15 Steamy Zatanna Cosplayers That Will Put A Spell On You

In the world of comic books, DC and Marvel have been going head-to-head for years now, and each company has produced memorable characters and story arcs that continue to entertain fans. While muscular males in tights have long ruled the roost, female characters continue to develop into strong leading characters, and thanks to the efforts of Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, female characters have proven that they are bankable stars at the box office as well. They may be over-sexualized, but the women of DC and Marvel are slowly becoming characters that have plenty of substance and great material for fans to consume. Among the amazing female characters that DC has developed, Zatanna Zatara is considered one of the hottest and most popular characters in their respective universe.

The spell-casting magician is an immensely powerful character, and her pairings with the Justice League and Justice League Dark have done an exceptional job in showcasing her abilities and her strength. Now that comic book films are a formidable force at the box office, expect to see Zatanna make her way to the big screen, quickly becoming a fan favorite with moviegoers like Harley Quinn did with Suicide Squad. With comic books becoming an increasingly profitable and popular business, cosplayers have been taking over social media, and those who cosplay as Zatanna love to crank up the heat for fans. The 15 photos on this list are as hot as they are magical, and these women will quickly put you under a love spell.


15 Showing Her Hand

Making her comic book debut all the way back in 1964 in Hawkman, and she has had run-ins with virtually every prominent character in the DC Universe. The skilled illusionist that was trained by her father Giovanni Zatara, and it was while performing for adoring fans that she discovered that she was capable of casting real spells. The powerful character has had a relationship with anti-hero John Constantine, and there has always been a connection between her and Batman. The two were childhood friends (in some iterations), and their parents were close. She seems like she would be a great suitor for the Caped Crusader, but alas, this hasn't come to fruition.

With the rise of cosplayers becoming a force on social media, those who choose to participate are growing pretty creative with their work. The costume is hot and stunning, and having Zatanna sprawled across the floor with a deck of cards is an excellent touch for the photo.

14 A Magical Look


Fans who grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series no doubt remember the episode that centered around Zatanna. The concept of the episode saw the gorgeous performer take her show to Gotham to perform for adoring fans. While she is in town, she is framed for stealing money during her performance, and it is up to Batman to help her get out of hot water. The show touches on their past together, and shows a young Bruce Wayne learning how to be an escape artist, a skill that would no doubt aide him later on in his crime-fighting career. The duo is able to successfully clear her name, and Zatanna is able to figure out who the man behind the mask is, though she only knew him by an alias. The episode was a memorable one, and it was great to see the character appear in the beloved series.

With a flick of her wrist and the casting of a spell, Zatanna is able to do the unthinkable, and this cosplayer here seems to have it down. She looks excellent in the costume, and the small tattoo on her leg just adds to it all.

13 A Seductive Spell

While it was still airing on television, Smallville was a massive hit, and the series aired 218 episodes over the course of 10 seasons. It focused on the early years of Superman as he is growing up in the small town in Kansas. Smallville was able to tell unique stories as well as blend in plenty of familiar faces to DC fans during its time on television, and the series received plenty of critical acclaim as well. It would be on Smallville that Zatanna would make her live-action debut, and fans were thrilled to see her appear on the series, and she would make several appearances over the course of the show's final seasons. Zatanna was played by the gorgeous Serinda Swan, and the gorgeous performer was incredibly well-cast in the role.

If we are being completely honest, it is next to impossible to look bad while cosplaying as Zatanna. She has one of the hottest costumes in comics, which allows people the opportunity to show some skin while not going totally over-the-top.

12 Luck Be A Lady


As it stands now, Zatanna has yet to appear in on the big screen, but thanks to an announcement of Justice League Dark coming to the big screen, that will change. The animated film Justice League Dark was released in early 2017, and it was met with some positive reviews from critics. The story saw a team of Zatanna, Batman, Constantine, and Deadman looking to take down a supernatural threat. The animated feature saw all hell breaking loose at first, but the heroes were able to save the day. After completing their mission, Zatanna and Constantine are offered spots in the Justice League, which Zatanna accepts. English actress Camilla Ludington provided to voice for Zatanna in the film, and her role in the live-action adaptation has yet to be cast.

This picture may be reminiscent of our first entry, but even similar pictures are able to stand out in their own way. The red drape that she is lying on provides a gorgeous contrast, and the white rabbit helps round out this stunning photo.

