15 Steamy Pics Of Kylie Jenner In Yoga Pants

Here is how we see the overall picture: one third of the world is obsessed with Kylie Jenner (the other two-thirds are distributed among the other members of the Kardashians and the Jenners), and Kylie herself is obsessed with Barbie. During the last year, she has undergone all types of painful surgical procedures in order to look like a Barbie doll for her boyfriend Tyga. But because she is a person of many talents, she is able to do two, and even three things simultaneously. Along with the Barbie looks, it’s a known fact among her Instagram followers that the girl is also obsessed with yoga pants. In fact, she loves her yoga pants so much that we are inclined to believe that her love for them slightly surpasses her love for Tyga, judging by the fact that she is tweeting and snapchatting more selfies wearing yoga pants than clutching onto Tyga’s arm. Of course, those pants are worn not only to accentuate her curves, but they sometimes fulfill also the utilitarian purpose they are meant for. You know, this body that Kylie is flaunting everywhere doesn’t look like that thanks only to the plastic surgeons. The girl’s workout regime is like that of a Spartan warrior: it includes running up Hollywood hills and taking a lot of selfies in between two exercises. What seems to be as important as the proper training regime though is her wearing the proper fashionable clothing while sweating in the gym.

Check out 15 of the hottest pics of Kylie showing her great body in those famous yoga pants.

15 From Every Angle


Kylie loves to experiment with clothes – she often documents herself trying one pair of yoga pants in unconventional prints, combining them with different tops (although she would generally go for black tops), and different accessories. Since she was a fresh teen, she’s taken fashion risks. Most of those fashion experiments have turned to be massive screw-ups, but Jenner couldn't care less what the self-proclaimed fashionistas and the mortal people think about her style as long as her beloved Tyga is satisfied with her looks. Actually, her inspirational slogan reads word for word the following, “I want to encourage people/young girls like me to be YOURSELF & not to be afraid to experiment with your look.” Yes, Kylie IS a true inspiration for young girls, but mostly because she has learned how to properly apply her “makeup, contour and everything.”

14 R(h)apsody in Blue


We know what Kylie’s favorite lip color is. That’s the Candy K shade of her own lip kit collection, of course. The 19-year-old can rock any lip color, really, but what about her favorite color in general? Since she looks absolutely fabulous in this blue ensemble, we presume it’s blue. But is it? In April 2016, she posted a photo on Instagram, in which she was totally clothed in black and was even wearing black nail polish. The caption that went with the photo read, “Can you guess my favorite color?” Well, Kylie, it’s really difficult. Tell us! Wait, is it black? It must be black. On the one hand most people love wearing black– it’s slimming, it’s comfortable, it goes with everything, and it’s chic. On the other hand, we suggest switching back to blue, judging from this flattering picture.

13 Grey’s Anatomy?


We are happy to declare that grey also looks pretty great on Kylie. Especially in combination with her blond hair, which she dyed in September last year. She first showed her blonde locks at the New York fashion week. This sudden change didn’t exactly take her fans by surprise, because they had become used to her constantly modifying her looks. At this point, we are already thinking whether she suffers from the so-called “restless hair syndrome”, which is especially contagious among celebs. Blonde or brunette? How do we like her better? Honestly, any color will go with that stretchy grey sport outfit of hers.

12 From The Closet


People try to hide dirty secrets in the closet. For Kylie, however, there is nothing in her closet she wouldn’t make public. Like this picture in which she shows this Everest of a butt she owns! Ok, here is the situation. For the past ten years, we have seen Kim Kardashian’s magical ass from all possible angles. Her million-dollar insured butt has appeared everywhere– on magazine covers, in commercials, all over Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media. It won’t surprise us if it has appeared even on Mars for some reason. Honestly, the Kardashians have to be really thankful to this butt because without it, they would have been known to no one and most probably even poor. But what is happening now is that the little sis is taking over the throne by storm.

