15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast Of Vikings

This show is simply amazing, and the cast members are so attractive as well.

While it’s true that the hype for Game of Thrones is practically unparalleled, my interest is always turned towards another great show: Vikings. It’s an amazing TV series and my personal favorite show. It follows the life of Ragnar Lothbrok and his family as they go in search for new lands to conquer, eventually finding their way to the British Islands, France, and other parts of the known Western World at the time. It’s a History Channel original production and based on the Viking raids that occurred at that point in time that would consequently change the face of civilization forever.

I know there are a lot of Jon Snow fanboys out there, but in my opinion, Vikings is home to the most kickass cast on TV and arguably the best-looking one, too. If you follow the show you must know about Ragnar by now, the Viking farmer who ends up being crowned king of Vikings and ruling over all their known territories. The role is played by Travis Fimmel, who before entering the acting world was one of the biggest supermodels on the planet, made famous for his steamy Calvin Klein ads. This Australian actor flew under the radar until he landed his role as Ragnar Lothbrok, who is to this time one of the most interesting characters I’ve stumbled upon. Ragnar is a legend in Viking lore, as he and his family changed the entire world thanks to their raiding explorations. As the show progresses, you meet many new characters that are all played by unusually attractive actors who must be making a big name for themselves thanks to this show. They have also become close friends and regularly share pictures of the cast spending time together.

15 Katheryn Winnick

By now, you know her as Lagertha, wife of Ragnar and all-around badass. She is probably every guy’s biggest crush on the series. Not only is she astonishingly beautiful, she also has the personality and the ambition that make her one of the best characters on the show. Katheryn is also pretty hardcore. Born in Ontario, Canada, this actress obtained her first black belt at age 13 and trained in many schools of martial arts since then. By 21, she had even started a few schools of her own. Katheryn does all her own stunts on the show.

In Vikings, Lagertha quickly moves up the ranks thanks to her loyalty and skills in battle. She is a very famous shield maiden and people have grown to fear her. Many of her fellow tribesmen have tried to take advantage of her because of her incredible beauty, finding that to be the last mistake they ever make. She is incredibly devoted to her family, especially her son Bjorn.

14 Alexander Ludwig

Asides from playing a douchebag in the first Hunger Games movie, Alexander Ludwig looks like a cool guy. He’s not only incredibly handsome, he also has talent to spare. Ludwig has been acting and modeling most of his life and his portrayal of Bjorn in Vikings is pretty awesome. Bjorn is Ragnar’s first son and one of the principal protagonists in Viking lore. On the show, the grown-up version of Bjorn, played by Ludwig, first appears in season 2, towering over the other already tall Vikings. He dreams of following in his father’s footsteps and exploring the world. After sailing to England and France, he sets his eyes on the Mediterranean Sea. Bjorn has grown into a natural leader, and thanks to his skills in battle he has been given the nickname Bjorn “Ironside”.

Ludwig was also a competitive skier, and if you follow the actor on Instagram, you can see that apart from acting, he is really good at singing and playing guitar.

13 Gaia Weiss

This stunning French actress appears in Vikings as Porunn, a slave at Kattegat that has won over the heart of Bjorn. Porunn is very conflicted because she loves Bjorn as much as she wants to be a famous shield maiden like Lagertha, and is torn over what her priority should be. While she is still a slave, her beauty becomes the center of attention of Bjorn, and because of that she is eventually freed by Aslaug but remains in Kattegat working for her.

Gaia rocked a cool hairstyle playing Porunn, one that represented the warrior spirit within the character, and while her sense of freedom increased, so did her desire to go to battle. This desire led to her confronting Bjorn in order for her to prove she is to be feared and respected like any other warrior. After having a pretty hot brawl with him in the woods, she proves her point. Later Porunn and Bjorn, both bloody from the fight, confess their love for one another.

12 Maude Hirst

She is mostly known for her role as Helga, Floki’s wife throughout the series. Helga is another beautiful character that appears regularly on the show. She’s one of the only citizens of Kattegat that truly get along with Floki, the eccentric architect for the Vikings in the village. Fellow Vikings disagree with Floki most of the time because he takes religion very seriously, and fears the path Ragnar takes may anger the Gods. His main rival is Athelstan, a Christian monk that was accepted as one of their own, and seems to win Ragnar's favor. Floki makes many enemies along the way, but Helga always stands by his side. They seem to share a connection that nobody else has in the show. Helga knows Floki’s potential for greatness and loves him for it.

Maude is also the daughter of the producer of the show, Michael Hirst, and has appeared on shows like Cash, and Curry and The Tudors.

