17 Steamy Pics Of Emilia Clarke Vs Sophie Turner

Game of Thrones is full of Hollywood's hottest rising stars, from Kit Harington to Maisie Williams to Natalie Dormer. Though, there seems to be no one hotter or rising faster than both Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner. Both beautiful, young actresses are hot commodities in Hollywood. That said though, one has to ask the natural question: Who is hotter? Emilia Clarke or Sophie Turner?

It's not that we want to put the actresses at odds with each other, since that’s an annoying thing that the world always seems to do. But the interesting thing is that Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner are both super hot, but also so very different looking. Emilia Clarke’s bold brows, expressive eyes, plump lips, and rounder face give her a softer, more open look. Sophie Turner’s slightly more narrow and angular features give her a look that is much sharper, but equally as beautiful. With such different features, who is the hottest Game of Thrones queen? The Mother of Dragons or the Queen of the North? (And don’t even tell me Sansa Stark isn’t the Queen of the North. She’s the goddamn Queen of the North!)

Below we put the hot, young actresses head to head to find out who the reigning Game of Thrones beauty is.

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17 Blondes Have More Fun: Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke is (shockingly) a natural brunette, though this is not the hair color one necessarily associates with Emilia Clarke. Instead, one may think of Emilia Clarke as a blonde, which is the hair color she rocks while playing Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. The very, very blonde hair of Daenerys has become a look for which Emilia Clarke is known. And quite frankly, I’m a fan of the blonde. It compliments her skin tone and it makes her dark, thick eyebrows stand out even more so. Plus, blondes have more fun, right?

That said, Emilia Clarke’s hair should actually be a tad bit different on Game of Thrones. In the novels, Daenerys Targaryen's hair all burns off when she gives birth to her dragons, so it’s been slowly growing back ever since. If the show were true to the book version of Daenerys, she'd rock more of a Cersei-esque hairstyle rather than the long, glorious locks she has on the show.

16 Blondes Have More Fun: Sophie Turner

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Sophie Turner’s blonde hair is pretty much the opposite situation from Emilia Clarke's blonde hair. What I mean is that Emilia Clarke is a natural brunette who goes blonde for Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner, on the other hand, is a natural blonde who goes red for the television show. That's right, Sophie Turner isn't a natural redhead. Sorry to break your hearts.

In previous seasons, Sophie Turner was dying her hair red. So all that long, beautiful red hair in the early seasons was her own. And yes, I’m incredibly jealous. However, in 2016, Turner had enough of dying her hair red and went back to her blonde roots. While filming season seven of Game of Thrones, Turner rocked a red wig. Can you tell the difference? Because I can't.

Whether you like her better as a redhead or a blonde, you can’t deny that the blonde adds a certain ice queen element to Sophie Turner’s already frosty look.

15 Lady In Red: Emilia Clarke

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Now we have Emilia Clarke with her natural hair color. Are you a fan of the brunette or the blonde hair on Emilia Clarke? I love me some Emilia Clarke with blonde hair because, as I said, it brings out her eyebrows and helps all her other beautiful features just pop. However, the darker hair gives Emilia Clarke a more sultry and seductress-like look.

Oh, and speaking of sultry and seductress-like, check out that red dress! It’s my personal belief that every single woman looks great in a sexy red dress, and Emilia Clarke is proving my point for me. Though, Emilia Clarke would also look great in a brown paper bag, so there's that.

Also, we can all laugh a little bit at the way the red dress kind of matches the red carpet too perfectly. It's literally blending in together. I guess that’s the downside of wearing a red dress ON the red carpet. Still, Emilia Clarke looks like a fiery goddess.

14 Lady In Red: Sophie Turner

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I'm going to go ahead and say Sophie Turner definitely won the red dress round, right?