Ladies and gentlemen, enter Kylie Jenner.

11 White On Black


You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or some other infamous fictional detective to assess the situation logically and come up to the conclusion that Kylie Jenner loves to please her man by dressing in white. No matter the occasion! We still remember when she slipped into a tight hot white dress and matching heels to treat Tyga for his birthday in November 2016. Earlier that year, she put on a tank bodysuit in white again, this time for Tyga’s son’s B-day party. See any consistency in her behavior? Kylie, of course, snapchatted both events, trying to get the most adorable shots of herself, the boyfriend, and his kid.

10 Puma Wearing Puma


Seductive and dangerous– this is how Kylie wants us to see her in this photo session. Actually, her choices in sportswear have long now been a source of disagreement within her family circle. In a September episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it was revealed that Kylie’s Puma contract fired up some serious drama, on the bottom of which were Kim, Kanye West, and Kris Jenner. The Puma deal had gotten them into conflict with Yeezy (which is Adidas' original design by Kanye West) and Nike. In order to restore the peace and quiet in the family, Kylie had to find a way out of the tricky situation. So far, she’s been successfully navigating her way among the three brands by securing room in her wardrobe for a piece of clothing from each one of them. Her Puma outfit, however, seriously gets the upper hand for now.

9 What's That We See?


We are not quite sure whether she doesn’t notice it, or she does it on purpose. Either way, what her see-through leggings lavishly display here may be sexy in one context, but totally tasteless in many other contexts. By the way she strategically holds her phone, we are inclined to believe that Kylie IS somehow aware of this massive wardrobe malfunction. The sad moral of this story– sorry, we mean picture– is that no matter how much money the Jenners and the Kardashians spend on plastic surgery, clothes, jewelry, cars, weddings, fixing-up scandals, and self-marketing, they still can look cheap. Even in Chanel!

8 The Work-Out Routine


As we said earlier, those infamous yoga pants of Kylie’s are not only for show. They actually fulfill their original mission by facilitating her movements while she’s working out. Many girls must have asked themselves how to get Kylie’s bikini body, and many guys must have asked themselves how to get one such for themselves. Both are legitimate questions! In a New York article from September 2015, Kylie credits her older sister Kourtney for helping her lose 15 pounds and stay in shape. Kylie says that you don’t need an expensive personal trainer if a family member or a friend volunteers to train with you– this makes the workout routine more fun and far more effective.

7 Favorite Selfie Spot?


And here is an example of wearing yoga pants just for the sake of it. The selfie on the left even got Kylie 1.2 million likes on Instagram! Sometimes Kylie decides to slip off her expensive, extravagant dresses and the flare trousers she seems to be so fond of, and go for her favorite skin-baring dressing style. She’s totally pulling off this neutral look! Recently, she disclosed that her wardrobe is packed with clothes, and sometimes she gets so frustrated over the fact that she’s not able to wear everything that she chooses to go for the simplest ensemble. Of course, we can’t be easily fooled that the reason why she got so many likes was because people were mad about a spandex leggings and a matching top! If it wasn’t for her ample bosom and those long loose waves, Instagram would have been a very lonely place…

6 The Baseball Caps Obsession


2015 was a turbulent year for Kylie– she’d fall in and out of love for various fashion items, hair styles, particular accessories, lipstick colors, etc. She has admitted on several occasions that she IS a total style chameleon. This photo captures her in the period when she was obsessed with baseball caps. Back then, she’d also change her hair color every two days– she was going from black to aqua blue to pink literally overnight. At some point, her fans started suspecting that her caps obsession might have had something to do with her changing hair color. If we apply some deductive reasoning here, we’ll come to the conclusion that she was most probably wearing wigs. To switch from one color to another in less than 24 hours is kind of impossible, considering the amount of bleach that’s needed to soften the roots, and besides, there would’ve been unpleasant consequences for the hair itself– it would’ve been falling off in chunks from such an aggressive treatment.

