15 Steamy Pics Of Pabllo Vittar That Will Make Us Question Our Orientation

At just 22 years old, Pabllo Vittar may very well be the most famous drag queen in the world, or at least on Instagram. With 3.4 Instagram followers (and counting), Pabllo Vittar is the most followed drag queen on Instagram and it’s easy to see why. She’s smokin’ hot. Like, seriously hot. Did I say she's hot yet? She's hot.

A quick scroll through her Instagram page is reminiscent of Kylie Jenner’s, as it bounces between editorial photoshoots to selfies with Snapchat filters. The juxtaposition of highly-edited photos alongside silly selfies has certainly helped her amass this great following. Regardless of the photo, the filter, or the wig of the day though, the thing that remains the same is that Pabllo Vittar always looks hot.

So who is Pabllo Vittar, anyway? Well, she’s not just an Instagram model, though she very well could make a living off her huge following. With that many followers, it’s estimated Pabllo could make upwards of $15,000 per Instagram post. But you won’t catch her shilling out Tummy Tea or Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, which, thank you Pabllo! Instead, Pabllo has used her platform to connect to her fans and promote her musical endeavors. Just this year, she released her first studio album, which has achieved critical acclaims as well as commercial success.

Below are 15 smokin’ hot photos of the most famous drag queen in the world, along with more information about Pabllo Vittar. So get ready to know your new favorite drag queen, ladies and gentlemen.


15 Um, Pabllo Vittar Or Kylie Jenner?

When I say Pabllo Vittar has MAJOR Kylie Jenner vibes, I mean that as a compliment. (I swear!)

Kylie Jenner, and anyone in the Kardashian/Jenner family for that matter, make people feel a very strong way. They usually love them or hate them, or love to hate them, or hate to love them. That said, people tend to hate on Kylie Jenner a little extra because she got plastic surgery at such a young age. Surgeries aside, Kylie Jenner is an attractive woman, who knows how to do two things very well: her makeup and her selfies. Likewise, Pabllo Vittar gets all the credit for doing some amazing makeup and taking a hot selfie that bears a resemblance to Kylie Jenner.

Pabllo's makeup in this selfie is actual perfection. I mean, look at that skin glow! And the eyelashes! It’s all so good. Also, check out the mesh shirt Pabllo is wearing underneath her jacket. She loves herself some mesh, like a lot, as you’ll see in the coming photos.

14 Pabllo Vittar, The Swimsuit Edition


Um, Pabllo Vittar could literally be a Sports Illustrated model, right? Also, Sports Illustrated should totally put Pabllo in the Swimsuit Edition because that would be amazing.

Pabllo’s already made a splash with a Playboy spread, which made headlines not for the photos of Pabllo, but for what they called Pabllo. In Playboy, Pabllo was referred to as a woman, which upset people in the trans community. Pabllo was not upset, as she explained, “I thought it was beautiful. I thanked them. Having a drag on Playboy is a form of representation. If I offended trans women, I apologize. I am a man, gay, gender fluid, drag. I don’t like to label myself. Never considered myself trans. If people don’t understand, I can explain. I don’t act all crazy.”

The "I don’t act all crazy" line reminds me of this line from RuPaul’s autobiography: “You can call me he. You can call me she. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee. I don't care! Just as long as you call me.”

While some drag queens may get offended by gender-specific pronouns, it seems both Pabllo and RuPaul don’t mind whatever you call them. On that note, I'm referring to Pabllo Vittar as a "she" because this article is about the specific drag persona. And if you were wondering, Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva is his birth name.

13 Pabllo Vittar Making Harry Potter Glasses Look Hot

Pabllo Vittar is so hot that she makes Harry Potter glasses look sexy. Happy Potter glasses, guys! I never thought I’d see the day when I thought Harry Potter glasses were the sexiest accessory ever, but here we are. Of course, it’s not just the Harry Potter glasses that make Pabllo Vittar look extra hot in this photo. The purple wig she’s rocking looks amazing on her, as does her makeup. Also, the lacy top paired with the lacy choker is sizzling.

All of this - the makeup, the wigs, the wardrobe - is part of a very curated look, though. It took Pabllo a long time to really find her drag look as she said, “On my 18th birthday, I started to do drag for real. It was just for fun at first. I used to play dress up. I evolved a lot until I found the aesthetic I like.”

Well, I think we can all agree that the aesthetic works for Pabllo.

12 Pabllo Vittar Has Legs For Days


Everything about this photo is colorful and amazing, from the pink walls, blue door, and yellow step, to the shoes Pabllo is wearing. Color, color, color! Also, look at Pabllo's legs! Many times, Pabllo will wear leggings or stockings, so you don’t get to see what amazing legs she has. In this photo though, her legs are on full display and WOWZA.

