15 Steamy Vanna White Pics That'll Make Pat Sajak Blush

You've watched the famous game show a thousand times. We all have. Whether you're flipping through channels aimlessly, or it's a time-honored daily ritual, millions have tuned into Wheel of Fortune for decades. Generations of fans have welcomed Pat Sajak and Vanna White into their homes with open arms. We love solving the word puzzles and watching contestants win big. Recently, much attention has been given, via YouTube, to contestants who have failed with hilariously stupid guesses. And the show continues to break records in its seemingly everlasting run.

However, it's not all innocent fun and games here, folks. Just like the jaded tone of some of Pat's passive-aggressive one-liners, there is a devious aura lurking under the surface. The most obvious example is Vanna's checkered past. Many fans never realized that she took it all off for the camera.

But we don't want to give it all away. Not yet, at least. Scroll down to see just how scandalous the Vanna photos behind the Wheel really are. Some fans may feel that the progression of these sultry images will be just as revealing as those famous letters, slowly turned, until the final solution comes to a head.


15 The Shoot


Well, speaking of Hef, this is one of the many infamous shots from his glorious magazine. However, Hugh, or his staff, never took those pics. They were taken prior to fame and later released. For years, before her dream gig on the famous game show, Vanna was a model and actress. But the gigs were few, and the girl had to make some money. She later regretted the decision to pose in the buff and explained by saying, "When I first moved to Hollywood, I was too embarrassed to ask my dad for rent money. I was young and I wanted to do it on my own. So, I did these lingerie shots and from the moment I said I would do them, I thought, 'I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm not going to ask my dad for money, so I'm just going to do it!' Once I got Wheel of Fortune and some fame, Hugh Hefner then bought those pictures. He's the one who put me on the cover of the magazine." High Society and many other mags followed suit. The secret was out, but the public didn't mind. The publicity only seemed to increase her appeal.

14 "Acting" Gig


Vanna has said, "This is a lesson that applies today: Never do anything that you don't want to do. Listen to your instincts and follow it." Well, sometimes, mistakes are made over and over again. This is another decision Vanna may have regretted later. In addition to modeling in some questionable lingerie spreads, Vanna also starred as a str*pper in the 1980 film Gypsy Angels. We'll have more wonderful images from this movie later. But for now, let's focus on Vanna's stage routine. It's almost funny how you can notice the same mannerisms she uses on Wheel, as she walks around on the gentleman's club stage. She shakes her behind just the slightest bit, and her lines from her arms down to her fingertips are as graceful as a ballerina. This woman would later be credited with the Guinness Book record for clapping on TV. Unfortunately, no clapping was done during her str*pping performance.

13 Hanging With Hef

Oh, boy! You know, when this guy is hanging around, it's only going to get more revealing from here. Hugh Hefner has that devious grin on his face, doesn't he? He seems to be saying, "Guess what I'm gonna do?" Check the dude out. He's wearing pink silk pyjamas for crying out loud. He's got to be the only dude in the world who can pull off that look. And of course, you've already checked out young Vanna. The woman has legs for days. She's got the puffed-up hairspray hair that she made popular throughout the 1980's. She's wearing the lace gloves that Madonna rocked in "Like a Virgin." And speaking of lace, how revealing is her outfit? There seems to be no bra showing from the back, so if she hadn't concealed her front by pressing it against Hef's chest, we would have seen so much more. Maybe that's why he's smiling.

12 Leopard Print

via bellazon

If this shot doesn't scream late 1980's, we're not sure what does. Vanna is giving the smoldering eyes look in this image. It's funny how she talks about regrets and bad decisions, and then doesn't seem to change her ways much at all. In this shot, she looks much older and wiser, but it's just as sultry as her earlier stuff. She can surely pay the rent now without daddy's help, but she is still showing tons of cleavage. She just has to come to terms with the fact that she likes to be edgy. And that's totally fine with us. And what about poor Pat during all of this? You know the guy is watching her every move, buying the magazines, and relishing her every glance. Pat was probably the only guy in the world who actually wanted to go to work in the '80s.

11 Married With Children 

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Al Bundy is a television legend. There's no doubt about that. So is Vanna White, so it's just incredible to see the pair in bed together. This scene was from a 1993 episode of Married With Children, when Vanna was in the peak of her Wheel fame but still had the acting bug nagging her. This was surely a fantasy sequence Al had. Maybe Vanna was a hot customer he met in the shoe store that day, and then he proceeded to think about her until this scene manifested itself in his one-track mind. He seems to be surveying her chest in this shot, wondering what he will do with her next. Man, this guy has had breasts in his face for his entire career. Ed Oneill saw Katey SagalChristina Applegate and guest stars like Pamela Anderson. Then, he ended that job and moved on to Sofia Vergara. What a career.

10 Mirror, Mirror


Here's another PG-13 shot from the lingerie photoshoots of her past. You have to give credit to the photographer in this one. He may be a rather scummy dude who took advantage of an aspiring actress in Hollywood, but the guy knew how to effectively use a mirror. Nice cheeks, but have you ever seen such unbalanced underpants? The ratio of cloth in the front is so much higher than that of the rear. It's almost as if the underwear are on backwards or something. Judging by the comfortable look on Vanna's face, she seems to be wearing them correctly. Just another 1980's style that is sure to come back into fashion any day now. Or has it already? The high waist with the thong back was surely worn by Miley during her recently departed rebel years.

