15 Steamy Photos Of The Very Hot Niykee Heaton

In our endless search to discover and find amazing talent (and incredibly beautiful women), we come across Niykee Heaton. The name may ring a bell for some who have seen some insanely hot photos of he

In our endless search to discover and find amazing talent (and incredibly beautiful women), we come across Niykee Heaton. The name may ring a bell for some who have seen some insanely hot photos of her that she has purposely taken and released online. Others may be impressed by her musical talents. Whether you like her for her musical gifts (which includes her songwriting and singing skills) or you like her because she is pretty damn hot, Heaton has an online presence that is undeniable.

Like many others in the business these days, Heaton has used the Internet to her advantage. Female stars in particular are using their various talents to find success across a lot of different mediums. If you can be seen, you garner attention.  This has never been truer in this day and age. Whether female stars have extraordinary talents or even no talent to speak of, the use of social media has propelled some beautiful women into the spotlight through brilliant self-marketing through such sites as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These women have followed the Kim Kardashian School of Self-Promotion, a viable tool that has enabled many fringe talents to gain extra attention by displaying their bodies as if they were cover girls for Playboy. Love them or hate them, these women make no apologies as they all vie for the same thing; attention from the public. And with attention comes the $$$. It's a proven business model and Niykee Heaton has used it to help propel her own successes. Let's dive into Niykee Heaton and learn more about this sensational beauty. These are Niykee Heaton's 15 Most Ridiculously Hot Photos.

15 The Beginnings

December 4th, 1994 yielded the emergence of Nicolet Aleta Heaton. She evolved to her stage name of Niykee Heaton. Born in Geneva, Illinois, this future young star not only had American ties, but ties to South Africa. She spent time in South Africa and felt a special bond to her mother's native land. Heaton was a gifted musician from a young age. She wrote her first song at the tender age of 5 and taught herself how to play the guitar by age 9. Heaton is gorgeous and grew up with two other siblings, her sister and brother. The talent knew all along she wanted a career in music after inspiring herself to play and sing at such a young age. In turn, Heaton inspires us with this picture showcasing her perfectly sculpted midriff. She may be a "hot mess" in the photo, but we dig the "bed head" and more casual pose.

14 The Inspiration

Some people are faced with tragedy in their life and have a real tough time finding the will to go on. It can be a difficult process when facing a death in the family. Tragedy struck the Heaton family in a big way. Heaton’s older sister, Rachel, battled and beat liver cancer. But when it came around a second time, she needed a replacement. The year was 2007 and Rachel passed away at the age of 21 while awaiting her second liver. Heaton often channels a great deal of inspiration from her older sister. Heaton was just 12 when her sister passed. It is a tragedy that isn't easy to get over. It is a difficult memory she carries with her every day. Only someone who has gone through the death of a young sibling could possibly understand the effect it could have on someone.

13 The Birth of a Career

Niykee Heaton spent her younger years self-teaching herself how to be a musician. She started writing music on her own. She taught herself how to play the guitar. Heaton always saw herself as a musician and wanted to create the tunes, never as the stage performer. But she started to get the itch when she was young despite having stage fright. Her family couldn't afford musical education for Heaton so she practiced on her own, often singing to Diana Ross’s greatest hits CD. Heaton truly worked on evolving her gifts, by herself, alone in her bedroom. This kind of dedication as a youth is a big reason why that Heaton, today, has found success and only has more room to grow.

12 High School Dayz

High school wasn't an easy time for Heaton. The pressures of being an adolescent teenage girl are a tremendous challenge for every girl. Whether you are considered "pretty" or "ugly" by high school standards, this world is often challenging for all. And just because a young woman in her 20s looks fire-hot today, doesn't mean she was a supermodel at age 15. Heaton absorbed her share of challenges in high school remembering that she got teased quite a bit. Heaton struggled with bullying during her teenage years in school. Some of the trouble emerged when she was throwing her singing online for all to view. She started to put her private performances online and that opened her up to jealous girls at school attacking her.

