15 Steamy Photos Of WWE's Alexa Bliss Out Of The Ring

To be blunt, Alexa Bliss is on fire right now.  She's the current WWE Raw Women's Champion and is a former Smackdown Women's Champion.  She's going to be featured on the 7th season of Total Divas.  Anyway, we all know the accolades.   We all know how talented Alexa Bliss is.  Even more, we know exactly how hot she is as well.  Alexa Bliss has captured millions of fans due to her sass and heel work.  It doesn't hurt that she basically adopted the "Harley Quinn" look and certainly known to have some of the better "assets" of all the divas.  We've seen Ms. Bliss inside the ring.  We've seen the poses, the sly smirks, the outfits, those gloves; but what about Alexa Bliss outside the ring?  How does she conduct herself?  Is she always done up or does she rock that "no makeup au naturale" look? How about the good ol' sweatpants look?  However she looks, Alexa is no doubt one of the most skilled, charismatic, and hottest WWE divas ever to set foot in the ring.  With that said it's time for us all to take a nice long look at Alexa's activities outside (predetermined) competition!

15 Looking Cute As Ever Via Twitter

WWE superstars travel a lot.  WWE Divas are no exception.  Wrestling is a tough lifestyle, filled with pains, aches, and long nights on the road.  It's okay because they do it because they love it.  Believe it or not, there is some semblance of a life outside of the WWE for these combative employees.  Sometimes their out of ring lifestyles are an extension of their in-ring personas. In this photo, Alexa Bliss is smiling and posing for her adoring fans due to getting blue highlights.  Yes, who cares right? I digress because sometimes the hottest photos of our favorite personalities are the simple cute ones such as this.  Bliss uses this "Harley Quinn-Esque" look to market herself as the devious little minx that she wants to be portrayed as.  Alexa Bliss is simply irresistible in this shot, and she doesn't have to show an ounce of skin to be so.  She's the perfect blend of hot and cute and that certainly doesn't hurt when entertaining the WWE Universe.

14 God Bless Instagram

So here's a blazin' photo of Alexa Bliss before she entered the WWE.  It's no surprise that someone as beautiful as her had a modelling career outside of pro wrestling.  It's unknown when this particular photo was taken, but it's certainly steamy in the sense that she is not afraid to show off her frame.  It's clear that Alexa Bliss works extremely hard on her body and thus shouldn't be afraid to show it off.  Believe it or not, Alexa had an eating disorder and found solace with bodybuilding.  Bodybuilding saved her life.  Ms. Bliss hasn't looked back from that dark period in her life and has flourished, as evidenced in this photo.  Alexa Bliss even managed to participate at the Arnold Classic, which is an incredible feat.  This early Instagram photo is an example of how beautiful Alexa Bliss is!

13 Where The Magic Happens...

When one is doing research sometimes it's easier to go straight to the source of the treasure.  In this case, here's a great photo of Alexa Bliss smiling while laying down on her bed.  Bliss made sure to come equipped with blue highlights and what looks to be a pink tutu.  The photo was taken for a WWE.com's story titled "Little Miss Bliss: The happy tale of Alexa Bliss."  The story took place in 2014, around the time Alexa Bliss was a diva on the come up over at NXT.  Bliss was nice enough to dish plenty of details about what makes brings her joy,

"I like to be sparkly! It makes me happy. I love to stand out and embrace my uniqueness and I am very lucky I get to incorporate that into my gear. I hope the sparkle and glitter that I spread makes other people happy, too,” she said.

12 Muscle And Fitness Blissness

Damn.  To be honest that's all I kind of wanted to say in regards to this photo.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Alexa Bliss takes DAMN good care of her body.  This photo was taken during a shoot with Muscle and Fitness Magazine.  Alexa used to compete in bodybuilding competitions, so there's no doubt that her body is her temple, her source of income, and an extension of herself.  It doesn't matter whether or not Alexa Bliss is 6'0'' or 5'0'', she is stacked in her womanly features and when it comes to being "lean and mean" Ms. Bliss is known to have one of the better backsides in WWE history and that's because she knows to take good care of maintaining her frame.  Alexa Bliss doesn't talk about how hot she is to the other divas or to the WWE universe because all she needs to do is flaunt her goods; her goods do the damn talking.  It's a safe bet to say that this won't be the first time Alexa Bliss does anything with Muscle and Fitness.

