15 Steamy Pics Of Tomi Lahren

Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or just try to desperately avoid politics at all costs, chances are you have inadvertently seen outspoken news personality, Tomi Lahren. The candid Conservative has started her own television show called The Blaze, in which she blasts media topics left and right in a typically demonstrative manner where she pulls absolutely no punches. She has started to gain notoriety from her controversial (to say the least) talks that are precise and detrimental to anyone who is faint hearted. Whether you are a liberal or a conservative, one thing is for sure; Tomi Lahren is hot! In a world of political correctness and individuals more concerned with the general consensus, Tomi Lahren cannot be faulted for speaking her mind, she does that in spades.

Tomi Lahren is a news personality who got her popularity after criticizing the topic of Black Lives Matter. After a series of remarks that one can only describe as erratic and blunt, Tomi Lahren has gotten in political debates with Charlemagne, Trevor Noah - The Comedy Central host, and Chelsea Handler, all of which Lahren laid out her biased opinion in the only way she knows how; fiercely. Whether you agree with Tomi or not, one thing we can all come to the consensus about is just how good looking she is. The 24-year-old South Dakota native has put an interesting spin on the Republican Party, delivering her unapologetic candor in a way that is both demanding, and downright ‘ballzy’. As we continue to show off the beauty that is Tomi Lahren, remember that she is entitled to her own opinion, however radical it may appear, and that she is young, hot, and pretty darn intellectual when you really listen to what she’s saying. Without further ado, let's go!

15 Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes 

Tomi Lahren is drop-dead gorgeous, she has the ability to look both incredibly adorable, as well as downright steamy. We’re not sure which she personifies more, but we don't really care either. She has an awesome personality, and the demeanor she brings with her to the television sets is both domineering, and intellectual. We doubt you tune into her show just to hear about politics, and we don’t blame you if this is true, but on the off-chance that you're interested in her political motives, she doesn't disappoint there either. She is very well-versed in political jargon and stands her ground authoritatively when immersed in the debate. Just watch some of her appearances and debates on Youtube, she doesn't pull any punches when voicing her beliefs. No matter what you think of her political ideologies, she’s downright sexy and fun to watch!

14 Out On The Town

Just like the red carpet movie stars who enjoy their partying out on the town, Tomi Lahren is no different. She enjoys her partying just as much (if not more) than the average political representative. Coming from a wild college with a twitter rambling that corroborates the narrative, Tomi Lahren naturally thrives in the party life. It most likely comes second nature to a blonde bombshell like herself, she has spent several of her (college) years partying like there was no tomorrow. When we see pictures of Tomi going out on the town, it makes us eager to find out where she’s partying and immediately jump in an Uber and go out and party right along with her. With her politically based life, all we can hope is that she doesn't get too “loose” from the alcohol and start to pour out her Trump filled rhetoric.

13 Republican And Proud

Democrats may cringe a little upon seeing the standard Republican candor of Tomi Lahren, but upon a second viewing, we’re willing to guess that this photograph lured you in just as it did with the rest of the collective political bunch. Her vivacious smile and petite frame allow us to toss out whatever political mindset we may come predisposed with, and just focus on her body that best resembles a 'back road'. This country girl might represent everything you’re unfamiliar with, but if you're able to put her upbringing aside, we think she might even be attractive enough to make you change your political beliefs! Her long blonde hair and perfect white teeth lead us to believe that she really is the steamiest young talent in the industry.

12 Full Of Laughter 

Tomi Lahren might be one of America’s most controversial news personalities, but that doesn't stop her from being downright gorgeous. She has used her intellectual prowess to allow her almost territorial point of view gain notoriety over the past year. Especially during the Trump campaign, Tomi Lahren blasted an opinion heavily in favor of Trump, an opinion that was (and still is) seen as highly controversial. The unapologetic Republican bring a new spin to the delivery of her political beliefs, a change of pace that has to be respected even if you don't agree with her beliefs. Political ideology aside, Tomi Lahren is one steamy figure filled with notions of politics that fall to the wayside when you start staring at her beauty. Tomi Lahren has caused a fair bit of commotion in the beginning stages of her career, but no one is debating how attractive she is!

11 Red White And Blue Beauty

One thing is for sure, whether you love or despise Tomi Lahren’s political agendas; she is a die hard patriot for America and that is something that we can all enjoy. She embodies the typical trust fund daughter look, but couldn't be further from it. She enjoys all of the success politically she’s had from hard work, she has studied for far longer than just college and is well versed in the political realm. She may be a biased towards the right wing conservatives, but her image is enough for all of us to find common ground. She’s incredibly sophisticated as well as beautiful, she might bring a tense bravado and demeanor when she’s in a debate; but there’s no debate involved when talking about her beauty.

10 The Political View

Perhaps the most circulated image of Tomi on the internet, she has proved once again that she can captivate us no matter what the setting. With the stereotypical ‘blonde bombshell’ persona, it’s hard not to notice right away how beautiful she truly is. Grievances aside, Tomi Lahren might come across as a ditzy blonde; she couldn't be farther from it. With a degree from UNLV (University Las Vegas Nevada), she has a decorated political background for someone as young as she is. In a relatively short time frame, Tomi has starred on her own show, made several television appearances on networks like Comedy Central, and cultivated a heavy following on social media platforms. Followers might only be ‘attracted’ to Lahren for her features, but she reels them in with her looks and knocks them down with her verbiage.

