15 Steamy Topanga Photos Cory Doesn’t Want Us To Ogle

Cory was lucky enough to score a best friend we all wanted to have in Shawn, and a girlfriend we ALL drooled over in Topanga

Growing up, every generation had that one show they idolized. For kids that enjoyed their youth in the early 90s, Boy Meets World was that fix as the show depicted the life most youths wanted to live perfectly. The main character of the show was Cory, and he was lucky enough to score a best friend we all wanted to have in Shawn, and a girlfriend we all drooled over in Topanga. Those factors alone made the show intriguing and because of that, it became a monster show for ABC lasting seven seasons and more than 150 episodes. Still to this day, reruns of the show are available.

In terms of big impact, Danielle Fishel was among the very top. Following her popularity from the show, Danielle added to her resume getting cast in a variety of films. Along with that, she rocked the internet in 2016 with a Maxim shoot. Fans were astonished that as she inches towards her 40s, she’s still as perfect as she was back in the day.

In this article, we continue the praise looking at some smoking photos of Topanga that would likely hurt Cory a little bit. From the Maxim shoot to candid beach pics, we’ve got a tremendous variety in this article. So without further ado, here are 15 Topanga photos Cory doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy!

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15 “Not SO PG” Stance

Debuting in 1993, the show was definitely meant for a family audience as the youth populated the pre-dominant ratings and success of the show. For that reason, such a picture as the one you see above certainly does not conform with the show’s identity, even if they did push the boundaries a little at some points.

The picture above shows a steamy shot of Fishel wearing some extremely short shorts along with a biker top and luscious head of hair. If this picture was from the show, you’d think Topanga broke up with Cory and started to date Shawn, living out his trailer roots. Can you imagine the backlash if such a thing were to take place? Thankfully, it did not and instead, we have this lovely jaw-dropping picture that gives poor Cory nightmares because well, it’s smoking hot!

14 Candid In A Bathing Suit

Although the show came to an end in 2000 after 158 episodes, Danielle (aka Topanga) still manages to stay in the headlines and that’s in large part due to the fact that she’s kept a terrific shape ever since. At the age of 36, she’s still one heck of a smokebomb. If you need further proof, just ogle at the picture above as the former sitcom star flaunts her body on the beach. Somebody pick Cory up, because he’s likely down for the count after this picture.

In addition to keeping her figure, Danielle has also kept active in the wild world of Hollywood. In 2015, she took part in a rare film project, however looking at her recent history, television is her preference as she’s stayed consistent on the tube in the last couple of years. Along with Girl Meets World, Fishel also recently worked on Gravity Falls, taking part in three episodes providing a voiceover for the show.

13 More Bikini

This one hurts poor Cory for multiple reasons; not only is his love interest from the show looking spectacular in that bikini, but she’s also with another dude. It can’t be real, can it? We’ll have more on that a little later.

This is a throwback picture taken in 2013 and all signs point to the sitcom star looking incredible while walking in the water. This candid shot was taken in Hawaii as the actress enjoyed some time away from the craziness that is Hollywood. The best part about these types of trips? The slew of “Not So PG” pics available to our disposal like the one above. Isn’t there something so much better in a candid photo than a studio picture which is worked on for months in a darn editing room? The proof is in the pudding with this picture. But shh, don’t tell Cory!

12 Hanging Clothes

In a perfect world, this was Topanga hanging clothes outside while Cory and the kids waited indoors. Fortunately for us, we did get to see exactly that on the spin-off, Girl Meets World, however that did not come to fruition in real life.

For what it’s worth, the two did come close to dating at one point in time as rumors swirled about the two being an actual item off-set. However, Fishel put those allegations to rest during a Maxim interview claiming the rumors were her fault due to an appearance on the Tyra Banks Show. Instead, she did admit that the two did in fact go on one date as teens, though after the date was over with, they realized they had more of a family connection than one of actual lovers. Given the slew of relationships that started on set, we can respect this mutual decision by the two.

11 Reunited With Shawn

This picture was taken a couple of years back and man, did it ever get the juices flowing for fans of the show, as Rider Strong (aka Shawn) poses for the picture alongside his former cast member. Shawn was arguably the most popular character on the show as he played the role of the cool best friend we all wish we had. Looking at the cast nowadays, Shawn had some of the greatest success post-show making the jump into film, as opposed to staying in television predominantly. He would end up reuniting with both Cory and Topanga on the spin-off Girl Meets World, which turned out to be a huge hit, especially for the long-time fans of the show.

The picture is great but given his love for Shawn, perhaps Cory wishes he was in the pic instead of Topanga. Yup, it was a strong bromance!

10 Black Dress Goddess

We love candid bikini pics but we’re also suckers for a ravishing photo of a beautiful female in some skimpy dress attire. This one in particular hits the mark as it appears to be lingerie-inspired, along with some fantastic see-through areas; if such an outfit made an appearance on the show, let’s just say Cory would be none too pleased and the producers of the show would've likely had to have changed the overall rating of the family-friendly program to rated-R. Can you imagine a rated-R version of the show? In truth, a disturbing adult version was probably done at some point, but yeah, that’s not important....

From top to bottom, this picture is quite perfect and one that Cory himself likely still ogles over. In terms of the steamier photos from the list, this one certainly ranks up there as one of the top.

9 Tongue Out

Rocking the Slipknot shirt and with a fresh cold beer in hand, the picture looks like an episode of Boy Meets World during the last seasons when edgier storylines started to take place due to the cast growing older. We can visualize this episode now, with Topanga having one too many drinks and getting into a dispute with Cory. Someone call the producers!

Switching gears to more serious information, Topanga didn’t make her on-screen debut with Boy Meets World, despite the fact she was only 12 years old at the time. Instead, she made her debut in theater at the age of ten. Yes, that young! Just try to recall what you were doing at ten years old; was it performing in theater acts? Probably not. She even appeared on a couple of Full House episodes before making the permanent jump to the hit ABC show.