11 The Wand Chooses Its Wielder

For 3 years, DC was able to produce 30 episodes of the Flash series Gotham Girls, and the series utilized prominent women from the Batman universe to tell new stories. Initially featuring a ton of comedy, the series would eventually see a foray into darker tones in its last season. Anchored by Harley Quinn and Catwoman, the series also featured the likes of Poison Ivy, Batgirl, and Zatanna. Stacie Randall was tasked with providing the voice for Zatanna, and fans of Batman: The Animated Series were treated to Arleen Sorkin reprising her voice role for Harley Quinn.

With the rise of female comic book characters taking over the big screen, expect to see Zatanna reach new levels of popularity once Justice League Dark makes its way to theaters. Rest assured that DC will cast a gorgeous and talented woman to play the character. Whoever it is, her career could be set to explode like Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot.

10 Blue Eyed Beauty


Back in 1999, Batman Beyond made its way on to television, and much like Batman: The Animated Series, it was a smash hit, and it gained a ton of critical acclaim during its run. The series aired a total of 52 episodes during its 3 seasons, and it eventually gave way to the successful comic book series of the same name. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were responsible for the series, and those two struck gold once again. Zatanna made an appearance on the beloved series, but not in the way that most were expecting. Her cameo was relegated to a quick photo of her as an older and war-torn Bruce Wayne is reminiscing about his past. While fans of the character may have been disappointed that her cameo was so brief, she has been involved in a ton of other projects that are sure to keep fans satisfied.

One of the more attractive features that Zatanna has are her relatively light-colored eyes to contrast her dark hair. Her eyes are always a stand out, and this cosplayer here did this perfectly.

9 At Home At Comic-Con

Young Justice has had an incredibly unique run on television, and has so far aired 2 seasons since 2010. Typically, a television show will air one season per year, but it has been a total of 7 years for the series, and the 3rd season has yet to debut. Nevertheless, the show has been confirmed for another season, and it appears as though a change in the show's title is in order as well. The show is centered around younger heroes and their adventures, and Zatanna's appearance on the show sees her much younger than she normally is. On the series, Zatanna is a teenager, and her attraction is focused on Robin instead of Batman. She is voiced by the beautiful Lacey Chabert on Young Justice, and Chabert has been a stellar voice actor during her career.

Unlike some of the other woman that made our list, this cosplayer chose to wear a red bow tie, and the choice couldn't have been better. Zatanna is a popular character to cosplay at cons everywhere, and this young woman did an excellent job.


8 Ta-da!


While not as heralded as Batman: The Animated Series or Batman Beyond, the series Justice League Unlimited was pretty popular while it aired on television from 2004 to 2006. Not unlike its predecessors, Justice League Unlimited did an exceptional job in featuring a bevy of characters during its run, and having Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman was a real treat. Zatanna makes several appearances throughout the series, and it is mentioned that she knows Batman's true identity on the series. Juliet Landau voiced most of the episodes that Zatanna appeared in, though actress Jennifer Hale voices the character in one episode.

Given her status as one of the hottest characters in DC comics, many people take a stab at dressing up as the character, though few are able to look as hot as the women on this list. The kid behind her may have his eyes elsewhere, but we can't help but stare.

7 The World's Hottest Magician

Batman: The Brave and the Bold made its debut back in 2008, and in our opinion, the show is criminally underrated. Sure, it's not Batman: The Animated Series, but making that comparison just isn't fair. Batman: The Animated Series might be the greatest animated series of all-time, and it still casts an enormous shadow over superhero cartoon shows. The series saw the Caped Crusader in a number of different team-ups, and Zatanna finally got her shot to be on the show, albeit with an outfit that had some minor changes. Gone were her trademark fishnets, and they were replaced by a pair of tights. Not quite as hot, but it was a kids show, so we will forgive it.

Zatanna is able to cast spells by saying words backwards, and is sometimes able to think spells to make them happen. She has, however, successfully used wands before, and this cosplayer used the wand as the focal point of this photo.

