15 Steamy Photos Tiger Woods Likely Kept In His Phone Of Lindsey Vonn

In November of 2009, Tiger Woods saw his life change forever and it wasn’t for the better (hey, that rhymes). National Enquirer ran a story about Tiger being a cheater and his life was exposed to another degree following the claims. His clean cut image was tarnished and his problems continue to persist nowadays. His recent struggle saw him behind bars as he was found passed out in front of the wheel of his car. Tiger’s now getting cleaned up in a much needed rehab facility.

With all the bad in his life he did have some good, like dating Lindsey Vonn in 2013. The relationship helped him get back on his feet and it didn’t hurt that Lindsey is also an absolute smokeshow. Following the break up in 2015, the 32 year old has kicked things up a notch in the heat department posting some edgier “Not So PG” pics via her Instagram account. Because of that, her popularity has grown immensely.

Well, that popularity recently grew even more with a picture leak that breached her privacy. With a picture of Tiger also making the rounds, we have reason to believe Woods himself likely also kept a couple of “Not So PG” pics of his ex girlfriend. If he did, these 15 might be the types of photos he kept. Enjoy the article and like always, let us know your thoughts via Facebook!


15 The SI Body Paint Shoot

Both Lindsey Vonn and Sports Illustrated have broken the internet numerous times individually due to some of the steamiest shoots we’ve ever seen. So you knew when the two got together that something special was going down. The outcome was so good that we believe Tiger likely saved a couple of the photos, particularly the one you see above due to its “Not So PG” nature. Whether you know Vonn or not, there’s no denying the heat factor of such a pic.

If you haven’t noticed, the one-piece is not an actual bathing suit but instead, it’s something that was painted on her body. Yup, get up off the ground.... SI has taken this route with many other athletes (including Ronda Rousey). Both came out of the shoot looking better than ever. Good work, SI.

14 Skiing In The Buff


It isn’t Vonn playing golf in the buff, but we’re sure Tiger settled for this picture as Vonn is rocking her ski gear while completely baring it all. She was very proud of the shoot, as she should be. When you work that hard and are that successful, you have every right to flaunt whatever makes you happy. Vonn took the picture to her Instagram account and let’s just say it caused quite the stir among her fans. The like button was nearly broken and the comments section was littered with inappropriateness (as one can imagine). It wouldn’t shock us one bit if Woods had a ghost account and left a comment like, “You look great. Keep it up”, in typical Tiger-like fashion.

Had Tiger’s phone been hacked, we have reason to believe he had his own copy of such a picture and one that would somehow be a little more revealing!

13 Lindsey On The Green

This picture was truly a dream for Tiger. It featured his beautiful blonde partner from back in the day on the green. Heck, she was even wearing green. When the couple was together they really hit it off. Vonn was even photographed taking care of Tiger’s children during some of his tournaments.

Following the end of his marriage Woods would briefly find love again with the stunning skier. The two met a while back and made things official in March of 2013. They ended up splitting two years later on amicable terms. Vonn blamed the media for the failure of the relationship. Although things ended, they’ve stayed close throughout. The gossip mill even recently ran a story, saying that Lindsey actually reached out to her ex following Tiger’s recent accident which saw him check into rehab.

12 Lindsey’s Picture Post After Tiger’s Arrest


Poor Tiger, just can’t catch a break and this picture just reinforced that statement. Following Woods' recent arrest (when he was found passed out in front of the wheel of his car), Vonn posted this picture on social media which just added insult to injury. The fantastic picture showed Vonn looking ravishing while spending time on a luxury boat in Monte Carlo. At the same time, poor Tiger was under arrest behind bars looking at a different type of view....

Vonn’s caption put the cherry on top, claiming she was very grateful and the future was bright. Tiger was likely thinking the exact opposite. If Woods had access to a phone at that moment, we have reason to believe he would have privately messaged Vonn, writing something along the lines of, “how’s the trip?”. Oh, and of course, he likely saved the picture also...

