15 Steamy Photos Of YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous

Most of us know her as Gigi Gorgeous, but there is so much more to this Canadian model, Internet personality, and actress than most of us know. Her birth name was Gregory Allan Lazzarato, and yes, it's a boy's name, but she later changed it to Giselle Loren Lazzarato in March 2014, to reflect her gender.

In December 2013, she underwent breast augmentation, tracheal shave, electrolysis, hormone replacement therapy, rhinoplasty, and facial feminization surgery. She has stated, on several occasions, that her mother's death gave her the motivation to transform into who she is today because according to her, life is too short to live as someone other than you. She also credits Amanda Lepore, a transgender model and performing artist, for her decision to become a woman.

Gigi is one of the most prominent transgender women in the world, with most of her fame resulting from making the transition and coming out publicly while recording the developments on her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel currently has over 2.7 million subscribers.

In addition to her YouTube fame, she has been in a number of shows, such as Project Runway: All Stars and The Avenue, among others, and appeared as a lead character in Adam Lambert's music video titled "Another Lonely Night."

Gigi gives great fashion advice, and her understanding of the subject comes from the fact that she studied fashion at George Brown College, although she quit school to focus on building her YouTube career. Quitting must have been a good thing for her since just this year, Time Magazine mentioned her as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People On The Internet.


15 Gigi At Sea

Here is Gigi out on what appears to be a speeding boat, judging by the splashing water on the side of the boat. She looks great in this photo. It seems as if she is on holiday and is having the time of her life, and knowing who she is it would be impossible to go on such a great adventure without someone to take her photo at the most appropriate times. This image reveals two of her tattoos, one on her side and the other on her right foot.

She appears to be comfortable despite being too close to the edge, probably because she's at home in the water. A few years back, Gigi used to participate in diving championships, and she was so good she even received national rankings. Therefore, if she were to fall into the water, it wouldn't be an accident but a professional dive.

14 At The Spider-Man: Homecoming Premiere


Have you watched Spider-Man: Homecoming yet? If you have not, you really need to watch it before you can no longer keep up with conversations with your friends. Here we see Gigi on her way to watch the film, and she sure looks hot in her interesting see through attire. It’s a good thing the designer knew exactly where to use enough fabric and where little was required. Her hair and makeup complete this look and she lives up to her second name, Gorgeous.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is among the top ten highest grossing films of 2017 so far, and it seems as if it will continue to earn more money in the next few weeks. Although we got to see Spider-Man fight alongside the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, his performance in his own movie together with Iron Man is also outstanding. What is so great about this film is how familiar we are with the characters, the amazing life lessons, and just how funny it is. If it's good enough for Gigi, it's good enough for us!

13 At The American Music Awards

Here is Gigi on the red carpet, attending the 2016 American Music Awards. There is no doubt about how hot she looks in this dress. In addition to attending the award show, Gigi had the special role of introducing Shawn Mendes.

When she got to the stage, she reminded audiences everywhere of the importance of fighting for the rights of transgender people not just in the United States but also all over the world. Coincidentally, the award ceremony coincided with the conclusion of Transgender Awareness Week, making her announcement even more impactful. The Transgender Awareness Week is a week in November where organizations and individuals raise the visibility of transgender people and help address their issues in the community.

Gigi's fans on social media went crazy about her announcement as well as the recognition she is receiving as a mainstream celebrity, with most of them overwhelmed with how great she looked.

12 Makeup Skills


Here is Gigi wearing a Haus of Pink Lemonade swimsuit and it would be safe to say she makes the swimsuit look great. People would love to go out to the beach in summer and meet her there, of course, wearing this swimsuit and the beautiful smile on her face.

According to Galore, Gigi has mad makeup skills, to the extent other celebrities such as Kylie Jenner get beauty advice from her. Of course, when you look at her you won't need anyone to convince you just how on point her makeup always is and she loves to share her knowledge with anyone who is interested. That is, after all, how he got her start on YouTube.

From this shoot and the interview following immediately after, the answers she gave confirmed she was a hilarious, powerful, and sincere person who anyone would love to relate with. Owing to her success to YouTube and the connections she has so far, there is no question about how hardworking, creative, and exceptional she is.

