15 Steamy Photos Of Stifler's Mom Everyone Needs To See

Raunchy comedies have their place in the mainstream, but most fail to truly captivate an audience and become a sensation. Back in 1999, American Pie was released, and a decade of young adults were treated to their generation's Porky's. It was raunchy, over-the-top, and it was the perfect movie to usher in the new millennium. American Pie quickly became one of the funniest films released in the 1990s, and remains a classic to this very day. Though the younger women in the movie were gorgeous in their own right, one character in particular stole the show.

In one of the most iconic roles of the era, the beautiful and talented Jennifer Coolidge quickly became a household name after her sultry portrayal of a woman that most know as Stifler's Mom. The most famous MILF of 1999 quickly became the focal point of desire for young men everywhere, and the prospect of hooking up with your friend's mom quickly became a fantasy to young men everywhere. Coolidge played the role to perfection, and her seduction of the character Finch remains one of the most infamous scenes of the film. Sure, Shannon Elizabeth was insanely hot as Nadia, but Stifler's Mom was the woman that every guy wanted.

While she has had other roles since her time on American Pie, Coolidge will always be best-remembered for her time as the seductress Jeanine. These 15 pictures of the woman who played Stifler's Mom will have you hitting up your friend's mom in no time.


15 Oh, That Red Dress

Coolidge began her run through Hollywood back in 1993, when she landed a guest role on the show Seinfeld. At the time, the gorgeous Coolidge was an unknown actress, but she was too hot and talented to ignore. The following year, she appeared in She TV. Her career wasn't off to the hottest start, but she continued finding work and building up her resume. Her film debut would occur in 1995 in the film Not of this Earth, in which she played a nurse. Her role was relatively small, but it was just the start of what would end up becoming a very successful career.

Seen here in a gorgeous red dress, Coolidge has her beauty on full display in this photo. She was able to seduce her son's friend in American Pie, and we can't imagine a single man who didn't fall in love with this beauty in 1999.

14 Leaving People Begging For More


After making her big-screen debut in the film Not of this Earth, Coolidge was able to land roles in two other films that same year. She appeared in the movies A Bucket of Blood and Love and Happiness, the former of which featured Will Ferrell in his debut film. The film was released on Showtime, and was one step closer to fame for both performers in the film. Coolidge would also appear in the series The Monroes in 1995, playing the character Marcia in one episode. Several years had gone by, and Coolidge was still making her way in the entertainment industry. 1997 would also yield middling results for the actress, but her role in 1998's A Night at the Roxbury would quickly put Hollywood on notice.

Her career was just beginning to blossom, and fans would quickly be begging for more from the actress. She finally had a film that made some noise in the mainstream, and the following year, Coolidge would be a household name.

13 A Gorgeous Smile

In 1999, Coolidge was primed for a breakout, although her appearance in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me wouldn't be that role. She played a minor character in that film, basically acting as an extra. It would be her second film appearance in 1999 that would change everything. That year, American Pie was unleashed to audiences, and the comedy would be a total game changer for the film industry. The film had a small budget, and quickly took the box office by storm, hauling in an astounding $235 million during its theatrical run. The raunchy teen comedy broke the mold, and catalyzed a new generation of R rated comedies. Thanks to her role as Stifler's Mom in the film, Coolidge was a red-hot commodity in Hollywood.

With her star shining at its absolute brightest, Jennifer Coolidge had finally arrived. She put in years of hard work, and it finally paid off. With American Pie becoming a hit, the window of opportunity was never bigger for the gorgeous Coolidge.

12 Stunning In Black


Following her breakout role in American Pie, Coolidge would appear in 2 films the following year. She acted in the movies The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, and in Best in Show. Neither film matched the monumental success of American Pie but they were solid showings for Coolidge. Her 2001, however, was quite the opposite. She appeared in the hit films Down to EarthLegally BlondeAmerican Pie 2, and Zoolander. It was an insanely successful year for Coolidge, and her decision to reprise the character of Stifler's Mom was a delight for fans of the series. Once again, she stole the show in the film, and men everywhere drooled over the actress.

With her second appearance as Stifler's Mom in the bag, Coolidge was once again a sex symbol in Hollywood. Her role in Legally Blonde helped show fans that she is just as funny as she is attractive, and her role in the film was well-received.