6 Zatanna At The Carousel


Are we the only ones that remember the show Mad? For those of you who are uninformed, Mad was essentially a combination of Mad TV and DC characters, wherein they would participate in various sketches. Now, we know this sounds like an absurd concept, but the show itself was quite funny, and it was an interesting way to use DC's beloved characters. Mad had over 100 episodes, and was on television from 2010 to 2013. Zatanna appeared a few times on the show, most notably teaming up with some characters from the Harry Potter franchise to pull off a heist. It may sound too good to be true, but alas, the episode does exist. Isn't your inner geek freaking our right now?

This picture allows us to step out of the floor of a Comic-Con and jump in front of a carousel ride to catch a glimpse of the lovely cosplayer. It is always refreshing to see people taking interesting photos while in costume, and this one here is one of our favorites.

5 Gotham City Siren

The DC Universe has supplied the world with some of the most compelling characters of all-time, so it should come as no surprise that these characters have been featured in plenty of projects outside of their normal animated studios works. For instance, in 2012, the series Robot Chicken on Adult Swim was able to use DC characters for their Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. The show has always been able to attract an insanely talented cast of voice actors, and this special was no different. Unfortunately, many amazing characters were left out of the production, and Zatanna was relegated to a cameo in the show's intro. While it would have been great to see her take on a role in the special, it was still hilarious without her.

Much like the photo before this one, the gorgeous cosplayer on display here chose to take her Zatanna costume out on the town. Any woman who shows up to a costume party as Zatanna basically has the Best Costume prize on lock.

4 A Gorgeous Gaze


Late in 2016, DC Comics rolled out its latest and greatest animated series Justice League Action, and the series has aired a total of 31 episodes so far. So far, there has been little word as to the future of the series, but we imagine that it will be renewed for a second season. If that is the case, let's hope that they decide to utilize Zatanna a little more often than they did in their first season. She only appeared in 5 episodes in the show's first season, and we certainly hope to see her become a more prominent character should the series return. Each iteration of the character comes with changes, and Zatanna's appearance in Justice League Action revealed that she had braces when she was a kid.

With her wand in her hand, ready to strike down the enemy, this beautiful cosplayer strikes a quick pose for the camera. Zatanna's true strength has never been revealed, leaving the door open for some incredible feats in the character's future.

3 Red-Hot Zatanna

Given her power and her popularity, Zatanna has frequently been a playable character in a number of DC video games. Much like their animation department, DC has a reputation of pumping out incredible video games, the Batman: Arkham series being among the most acclaimed of the bunch. Even when she isn't a playable character, there are mentions of Zatanna in various DC video games, and you can even find her very own magic shop in the game Batman: Arkham Knight. Much like her animated iterations, there have been several women who have stepped up to the plate to voice the character, including the aforementioned Lacey Chabert.

Heading back to a staged set, this photo of Zatanna is fantastic, and the cosplayer tasked with portraying the beautiful magician does an excellent job here. People want a lot for Christmas, but most comic fans just want more Zatanna, and that's where we come in.

2 Simply Stunning


As we mentioned earlier, Smallville was a smash hit television show for DC, and Zatanna did make an appearance on the series. The series was so successful that it spawned off a comic series of the same name, and Zatanna even stars in her very own mini-series called Smallville: Harbinger. The story sees the beloved Zatanna meeting the despised John Constantine for the very first time. The two have had relationships in the comics before, and seeing the story of them meeting for the first time in the Smallville universe was interesting. The duo works together effectively, kicking off both a working and personal relationship. Constantine sometimes gets a bad rap, but he is a character that we really enjoy, and seeing the two together is always dynamite.

When we first saw this picture, we couldn't believe our eyes, and it was an obvious choice for this list. Even without the costume, this cosplayer is an absolute babe, but wearing some fishnets and a corset never hurt.

1 Love Potion

The photo that we chose to top our list had to be sexy and creative. It had to do a great job of portraying the character, and it needed to be unlike the others. After all, there are only so many types of photos that you can take while dressed up as the world's hottest magician. There have been some incredibly gorgeous photos on this list, but this snapshot of Zatanna wielding a potion was the obvious choice for number one. Sure, some of the other ones are both hot and creative, but this one's originality is what did it for us. The cosplayer here did a great job with mixing things up while keeping the character intact. After all, what good is a cosplay if it isn't utilized in an interesting way?

She has the perfect look on her face, and she makes sure to show off her assets like some of the other women on this list. There can be only one, and our selection of our top spot goes to this lovely lady.


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