While wearing her red dress, Emilia Clarke went with dark eye makeup and a glossy lip. This makeup is a more modern look. Sophie Turner, on the other hand, went with a red lip and low-key eye makeup, which is evocative of Old Hollywood glamour. On that note, Turner’s curls also add to the Old Hollywood glamour appeal. Pairing a hot red dress with Old Hollywood glamour is a match with which you really can't go wrong.

Also, Sophie Turner’s deep slit WORKS for her. Queen of the North, y'all!

Sorry to Emilia Clarke, but Turner definitely takes the red dress round. I’m sure Emilia Clarke isn’t too offended, seeing as how Esquire named literally her the Sexiest Woman Alive.

13 Working The Red Carpet: Emilia Clarke

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Enough with red dresses. Let’s talk about their red carpet looks in general, shall we?

Emilia Clarke’s red carpets looks are, admittedly, a little all over the place. She’s very daring, in that she wears whatever color, pattern, or silhouette she wants. Props to Emilia Clarke for experimenting, but it's led to some less than perfect red carpet appearances.

That said, this was a great red carpet look for Emilia Clarke, if not her all-time best. This nude, sparkly, strapless number works for her. It literally looks like she's just wearing a second skin. The thing is, Emilia Clarke is a natural beauty, so she doesn’t need a big, showy dress. Instead, this understated dress draws attention to her beautiful face and flawless physique.

Speaking of Emilia Clarke's physique, look at how teeny, tiny her waist is! And teeny, tiny is exactly what Emilia Clarke is, clocking in at only 5’2”.

12 Working The Red Carpet: Sophie Turner

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You know how Emilia Clarke is only 5’2”? Yeah well, Sophie Turner clocks in at 5’9”. Like, Sophie Turner should legit walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I mean, look at those legs!

Besides her height, Sophie Turner does have another slight edge on the red carpet. Turner is a Louis Vuitton spokesperson, so Louis Vuitton always dresses Sophie Turner for her red carpet appearances. That certainly makes things easier for Turner, huh? In fact, the above number is a Louis Vuitton gown.

Since signing on with Louis Vuitton, Turner’s red carpet fashion has evolved leaps and bounds. She now sports a mature, high-fashion look that is equal parts sexy and sophisticated. Seriously, Turner somehow shows just enough skin to entice you, but never too much.

Emilia Clarke is the type who is just as beautiful on the red carpet as she is on the couch. However, Turner has the type of beauty that is actually amplified on the red carpet. Like, Sophie Turner was pretty much born to wear pretty gowns and walk on red carpets.

11 The Steamy Photoshoot: Emilia Clarke

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Oh, meow! Searching the web, you’ll find a ton of sultry photos of Emilia Clarke. (Seriously, just Google!)

At 30 years old, Emilia Clarke has been the subject of male attention for a long time now. When Game of Thrones premiered, she was 23 years old. You know, a normal age for dudes to find you attractive. So, this led to some steamy photoshoots, like the above photo. Throughout the years, Emilia Clarke has done some hot photoshoots with the likes of Esquire, GQ, and other publications.

In her photoshoots, however, Emilia Clarke has never done full nudity, though she’s done so while on Game of Thrones. Whether Daenerys Targaryen was having hot Dothraki sex, giving birth to dragons, or burning down all the Khals, Emilia Clarke has been game for appearing nude on the hit show. Though, Clarke actually turned down the starring role in the 50 Shades of Grey franchise because of the nudity, so it seems she picks her nudity wisely.

10 The Steamy Photoshoot: Sophie Turner

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You'll find far fewer sultry photos of Sophie Turner on the Internet, because she’s simply too young. Sure, Sophie Turner is 21 years old now. But when Game of Thrones premiered, Turner was only 14 years old. Yes, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams were both that young when the show premiered. So while Emilia Clarke has been an object of male attention since the premiere of the show, Sophie Turner was far too young to appear in a sexualized manner for quite some time.

Now in season seven, both Sophie Turner and Sansa Stark have grown up right before our eyes. And now, Sophie Turner is now a legit Hollywood hottie. At just 21, Turner has a long, successful career ahead of her and, I'm sure, a ton of steamy photoshoots to come.

