15 Stories Behind The Celebrity Scars You've Been Wondering About

The stories behind scars are always fascinating. It doesn't matter whose scar it is. We see them, and we want to know what happened. Some people hide their scars and some flaunt them. Some scars are impossible to cover up no matter what the person does, so they're forced to showcase them. But whether we treat our scars like Hooper and Quint in Jaws and brag about the events that led to them or simply avoid talking about them at all costs, if they're noticeable, people are almost always interested in the origins. When it comes to celebrities, that interest level is much higher. There are certain celebrities who have become associated with their scars. Some celebrity scars are so present that our eyes don't even pick them up anymore. It's only when we've been reminded of the scar that we suddenly see them again.

There are the scars which have obvious origins. Some celebrities have acne scars, and some have scars from illnesses. There are also the scars from cleft palates and breast reductions. We don't care about the obvious ones because the explanations are going to be what we thought they would be. We want surprises. We're interested in the scars that are very noticeable but also have curious origins. Not all of these have incredibly interesting origin stories, but at least the next time someone comments on one of these celebrity scars, you'll be able to pipe in with an explanation. You might be considered the wisest person in the room for a time. You're welcome. Here are 15 Stories Behind the Celebrity Scars You’ve Been Wondering About.

15 Al Capone

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Perhaps the most famous scars in history were on the face of Al Capone. The scars took on a life of their own and many of the papers nicknamed Capone "Scarface." Capone himself was said to hate the scars, often hiding them in photos. The origins of the scars have always been shrouded in mystery. Capone said that he got them from the war, which was proven to be a lie. Many others tried to take credit for giving them to Capone and some say he got them as a child. The most commonly believed story is that Capone was slashed in the face by Frank Galluccio. The story suggests that there was a confrontation between Capone and Galluccio in a Coney Island bar that Capone was a bouncer at. After staring at Galluccio's sister and making her feel uncomfortable, Capone approached the young woman and said, “I’ll tell you one thing, you got a nice a** honey and I mean that as a compliment.” After Galluccio asked Capone to apologize to the girl and Capone denied the request, saying he was only joking, things got violent. Capone allegedly rushed toward Galluccio. Prepared for the attack, Galluccio pulled a knife and slashed at Capone, giving him three slashes on the side of the face and neck for his troubles.

14 Sean Bean

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Sean Bean may be most famous for dying in so many incredible films, shows, and roles, but he is also known for having a distinctive scar over his left eye. This injury came during the filming of Patriot Games with Harrison Ford. Ford, potentially upset that he had a large scar and Bean didn't, hit the Game of Thrones actor in the face with a boathook. Although the moment the accident happened was taken out of the final cut, you can still see the boathook that did the damage in the movie. For the rest of filming, the Patriot Games filmmakers had to hide Bean's new scar with fake blood and other types of makeup to ensure eagle-eyed fans didn't spot inconsistencies in his look.

13 Kylie Jenner

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Although many fans had noticed it before, Kylie Jenner's leg scar started gaining major attention after she began highlighting it in pictures, saying that she is proud of the scar. This got plenty of people talking about the scar's origin, which Jenner explained happened when she was a young child. "When I was about 5, my sister [Kendall] and I were playing hide and seek and I hid inside this really tall, enclosed gate," she said. "After a while, when my sister didn't find me, I had to climb up on this sharp pole sticking out from the gate. I slipped and the pole went into my leg. I tried pulling away to get the pole out but it just tore through my whole leg. It's smaller now though because I grew!" It's actually a pretty terrifying image, especially when you consider that it happened to her when she was a little girl.

12 Ed Sheeran

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The most recent of the events on this list belongs to Ed Sheeran. That's right. If you hadn't heard, Sheeran now has a facial scar. This all happened last year when Princess Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, tried knighting James Blunt during a party. If this sounds like a joke, it's not. This really happened. Allegedly, during the party, Blunt joked that he would like to be knighted. Beatrice, being the best host possible, obliged. She grabbed one of her father's ceremonial sword and got to work. Unfortunately, Beatrice was out of practice. She, for whatever reason, swung the sword back, striking Sheeran in the cheek. The whole thing gets even better knowing that Sheeran was told afterward not to speak about the incident, likely to try and save the royal family from any further embarrassment. Still, the story got leaked, and Sheeran has the scar to prove it.

11 Dermot Mulroney

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Dermot Mulroney might not be the biggest name in Hollywood, but he's an actor who's done very well for himself and has remained a consistent force in the industry. He's also very recognizable. We remember his voice, and we remember the scar above his lip. The scar works for him. Besides, it's been a part of who he is for almost his entire life. Mulroney recalls, "I was three-and-a-half and I was carrying a dish for our pet rabbits. And I tripped and it broke, and I fell on it. I definitely remember that day, even though I was 3 years old." These days, the scar is just another part of his face. "I don't think about it or see it, but it's always been there," he says. "It certainly has its place on my face, right below my right nostril. That's where it belongs."

10 Tina Fey

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Tina Fey's scar story is one of the better-known stories on this list, so forgive us if you've heard this one before. The reason for the story's fame is half because it's so crazy and half because Fey's so famous. When she was only five years old, Fey was playing out front of her house. Out of nowhere and for no known reason, a creep walked up to her and cut her face with a sharp object. Apparently, Fey ran inside in shock, at first thinking she was just struck with a pen. It was only after her parents saw that she had been cut that Fey was made aware of the situation. For years, the star avoided the story to stop it from being written about.