Pabllo Vittar credits an ex-boyfriend with introducing her to RuPaul’s Drag Race, which opened her up to the world of the drag community. At this point, RuPaul’s Drag Race has been on for nine seasons and shows no signs of slowing down, as there is a huge fanbase for the show. The show sees RuPaul as the host, mentor, and head judge for the drag queens competing on the show. Many drag queens who appear on the show will reap the benefits of being exposed to a larger audience, as they will gain a larger social media following and land spokesperson deals. That said, we probably shouldn't expect Pabllo Vittar to compete on the show,  as she doesn’t necessarily need the exposure. I mean, she’s already the most famous drag queen in the world.

11 Again, Pabllo Vittar Knows How To Take A Selfie

I have no words for how hot this selfie is. Pabllo Vittar, you are complete fire.

As I wrote earlier, Pabllo actually spent some time finding this look. After being exposed to the drag queen world via RuPaul's Drag Race, Pabllo was hooked. Luckily, her family was very supportive of her newfound passion. Her mom would even help her with the makeup and her sisters would come see her performances.

After starting drag, Pabllo also started to make videos in which she would sing covers of popular songs. Pabllo posted these to YouTube, which is when producer Rodrigo Gorky saw her. Gorky then invited Pabllo Vittar to record a demo of her own and that’s when her whole life changed.

This is a lesson for all of us. Whatever your passion may be, put it out there in the world because you never know what may happen.

10 Pabllo's Purple Wig For The Win!


Back to the purple wig, because Pabllo clearly loves rocking herself some purple hair. And also, I love her with purple hair too. It's such a fun color, right?

The thing that sets Pabllo Vittar apart from other drag queens is just how well she does her makeup. In every single picture, Pabllo’s lips, skin, eyebrows and eyes are perfection. And trust me as a woman, that is no small feat. Like, I would take any and every makeup tip Pabllo Vittar ever gave.

Okay, but back to her musical career. Of the demo, Pabllo said, “I never thought I’d make an album with my own songs. Gorky embraced my ideas to bring my personality into the album.”

And personality was indeed brought. It took a whole year for them to record the album of ten tracks. The time put into the album certainly paid off, as all ten tracks have surpassed 1 million plays on Spotify, which is huge, especially for a debut album.

9 If This Isn't The Hottest Photo Ever, I Don't Know What Is

I feel like I shouldn’t even write anything about this picture. It speaks for itself, right? RIGHT? Pabllo is so mega, mega, mega hot that there simply aren’t enough fire emojis to describe her.

Also, not to bring back Kylie Jenner because I know you all have strong feelings about her, but this is a total Kylie Jenner photo. The hair, the pose, the makeup, and the lingerie all scream Kylie Jenner. That said, I definitely don’t think Pabllo Vittar or Kylie Jenner are necessarily copying one another, but it's rather just that this look is popular right now. Certain looks are in style at certain times. Right now, very bold makeup and bold eyebrows are in fashion. Obviously, Pabllo Vittar has her pulse on what is chic, which may be why she’s amassed such an insane Instagram following.

Again though, THAT PICTURE.


8 Oh By The Way, Pabllo's Body Is Tight


Now we have pink hair because Pabllo Vittar can literally wear every single hair color and look like a total smokebomb.

Career-wise, Pabllo Vittar didn’t amass that Instagram following overnight. No, it was a long time coming. Pabllo’s first television appearance was in 2014, when she sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” on a Brazilian television show. Pabllo’s popularity grew with her YouTube music video for “Open Bar,” which was Portuguese version of Major Lazer's song "Lean On.” That YouTube video reached a whopping 1 million views. So again, let this be a lesson to us all to put our dreams out there because you never know how life may work out.

Speaking of work out, what kind of work outs does Pabllo Vittar do? Because her stomach is toned!

7 Not The Most Practical Outfit, But Also It's Super Hot

Um… nude fishnets under teeny cut-off jeans with a crop top and an orange fur jacket? Well, it’s not the most practical outfit in the world, but also screw practicality. It’s fun and Pabllo Vittar looks amazing in it.

Everything in life comes full circle, doesn’t it? In Pabllo's case it certainly did. Pabllo’s popularity grew because of her cover of a Major Lazer song. Right now, her most recent work is on an actual Major Lazer song called “Sua Cara,” which was released this summer and it basically exploded.

In June, Major Lazer posted a video of "Sua Cara" to his YouTube account. The video had the song’s lyrics on the screen, but no music video. In one week, this video - with just the lyrics! - reached 7.4 million views. That's more than 1 million views per day, people! This made the song the most played song of the album.

On July 30th, a music video for "Sua Cara" was released, which featured Pabllo in full drag. The music video reached over 20 million views in 24 hours, so yeah.

6 Pabllo Vittar Should Honestly Do Toothpaste Commercials


I could talk about a number of things in this photo, like Pabllo’s glowing skin, eyelashes for days, or her choker. But instead, I’m hypnotized by her teeth. How good are her teeth? She should honestly do toothpaste commercials. I would 100% by any toothpaste she endorsed.