Also, when was this girl’s awkward period? She grew up in front of millions of people looking hot the whole time. Not. Fair.

9 With Ol' Jon Snow: Emilia Clarke

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Here is Emilia Clarke posing with Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. To be honest, Kit Harington may have better hair than both Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner. Just look at those luscious locks! I mean…

Emilia Clarke also looks good, because Emilia Clarke always looks good. Emilia Clarke almost always looks even better when she’s sporting a more undone look, like the above. Her hair is free, her face is rocking minimal/natural makeup, and her outfit is something a normal girl would maybe wear to work. That’s the appeal of Emilia Clarke. She’s a show-stopping beauty, but she’s also the type of hot you might actually see on the streets.

Oh, and Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are most probably going to get it on before season seven comes to a close, which will also be a show-stopping moment.

8 With Ol' Jon Snow: Sophie Turner

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Here’s Kit Harington with Sophie Turner, who plays his, errr, little sister on Game of Thrones. Though, the only thing little here is Kit Harington. I’m kidding. Kind of. Harington is 5’8”, which isn’t THAT short, but it does mean Sophie Turner is taller than him.

These photos of Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner with Kit Harington don't just show their height differences, but they also highlight the stark differences in their beauty. While Emilia Clarke is beautiful in an everyday way, Sophie Turner is beautiful in a more aspirational way. This is to say that Sophie Turner looks best when she is glammed up. I mean, Sophie Turner is basically a human swan-flamingo hybrid, so putting her on a red carpet just works.

Before season seven, many people predicted Sansa Stark would turn on Jon Snow. More than halfway through the season, though, that remains to be seen. Here’s hoping Sansa Stark stays true to Jon Snow, because the audience will not take kindly to her pulling a fast one on him.

7 Emilia Clarke, As Daenerys Targaryen

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Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen is undeniably hot. In fact, she may be one of the hottest fictional characters of all time. Even if Daenerys may be inching towards becoming another insane Targaryen, it’s still electrifying to see her ride into battle on her dragon.

And that’s the thing, her character isn’t just physically hot. There’s sex appeal in the fact that her character is a badass. Like, this is the Mother of Dragons! She gave birth to three adorable baby dragons, who grew into a fleet of full-grown destroyers. There’s also the fact that she’s gone around freeing slaves. Oh, and her steamy sex scenes help, because is there really anything hotter than Daenerys and Khal Drogo having sex? Nope.

So yes, Daenerys Targaryen is hot in her costumes, like the above. But Daenerys Targaryen is also hot because she’s a powerful woman, who births dragons, frees slaves, and makes pretty cool speeches.

6 Sophie Turner, As Sansa Stark

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First of all, I never really noticed Sophie Turner had a chest until this picture. OKAY, SOPHIE!

Moving on, Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark is just as hot as Daenerys Targaryen. No, Sansa's never gotten to rock the sexy savage-style costumes Daenerys rocked. Instead, Sansa is usually dressed somewhat lady-like, because lady-like she is. Sansa Stark looks like the perfect example of a princess or a queen. She’s graceful, sophisticated, and feminine. However, Sansa Stark isn’t necessarily all those things. Yes, Sansa started out with aspirations to marry the prince. Though, she’s come along way from her crush on Joffrey. Hell, this is a woman who fed her husband to his own vicious dogs. Say what you will of Sansa Stark, but she’s grown into a power player in Game of Thrones. Do not underestimate Lady Stark.

There is something exceptionally hot about Sansa Stark, in that she has become the coldest ice queen in all of Game of Thrones. At this point, she's arguably even colder than Cersei Lannister.

Whether you think Sansa Stark or Daenerys Targaryen is hotter, strong female characters are always hot.

