15 Steamy Photos Of The Hadid Sisters You Need To See

In the world of celebrity, there are surprisingly a large number of celebrities that have siblings that are equally as talented or good looking. From Hilary and Haylie Duff to Ashlee Simpson and Jessi

In the world of celebrity, there are surprisingly a large number of celebrities that have siblings that are equally as talented or good looking. From Hilary and Haylie Duff to Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson, there are so many connections that have proven that good looks and talent definitely run in the genes in the celebrity world. In the case of the Hadid sisters, there seems to be an excess in regards to the looks department. This shouldn’t be surprising since they are the offspring of the former supermodel Yolanda Foster. However, it is surprising that the two have such different looks and yet have both been able to succeed in the modeling world.

Gigi was the first to gain acclaim and accolades as a model but her younger sister, Bella, has quickly made a name for herself as well. While they each have their own particular look and style, no one can deny how much sex appeal they both have. Sometimes, celebrity siblings try and distance themselves in order to allow them to stand out. This was the case with Ashlee Simpson since she didn’t want to be constantly compared to her big sister, Jessica. Yet, there are other situations where siblings try and team up in order to maximize their popularity, which is sometimes the case with the Kardashian sisters. Yet, the Hadid sisters have been able to maintain an equal mix of teaming up on certain projects and also standing solo in their own individual projects. Check out our list of the 15 sexiest photos of the Hadid sisters and see how special it is when they are photographed as a duo.

15 Intimate In Black And White

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There have been some siblings that have had some serious rivalries when they have had to compete against one another in their particular field. Whether it’s trying to obtain a certain film or TV role or endorsement deals with high-paying companies, there are many siblings that aren’t exactly always loving and affectionate towards one another. Yet, the Hadid sisters don’t seem to have the same problems as other celebrity siblings like the Kardashians. Instead, they have always made declarations about how much they support one another and how much admiration they have for each other’s goals and dreams. This particular photo is a great example of how affectionate Gigi and Bella are with one another, since it’s not a staged photo from a campaign ad. Instead, it’s a candid photo taken in a public setting. Nothing is sexier than siblings that have no jealousy for one another and seem to appreciate them for what they bring to the table.

14 Showing Their Playful Side

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Oftentimes, when audiences see Gigi or Bella Hadid, they aren’t exactly showing off their pearly whites and giggling about whatever might be tickling their fancy at the moment. Instead, they’re often seen with a stone cold face without even the glimmer of a smirk. Whether it’s posing on the red carpet, walking down the runway or getting caught by the paparazzi, both sisters are often shown without even the tiniest of smiles. Yet, there are some instances when their personalities have shone through. It’s easy to forget with all of their world traveling and high profile fashion shows but both of these girls started their stellar modeling career in their teens. This particular photo shows them in the midst of a laugh and a conversation that seems completely engaging. While they may be dressed in elegant gowns and walking the red carpet, the true sex appeal comes from their candid expressions and lively personality that comes through in a photo that they aren’t actually posing for.

13 Balmain Fashion Ad

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Gigi was the first of the sisters to break out into the modeling world, so it isn’t surprising that she had already been featured in an ad for the high fashion brand, Balmain. When Balmain was in search of some siblings to shoot a series of ads, Gigi was again asked to participate. Yet, this time she was asked to bring her sister, Bella, along for the ride. Other siblings that were chosen for the ads were Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Joan and Erika Smalls. The creative director for Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, stated that the inspiration behind the campaign was to show a “celebration of the unique and unconditional love of siblings.” The sisters shared the photo on their Instagram pages and created a bunch of buzz prior to its official publication in the August 2015 issue of Vogue. In the photo, Gigi looks statuesque as her sister applies lipstick on her. Yet, it’s the seductive way that Bella is leaning over her that really makes the photo stand out.

12 1970’s Look


It’s common knowledge in the fashion world that certain trends seem to continue to come back in style. From the neon tones that were once the latest trend in the ‘80s to the bell bottoms that made their way back in the ‘90s, it’s difficult to say what the next trend will be for 2017. Yet, for sisters as beautiful as Gigi and Bella, it seems that they can look good no matter what fashion trend they’re sporting. In this particular photo, the sisters are both wearing bell bottom jeans that are extremely pronounced. These are not the bootcut flare that might be a tad wide at the ankle. These are full-on bell bottoms that make the sisters look like they’ve stepped right out of Dazed and Confused. They’ve paired this look up with a cropped top that shows off their ultra tone midsection. With minimal makeup and flowing locks, the photo lets them show off their natural sex appeal in a way that has a nostalgic feel.

