15 Steamy Photos Of The Flash's Danielle Panabaker

Danielle Panabaker doesn’t only come across as a “good girl”, she’s a good girl who’s hot as hell!

The Flash is one of the most popular shows on the CW and its diverse, young, and hot AF cast is part of that reason. One of the consistent highlights of the show is Danielle Panabaker’s portrayal of Dr. Caitlin Snow, aka Killer Frost. Danielle has been a part of The Flash before the Flash even became an official show on the CW. She made her debut as Dr. Caitlin Snow during the second season of Arrow and hasn’t looked back since. Panabaker’s Snow is often shown as the “sweet,” “warm” Brainiac who’s always able to find a way to solve a problem for the team at S.T.A.R. Labs. Anyone who knows about the show or the comics know that Danielle eventually becomes the villain Killer Frost, which shows a darker, and yes, colder, side… The thing is in all actuality, Danielle Panabaker doesn’t only come across as a “good girl”, she’s a good girl who’s hot as hell and loves to show off her naughtier side whenever she gets the chance. So here’s a deeper look with 15 hot photos of The Flash’s Danielle Panabaker.

15 Mysteriously Hot


This hot photo is courtesy of GQ Magazine. As we can see Danielle has a knack for being able to lure us all with those mysterious beautiful eyes of hers. Panabaker is so hot that it’s almost under the radar how hot she is. This photo was taken in 2013 before her Flash fame. During this period she had just come off of starring in horror/thriller movies Piranha 3DD and Girls Against Boys; so we knew Hollywood had taken notice of the young, talented actor. Danielle has done quite a bit of pictorials showing off her beauty, but this one is definitely one of her sexiest. She’s showing a hint of her goods, yet showing that she’s confident, beautiful, and talented. I’m willing to bet she’s so smart in all the right areas that she could easily come across as being very intimidating. Fortunately, we’re able to see her in action whenever we want due to her use of talents in various genres.

14 Panabaker Gets Grimm


Wowzers. This sizzling shot is of Danielle playing the role of Ariel, the daughter of a fire-breathing dragon. As we can see, Danielle certainly has the body to pull off wearing bossome attire such as what’s shown in this photo. This photo is also from the Grimm episode “Plumed Serpent.” She’s actually pretty sultry in this episode, changing in front of Nick Burkhardt, implying that she was into him. Anyone that’s a fan of this show knows that Danielle’s character is really evil and has another appearance that isn’t as appealing. We see Danielle covered up so much in The Flash that it’s easy to forget that she has a damn good frame and can easily go up more than a few notches in the “show-off-my-body” department if she feels like it. She was only in this one episode, but there’s no doubt that this appearance helped to further fuel confidence in her ability to be in certain roles on the small screen.

13 She’s Got Legs!

Here is a photo from Danielle’s amazing shoot for Complex Magazine. It was during this shoot where Danielle showed of her goods and looked damn good doing so. This is when she let everyone know that she’s not just that cute “scream queen”, she’s hot and ready to melt anyone that comes within distance of her presence. There’s no doubt that Danielle is a taller woman, so it’s easy to surmise that this Flash vixen has no problems perhaps showing of her two greatest assets, her luscious legs. That red lipstick and her dirty blonde hair bellowing out in the shot. This is one of many photos from the Complex shoot that will be featured in this list; who knows why Danielle decided to go so steamy for this particular pictorial, but then again no one’s complaining either. Hopefully someday Danielle decides that she wants to show off again and provides us with photos such as this.

12 Yep, She’s Definitely Got Legs!


Here’s ANOTHER shot from Danielle’s photoshoot with Complex Magazine. First off, before I even continue; let’s give a round of applause to Complex Magazine for getting the goddess that is Danielle Panabaker to boldly shed her clothing and flaunt her stuff for fans everywhere. This particular shot is from a behind the scenes featurette on her photoshoot for the hip hop centric mag. During the time of the shoot Panabaker was still widely known as a scream queen who use to be on the Disney Channel. Danielle actually starred in the Disney Channel Original movie Stuck in the Suburbs back in 2004. She’s clearly grown up and has shown that she is ready to conquer her view of the world as she sees fit. Danielle is about as flirtatious and playful as ever in this case, laying on a blanket in the woods on a sunny day in a bra and very comfortable shorts as she looks down lightly touching her hair; can you get any inviting people?! Finally, a hot photo with someone sporting their long legs isn’t complete without taking extreme notice of her heels… she definitely knocked this one out the park!