11 Poolside Bikini

Tiger’s mind was likely running wild after seeing such a picture. It’s truly got it all, from Vonn rocking a bikini bottom, to her innocently sucking on a sports drink which we have reason to believe is of the Red Bull brand. You’d seriously think this chick was a model given the perfection of all these pics.

That couldn’t be further from the truth however, as Lindsey is one hell of an athlete. Putting her accomplishments aside, her training alone is insanely impressive. During ski season, Vonn trains six days a week and those sessions are about eight hours long in total. From rigorous balancing to crazy cardio cardiovascular activity, she’s an absolute beast in the weight room during her ski season. Don’t be fooled by the lovely exterior, folks!

10 Basic Instincts Portrayal


Another shoot that broke the internet back in the day, Vonn posed for ESPN Magazine while dressing up like “bad girl” Sharon Stone from Basic Instincts. Her portrayal was pretty spot on and some might claim that Vonn was the hotter one of the two.

No doubt, Tiger loved the shoot. As evidenced by his past hookups, Woods likes his women with an edge, especially in a certain area... heck, the dude even hooked up with multiple adult stars which really proves that he isn’t afraid to mix things up. It really wouldn’t surprise us if Woods requested Lindsey wore a similar outfit when the two got together at some point in the relationship. Seriously though, if you were dating Vonn, wouldn’t you do the same? Judging by his “Not So PG” past, that works double for the golf legend.

9 Vonn In Yoga Pants

Athletes in yoga pants seems to be a popular trend and something heavily searched by the male demographic. The tightness of the attire really showcases a female's glutes, which is certainly something of the “must see” variety for the creepy onlooker that lurks in the distance far, far away.

Given her intense training routines while prepping for a tournament, one can predict Vonn has one heck of a booty. Mixing in rigorous cardio and lower body strength training, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what type of booty she has, which is a type A according to our research (the best type). Looking at this picture of Vonn in her yoga pants, we truly believe Tiger did not want to let go of such an image, keeping it deep in the archives of his cell phone.


8 More Vonn Booty


Of course, if we know Tiger, we’re well aware that keeping one booty picture in yoga pants just wasn’t enough. There must be another one of the “Not So PG” nature. Something like the pic you see above is highly probable. Vonn stole the show on this night as she was hosting a Red Bull party during the summer. Vonn’s self-inflicted dress code for the athletes on hand: bikini bottoms.... Once Tiger heard such news, he probably died a little inside thinking of the “Not So PG” booty on display.

Not only does Vonn have a plethora of pics via a quick Google search, but you can even find various booty pics on her own Instagram account. As you can imagine, such pictures get the most double taps. As for Tiger, he’s thinking of the word double tap in another kind of way...

7 The Green Dress

Not only does Vonn look incredible while rocking a bikini, but she also cleans up extremely well. Once again, she broke the internet during her brief stay at the Monaco Grand Prix representing Red Bull at the race. She stole the show on the days of her appearances rocking some breathtaking outfits including the one you see in the picture above. Since the breakup with Tiger back in 2015, it looks like Vonn cranked things up a bit and this photo is another example of that.

Even the likes of Maxim have understood the true beauty of Vonn. Back in 2010, Lindsey came in 59th on the Top 100 Hot List which is quite the accomplishment. After looking at these pics however, one would question how she hasn’t reached the top 20 of the list.

6 A Night Out


As we just stated, when Lindsey’s on the grind she’s working out like a beast. However, when ski season comes to an end, she takes full advantage of life away from the sport. The breathtaking picture above is a clear example of that.

Vonn has admitted once her training season is done, she’s completely exhausted. Lindsey puts everything aside including the diet, just simply enjoying life. One thing she loves to do is go out with her girls, as you see in the photo above. This recent picture was taken of Vonn during a night out via the beautiful Hollywood lights. Rocking some serious cleavage, such a picture likely had Tiger thinking all night and maybe, Woods sent the regrettable drunken midnight text on that same day. Looking at Vonn’s attire, seriously though, wouldn’t you?