11 Red Carpet Magic

Much like its predecessor, American Pie 2 was a gigantic hit at the box office, and it hauled in $287 million while it was in theaters. Coolidge's brief appearance in the film left fans speechless once again, and 2001 was an excellent year for the actress. Outside of several hit films that she appeared in, she was also featured in several television shows that year. She made appearances on The Andy Dick Show and Frasier, proving that her talents could stretch beyond the world of movies. She was quickly gaining steam as a comedic actress, and nothing appeared to be slowing her down. She didn't appear in any films during 2002, but did act on television, appearing on the show Do Over. Her 2002 was quiet, but 2003 would be another huge year for Coolidge.

Thanks to her success in film, Coolidge is no stranger to dominating the red carpet, and this photo here is absolutely stunning. Even in a simple dress, the sultry Coolidge commands attention from everyone, and we are more than happy to oblige.

10 A Perfect Reunion


Her film career seemed to take a pause in 2002, but the following year would see Coolidge appear in 6 movies and several television shows. Among the biggest releases that she appeared in that year, American Wedding and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde were by far the most anticipated. A Mighty Wind proved to be a minor success for Coolidge, but the two sequels that she was in that year were what fans wanted to see. Legally Blonde 2 hauled in $124 million while American Wedding would easily surpass that with a total of $231 million. On television, Coolidge would appear on Sex and the CityFriends, and According to Jim. It was a massive year for the actress, and few performers can boast such a year.

Seen here at the premiere of American Reunion, the red-hot Coolidge looks flawless in her purple dress. Of course, her assets do most of the talking in this picture, but no one is complaining about that.

9 Back In Black

After a 2003 that saw Coolidge rake in huge amounts of money at the box office, 2004 was a tamer year for the actress. She kicked things off by starring in the film A Cinderella Story, which proved to be a hit at the box office. She followed this up by appearing in the film Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events which grossed $209 million during its theatrical run. It seemed as though everything Coolidge touched turned to gold around this time, and she was on top of the world. That same year, she appeared on MADtv, and landed a main role on the series Joey. The series lasted for a total of 2 seasons, and Coolidge appeared in all 46 episodes. She also lent her voice to the show As Told by Ginger.

Black is always a flattering color on beautiful women, and Coolidge rocks this look perfectly. The dress itself is incredibly simple, and it allows Coolidge's natural beauty and assets to do all the work. She is one actress that should appear on the red carpet as often as possible.


8 Red-Hot On The Red Carpet


After another successful year in the entertainment industry, Coolidge kept plowing ahead with no signs of slowing down. In 2005, she lent her voice to the animated film Robots, which featured a remarkable cast and is a truly underrated film. Robots would haul in $260 million during its time in theaters, making the film another hit for Coolidge. She continued her role on the show Joey during 2005, and also lent her voice to several episodes of the series Hopeless Pictures. Though her film slate wasn't too busy, Coolidge still found a role that was an incredible success. After another successful year, she was ready for a 2006 that would see her film release schedule once again heat up.

After breaking out 7 years earlier, Coolidge was still red-hot in the film industry. The role of Stifler's Mom in American Pie changed everything for the actress. Pictured here in a steamy black dress, Coolidge continued to slay on the red carpet.

7 Stunning In Silver

2006 was yet another busy year for Jennifer Coolidge, and her schedule was chock full of movie releases. Her time on the series Joey came to an end in 2006, and film was once again her primary focus. She appeared in the films Date MovieAmerican DreamzClick, and For Your Consideration. The comedy Click would be her most successful film that year, and it would gross $237 million at the box office. Date Movie would also be a success for Coolidge, though critics were less than thrilled about the film. Nevertheless, it would haul in $84 million. Her only television appearance was on Comic Relief 2006, which was used as a benefit show for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Draped in a shiny silver dress and some flashy earrings, Coolidge looks like an absolute stunner in this photo. She is no stranger to showing off her assets, and this photo is no exception.