9 Wonderful Silhouette

This is another shot from the aforementioned Gypsy Angels film. The movie came out in 1980, and Vanna's ongoing run on Wheel didn't begin until 1982. So what else was the aspiring blond up to before Wheel? Well, like many other start-up actresses, she also appeared in a low-budget horror film, one called Graduation Day. In the 1981 film, Vanna starred as Doris, the friend of the main character. The victims of the mystery killer were all on the high school track team. The film features a killer's point of view, knife-wielding angle, which leads to some hilarious scream scenes, if you're into the cheesy old horror flicks. The movie was directed by Herb Freed, who never amounted to much. He had a better career directing commercials, of which he shot over two hundred.


8 The Wheel Pic

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Now, when most dudes think of Vanna White, this is the image that comes to mind. Mind you, she looks much older now. Well, not to say that she isn't hot anymore, but she isn't as dazzling as this. This is peak Vanna. When she held the world at her fingertips and Pat was so busy drooling, he could barely read his cue cards. Vanna was once a force in the fashion industry. Her hair, makeup, and wardrobe offered inspiration to thousands, especially during prom season. She still tries on dozens and dozens of dresses every week and picks out her own favorites. All in all, she's worn over six thousand dresses during her thirty-five years on the show. And sometimes, she's even worn slacks.  The amazing thing is she has never worn the same outfit twice.

7 Morning Daze

We admit that the resolution on this pic isn't the clearest, but if it were, it'd be NSFW. Vanna looks like she just woke up, is lounging in the sunlight, and ready to be joined in an embrace. One finger seems to be pointing down to her chest, as if to say, "Who, me?" Yes, Vanna, we are talking about you. It's amazing that a hot young blonde like this would go on to grace the television sets of retirement homes across the world on a daily basis. She has been in over 6,000 episodes and has seen about a gazillion puzzles. Interesting fact, the first letter she ever revealed was a T. Was the second an A? Not sure, but that would have been an awfully degrading joke on her, if it was. But it was the 1980's, so degrading jokes were the norm.

6 The Kiss

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Wow! Okay, it's true. It really happened. Pat Sajak seemed to ogle Vanna's every move for years. Then, in 1989, it came. After some rambling banter at the end of a show, Pat said, "Well there's fifteen seconds left... Come here, baby." Then, he grabbed Vanna's neck and kissed away. The kiss turned into Vanna laughing a couple seconds into it, but he still had a pretty good time, for sure. The amazing thing is, they are both single right now. Both have married twice and divorced. There is still a chance! Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, many fans have longed for a romantic union among working friends. Pat and Vanna have always insisted that their relationship is professional. But come on, you guys! Can't you see? You belong with each other.

5 Deep V-Neck

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Here is a classic swimsuit design that never goes away. The extreme v-neck is timeless and has been worn by everyone from Cheryl Tiegs to Ariel Winter. Vanna looks dazzling as always. She has appeared on Wheel several times in swimwear, especially when describing a dream vacation or when shooting episodes in exotic locations, like Hawaii. Sometimes, Vanna's gorgeous appearance has an effect on people (besides Pat). One time, a contestant was attempting to solve a puzzle and mistakenly said, "Done With One Hand," instead of 'Gone With The Wind'. Vanna said it was very hard not to laugh at that one. She usually does know the result of every puzzle and also helps write the new ones. Makes you wonder if she and Pat deliberately set up puzzles for alternate solution that could fail hilariously.

4 Her First Game Show

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This pic isn't the steamiest on the list, but we added it in just to blow your mind. What!? Vanna made her television game show debut on another different game show? How can this be? Well, before Vanna got her big break on Wheel, she was pretty desperate for some cash. So, when the scandalous lingerie photographers weren't hiring, like any other LA resident, she tried a game show to win some money. The Price is Right was not nice to her, though, and she didn't make it out of the bidding stage. Bob Barker flirted with her, that's for sure. That dude flirted with every hot girl. Since Vanna didn't win, she soon returned home to South Carolina. Soon after, her mom passed away, which inspired Vanna to return and give Hollywood another try.

3 Gentle Embrace

Here's another screenshot from Gypsy Angels. This is when Vanna's character finally gets her man. The young str*pper landed the airline pilot, who happens to be suffering from amnesia. Yes, that's actually the plot of the movie. That isn't the best plot ever, but you never know. Surely, Vanna jumped at the part, which was her film debut and the first major project of her career. Her next project was the aforementioned Graduation Day. Then came another murderous film called Looker (1981). This wasn't a straight-up cheese ball horror like Graduation Day but was a complex sci-fi thriller. The writer and director of Looker was none other than Michael Crichton. The future writer of major hits like Jurassic Park and ER featured Vanna as one of the many models who end up getting murdered in a progressively digital conspiracy plot.

2 Yellow Laces


This shot was included to restate the fact that there are hundreds of these "modeling" photos of Vanna online. Hundreds; even slightly weird ones like this, where she is wearing an outfit that seems to be a cross between lederhosen and lingerie. The bright yellow and red trim scream Saint Pauli Girl, but the sheer fabric and revealing laces seem more like Bella Thorne's Instagram feed. There is no doubt that Vanna has come a long way. She went from being desperate for money to making twelve million dollars a season. Sure, her acting career didn't pan out like she thought it would, but who in Hollywood can say they've held the same job for over 35 years? That in itself is a true achievement.

1 Brass Bed

Oh, Vanna! This seems very amateur. Although very seductive, the lighting is bad, and the clarity and posing is quite weak. What's with the phone anyway? Vanna was certainly naive to pose for this shot, long before her Wheel fame came along. But times have changed and she still has one of the easiest jobs in Hollywood. For a while there, she and Pat would even get drunk and shoot the show. Pat tattled on an interview, saying, "[A nearby restaurant] served great margaritas, so Vanna and I would go across and have two or three or six and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet. I had a great time. I have no idea if the shows were any good, but no one said anything, so I guess I did okay." Pat said those days are long gone and only a thing of the past. Back then, especially after a few drinks, you know he was dreaming of Vanna in bed.

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