9 Trump Supporter

One of the main reasons Tomi Lahren has been a recipient of so much vitriol has been her open support of Donald Trump. One would be silly to think that she’s the only such political mind that openly joined sides with Trump, but she is one of the up and coming politically outspoken Republicans, and she happens to be smoking hot. Donald Trump is the most controversial president our country has ever known, so naturally, anyone who teams up with him is likely to receive some harsh criticisms. Tomi Lahren has remained professional throughout, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone she has brushed off the harsh words, she has a bravado that doesn't shake to anyone, not even other politically elite counterparts.

8 Speaking Her Mind

Tomi Lahren is most notably recognized for her political ideologies that heavily favor to the right (republican), but once you realize how attractive she is, you probably couldn't care less. She embodies the ‘girl next door’ look with the attitude of the most arrogant neighbor you’ve ever met, and the combination of the two seems to only attract us to her even more. She speaks her mind, so no matter how much you agree or disagree, there’s a certain amount of respect you have to give someone during a day and age dominated by political correctness. She is young, talented, opinionated beyond anyone we have seen in the past decade, and she is an incredibly good looking blonde hair blue-eyed bombshell from the country.

7 Selfie Time 

Even Tomi Lahren isn't exempt from the stereotypical selfie from time to time, in fact, we encourage it. Upon closer examination, you can see that Lahren doesn't pull any punches, even when she’s choosing a shirt wear. Lahren undoubtedly had to have known that this selfie was going to be a little more popular than if you or I were going to take one, and she chose to wear a shirt plastered with her belief of 2nd amendment rights. Whether you agree with her political stance or not, it’s refreshing to have a news personality that's unafraid of speaking her mind, no matter how offensive it may be. Whether you're Republican, Democrat or just plain don't give a darn, we’re willing to guess that you enjoyed staring at Tomi just as much as we did.

6 White House Candor 

Tomi Lahren might be along ways away from holding a seat in the White House, but with pictures like these, she’s certainly showing that she has that “White House Look” going on. Her political beliefs aside we think she’d look pretty darn good in the Oval Office, no matter how young and wild her ideologies can be. Tomi Lahren ‘shoots from the hip’ when she’s downloading her mind on us via social media, but what we would rather she was downloading on us was more of these beautiful photographs. She has the petite look and demeanor of the daughter of a preacher, but once she opens her mouth you realize how far from a preachers daughter she really is. No matter what you think of Tomi Lahren, it's pictures like this one that makes all of us drool over her.

5 All Dolled Up 

Wow! Tomi Lahren sure cleans up nice! She looks like a high school bombshell getting all dolled up for her prom night. With a face like that and a body to match, it's more remarkable that she hasn't landed a job in the modelling industry yet. If things with her political aspirations don't pan out, she can certainly land a job in the modelling world. She is equal parts adorable, scary, and downright smart; and she has a sassiness to her that seems to mesh all of her character traits together beautifully. If you watch any of her debates on Youtube or watch one of her appearances on television, you will see exactly what we’re talking about; she’s feisty and loaded with political jargon to support her case.

4 The O'Reilly Factor 

With a debut on The O’Reilly Factor, Tomi Lahren’s career started to emerge with her strong vindictive verbiage, and a pretty steamy figure to match. Whether you were first attracted to her physically or mentally, (we’re guessing it was the former) one thing is for sure, she has the smarts to engage in debates with anyone. Although she didn't join the O’Reilly Factor for a debate, largely because Fox News is a right-wing political platform, she still made her presence known; either because of her looks or her brains. The point is she has gained so much popularity that large television networks have invited her on to voice her opinion. She is plenty easy on the eyes, so no matter how you feel about her political views, she’s definitely someone who is sophisticated as well as attractive.

3 Rocking Her Own Show 

Tomi Lahren’s show might not be for you if you are a liberal Democrat, she’s constantly blasting liberal ideologies and narratives. When the Black Lives Matter protests began, Tomi Lahren voiced a strong opinion against it, even linking the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) to the Black Lives Matter platform. It’s connections like this one when it becomes obvious that Tomi likes to stir the political pot, she has a knack for getting under peoples skin, and her delivery and verbiage in doing so is almost riot provoking. Regardless of what you might think of her, she’s become a successful news personality, and as a byproduct, she’s generated quite the following based upon her incredible looks. She has been a recipient of quite a lot of criticism, especially from her left wing adversaries, but one thing we can all agree on is her incredible looks.

2 Beauty In Orange 

Tomi Lahren always seems to find a way to look good, even when she’s holding a cardboard cutout of Whoopi Goldberg. She undoubtedly doesn't agree with Whoopi’s political point of view, but that’s neither here nor there. Our point is that Tomi will look good no matter what she's doing, whether she's on national television or just snapping a harmless selfie in her bathroom; she always looks good. You undoubtedly already knew how attractive she is, and that’s probably the reason you first noticed her, but she is truly the beauty and the beast of the political realm. Her Twitter account is riddled with political referendums and scorched earth slashes at left wing liberal ideologies, it might be hard to look past that to get to her beauty, but we’re guessing you noticed her looks first.

1 Greek Goddess 

Tomi Lahren looks like the Greek goddess Athena, and she has the demeanor that perfectly coincides with her bigger than life persona. She embodies a Greek goddess with her beauty, and her inability to cower in the face of controversy. She, in fact, thrives on controversy, it's the name of the game Tomi plays whenever she enrols in a debate with a member of the political elite. She voices her opinion in a calm and collected manner and no matter how you feel about her you have to respect it. No matter what you call Tomi, you cannot call her a beauty without brains. She’s incredibly well versed in politics and she isn't going to back down to anyone, no matter how politically strong. We have come to love Tomi even with her biased opinions, she's as beautiful as she is charismatic, and she’s got a personality second to none.

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