15 Steamy Pics Of The Stars Of MTV's Teen Mom (Now That They're Legal)

MTV’s reality television program Teen Mom has become a real hit, with the third installment of the series now airing. While teen pregnancy isn't something to strive for (for most of the population anyway), showing these young ladies’ stories on television is inspirational and a lesson for teens to either abstain from sex altogether or to be sure they're always protected if they opt to go “all the way” with their significant other. Protection from STDs as well as using birth control is so important, so let’s hope that along with the entertainment value of the show, teens (and others) remember to think before they do something they may regret.

On the episodes of Teen Mom, we see the young new mothers try their best to learn the ropes of parenthood – the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are smiles, tears, ups, and downs, and we watch these new moms grow up fast. Their lives are turned upside down by becoming mothers while they're still high school age. They go from study hall to swaddling and gym class to gyno visits. But now, these gals have turned from teens to young women, and many of them look great.

Here's a sample of most of the moms who've been on the various renditions of the show. These are all pics of them past those teen years and delving into maturity and adulthood. Good looks and parenting seem to go hand in hand for these marvelous mamas. Who's your favorite reality TV mom?

15 Farrah Abraham – Tempting TV Star

Farrah Abraham is now 26 years old and is arguably one of the most well-known moms from the Teen Mom franchise. Not only has she been on the reality show Teen Mom, but we’ve also seen her open up on other reality shows, including 16 and Pregnant, Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, and more. But many people know of Abraham from an entirely different (and less PG-rated) genre. She dabbled in p*rn, starring in Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom and Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. If you thought her family was disappointed when she got pregnant while she was in high school, imagine what they were thinking when her adult film career was in full swing. Nevertheless, here, we see Abraham in a revealing bedroom outfit looking like the queen she thinks she is and after a bunch of plastic surgery. Let’s hope she can close the “backdoor” and get into something a little more mom and family friendly for the sake of her daughter.

14 Leah Messer – Bikini Baby Mama

Leah Messer is another Teen Mom alum who's now 25 years old. Not only is she a mom of three precious girls, but she's also been twice divorced. This gal has done a lot of growing up in her 25-year life so far. She hails from West Virginia but became popular worldwide thanks to her willingness to appear on MTV’s eye-opening reality show. Here, we see the blonde beauty in her cute bikini, catching some sun on the beach. Her abs look amazing, with no trace of a pregnancy pooch whatsoever. While she's had many trials and tribulations on the show, in this pic, it looks like the mom of three is confident and at peace with the status of her life now. Having three kids at such a young age has got to be tough, but Messer looks like a mom who can handle life’s pressures and look hot doing so.

13 Kailyn Lowry – Plunging Parent

Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry, is 25 years old and hails from Pennsylvania. She has three cute sons, Lincoln, Isaac, and Lux, from three different “baby dads.” At least she doesn’t settle. Since being on the hit reality show, Lowry has written two books, which is impressive – one of which made the New York Times bestseller list. Here, we see a pretty photo of the blonde bombshell in a plunging black number at an MTV red carpet, star-studded event. Who would've thought that former teenage mothers would share a top-notch venue with pop stars and music legends? She looks super happy and confident and proud to be the mom of three she is. Looks like motherhood suits Lowry just right. Will she be signing autographs alongside Katy Perry and Taylor Swift?

12 Chelsea Houska – Say “Mama”

South Dakota native Chelsea Houska is a mom of two, each child from a different dad. She's now married to the dad of baby #2, Cole DeBoer. They wed in October of 2016. Houska is now 26 years old and has a cosmetology degree. Her kids’ names are "Aubree" and "Watson." In this summery photo, we see Houska looking happy and carefree while holding her adorable baby boy. She shows off her contagious smile and fit figure. While being a teen mother can have its challenges, it looks like Houska got her act together and is thriving as a young mother. Looking tanned and terrific, Houska proves that the former teenage moms from Teen Moms can make it through the tougher times and emerge as role models for their own kids and fans who grew up watching them on TV.

11 Maci Bookout – Mini-Skirted Mom

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is now 26 years old and is a mom of three – Bentley, Jayde, and Maverick. She's from Tennessee and has been married to Taylor McKinney since 2016. Like a few of the other Teen Mom alums, Bookout is an author and has written three books. She must have a lot to share about being a teen mom and a young mother that her fans are interested in reading. In this photo of the reality star, she's looking fab in a super short white dress and sash. Her hair is long and lovely, and her smile shows that she's having a blast. She looks tanned and toned and like the life of the party. Hey, a mom deserves a chance to unwind every now and then. That’s what babysitters are for!

10 Leah Messer – Mom’s Having a Ball

Here's another fun-loving photo of Teen Mom Leah Messer. She's frolicking on the beach and playing with a bright pink beach ball. Her white bikini looks great, and her smile is as bright as the summer sunshine. It doesn’t look like there are too many other people spending the day at the beach, but that doesn't seem to bother Messer one bit. More room for her and her three young girls! While times have been challenging for this reality star since she first gave birth at a young age, she seems to be able to triumph and face whatever comes her way. She has time to hit the beach, so things can’t be all that bad! Don’t forget, this blonde beach babe is only 25. Even though she's a mom, she still wants to have some fun like the rest of the 20-somethings in her peer group.

9 Jenelle Evans – Mama’s Got a Midriff

25-year-old Jenelle Evans is a star from Teen Mom 2 and has three children – Kaiser, Ensley, and Jace. Evans hails from North Carolina and is married to her second husband, David Eason. On the show, we see the troubled relationship between Evans and her mother play out over and over. They have a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship that doesn't seem to go away. Along with that issue, we've seen the many challenges Evans has faced since becoming a first-time mom as a teen. She's a strong-willed woman, though, so she always finds a way to get over life’s many humps. In this photo, Evans looks great in her form-fitting salmon-colored outfit that bares her fit midriff. She looks toned and terrific as she poses perfectly for the paparazzi.