5 The Perfect Present


You know you’ve become someone in Hollywood when you launch your own fashion or cosmetic brand and it starts selling well. Also, you may consider yourself a success if everything you touch turns into gold. Even if it is some stupid product for butt and breast enhancement! You don’t actually need to cast a monkey or a cute baby and pay millions of dollars for advertising campaigns on TV. The best marketing tactic really is to get hold of a Jenner or a Kardashian, tell them to throw on some yoga pants, and ask them nicely to pose with your product for an Instagram picture. In this classic Kylie photo, we see her address the guys because, you see, this product can be the perfect Valentine present. It’s worked for her, so why wouldn't it also work for any slim-ass girlfriend out there? We bet many guys must have bought the jar (even if they had no girlfriend at all!) only to make Kylie happy.

4 The Camel Toe Malfunction


Yes, it’s an 'oops' moment for Kylie, and yet, it’s nothing to get hysterical about. We still remember Kim Kardashian’s camel toe-revealing bodysuit she wore under an oversized fur coat when she visited Iceland. The pics were all over the internet last spring. And it’s not only family members who’ve suffered such an unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. Two years ago, some evil people wanted to make Selena Gomez defend herself on Instagram for gaining a little weight, but she didn’t seem to care about the beach photos of her rocking a hot and wet camel toe-revealing bikini bottom. We personally believe that there shouldn’t be anything embarrassing about pouring one’s curves into tight-fitting clothes and a camel toe here and there is not a big tragedy, either. It certainly works for Kylie.

3 The Non-Dairy Diet


Many girls are dreaming about having Kylie’s curves. Unfortunately, in most cases these are given by Mother Nature and there isn’t much to be done about that. But if you want to get Kylie’s flat stomach… Well, it’s a whole other business. First, there’s the hard training. Second, it’s the nutrition regime. When asked how she managed to lose 15 pounds, she said it was with the help of a qualified nutritionist. She shared that for some years she had been experiencing discomfort after eating certain foods. Kylie is probably lactose intolerant because after being advised by a medical professional to cut dairy from her diet, she instantly started feeling better. Apart from the change in her diet, she very much watches what she consumes between meals. “Every time I get hungry for a snack during the day, I like to have Justin Almond Butter packets. It’s easy.” So much for subtle product advertisement!

2 Just Getting In The Car


We are aware how a lady enhances the size of her bosom, but what about the posterior area? Finally, Kylie Jenner has revealed she’s been using a secret weapon all along while she’s been tweeting those hundreds of pics of her amazing, enviable butt. The girl is a fan of stimulating creams. So, if you want to “keep up with the Kardashians” and more specifically with Kylie’s butt, what you need to do is spend at least $50 on a product, we are afraid. Actually, Kylie never kept it a secret that she’s been using specific underwear in order to enhance her butt size. She even tweeted a picture of wearing butt paddings, and shortly after the padded butt pic, she shared a photo of herself wearing blue lipstick in support of World Bullying Prevention Day. “Spread love, she tweeted, & you will receive. Nothing can be done if we don’t do it together.” A mega cheesy statement indeed, but the girl needs to say something she considers relevant to the world now and then.

1 Baseball Caps And Raris


Is it possible that Kim Kardashian has been dethroned as the most famous family’s queen by her younger half-sister Kylie? But here are the facts. Kylie Jenner was named the most searched-for style person of 2016 by the community-powered commerce website Polyvore. Besides being an admired trend setter, the teenager managed to turn her name into a luxury brand. The Kylie Lip Kit and makeup pallet have made her a millionaire– girls have been buying the products not because of their quality, but because they associate them with their idol. There have been rumors circulating around for quite some time now that Kim and Kylie have been on each other’s throats over the little sister’s success with the lip kit. What's more, the two sisters have been involved in a ferocious competition not only over fashion sense and business triumph, but also over the number of Instagram followers. Yes, it’s a tough world for girls out there…

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