So, Pabllo has clearly found great success this summer in her collaboration with Major Lazer, but her own album has also had great success. Her debut album is entitled Vai Passar Mal. Critics praised the album for the short, well-produced songs, many of which had lyrics about self-esteem. Also, the fact that Pabllo’s album is full of positive messages about self love is amazing, as the music world truly needs more of that. The second single off the album “Todo Dia” reached more than 50 million views on YouTube in two months, which made it the most viewed video ever made by a drag queen. The third single “K.O.” broke her own record, because LOL. The "K.O." music video has reached more 100 million views.

5 Pabllo, Take Me To The Beach

Pabllo Vittar isn’t without her controversies, though. Rico Dalasam , the writer of “Todo Dai,” filed a lawsuit against the producers of the song. This resulted in YouTube taking down Pabllo’s music video for the song, y’know the video that was the most viewed video made by a drag queen… until Pabllo beat her own record. On August 9th, the song was also removed from streaming services, such as Spotify. While this may seem like a bump in the road, I’m not worried for Pabllo’s career. She’s clearly on the up and up and nothing, not even a lawsuit, can stop her. Okay, I guess technically the right kind of lawsuit could stop her, but you know what I mean.

Oh, and about this picture. Pabllo obviously looks stunning. That's all.

4 A Little Denim Choker Never Hurt Nobody


I am here for this denim choker Pabllo loves to sport. Also, how has this denim choker thing not become a trend yet? In this photo, y'know besides the denim choker, Pabllo is rocking dark hair, which is a change of pace. Many times you’ll see her in blonde or a brightly colored pink or purple wig. This dark hair, however, compliments her skin tone and matches her eyebrows perfectly. It looks like her legit hair. And again, her makeup is the most flawless ever.

Quite frankly, the global reach of Pabllo Vittar is impressive as hell. Previously, RuPaul was the most widely known drag queen. That makes sense, as RuPaul has been in the game for forever. I mean, RuPaul started dressing in drag in the ‘90s. But RuPaul is now 56 years old, which by the way, he looks AMAZING. Still though, it’s time for a young drag queen to step up and take the reins, using their platform to promote acceptance and breakdown stereotypes. And I think Pabllo Vittar is that person.

3 Pabllo Vittar Just Really Likes Mesh Clothing

Pabllo Vittar is really into clothing that is almost not there. Fishnets and mesh are her jam. Give her all the fishnet stockings and mesh shirts there are. That said, I actually love this look. It’s a little big glam, a little bit rock and roll, and 100% Pabllo Vittar.

On being a drag icon, Pabllo said, “The drag art is growing. We have drags on ads, TV shows, novelas, movies. People now have more access to knowledge about it and less prejudice. I get a lot of messages. The community is changing the image of what drags used to be related to, that all we do is party. We help causes. They tell me I inspired them, but knowing it inspires me. I dropped out of college to follow this dream. We don’t have more time to wait, we have to make a statement and ask for our rights and for respect.”

The drag community, as well as the whole LGBT community, has come a long way in the past few decades. However there are still protests, hate crimes, and laws that restrict their rights. It seems like a great time for someone as young, levelheaded, and inspiring as Pabllo Vittar to use her voice to bring even more positivity to this community.

2 Yes, Pabllo Literally Looks Good With Every Single Hair Color


I would call this hair color… tangerine? Right? That seems to be the most accurate word for this hair color which I love, by the way.

This is the thing about drag, you get to wear such fun items. Want blue hair? Do it. Want to dress like Marie Antoinette? Do it. There are no limits. It’s about having fun and embracing what you want to do. While it’s widely considered a hobby of gay men, there’s also a community of straight men who dress in drag and that’s because, like I said, it’s FUN.

In a way, it's innovative that Pabllo Vittar has had such success performing in drag. But also, one could argue that Pabllo Vittar’s persona is no different from Lady Gaga, Madonna, or Britney Spears. These are three successful singers who dress in a certain way while performing, so that they can embrace a certain persona. It takes makeup, wigs, costumes and false eyelashes to transform Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Britney into who they are on stage. Likewise, Pabllo uses these materials to transform into her stage-self too. It's not all that different, guys.

1 And This Is Why Pabllo Is The Most Famous Drag Queen

Do I really need to say how flawless Pabllo Vittar is in this photo? I mean, you have eyes. You see can she’s an epic human being.

The really amazing thing about Pabllo Vittar is she's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. At just 22 years old, she’s achieved major success and also sees it as an opportunity to bring more awareness and positivity to the drag community. Just for some perspective to how great Pabllo is - at 22 the only thing I was concerned with was how many Jello shots I was going to do that night, so yeah.

It seems our world is moving in a more open and accepting direction, with Pabllo Vittar able to achieve such massive success and Covergirl naming James Charles as the newest face of Covergirl. Pabllo Vittar will be here for that change and also, she’ll be looking hot in the meantime.



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