8 Mackenzie McKee – Fit to Be a Mom

The blonde and perky Mackenzie McKee is one of the stars of Teen Mom 3. She's currently 23 years old and is from Oklahoma. She has three children – Jaxie, Gannon, and Broncs, and has been married to Josh McKee since ‘13. The fabulously fit McKee is certainly into staying in shape as is evident in this pic of the reality star in her form-fitting exercise clothing. She's toned and in great shape and seems to be happy with her workout results. It must be hard to find the time to exercise when you’ve got three kids, but it looks like McKee is able to squeeze in her workouts – just see the results in these pleasing pics. The young mom is sure to be an inspiration to her kids, and being a youthful mom certainly has its perks. Rumors are that she's had her tubes tied, though, so three must be enough for this busy mama.

7 Kailyn Lowry – Modern Mama

Here, we see another super hot pic of Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry. She looks lovely in red-hot lace with a sliver of sexy midriff exposed. Her bouncy hairstyle is chic and modern, and those velvety red lips are surely something to smile about. Lowry shows off her rock-and-roll side with lots of intricate tattoos on her arms. Over the years, we've seen Lowry go through many looks, but this one has got to be one of her best yet. She looks curvy and fit, is full of smiles, and has a genuine sparkle in her eyes. She must be happy with where she is in life and has put those troubled teen years behind her. MTV has made Lowry famous, but she's created her own happiness as a mom.

6 Farrah Abraham – Red Hot Mama

In another sizzling hot photo of the always-revealing Farrah Abraham, we see the reality TV star trying out a silky blonde look as she walks with self-assurance in her itty-bitty red bikini. She's smiling proudly and looks carefree as she shows off her toned and tanned skin… and lots of it. She must love summers at the beach that allow her to reveal her assets to anyone who'll look in her direction. Not everyone would be comfortable having a photo taken while wearing barely any clothing, but Abraham surely loves the attention. Let’s hope that when it's cold outside, she dresses appropriately, though! The 26-year-old has come a long way since she first appeared on Teen Mom, but fans and other interested parties have followed her every step of the way.

5 Amber Portwood – Made-Up Mom

Amber Portwood is another star of Teen Mom whom fans have enjoyed tuning in to over the years. She hails from Indiana and is now 27 years old. Portwood has one adorable daughter named "Leah," but she's not with her child’s father. Portwood has had some not-so-glorious times in her life thus far, having been incarcerated for 17 months. She was into drugs and partying at the time. Now, she's with an older guy and seems to have gotten her act together. She, too, has written a book. In this sophisticated split photo of the mom, she sports a Marilyn Monroe-inspired ‘do and two lovely makeup looks which bring out her attractive features. Her fondness for plunging necklines isn’t lost on us either. Looks like Portwood is trying to be glam as she’s growing up.

4 Maci Bookout – Cribs and Cocktails

Take a gander at another hot pic of Teen Mom star Maci Bookout. Her super long and wavy red hair is head-turning as she turns her own toward the snap of the camera. We see her large tattoo on her lower side and a shiny belly ring to show off her fit middle. Those black denim “Daisy Dukes” leave little to the imagination as does her bright royal blue string bikini top. What could be more fun than hanging out with your gal pal on the beach while sipping fruity cocktails? Not much! A mom needs some relaxation and kid-free time every now and then, and Bookout is making the most of the rare situation. Soon she'll be back home with the kids and back to the daily grind of motherhood.

3 Jenelle Evans – Hot-Pink Parent

Here's another great-looking photo of reality star Jenelle Evans as she takes a fierce walk in nothing but a bathing suit. She's looking fit and ready to rock the beach in her two-toned bikini. The bright bikini top pairs well with her black bottoms, and those tattoos are on full display as is her turquoise belly button ring. Evans appears to be confident and carefree as she holds her pretty head up high. With the feeling of sand between her toes, this mom is no-nonsense and not afraid to show off her “mom bod.” And why would she be? She's in great shape and loves to be in the spotlight. Fun in the sun is always perfect for a busy mom, so Evans will make this precious moment last.

2 Briana DeJesus – Morphed Mother

Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus is from Orlando, FL, and she's 23 years of age. She has two kids, Nova and Stella, from two different dads, and we've watched many of her motherhood moments, thanks to MTV. In this “before” and “after” photo of the reality mom, we see the transformation in her look over the years. She's gone from plain to something far from it in the matter of a few years. Her revealing ensemble is a far cry from her former buttoned-up look. She went from minimal makeup to lots of it, and all those sparkles make DeJesus stand out from any crowd. Just because someone’s a mom doesn’t mean she can’t shine! Of course, this sexy look isn’t for PTA meetings, but when it’s a girls’ night out on the town and the kids are being watched by grandma, a mom can flaunt her fab figure and let loose.

1 Catelynn Baltierra – Fun-Lovin’ Former Teen Mom

Teen Mom star Catelynn Baltierra is a mom of one, but she gave birth to another daughter, who was given up for adoption. We saw all the drama play out on TV and have watched her and her husband over the years as they've struggled and succeeded. Baltierra hails from Michigan and is 25 years of age. She's written a book like some of the other Teen Mom mothers and is sure to be an inspiration to her daughter. In this pic of the young mom, she looks happy and fun in her cute tank top and fitted jeans. She likes to keep her look natural and carefree – perfect for a mom on the go. That smile lights up a room, and this mom seems like she's down-to-earth and likable.

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