11 Casual And Backstage

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The Hadid sisters have quickly become a staple at all of the high profile runway shows around the world. From New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week, they have walked the runway as solo models as well as together. This particular photo was taken backstage, without all the glitz and glamour that comes with a runway show. The sisters seem to be in a state of undress that shows them donning plain white robes. Their makeup is ultra light, which gives a look of fresh-faced appeal. This is a pretty close shot so viewers can see how similar their eye color is, regardless of Bella having the dark brown hair compared to Gigi’s blonde locks. While Gigi is often given the leg up when it comes to the looks department, this photo shows a side-by-side comparison that really does seem to give Bella the upper hand. Regardless of who you might feel is the best looking sister, this photo shows that there truly is a close call between these two supermodel Hadids.

10 Sisterly Love

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There is something incredibly sexy about the sensuality that comes from two women locked in an embrace or sharing a kiss, whether it’s on the big screen or captured in a photograph. Yet, sometimes the unscripted version is sexier than what any Hollywood director could come up with. In this particular photo, Gigi and Bella had been posing for a number of photos in a more casual and relaxed setting. This wasn’t walking down the red carpet or down the catwalk. Instead, they were just two sisters hanging out together at a party looking incredibly sexy. The posed photos show each sister donning a simple smile but then this picture captured a moment of whimsy. Gigi can be seen leaning in to plant a sisterly kiss on Bella and Bella’s reaction is priceless. She was able to drop her supermodel façade and simply became a playful young lady that happened to be there with her ultra gorgeous sister. The result is an incredibly sexy photo that has immense appeal to anyone that sees it.

9 More Than One Sister

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With Bella and Gigi getting so much attention, many people don’t realize that there are others in that same gene pool. One of them is Alana, the other sister in the lineup. While Alana isn’t a supermodel like her sisters, she is still definitely within the fashion industry since she is a highly sought-after stylist and entrepreneur behind the Lou & Grey brand. This particular photo was taken during the Lou & Grey launch event during New York Fashion Week 2016. Although all three sisters are wearing similar ensembles, it’s easy to see why Bella and Gigi stand out. Gigi is donning a much more sophisticated look than we’re used to since she’s mastered the smoky eye and has her usually untamed golden locks up in a tight updo. Bella is giving off major sex appeal with the boxer braids trend and as usual, she has a mysterious sex appeal about her that leaps off of the photograph.

8 Good Vs. Evil Look

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While Bella and Gigi are definitely equal in their physical appeal, they don’t exactly look alike. Yet, Bella has made it clear that she isn’t trying to compete with her big sister Gigi. In fact, she purposely dyed her similar blonde locks and says that she will never go back to her natural color. She enjoys the fact that they look completely different from one another because they both have completely different personalities as well. This particular photo shows just how different they look because it really plays up the fact that one has such a light and airy look, while the other seems dark and mysterious. Gigi’s ensemble looks like something from a fairy tale, while Bella looks like the modern day version of a practicing witch. Each of these sisters is able to pull off their individual looks with incredible sex appeal and it is just up to the viewer as to which sister is more to your taste.

7 Victoria’s Secret After-Party

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has become a huge event in recent years. The runway is the perfect place to show off all the sexiest modeling physiques and it has become a televised event that people have definitely opted to tune into every year. It’s not just a chance for Victoria’s Secret to show off their new designs since it has become a musical event as well. During the after-party at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Gigi and Bella walked the red carpet wearing ultra glittery ensembles that were little more than just rhinestones held together in strategic places. Bella’s was a gravitational feat and the see-through property showed off her perfectly nude toned panties. Gigi looked like a golden statue with a more sophisticated appeal and both sisters were able to highlight one another’s beauty in a way that only the ultra gorgeous Hadid sisters can pull off.

6 On The Beach With The Common Folk

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It isn’t exactly a new concept for celebrities to post photos of themselves in swimwear, especially when they look as good as Bella and Gigi Hadid. However, usually the photos are set in ultra glamorous settings like at an exclusive tropical resort or lying out on a yacht. In this particular photo, they seem to be just two girls hanging out at the beach. They look incredibly beautiful with their ultra tone physiques and scantily clad swimwear. Yet, the real draw to the photo is the fact that they seem completely accessible. There aren’t any velvet ropes keeping their throngs of fans at bay and there are even some gawking guys in the background of the photo. Seeing this photo makes the public see how beautiful and sexy these sisters are, even when there isn’t a runway to walk on or an airbrush specialist to make their complexions look their utmost best.