11 Absolutely Picture Perfect

Arguably, this has to be one of Gigi's most beautiful images you will ever see out there, owing to how simple and breathtaking it is. All we can see is her white top and beautiful necklace, but the focus of the photo is just how beautiful she looks. Her makeup is on point and her fake eyelashes look perfect, you would be tempted to imagine the image has gone through heavy editing, which we hope isn't the case.

In addition to the photo focusing on how beautiful her face is, we can't ignore just how much of her boobs her top is revealing. Yes, of course, she had to get breast implants to look the way she does, which is the reason her boobs are the same size and shape whether she wears a bra or not. Most women who haven't gone through any breast surgery will usually have a bigger left breast compared to the right one, statistically.

10 Appearing At Beautycon


Here's Gigi at the fifth Annual Beautycon LA Event on July 9 last year. She looks amazing in her super short dress, leather jacket, and sexy lace-up thigh high boots. It seems as if she wasn't aware this photo was being taken since her attention is elsewhere but it still looks amazing.

Beautycon is an annual convention where Internet celebrities, YouTube stars, beauty brands, and content creators come together for a conference to discuss issues relating to beauty, fashion, and style. The festivals usually attract millennials and Gen Z, although even more people outside of this demographic are tuning in.

At this year's event in New York, Gigi was the host, and she inspired everyone at the event as well as those who got to watch it around the world. She encouraged people to keep getting creative and to empower themselves. People will undoubtedly talk about this event for a very long time, thanks to everybody's contribution, especially Gigi's.

9 Gigi With Miley Cyrus' InstaPride

This is an image of Gigi taken by Miley Cyrus back in 2015. This image is one among the many Miley took for her #InstaPride Campaign. If you are wondering what this is all about, Miley came together with the Happy Hippie Foundation and Instagram to work towards changing the world using photos and stories.

The Happy Hippie Foundation, which Miley started, is one way she uses to reach out to the homeless youth as well as to support the LGBT community. This campaign is all about addressing issues which society doesn't want to talk about with an emphasis on transgender people and the gender expansive community.

At the time, Miley found Gigi to be fascinating, especially how she transitioned and became who she is today. The confidence she acquired throughout her transitioning process was amazing, and Miley felt a desire to shed light on Gigi as a way of helping others to accept themselves for who they are.


8 2016 Critics Choice Awards


Here is Gigi at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards, in a beautiful long-sleeved black frock with the sides elegantly cut out. The plunging neckline sure gives admirers something to look at and her elegant gold choker makes her look very expensive. Her beautiful hair went all the way down to her waistline, with the middle-parted locks falling gorgeously along her shoulders. Gigi looked so good at the award ceremony you would have easily confused her with some of the biggest TV and film stars who came to receive awards that night.

Earlier during the day, Gigi had posted images of herself getting ready for the event, so her fans got a comprehensive behind the scenes look at her preparation and the final look on what was supposed to be the red carpet. Her stylist did a great job at making her complexion glow and made her baby blue eyes look even more glamorous.

7 GLAAD Media Awards

This is Gigi at the GLAAD Media Awards in May this year at The Hilton Midtown in New York. Here she is wearing a very revealing black sheer dress that flows from her chest all the way down to her toes. The fact that it's long but someone can see through it makes it so hot and stylish. Of course, she is wearing something underneath to cover up what needs to be covered. As usual, her hair and makeup are all on point, and she is truly living up to her name.

GLAAD stands for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and this award show honors and recognizes media branches which represent the gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual community well, and focuses on issues affecting their lives. These awards aren't just for TV and film since branches such as music, theater, advertising, and journalism receive recognition.

6 Detained In Dubai


You can find this amazing photo on Gigi's Instagram, and although we can tell she is quite decent, as far as we can see, there is no question about how hot she looks here. She chose her jewelry well to match with her top since her beautiful earrings and chain seem as if they came together with the dress.

Although this image has nothing to do with Dubai, it's the one Teen Vogue chose when talking about what happened to Gigi in Dubai last year. Her planned holiday in Dubai was cut short when she was detained at the airport for five hours, only because she was a transgender woman. Gigi claimed it was one of her scariest experiences, and she wouldn't wish for it to happen to anyone else.