11 Dianne Doan

Dianne appears briefly on the show as Yidu, an Asian slave that arrives in Kattegat. Yidu is taken during a raid in the Kingdom of France by the Vikings and taken to the village of Kattegat. Aslaug, noticing how different her look was to anyone else, decides to buy her, and put her to work. Yidu had been a slave for a short time in her life and is later revealed that she was the illegitimate daughter of the Chinese emperor. Ragnar also notices her and becomes infatuated with her. After some time, Ragnar and Yidu start an unlikely relationship, as she was also providing him with drugs to help him cope with his physical pain. After becoming addicted to the drugs, Ragnar ends Yidu’s life when she refused to give him any more.

This incredibly stunning actress was born and raised in Canada and has appeared in movies like The Descendants. She also took part in one of the seasons of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

10 Jennie Jacques

When the Vikings first arrive in the Kingdom of Northumbria, it's hard not to notice Princess Judith, daughter of King Aelle and wife of Prince Aethelwulf. When we meet her, she and Athelstan have an undeniable attraction that even shakes the monk’s vow as a servant of the Lord. Even though Judith is married, she can’t help but act on those feelings she has towards Athelstan and they eventually get together. Athelstan feels his faith crumbling under her big blue eyes, and starts to get feelings for the princess.

Jennie’s character gets in a lot of trouble because not only is her affair with Athelstan revealed, but she also starts another affair with Aethelwulf’s father, King Ecbert. Poor Aethelwulf, he’s one of the unluckiest guys in the whole show, I wish they’d cut him a break. The British actress has been on the series for a while now, and apart from Vikings, Jennie is also known for her role in the BBC series Desperate Romantics.

9 Alyssa Sutherland

Alyssa is one of those women you can tell at a simple glance is a supermodel. This Australian actress and model started her career in Brisbane when she won the Bonne Belle competition for Girlfriend magazine back in 1997. Her modeling gigs skyrocketed after that when she landed a contract with Vogue Australia.

In the show, this Australian beauty plays Aslaug, a Viking princess with a mysterious past whose family forms part of the culture’s legends. I usually find myself hypnotized when staring at Alyssa and her captivating eyes on Vikings, and she seems to have that effect on Ragnar as well. Aslaug also has some kind of supernatural ability since she is able to foretell the future in some occasions, predicting the fate of those close to her during those visions. Many are intrigued by the princess, while some others have grown to hate her, since she is the principal cause of the separation between Ragnar and Lagertha.

8 Jessalyn Gilsig

Gilsig is another beautiful actress that had a long run on the show. On Vikings, she played the character Siggy, Rollo’s first love. Rollo is very impulsive and when season 1 starts he is first interested in Lagertha, Ragnar’s wife, but after getting to know Siggy his attention turns completely to her. She was the wife of Earl Haraldson, ruler of Kattegat and home to Rollo and the Lothbrok family. When Ragnar defeated the Earl, Siggy was widowed but later found solace with Rollo.

The mutual affection doesn’t last long, however, as Rollo’s ambition and short fuse often lead to him mistreating Siggy, cheating on her, and forgetting about her, until tragedy fell upon Gilsig’s character. When all was said and done, Rollo remembered how much he actually loved Siggy and wished to have treated her better. Born in Quebec, Canada, Jessalyn is also known for her roles in Nip/Tuck, Boston Public, and Glee.

7 Travis Fimmel

Travis may have been mostly recognized as a model instead of an actor a few years ago, but today almost everyone knows him for his portrayal of the iconic Ragnar Lothbrok. While Ragnar is incredible because of his accomplishments and all that he does to try and take care of his family, Travis’ good looks help carry the role to the next level. Usually quiet and keeping to the background, Ragnar finds himself in a position of power he did not want, and thanks to it he is able to fulfill his dream: explore the west. During the show, you can see the ambition in his eyes, and his curiosity for the unknown.

On his maiden voyage, Ragnar discovers the Kingdom of Northumbria in northern England and befriends a monk by the name of Athelstan. Every season of the show holds more adventure and possible places to conquer. As time passes on Vikings, you notice the evolution of the Australian actor’s character as he sports more tattoos and different hairstyles during each part of his life’s journey.

6 Clive Standen

Clive portrays Rollo, Ragnar’s older brother. Rollo finds himself at many crossroads when it comes to the feelings he has towards Ragnar. He loves his brother but is insanely jealous about all the accomplishments his younger sibling has had and fears he will be forgotten in history, while Ragnar will become eternal in legend. As a fan of the show you can’t help but to love Rollo, he’s probably the best fighter the Vikings have ever seen, and the most fearsome one in the eyes of their foes, taunting his enemies with his twin axes and bare chest. Clive’s rugged good looks make him perfect for the role.