5 Topless Yoga Position

So, there’s a couple of reasons why Tiger likely kept such a picture. For one, it showcases Vonn’s tremendous flexibility, something Tiger respects for a couple of reasons.... And two, the obvious, Vonn is clearly bikini-less in the picture, free as a bird with nothing covering the goods. We have reason to believe Tiger kept such a photo as his wallpaper when his girlfriend wasn’t around!

The photo was recently taken and added to Vonn’s lovely Instagram account. A lot of her pictures are certainly of the “Not So PG” nature. She didn’t get a following of a million fans because of her ski skills alone, that’s for darn sure. The breathtaking picture was taken at the Sailrock Resort located in the Turks and Caicos Islands. When she’s not training like a beast, Vonn is enjoying the beauty of life, spending time on the finest beaches life has to offer.

4 ESPYS Outfit


Oh, the ESPYS. Some question the nature of the actual ceremony, however there’s simply no questioning the beauty involved on the night. Some of the best athletes in the world reunite on the day, this time, looking polished and quite different. Without being covered from head-to-toe from her ski suit, Vonn appears to be a new human being at the Awards show.

The red attire above which she wore in 2015 clearly stole the show, however, it wasn’t the first time Vonn rocked the red carpet with such a stunning attire. She’s stolen the show at multiple ESPYS events which is truly saying a lot. Looking at the worldwide recognition such an event gets, we have reason to assume Tiger saw pics of Lindsey and likely wept a little... Can you blame him? The answer is no.

3 The Times Together

After relationships fizzle out, some just find it too hard to delete the past. Maybe, just maybe, Tiger hung on to emotional pics of the two such as the one you see in the picture above. We know Lindsey kept a couple of pics, so it wouldn’t shock us if Tiger did the same.

Woods was in big time need of someone at the time of the relationship. His life fell apart in late November after National Enquirer ran a story about his infidelity. It was downhill from there and Tiger hit rock bottom seeing his marriage come to an end, along with his personal life being exposed to the masses. Along with that, Tiger lost countless endorsements; according to the stats, Tiger’s former sponsors lost an estimated $12 billion because of his tarnished name. Yikes! Thankfully, Lindsey came into his life a little later and we believe he’s forever grateful for that.

2 Them Selfies


Okay, so some of you might be wondering, why would Tiger keep such a picture in his phone? Well for one, this selfie is absolutely breathtaking. You can get lost in Vonn’s eyes. However, that’s really not the point. What we’re really trying to say here, is that Woods likely kept some selfies of Vonn, most probably of the “Not So PG” nature though. Looking at the recent leak, all signs indicate that Vonn has quite the wild side when it comes to photos. As for Tiger, he was no slouch in the texting department either, as multiple women from his past posted screenshots of Tiger’s aggressive ways.

We have evidence that Woods clearly sent Vonn a picture, so really, it wouldn’t shock us one bit to discover that Tiger received the same in return. A selfie type of photo is very likely.

1 Vonn’s Leaked Photo

The hacker was recently at it again, this time setting his sights on a high profile duo including Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn. Poor Tiger is trying to put his life back together in rehab, while Vonn was shocked at such pictures being exposed. She isn’t the first nor is she the last to get such images leaked.

As if seeing your privacy getting exposed isn’t bad enough, things were even worse when photos of an ex from her cell phone also leaked. To make matters even worse (somehow) the pictures that surfaced were of Tiger Woods! A likely thought that most males had following the ordeal was, “Hey, so what does Tiger have in his phone?” Judging by his “Not So PG” past, we believe Woods might have a plethora of “Rated R” photos and some might be from the red hot Lindsey. We’ll let our imaginations run wild pertaining to this one, folks!


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