11 Back In Black

Everyone loves to take selfies these days; Alexa Bliss is no exception.  Ms. Bliss certainly likes to show off whenever she gets the chance.  There's a reason why she's known as one of the hottest divas in the WWE today.  Fortunately, we're granted the option of seeing Alexa Bliss strike a selfie pose in this shot, wearing a short tight black sparkly (she loves sparkles) dress.  We are lucky to be able to see every succulent curve on Bliss's notable frame.  It's photos like this that prove that Alexa Bliss certainly has a distinct, alluring personality outside of the ring.  By the looks of this, she definitely loves to have her fun and isn't the only WWE superstar that can't help but "show off."  The difference is, there's plenty of fans who will certainly welcome Alexa showing off her body outside of the ring whenever she pleases.

10 Why Hello There

There's no telling when exactly this (rare) photo of Alexa was taken, but we can certainly surmise that she was at the very least in well into or at the beginning of her NXT run.  With all of that said, it's hard to get any steamier than the photo displayed right here.  Only Ms. Bliss can balance an unspoken sense of naughtiness, class, and be cute all in the same photo. Not much is shown and yet there's a lot to be left open to the imagination in this one.  Who in their right mind wouldn't entertain an amazing vixen like Alexa Bliss looking upwards while wearing (what we assume are) pink booty shorts while on stairs?  Ms. Bliss went out of her way on this one and doesn't come across as trying to look overly sexy at all.  Bliss may be small in stature, and she may love to be referred to as the "wicked witch" of the WWE.  With all that said, when she gifts the masses photos like this, we'll gladly take all of it!

9 Tailgating

There is nothing hotter than a woman who knows her sports or can at least roll with the social aspects of sports.  There is no bigger sports entity in North America than the NFL and football.  One of the cooler things to do when anticipating a football game (or any sport for that matter) is to tailgate!  In this shot Alexa Bliss has got the tailgating look down pat, she's lookin' good, holding a (big ass) football, and is ready to party on route to game day.  This particular tailgating shoot was done via the WWE, who despite being a PG oriented company, still have no qualms with highlighting their beautiful WWE Divas, especially "Little Miss Bliss."  This shoot also displays Alexa's ability to shine no matter what.  How can anyone find any problem with a hot woman like Alexa Bliss throwing a football, playing bag-0, and drinking beer? Who wouldn't want that experience?

8 Cute N' Candid

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but Alexa Bliss knows she's cute; very cute.  She loves to strike a pose no matter what.  She'll take a selfie if she's in her ring attire, in her car, and especially if she's about to go out.  One thing we know for certain is that Ms. Bliss loves to dress up.  On the left side, we see Alexa Bliss being as cute as ever clinching her fist, flexing her arm muscles, and making a cute face in the process.  The glorious image to the right features Alexa Bliss in a more casual, less animated pose.  It really doesn't matter what Alexa Bliss wears because the odds are she'll look pretty good regardless.  There are loads of Alexa Bliss photos online and this is one of the hottest because it shows that no matter what side of personality Bliss decides to show, she's going to come off as being as hot as ever.

7 Roarin' N' Ready To Go

Little Miss Bliss is a vixen in and out of the ring.  Alexa loves to take backstage photos showing off whatever mood or look she feels.  It's not really known who helps to construct her in ring gear but based on Alexa's gimmick, personality, and image via social media she always melts the camera or the screen. This photo features Alexa in her signature pose with her with her chain covered fist up as she looks on.  Her ring attire is covered by a black tank top.  The cool thing about Alexa Bliss is she loves to make her highlights match whatever color she sports.  Bliss looks fierce, ready to go, and willing to assert her brand of cute infused dominance in the ring.  To be honest, Alexa Bliss would a lot of people happy if she were to look the way she looks in this photo all the time.  If you're reading this Alexa, please consider it!