11 The Internet is My Friend

Early on, Niykee Heaton started to learn about the power of the Internet. Although posting private performances of herself (2011) in her room got her bullied and scrutinized at school, the dedication and fearlessness she showed in displayinging her talents publicly also made her stronger. Heaton learned that everyone will have an opinion, negative or positive. And as she started to get more comfortable in her own skin (and super-hot in the process) Heaton quickly learned about the power of the Internet. In a local coffee shop, she could perform for a few people. On the Internet, she had the ability to reach, hundreds, thousands and eventually, millions of people. The Internet showed great promise to Heaton as she used her YouTube channel to upload acoustic guitar covers of present-day hit. She liked to perform in the R&B arena and her performances started to go viral.

10 The Appeal

"With great powers come great responsibility." Okay, maybe Niykee Heaton may not be a superhero, but Heaton realized at a very early age that there was power in her looks. Of course, she didn't have to look very far to see the kind of attention that Kim Kardashian was garnering online. With the Internet being the hot-hub for females to showcase their looks, Heaton jumped all over the opportunity to display her figure all over the Internet. Combined with her musical talents, the 1-2 punch of artistry and hotness played right into the world wide web's strength and allowed Heaton to create a buzz for herself. Her plan worked to perfections and combined with her musical YouTube channel, Heaton's hot photos got her the attention she desired. She was playing the game to perfection (and still does).

9 December 2012

This bikini pic is just one of many available online. Heaton has been playing the world like a violin and we love listening (and watching). After she was throwing musical clips of herself online via her YouTube channel, Heaton found herself on the verge of something great. It was December 2012 and Heaton had just become legal! The 18-year-old was cooking up plans to become famous and did a cover on her 18th birthday of Chief Keef's "Love Sosa." This wasn't just another song that got a few likes on her YouTube channel, though. Instead, Heaton was featured on the website WorldStarHipHop. Still in high school, things were heating up for Heaton. With calls coming in, she graduated high school 6 months early. It was time to turn up the heat!

8 Taking Her Shot 

Have you ever wanted to be a dog more? Wow. Yeah, clearly an animal lover, Heaton was busting out her beauty and some big time musical skills as she entered 2013. The 18-year-old star-in-the-making was on the doorstep of something big. Her dreams were about to come true and she knew it. With that in mind, Heaton self-financed recording her own songs. She wanted to step out with a catalog of original music in hopes of landing a record deal. She had a manager, Lauren, who helped guide Heaton and the risk paid off when they signed with All Def Digital in 2014. The YouTube based label wasn't just some flash-in-the-pan Internet company. It was founded by Steve Rifkind and Def Jam-founder, Russell Simmons. They had a partnership deal with Capitol Records. Heaton had officially arrived.

7 Going Big

Heaton's voluptuous body is more than appetizing to many. She has curves in all the right places and knows how to play it. On April 24th, 2014, Heaton topped Billboard's Next Big Sound chart. Then on September 23, 2014, Heaton released Bad Intentions, her debut EP. Heaton's EP topped the Billboard and Twitter Trending 140 Chart. On the day of its release, she reached top ten in the U.S. iTunes Store. Heaton had every reason to be excited and optimistic. The world wanted more music from her but her label was trying to figure out exactly how they wanted to calculate releasing Heaton into the mainstream. With frustrations mounting, Heaton was itching to release more music, faster. She didn't want to tour and try and pre-sale her name like the label wanted. Labels want sure things. Heaton wanted to create and release music.

6 Naturyl Born Killers

On June 13, 2015, Heaton showcased both her independence and her impatience. The driven young star wasn't interested in other people controlling the flow of her creativity. She had grown accustomed to releasing music on her time schedule and not caring much about the finer points of business. This can be in direct conflict with music labels who are juggling a lot of balls in the air to ensure money and returns meet the demands of their business. In the summer of 2015, Heaton launched a website, NBK (Naturyl Born Killers). She was hoping that this could be a "movement." She wanted new music to be independently released for free. Later that year she premiered the release of her first music video for her song "Lullaby." The video appeared on Apple Music. She simultaneously announced that she was going on tour for the first time. Heaton was a determined talent.