11 Baby Got Back?


Whoa Danielle! That’s a hell of a nice— dress! It’s so sparkly! In all honesty though, Danielle knows what she’s workin’ with and knows that she’s got it goin’ on in all facets. In this case she makes it very loud and very clear that she’s workin’ with some junk in the trunk. Anyone that watches The Flash knows that due to the nature of the show and Panabaker’s scientist character Caitlin Snow, we usually see her wearing a lab coat or sometimes she’s in a long skirt conducting business and helping out Barry along with her partner and good buddy Cisco. It’s amazing how hot this woman can be when she chooses to turn up the temperature a little bit. She doesn’t only look sexy in this shot, she looks like she’s intent on having someone join her to wherever she’s going. The only thing left to question is where could that possibly be? Wherever it is we would certainly love to go with her.

Maybe we can get a little lucky and eventually have a Flash episode where Caitlin Snow has an excuse to let out a little more of the naughty side of her that we see in these shots.

10 Burrr

Via Tribzap2it

Danielle Panabaker obviously plays Dr. Caitlin Snow in CW’s The Flash. Caitlin Snow is a warm-hearted, cute, good person who seeks to do good. When Earth Two is revealed in Season 2, Barry Allen and us fans are first introduced to Caitlin Snow’s Earth 2 counterpart, Killer Frost, the polar (yes I went there) opposite of her Earth 1 counterpart. The differences are distinct in appearance and cold in personality. Snow’s long brunette hair is replaced with long platinum blonde locks… Her eyes are now ice blue… Her lips turn blue as well. Killer Frost is a straight up killer, freezing her opponents to death with the ability to create ice picks and emote frost bite on impact from her bare hands. With all that said, it’s still very hard to resist a woman that is this damn hot. It could be argued that Danielle looks “scary” and also looks “hot” as Killer Frost…So can we get again with saying she’s “scary hot?” Probably not. Yes, that was pretty corny.

9 Pin Up Style


Here’s Danielle posing pin-up style. The Flash actress gets dolled up… The origin of this photo is hard to get a grasp on, but we’re not complaining. Danielle decides to have some fun here. She delivers a playful smirk along with bright red lipstick and her natural brown hair echoes an era where pin-up shots were as common as ever. Danielle continues to show off her two long stemmed money makers and accompanying her posh style with a black polka dot skirt, a stylish band on her arm, and black high heels, all while clashing against a red drape backdrop. Its photos like this that show that Danielle is able to show a nice, wide range in her photos. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering her ability to act in Disney original movies, a slew of horror films, and a timid scientist with a cold dark side within the confines of a television superhero universe.

8 Just When You Thought She Couldn’t Get Hotter


So we’ve seen Danielle in a variety of different photos thus far… This one is no exception. Danielle takes it upon herself to wear sultry clothing, wearing an amazing top, while sitting on what looks to be like a neck rein. Danielle gives the camera about as seriously sexy of a look that a camera can get as she grabs hold of the rein… Does anyone want to take a guess as to why Ms. Panabaker is sitting the way she’s sitting and grabbing the way she is grabbing? Come on, you know she wants us all to “go there.” Whoever is responsible for this particular shot definitely did a fine job of concocting a scenario where Danielle is in the mood to go for a ride in a room located in a house that’s most likely in the middle of nowhere on a farm… Yeah, sounds scary, but since it’s with a woman as hot as Danielle, it’s actually pretty damn awesome.

7 That Red Lipstick!


As we’ve seen by now, Danielle is able to morph and model into several different looks. This time, she is looking at sleek and hip as ever, sporting that long brown hair, wearing a white top, and making us all go insane with that red lipstick. Danielle looks like a full on rockstar in this photo. One would think that if Caitlin Snow were to ever be written off The Flash, Danielle wouldn’t suffer that much from it; she’d be able to return to full on “scream queen” mode or even ditch acting all together to strike poses for a living. That said, Danielle Panabaker looks to be on the cast of The Flash as Caitlin Snow slash Killer Frost for the foreseeable future. However we don’t usually get to see Danielle looking this good while she’s on the show. Who knows, maybe the showrunners and costume designers can have her make the jump from cute to straight up jaw drop city. Danielle Panabaker should wear red lipstick, have bangs, and pose against a white background in a white top more often; the world would in fact be a better place.