5 The Instagram Round: Sophie Turner

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Sophie Turner may win the Instagram round simply because of her age. Instagram – and all social media, for that matter – is a young person’s game. I’m sorry, but the younger generation is just better at social media than everyone else. This is because they literally grew up with social media. They just get it, as opposed to anyone 30 or over. This innate understanding of social media is even why Kylie Jenner is overthrowing Kim Kardashian as the HBIC of the family.

Enough about the Kardashians. Sophie Turner, at 21 years old, is better at social media than her older co-stars. There’s also the fact that Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner’s real life BFF, often makes appearances on her Instagram. And really, what’s better than real life Sansa and Arya hanging out?

Turner often takes to Instagram to post sometimes sexy, sometimes funny, and sometimes both sexy and funny photos. It’s always apparent that Sophie Turner is having fun though, which makes her Instagram fun to scroll through.

4 The Instagram Round: Emilia Clarke

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Like I said, Sophie Turner may have a leg up on the social media game because she’s younger, but Emilia Clarke also has an Instagram worth following.

Of course, the photos Emilia Clarke posts are beautiful, y’know, because she’s beautiful. You can't be that physically attractive and take an ugly photo, right? However, Emilia Clarke’s Instagram, more so than even Sophie Turner’s, is all about being funny and goofy. Like, Emilia Clarke posts A LOT of pictures of herself in the bathroom and on the toilet. No, I’m not even kidding. I’ve actually never seen another celebrity Instagram that takes such pleasure in posting toilet pictures. But, you do you, Emilia Clarke.

Honestly, there’s nothing hotter than someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, so points to Emilia Clarke.

3 The Little Black Dress: Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke is obviously smokin' hot, but so is her career. Obviously, Clarke stars on Game of Thrones, a role which has earned her three Emmy nominations. Not bad for a 30-year-old.

Emilia Clarke also starred as Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys, which pulled in less at the box office than expected. This failure of the film to perform as predicted was actually blamed on Clarke’s performance in the film. Um, Hollywood deserves for Emilia Clarke to go full Daenerys on them for that one.

But have no fear, Emilia Clarke’s career didn’t suffer too much. Clarke went on to star in Me Before You, which performed very well at the box office. This proved Clarke is a force to be reckoned with on both the small and big screen. This also proved Emilia Clarke was NOT to be blamed for the failure of Terminator Genisys.

Emilia Clarke is also set to appear in 2018’s Han Solo film. Basically, her career is on fire.

2 The Little Black Dress: Sophie Turner

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In comparing Sophie Turner's and Emilia Clarke’s careers, Sophie Turner does have the added bonus that she’s younger. I mean, Sophie Turner pretty much lucked out with being cast as Sansa Stark at just 14 years old. BOOM, her career jump-started before she was even legally able to drink.

That said, Sophie Turner hadn’t appeared in too much other than Game of Thrones. In 2016, Turner did join the X-Men franchise, appearing as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. Turner’s Jean Grey was actually the mutant to save the day in X-Men: Apocalypse, though the movie doesn’t make it very clear as to why that was, but whatever.

Sophie Turner playing the iconic Jean Grey is great for career. She’ll reprise the role in 2018’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix storyline in the comics is largely a Jean Grey story, so it’s likely X-Men: Dark Phoenix could feature a ton of screen time for Sophie Turner. Sophie Turner's on the up and up, guys.

1 And The Winner Is...

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Guys, did you really think I was going to name a winner? Um, I kind of just wanted to talk about how beautiful and how different these two actresses are.

And that’s the thing, these are two wildly different beauties, as is even evident on Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner is graceful and long. She’s like if Audrey Hepburn and a flamingo had a baby, and that baby had red hair. Emilia Clarke, on the other hand, is an everyday beauty. She's the girl next door but, like, the hottest girl next door ever.

Yes, Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke are very beautiful in very different ways. Honestly, who you find more attractive just depends on your personal preferences. What these two beauties do have in common is that they are also both successful actresses on the most critically acclaimed show ever. So basically, they are both queens.

Now let’s all also pray to the old gods and the new that Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark make it through the seventh season.

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