5  5. Instagram

A lot of beautiful women have appeared on Instagram and made waves due mostly to their looks. Niykee Heaton has used her social media platform as an effective weapon to garner lots of attention. Yes, the attention is over her amazing and beautiful face, her bountiful breasts, her round rear and her small waist. Heaton has an hourglass figure to kill for and she uses it to snap shot after shot of herself. She is young and fully aware of how to use her social media weaponry. With a whopping 2.2 million followers on Instagram, it is no wonder that Heaton draws a large audience for someone that is just starting to scratch the surface of her potential. Some are giving Heaton flack for using social media to attract an audience that isn't interested in her music, but rather, just her body. Heaton doesn't care as long as they come. And her strategy is working.

4 Showing More Skin

There are thin lines in this world. Many young starlets are toeing a variety of these lines. One is the line of self-respect versus creating a buzz. Many hot young stars are caught in the major conundrum of attempting to drum up audience and exposure wherever possible. They are displaying their bodies more and more, giving their audiences full tastes of what they have to offer. Niykee Heaton is not leaving a lot to the imagination, posting photos of her figure that display nearly every inch of her body. Many of her see-through photos have her wearing little to no clothing with her breasts fully on display. She is absolutely stunning and deals with toeing that murky line between young star and maintaining self-respect.

3 Touring Girl

Heaton's first headlining concert tour was launched on November 13th, 2015. She called it The Bedroom Tour. She started the tour in Houston, Texas and had twenty dates on her initial launch. She hit spots in both the United States and Canada, ending the tour on December 18th in Los Angeles, California. On March 18th, 2016, Heaton released The Bedroom Tour Playlist. The mix mirrored her tour sets. She compiled her various performances and remastered them for the mix release. On October, 6, 2016, Heaton launched The Centerfold Tour. This tour nearly doubled her first, hitting forty-three shows. She started the tour in Athens, Georgia. At the same time, Heaton has been working on her long-awaited studio debut album.

2 Luck or Talent?

Nobody is going to doubt the fact that Niykee Heaton has a lot of talent. But there are many, many talented people in the world. There are a tremendous number of artists out there that are talented, but just not great. There is a lot of hype emerging around Niykee Heaton and she has yet to release her debut album. Much of the hype began with her hard-earned display of talent through her musical samplings on YouTube. But once attention came her way, she pounced like a cat on a mouse. She started to take off her clothes and showcase her body for the world to see. She is using her figure and beauty as a weapon, and more power to her. But many would ask if she is really talented, business brilliant, or just lucky for being very hot? The jury is out on this question. But Heaton has time and attention on her hand.

1 Niykee Heaton's Future

A lot of people may want to judge Niykee Heaton for being a hot splash on the Internet. But they would be mistaken for overlooking a true young talent. "My music is a reflection of who I am. I had a really tough childhood at a point when I was young." Heaton isn't kidding either. Her mother spent a ton of hours in the hospital with her sick sister who went through two bouts of cancer, the second taking her life. Her father hit the bottle to seek comfort in the pain the family was going through. Heaton developed a stutter during her childhood that precluded her from talking for long periods of time. Even her family didn't believe in her dreams to be a singer. Things definitely weren't easy for Heaton. The finished product is a beautiful young woman with great talent. But there was nothing handed to Heaton. In response to those haters who focus on her looks, she had this to say: "If I can use what I have aesthetically to draw people in, then why not use it? I'm not going to put on a turtleneck just to prove a point."

And we're very grateful for that, Niykee! The point is, with her debut album still to come, and talent oozing out of her veins, we're guessing that this young beauty is on the way up; way up. We're expecting to see much more from Niykee and we're certainly applauding that!


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