The British actor is also very familiar with all the stunt work the show requires. Standen has practiced sword fighting since he was 13. Later in his teen years, he became an international Muay Thai boxer and would later become a fencing gold medalist. Apart from Vikings, Standen has starred in many shows like Doctor Who, and Camelot. Since 2017, Clive also stars in Taken, a new series from NBC based on the popular movies by the same name.

5 Morgane Polanski

Daughter of Roman Polanski, this sexy French-Polish actress was cast as Princess Gisla in season 3 of Vikings. Gisla is the daughter of Emperor Charles of France, and she is ready to receive the pagans in battle. When the Vikings first arrive in Paris, they lay siege to the city, but Gisla stays calm under pressure and tells her men to keep fighting and to show no mercy. She is the total opposite of her father, who instead cowards when the fighting starts and refuses to leave the safety of his castle.

During the bloody battle, Rollo and Gisla lock eyes. Time passes, and when Emperor Charles sees no other alternative to ensure the safety of Paris, he proposes a marriage between Gisla and the Viking warrior. Rollo and the princess fall in love, finding themselves to be equal and similar in many ways. Although she is a beautiful princess, she is totally badass and does not take any crap from Rollo.

4 Katheryn and Travis

One of the things that draw a viewer’s attention to Vikings is the electrifying chemistry these two actors have on set. Ragnar and Lagertha have a special bond thanks to the love they share for one another, but love is complicated. Even though they share Bjorn as a son and seem to be a happy family, in their relationship there’s always a certain threat of jealousy and temptation, one which will eventually separate them.

The chemistry between Ragnar and Lagertha make for some of the steamiest scenes in the series, and even though they are separated, their love and attraction for one another does not disappear. Ragnar admires Lagertha, he thinks she is the strongest woman alive and the most beautiful. Lagertha shares the same admiration for Ragnar and can’t help but stare into his eyes, loving him despite all that happened between them. It’s funny how these two care so much for Athelstan they even invite him to join them in bed, causing a lot of frustration for the poor monk.

3 Gustaf Skarsgard

Floki is one of the best characters in Vikings, one that you can either hate to love or love to hate. When you first meet him, he is a famous boat builder and the most important ship architect in the town of Kattegat. Floki is one of Ragnar’s closest friends, he loves Ragnar more than anything in the world. He considers him to be the most important Viking ever to have lived, but Floki’s religious ideals make them disagree on many things. Gustaf’s portrayal of the character is incredible. Floki is very ominous since he believes that everything that happens in the world are signs from the Gods and warns his friends of the dangers that may fall upon them. His eyeliner looks pretty cool on him, too.

Gustaf is actually a Swedish actor, brother to five siblings including fellow actor Alexander Skarsgard. He is also son to Stellan Skarsgard, whom you may know from Thor, The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, among other important roles.

2 Amy Bailey

Born in Texas, Amy has spent a lot of time on both sides of the pond. She studied ballet from a young age at the Houston Ballet, later performing professionally in the New York Ballet and the London Ballet Theatre. Bailey started her acting career on the stage, where she received great reviews for her acting. She Eventually started acting in TV and landed her role as Princess Kwenthrith in Vikings. Kwenthrith is a total bombshell and she uses her seductive advantage to get her way with many important men. She is very smart and seeks alliances with Ecbert to help her claim her throne as the Queen of Mercia. When Ecbert hires a group of Vikings to help her, she says that she’d love to breed with them, because they would surely produce giants together.

As you can probably tell, Kwenthrith is a very sexual person, she eventually hooks up with Ragnar, Ecbert, and tries to seduce Aethelwulf as well. She even gives birth to Magnus, who she claims to be Ragnar’s son. Ragnar stated that this was not true, however, as they did not really have sex, she only pissed on the Viking King. Yeah- umm - pretty classy I guess.

1 Jonathan Rhys Meyers

One of the latest additions to the Vikings cast is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the Irish hunk you probably know from movies like August Rush, Velvet Goldmine, Mission Impossible III, and other classics. He portrayed Elvis in the miniseries by the same name in 2005, which earned him a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actor. Jonathan is well-known for playing King Henry VIII in the popular series The Tudors, also created by Michael Hirst. This bad boy has additionally been the face of many Hugo Boss fragrances.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Jonathan was raised with three brothers who are all professional musicians. He attended North Monastery Christian Brothers School but was expelled due to skipping class. Afterward, he focused his attention on acting.

On Vikings, Jonathan will appear from the beginning of season 5. We have only gotten glimpses of the character he will be portraying, but it has been described as a warrior bishop. He is a holy man with a very sexual side and incredible fighting knowledge.

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