6 Alexa And Veronica

This is a smokin' photo of Alexa Bliss and former NXT star Veronica Lane.  This hot shot is from an NXT pool party back three to four years ago.  When one stands next to a beautiful woman like Veronica Lane and is able to hold their own in degrees of hotness, you know you're damn sexy.  WWE.com did a photoshoot of NXT stars shedding and partying during summer time and they did not disappoint!  Their fun in the sun photos show that the WWE divas are willing to put aside their "in ring differences" get into the pool and live the life that should be lived; one with no worries what-so-ever.  Bliss' beauty and bubbly personality always radiate off whatever photo is taken of her. She is so hot that I'm sure whenever and wherever she steps out (especially when wearing a bikini like the one in this photo) she's always going to attract attention.

5 Always The Standout

Here's Little Miss Bliss and friends in another shot from the NXT pool party.  So why don't we take some time to analyze this photo, shall we?  The talent surrounding Alexa in this particular shot is amazing.  We see that she has some serious competition in regards to the looks department.  We see Veronica Lane's chiseled frame right next to Alexa.  Paige in the background (and we all know how down and dirty Paige is willing to look and get).  There's Ms. Bliss smiling while holding a beach ball, surrounded by beautiful women, and STILL looking like the hottest woman in the pool.  This is a great example of Alexa not being the biggest, not having the curviest, not having the biggest, not possessing whatever feature those other WWE Divas have had in the past, yet still managing to be the total package out of all the ladies of NXT.

4 Open Wide...

Here's a photo of Alexa partying and having fun with fellow NXT stars Emma and Veronica Lane (the latter of which left NXT a few years ago).  This is a great sexy shot of the three being sexy yet playful.  The greatest aspect of this photo is we have the ever-so-playful Alexa opening her mouth, waiting for Veronica to throw a piece of food for her to swallow while Emma looks on.  It doesn't take a genius to see what this photo implies despite the WWE always promoting its programming as "PG friendly."  Yeah, okay guys.  Truthfully if this photo was taken during the Attitude Era, there would definitely be a lot less skin shown by these ladies.  But we're not in the era anymore so the photographers and the WWE have to be as clever as ever in finding that balance between hot, cute, sexy and playful.  With Alexa's playful prowess we're able to see such an amazing, steamy photo come to fruition.

3 Holy SH*T

Um. Uh. Zah?  Those are the only semblance of vernacular I could conjure up when trying to express the sheer bliss (pun intended) exemplified in this photo.  Alexa Bliss was a cheerleader, model, and bodybuilder before entering the confines of the squared circle; is this much of a surprise? After looking at a photo like this, probably not.  Everything down from the "bowling for soup" yellow top to her washboard abs and her short shorts does nothing but show off how beautiful and stunning "little miss bliss" is. The biggest triumph of all for Alexa Bliss was that she was able to overcome Anorexia on route to building a hell of a frame and confidence to boot.  It goes to show that even the most beautiful women in the world have confidence issues.  Fortunately for Ms. Bliss, she found a way to shine on.

2 Hot Damn.

Here's Alexa striking a pose yet again in her bowling for soup top and shorts.  We know what Alexa was into before she became a Raw and Smackdown Women's Champion, but let's go in depth with her success prior to her becoming what we know her as now.  Alexa was a cheerleader in high school and in college, cheering at the University of Akron and reaching Division I status.  Alexa was also featured on the cover of cheerleader magazines. If Ms. Bliss never stepped into the world of the WWE she would have still been as successful as ever.  She overcame a lot in her life to get to where she's at now and always seems to be able to excel at whatever she aims to excel at.

Fortunately, she will always have something to fall back on if her WWE career dissipates for some reason.

1 Hot No Matter What

Damn Alexa, can you stop? Then again maybe you shouldn't!  If cute was a disease then this woman definitely has it. Alexa continues to (unknowingly) prove that no matter how chill, laid back, or trendy she aims to be, she always remains one of the hottest or the hottest in the room.  Here's another photo of the current Raw Women's Champion being as cute and classy as ever.  Even so, with being cute and classy, she still manages to melt the screen.  If one were to take a poll on whether or not people would want to bring Alexa Bliss home to the rents I'd be willing to bet that results would come in at well over 90 percent.  We're all so lucky that Alexa has the personality and loving attitude to give back to her fans by repeatedly giving us blazin' hot photos highlighting why we all became fans in the first place!

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