9 Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford's chin scar is prominent enough that it was worked into his Indiana Jones backstory. But the real origin is not all that exciting in his books. In his own words, he says that he got the scar in “a fast car crash, a real mundane way of earning it.” He also credits some "inept emergency surgery" that was performed after the accident for making the scar look as noticeable as it does. Allegedly, Ford's accident came as he was going to work. He says that he was working on his seatbelt when he veered off the shoulder and into a telephone pole, smashing his face against the steering wheel.

8 Sharon Stone

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For years and years, Sharon Stone not only avoided talking about the scar on her neck, but she hid it so well that people weren't even sure if it existed or not. Because of this, the scar took on a life of its own on the internet. It even had its own webpage for a while. Well, it does exist and no, she wasn't beheaded. Still, if the stories are to be believed, she might have come close. According to Stone, when she was a child, she was riding a horse and ran into a tight clothesline. The speed of the horse and the tautness of the line combined made for a nasty injury as Stone's neck was ripped open.

7 Jonah Hill

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Jonah Hill has that arm scar. You know, the one pointed by the arrow above. It looks like his arm was nearly burnt off or that the flesh had been torn off at some point. Well, the latter explanation is pretty much exactly what happened. When Hill was 15, he and a friend snuck out in a friend's parent's SUV. Messing around, the driver started fishtailing the vehicle while Hill enjoyed himself and hung his arm out the passenger window. When the SUV flipped over on its side, it crushed Hill's arm against the pavement and dragged it along the asphalt. When Hill woke up in the hospital, he saw how concerned his parents were for him. It was then that he vowed to never disappoint his parents again. He says that the scar is a constant reminder to keep striving to be better, saying, "I look at this scar every day. That reminds me to work hard."

6 Tommy Flanagan

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The Glasgow Smile or the Glaswegian Smile, whatever you want to call it, the scars on Tommy Flanagan's face might be the most memorable of all actor scars. Part of the reason people remember these scars, aside from how prominent they are, is that many are familiar with the concept of the Glasgow smile. In the early 20th century, street gangs, in England especially, became infamous for disfiguring victims with a knife, cutting them from the corner of their mouths to their ears and creating a morbid scar smile. This is what happened to Flanagan after he was attacked outside a nightclub as a young man. While the scars may have helped his acting career, Flanagan says that to him, they are nothing more than ancient history.

5 Miles Teller

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From a distance, the scars on Miles Teller's face aren't very noticeable, but when you're a famous actor, you deal in closeups. It's there that you can see the many little scars on his face. The origin of all those scars came from a violent car crash he was involved in when he was 20. Teller recalls, "My buddy lost control of my car going 80 mph. We flipped eight times. I got ejected out the window. The car landed and I was just laying like 50 feet from the car, unconscious, covered in blood. My buddy thought I was dead." Although he has gone through many scar removal sessions, many of Teller's facial scars are still quite visible. He even has some gravel lodged in his face from the accident. The doctors have not removed them because they will only cause more scarring.

4 Michael K. Williams

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At the start of actor Michael K. Williams' career, he was a dancer in music videos, and he was pretty good. Everything changed one night while he was celebrating his 25th birthday. “There was a popping party going on in Queens,” he said. “I went outside to get some air, and I saw that two of my other friends were being surrounded by some dudes I didn’t know.” While he approached the group to see if they needed help, another man attacked him from behind. “The dude wiped his hand across his mouth and … smacked me,” Williams said. “What he did was he spit a razor. He was positioning the razor in his mouth to get it between his middle finger and ring finger. And then he swiped me down my face.” From that point on, Williams' music video career was over, but his turn at acting out thug roles had just begun.

3 Padma Lakshmi

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The gorgeous Padma Lakshmi might be best known for hosting Top Chef, but she also has a very recognizable scar on her arm which grabs some attention. Lakshmi detailed the origins of the scar in a 2001 essay for US Vogue. The story describes a very serious car crash she was involved in when she was 14. The Lakshmi family vehicle drove off a freeway at high speeds and fell down a 40-ft embankment. Afterward, Lakshmi said, "An ambulance carried me to the hospital. My right arm had been shattered and my right hip had been fractured. After surgery, I regained the use of both of them but was left with a long scar on my arm. It was half an inch wide and seven inches long." These days, Lakshmi does not try to hide her scar, often saying that it is a part of her and her story.

2 Jason Momoa

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Back in 2008, before Jason Momoa was the star that he is today, he was in a West Hollywood café when an argument broke out with another man. This other man, who was later discovered to be on probation for gun charges, got a little crazy in the argument. Perhaps he was scared of Momoa, so he grabbed a pint glass and smashed the actor in the face with it. After reconstructive surgery and 140 stitches, Momoa was left with a very prominent eyebrow scar. In Momoa's mind, the scar has helped him in many ways. "I got called ‘pretty boy’ my whole life," he said. "If anything, it’s like, ‘Good, It’s not my thing now.’" The scar does suit him. Well, it suits Khal Drogo. That's for sure.

1 Richard Lynch

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Richard Lynch was in a number of really amazing shows and has played several memorable roles. Maybe best known for his turn on Battlestar Galactica, Lynch, for his entire acting career, had very prominent facial scarring. Horror fans will remember Lynch from the Rob Zombie movies, Halloween and The Lords of Salem. Maybe because he flew under mainstream attention for most of his career, the story of how he got the scars isn't all that well-known. It's a crazy story, though. Apparently, the actor, in the middle of an LSD trip and out walking around in Central Park in 1967, lit himself on fire. Now, that's a bad trip.

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