a lone wolf. Understanding that this would not be done in one day, Michonne needed to get back to Rick’s group. It was actually the red-headed woman that seemed to want to be shot. She told Michonne where the silencer was and basically beckoned for her own death. This is just another strange detail of the Saviors since if she was willing to help Michonne to get away, it stands to reason that she would also be willing to work with her to take down the Saviors. She chose death rather than finding another option.

3 Negan Clearing Out The Armory At Alexandria

After Negan and the Saviors blockaded the roads and savagely bludgeoned Abraham and Glenn to death, Rick made a deal with them on behalf of Alexandria. Just as the Saviors made a deal with the Hilltop Colony to hand over half of what they produced and had of worth, Alexandria was going to have to do the same. Once Rick and part of his crew returned to Alexandria, he seemed to be walking around in a fog. He thought the biggest priority was talking to the members of the Alexandria community to let them know that they had to start producing for Negan from now on. Yet, his biggest priority should have been hiding the guns, or at least the bulk of them. It should have been obvious that the Saviors wouldn’t allow their community to have that big armory and in the world of the zombie apocalypse, guns were crucial in regards to power. At the very least, Rick should have burned the inventory list where the Alexandria community kept tabs on the guns in the armory. The fact that Negan had a rundown of all they had was incredibly stupid on Rick’s part. This was a major plot hole that just didn’t go with everything fans knew about Rick from previous seasons.

2 Carl Goes On A Suicide Mission And Fails


Carl has always gone off and tried to get himself killed in some way or another throughout the series but his most foolish attempt was in Season 7. After hiding in one of the cargo trucks headed towards Negan’s compound, Carl had access to an assault rifle and had already proven in previous episodes that he was a pretty good shot (not that you need to be one with an assault rifle of that caliber and being ten feet away from your target). Once he got to the compound, Carl shot off a few rounds and became face-to-face with Negan. If his intention truly was to kill Negan, it seemed completely idiotic that he wouldn’t go through with his plan. He had ample bullets, he was in prime position and he could have killed Negan right there and then. The whole plot line consisting of Carl going on a suicide mission and then not even doing what he set out to do was completely moronic. Fans would have actually hailed Carl as a hero if he would have pulled that off and his martyrdom would have been a huge selling point for the series.

1 Carl Shot In The Eye

Carl is the character in the series that seems to have nine lives since he’s constantly narrowly escaping death. While the audience could understand some of the incidents early on in the series when he was super young and didn’t seem to realize the dangers surrounding him, viewers are quickly starting to tire of his shenanigans in recent seasons. It was bad enough when he was shot by a high-powered rifle in the woods by Otis and he survived by the surgical prowess of a veterinarian but it became utterly ridiculous when he survived being shot in the eye by Ron. Surely there have been medical marvels that have survived a gunshot to the eye but the fact that the person who saved his life was someone who wasn’t even a real doctor is pretty out there in regards to believability. Then, the whole scene where Rick is talking to Carl about the “new world” and then Carl’s hand moves to hold his father’s hand is just too much for viewers to bare. The cheesiness of this entire scene and plot line just shows how the series is trying to milk the Carl character for as much as they can possibly get out of him.

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