6 Caitlin Snow...


This next photo is a shot from Season 2 of The Flash. It’s special in the fact that it’s not a glam shot, there’s no posing, there’ just Danielle acting as Dr. Caitlin Snow. Danielle’s character had a lot to do during Season 2. Let’s just say she was the object of affection of a very important and dangerous featured villain of the season. Caitlin Snow usually experiences quite a bit of heartache whenever she’s involved with someone in The Flash…Anyone that watches the show knows that the character is constantly dealing and coping with the fact that she lost her true love. That said, Ms. Panabaker is so attractive that there’s going to come a point in the show where she will be the one breaking hearts. Its subtle hotness such as this that as cemented Danielle Panabaker as one of the hottest stand outs of The Flash. In fact, without Caitlin Snow, The Flash wouldn’t have made it out of the first couple episodes of the series, let alone three seasons.

5 Danielle Panabaker At The EW 2015 SAG Nominees' Party


This is an amazing shot of Danielle from the Entertainment Weekly Sag Awards 2015 nominees’ party. Now, The Flash wasn’t nominated for anything (despite being an acclaimed show; CW bias anyone?), but there’s no doubt that it’s one of the more known shows on TV, especially considering the popularity of the title character. Nonetheless, Danielle looks amazing in this red and black dress and her smile is as beautiful as ever. If Danielle were to become a bigger player in the acting world there’s no question that she would be one of the more radiant red carpet entities around. She’s probably not going to get a nomination for playing Caitlin Snow on a popular TV show, but she does have the range to tackle something more “challenging” in the future; who knows what that could be. Whatever it is, she surely has legions of fans ready to watch and adore her next move.

4 Necessary Hotness


Danielle Panabaker has done more than be a scream queen and a scientist slash villain. She’s also starred in other series outside of The Flash. This shot is from her time on the USA Network show Necessary Roughness. Danielle played Juliette Pittman, who is the daughter of Marshall Pittman, the owner of the main football team of the series, The New York Hawks. As we can see with this screen cap from the show, Danielle certainly has a knack for being able to come across as hot and cute while being extremely awkward at the same time. There’s kind of an art being able to pull that off. That’s probably a big part of the reason Danielle’s portrayal of Caitlin Snow is so alluring. It also makes her pretty damn relatable. It probably wouldn’t be too far-fetched to get a nice, genuine response from Danielle if one were to say hello in public.

3 Maybe She Wants Some Company?


When it comes down to it Danielle Panabaker is one of those stars that has the looks and the brains to do what she wants and accomplish whatever she sets out to do. She’s one of those individuals that can dress provocative and impress in that aspect only to go right back to looking even better wearing a simple beige dress with bracelets and sandals, relaxing on a single-sized bed outside. Panabaker is the kind of actor that does a many things outside of her profession. She manages to volunteer for many organizations including, The Art of Elysium, Unicef, and the Young Storytellers Foundation. The Flash star also embraces that she’s a role model young women and has the opportunity to be in a meaningful role in a genre that’s usually dominated by men. Danielle has no issue blending grace with power, and she manages to bring all of that on to the small screen.

2 Danielle Loves To Show Off Her Assets!


Here is a side view of Danielle at perhaps her hottest. This is another look at Danielle’s blazin’ hot shoot from her extremely highlighted Complex Magazine shoot. We see Ms. Panabaker with her hair all out, dyed dirty blonde. She chooses to show some skin and highlight her rarely undeniable lower half. She looks up towards the camera with those amazing eyes, laying down on her pink blanket, resting in provocative clothing, which comes equipped with a quite a set of cheeks, long legs, and a nice set of heels. Judging by what’s lying to the side, Danielle doesn’t particularly look to be messing around in regards to what she wants to get across in this photo. If looking hot and drawing attention to her sleek yet ample in the right places figure was her goal, she accomplished it with flying colors! We don’t see this side of her on The Flash, but maybe that can change in another horror movie she eventually stars in.

1 Danielle Isn’t So Shy This Time


This shot is when Danielle did a pretty bossome shoot for GQ back in 2009. This is well before her starring role on The Flash and she was just coming off of being featured in the umpteenth Friday The 13th flick. In this reboot she played Jenna, who was girlfriend of Trent (Travis Van Winkle). Danielle’s role as Jenna is the start of her string of “scream queen” roles starring in The Crazies, The Ward, Weakness, Girls Against Boys, and Piranha 3DD, among others. Who knows when Danielle will return to those kind of roles, but if encourages her to take more photos like this, than were not going to complain. Whether it’s showing skin in photos like this or wearing elegant dresses in others, there’s no more asking about how hot a woman like Danielle Panabaker can be; it’s a matter of how hot this amazing talent chooses to be!


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15 Steamy Photos Of The Flash's Danielle Panabaker