5 Matching Sheer Ensembles

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When siblings pose together for a photo shoot, the photographer often likes to depict them in a manner that shows how close their relationship is. In the V Magazine spread for the Fall issue in 2015, the Hadid sisters definitely knew how to bring the sex appeal. They wore matching ensembles that looked like nothing you would see in the world of fashion today. Instead, it looked futuristic with the sheer fabric that had an almost metallic quality to it. At first glance, the ensembles look completely identical but on closer inspection, Gigi’s doesn’t have the long sleeves and has a halter-like collar rather than the wide black strips like Bella’s. However, each has an identical belt that cinches the waist and underneath there seems to be some sort of accentuation on their bust. Whatever the case, each sister has their own appeal in the photo, which allows the viewer to take their pick on who did it better in this highly sexualized look.

4 Dark And Light Switch

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Oftentimes, photographers like to play up the fact that Gigi is the sister with the blonde hair and Bella has more of a darker look with her ebony locks. Typically, this is done by putting Gigi in a lighter tone or giving her more of a fresh-faced look, compared to her dark-haired sister. Yet, when the sisters posed for the Fall 2015 issue of V Magazine, the photographer had a different vision for how the two would be portrayed in the spread. While both had the same dark lip shade, their ensembles were very similar but with a switch up in the color. Gigi was seen wearing all black, while Bella had an almost identical ensemble but in white. The sex appeal in their look was off the charts but it was the flip flop in the shade that really caught the eye of the viewer. The white tone didn’t make Bella look any more angelic but the all-black definitely gave Gigi an edge to her look that fans aren’t really used to seeing.

3 Matching Swimsuit Spread


With both of the Hadid sisters exuding stellar supermodel looks, it shouldn’t be surprising that they would be asked to shoot together for a coveted spread in V Magazine. In one of the photos, the sisters can be seen modeling identical Moeva Zoe swimsuits. While it’s a one-piece swimsuit, it’s far from being lackluster. It’s completely black and has a wide strap design that looks reminiscent of something more akin to bondage than just a regular swimsuit. To complete the look, the sisters can be seen wearing nylon stockings and over-the-knee black boots. To make it even more seductive, they are laying on the ground with their fur coats as the only protection against the cold ground. While Gigi is often depicted as a ray of sunshine compared to her dark-haired sister, this particular photo features Gigi looking just as dark and mysterious as Bella. From the smoky eyes to the ultra dark lips, this photo shows that both sisters can look as equally sexy when donning the same ensemble.

2 Trapped In A Box

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The 2015 Fall issue of V Magazine featured a number of photos of the Hadid sisters wearing matching ensembles. Yet, each ensemble requires the viewer to take a closer look beyond the initial lure of the photo. In this particular photo, both sisters are wearing the same sheer black nylon stockings and the same wrap top with long lace sleeves. The bottom piece is a high waisted accent that is more like a modest undergarment than anything else. Although both are wearing it, Bella has an ultra long slit skirt that drapes between her legs. Yet, Gigi seems to have taken hers off. Both sisters are posed in a spread-eagle position, even though Gigi is sitting down and Bella is standing up. To make the photo even more intriguing, Gigi can be seen holding a selfie stick with a phone on the end of it. They appear to be posing in a caged box of some sort and Gigi is sitting on a chair with wheels on the bottom. There is a definite dominatrix-style feel to the photo, with Bella looking more like the dominant sister.

1 Walking Together At New York Fashion Week

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While there was a time when Gigi was thought of as the true runway model and Bella was just an aspiring model, the pair proved that they were equally capable of walking the runway during the New York Fashion Week in 2015. While promoting a swimsuit line, the designer hoped to make the fashion stand out by turning the runway into a wading pool. With each step down the catwalk, the models stomped and splashed to further accentuate the swimsuits and swim accessories. The itty bitty suits completely showed off the Hadid sister’s bodies and provided the perfect view of their ultra sexy derrieres as they walked away. Showing their solidarity, there were photos that showed their arms draped over one another as well as holding hands. Not only was it beautiful to see their physiques side by side on the runway but it was also great to see their expression of sisterly love.

Sources: Lynx That, Daily Mail

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15 Steamy Photos Of The Hadid Sisters You Need To See