The immigration officer told Gigi he had been told she was a transgender, and therefore she couldn't get into the country. It's illegal in Dubai for a man to imitate a woman, and the law prohibits transitioning from one gender to another. Many countries around the world have such laws and people need to know about these laws before booking holidays in foreign countries.

5 The Interview Shoot

This is a beautiful shot of Gigi posing in front of a camera. She looks stunning in her beautiful low cut dress since it's revealing just enough of her gorgeous body. Her pose accentuates her curves and the way she is looking at the camera you can imagine the camera operator is blushing.

From the interview she had with The Vital Voice, Gigi revealed how last year was one of the best years the transgender community has had in history, since more people got to find out so much about the transgender community and their challenges, and more people are accepting them.

Concerning challenges, she was quick to point out her fears in the current president of the United States, a fear many transgender people and the whole LGBTQ community has had. However, when asked what a Gigi presidency would be like, she claimed equality would be her main emphasis, although we aren't aware of any plans she may have of running for office (and as a Canadian, it wouldn't be very likely).

4 Intimate Shoot


This is possibly one of the steamiest photos of Gigi online. In this image, what Gigi is wearing isn't so clear although her low-cut black and silver top is evident from the image on the right. Her accessories look amazing, especially the huge rock on her right hand's middle finger, although it seems as though she isn't wearing any earrings. As for the man in the photo, we cannot comment on what he's wearing because from what we can see, he isn't wearing anything, which is probably the reason all we can see is his back.

This image is one among several steamy images Gigi was part of for Paper Magazine. The man in the photo with her is named Billy Reilich, or you could call him Nick the Gardener from The Ellen Show. The shoot was supposed to be a "romance novel cover." Since romance is what they were after, we can clearly claim they nailed it.

3 This Is Everything

Have you watched This Is Everything? For those who might not be familiar with it, this is a documentary by Barbara Kopple, an Oscar winning director, based on the life of Gigi Gorgeous. As the title claims, the documentary dives deep into Gigi's backstory, her years before she transitioned into a woman, and the Gigi we now know.

The documentary contains interviews with members of her family, the behind the scenes experiences she went through over the course of her transition, and how You Tube has been a safe haven for her throughout her struggles and the time leading up and during her transition. The numerous fans who have watched the documentary love everything about it, and she inspired many people to live life to the fullest.

This steamy hot image of her is among the images used in the promotion of this documentary online. The best things about this image are how we can clearly see her gorgeous body from the side and her beautiful hair, which looks different from the way she is in most other images.

2 With Her Ex-Boyfriend Cory Binney


Here's Gigi with her former boyfriend Cory Binney. She looks great in her sexy cowgirl attire, and we can all see just how happy Binney was at this time, for obvious reasons of course. However, these two are no longer together, since Gigi is dating a woman named Nats Getty (yes, of that Getty family). Gigi has gone through numerous changes in her life in the past few years, and we shouldn't assume she is through.

Before transitioning, she used to be a gay man, but after the transition, we could have called her a straight woman since she was attracted to men. After a while, she identified herself as bisexual but came out as a lesbian in September last year. If she will go through any other changes in the near future, we will get to know about it, since according to Time Magazine, she is one of the top 25 most influential people on the Internet.

1 Magazine Cover

Here's another image from Gigi's Paper Magazine shoot. This image is too steamy; one of the reasons for the blurring is because as you would suspect, Billy Reilich over here isn't wearing anything at all. In this image, Gigi has her leg around Billy, so there is too much going on in this image.

Gigi did this shoot back in 2015, and you wouldn't need anyone convincing you of how good she is as a model. Gigi has won two awards so far, the Logo TV Awards Trailblazing Social Creator in 2014 and The Streamy Awards Best Beauty Series in 2015.

Her artistic side has landed her in numerous roles on TV and in films, with some of her notable roles being in The Avenue (2011-2013), Celebrity Style Story (2013-2015), and Project Runway All Stars (2013). In addition, she has made appearances on Access Hollywood (2015), walked in the 2015 Marco Marco Fashion Show, and her most recent appearance was in Me and My Grandma (2017).



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