8 The Maxim Shoot

In case some of you think this shoot was from back in the day, you’re sadly mistaken as Fishel’s involvement with Maxim Magazine took place last year (if you can believe it), in March of 2016. The spread made things very simple; she’s just as beautiful today as she was back in the day during her glory years. At the age of 36, she hasn’t aged a day and we really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fans of the show in particular likely thought that Danielle was much older, given the fact she’s been on television since way back in the early 90s, 1993 to be exact. She started with Boy Meets World in a minor role; throughout the seasons that would subtly start to change as she became romantically linked to Cory. The big kicker here is that Fishel was 12 years old when working the pilot of the show. Yup, she got started young!

7 Shortest Shorts

Fishel once again has us and Cory drooling in this throwback shot as she poses in some lovely attire. Top to bottom, this is a steamy outfit that has us drooling just a little bit. From those tiny shorts to that minuscule top, we’re seeing true perfection, folks!

Following the show’s end, Fishel and the others looked for work elsewhere, but when you look as good as Danielle, finding another gig isn't so difficult. Although she’s been primarily in television, following the show, she immediately got several film offers including roles in National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze, Gamebox 1.0 and The Chosen One. Her most noteworthy role however came on the spin-off of Boy Meets World years later, reprising her role in 2014 as Topanga. Along with the role on the show, she also served as the Executive Producer in the hit Disney series.

6 Maxim Style Housewife

The Maxim shoot did Danielle all kind of favors as she looked absolutely stunning in the spread. Without a doubt, nostalgic Boy Meets World fans were quite happy to see how great the former star of the show still looks today. This was one of the many jaw-dropping pictorials from the spread as Topanga poses in a lovely skirt, but the true hero of this picture is the top portion (if you know what we mean). Such “skin showing” wouldn’t be acceptable on the show back in the day but in this spread, it was truly no holds barred. Her smile just puts the icing on the picture as most fans get lost in it. Well done Maxim, and more importantly, well done Danielle.

If possible, someone please call Cory to check if he’s still breathing after such a photo was printed.

5 She’s Got Groceries

In Cory’s ideal life, this would be the exact scene he’d come home to. Thanks to Maxim, the visual came to life as this is another picture that makes us severely weak. We likely assume Cory has the photo framed somewhere in his house or at the very least, as his cell phone wallpaper...

We’ve touched based on Fishel’s love life, so what about Ben’s (Cory). Well, he’s done a great job of keeping things under wraps the last couple of years as the details of his personal life are still quite sketchy. The only time he was ever married was on Boy Meets World, as the two would resurface years later in the spin-off as adults and with two children. Aside from that, there really is nothing to report aside from the rumor swirling around that he does in fact have a girlfriend, but remains overly secretive about it. Maybe it’s because he wants Fishel?

4 Staying “Afloat”

This throwback Hawaii trip was a spectacle for admirers of Danielle as the paparazzi took a slew of “Not So PG” pictures on the day. This was another mouth-watering shot as Topanga’s assets seem to be showing a little too much, but hey, nobody’s really complaining all that much!

Okay, so enough of the creepy talk and back to business. For those of you who are wondering, Topanga and Cory’s new project on the spin-off Girl Meets World is unfortunately done with as of early 2017. The spin-off lasted three seasons on the Disney Channel producing 72 episodes, which for most fans of the show, wasn’t enough. Though in truth, most of the show revolved around the couple’s children, and their lives, although it was a treat to see a variety of former stars make guest appearances.

3 No Clothes – No Problem

Get ready to gulp folks, as Topanga leaves us in a stalemate with this photo looking absolutely incredible. One can imagine the backlash such a picture could have caused during the heat of Boy Meets World, but hey, nobody is complaining that it was released later nonetheless. Again, Cory likely made a life-sized portrait of this shot and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hanging in his room somewhere, next to the photo of Shawn...

Nowadays, along with looking fantastic as she nears her 40s, Fishel is living a comfortable life with a great net worth of eight million. Although she’s worked several other projects after Boy Meets World, most of that worth comes from the show. Still to this day, the series remains popular among fans, after seven seasons and over 150 episodes, the cast truly wouldn’t have it any other way!

2 PDA Without Cory

Like every great sitcom (or most), the story revolved around a tremendous love affair between two characters. In Boy Meets World of course, the two were both Topanga and Cory. Like in other shows such as Friends (with Ross and Rachel), seeing the two with others in real-life just isn’t a welcomed sight for whatever reason. Because of the great on-screen chemistry these couples shared, we’re led to believe it’s actually real-life, but no, they’re just really good at what they do.

Clearly, the dude in the pic above isn’t Cory. After a year of dating Tim Belusko, the two were to be married shortly after in 2013. The relationship unfortunately recently fizzled out as the two finalized a divorce in March of 2016. Nope, Cory isn’t the next in line for Fishel though, as she’s reportedly dating Jensen Karp (a podcaster).

1 The Maxim Shot

We close off the article with the top picture from the Maxim spread. This shot was the signature pic and it had us drooling for days as Fishel looks stunning in her red lingerie top. The recent picture has us in pure disbelief on how she’s been able to age like a fine wine!.

After 158 episodes and seven seasons, the show a lot of fans grew to love officially came to an end in 2000. Of course, for you hardcore fans out there, we remember the way the series ended with Topanga accepting a dream job at a law firm in New York City. Making things that much better, she was followed by her lover Cory, Shawn and heck even Eric. After following the main cast members through middle school, high school and college, the show came to an appropriate finish at the right time.

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15 Steamy Topanga Photos Cory Doesn’t Want Us To Ogle