6 A Piercing Stare


On the heels of another financially successful year, Jennifer Coolidge elected to appear in only one film in 2007. Her lone film appearance in 2007 came in the spoof comedy film Epic Movie, which was similar to her film Date Movie. Both movies received poor reviews, but raked in a pretty good amount of money at the box office. Epic Movie hauled in $86 million during its theatrical run, which is nearly identical to what its predecessor made. In television, she would appear in several episodes of the hit show Nip/Tuck. Coolidge may have had a slow year in 2007, but by this point, she had been working her tail off for 8 straight years after her big break. Sometimes, you just need to recharge your batteries before getting back at it.

Once again slaying it on the red carpet, Coolidge has proven time and time again that she should be mentioned alongside other Hollywood sex symbols. She seems to be getting better looking with age, which is bad news for the other women in the industry.

5 Showing Off A Whole New Side

2008 was a return to form of sorts for Jennifer Coolidge, whose film schedule was jam-packed. She appeared in 4 movies that year, including IgorSoul Men, and Dr. Doolittle: Tail to the Chief. In both Dr. Doolittle and Igor, Coolidge would lend her voice to her roles. Igor would be the more successful film of the two, though it only managed to make $30 million. She didn't star in any hit films that year, but she did manage to snag a role on a successful television series. Coolidge pulled down the recurring role of Betty on the series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and she would appear in 35 of the show's 121 episodes. Other appearances on television that year include the show The Closer, which ran for 7 seasons.

At the premiere of the film Igor, Coolidge made quick work of the other women on the red carpet, and completely stole the show. Wearing a black dress, the ageless beauty looked amazing, and showed off a side of her that most people tend to overlook.

4 Still Beautiful After All This Time


After 2008, hit films seemed to come fewer and far between for Jennifer Coolidge, but that didn't stop her from doing what she loves. The following year, she acted in 4 films, and she appeared on 2 television shows. Her film roles that year came in films with a relatively small budget, though the movie Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans had a sizable budget. It failed to make back the money, however, and was a massive flop at the box office. Neither of the shows that she appeared on were hits, and her career seemed to be waning. She had spent a decade acting in successful films, and 2009 might have been her worst year since breaking out in American Pie.

Even though her film career hit a stalling point, Coolidge continued to plow ahead, and looked amazing while doing so. She may have lost some bigger roles, but people still wanted to see her perform.

3 Back On The Red Carpet

Despite a few down years, Coolidge kept working steadily. She found some recurring roles on television, but fans wanted to see her crush it on the big screen once again. In 2012, Coolidge had an opportunity to go back to the well, and it proved to be a smart move on her part. With the 2012 release of the film American Reunion, fans of the series were eager to see what their old friends had been up to. It had been 13 years since the release of the original, and fans who had grown up with the films flocked to theaters everywhere to go see it. Once again, the franchise delivered a hit, and American Reunion hauled in $235 million during its release. Reprising her role as Stifler's Mom, fans rejoiced in seeing the iconic role returning to the big screen.

Coolidge has had a number of famous roles in huge movies, but her portrayal of Stifler's Mom never fails to disappoint. The American Pie films rake in tons of cash, and she is a huge reason why. The first film was lightning in a bottle, and the final film was a huge success as well.

2 Letting Loose


After her time on American Reunion, Coolidge would continue to find roles in film and television. She had several recurring roles in projects such as Fish HooksGravity Falls, and she since became a main character on the series 2 Broke Girls. The hit show has been on television since 2011, and has been on mainstay on CBS. With Coolidge in the fold as a main character, the show received a comedic boost, and she fits in perfectly on the series. Even after the success that she has had in film, Coolidge has found her niche on 2 Broke Girls, and has spent the last several years killing it on television.

Even with an already gorgeous cast, Coolidge quickly took her place alongside the beautiful women on 2 Broke Girls. The talent that fans have seen of her over the years translates nicely onto the show, and seeing Coolidge successful in television is truly remarkable.

1 Hotter Than The Rest

Over the last several years, Jennifer Coolidge has held down her role on the series 2 Broke Girls, and has continued to appear in other projects. In 2015, she had a brief appearance in the film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. The film may have been blasted by critics, but it made a whopping $234 million during its time in theaters. Earlier this year, she lent her voice to The Emoji Movie. It was her latest work in film, though some wish it would have been for a different project. Thankfully, she also lent her voice to the show American Dad which is much more well-received than The Emoji Movie. It has been 18 years since her first portrayal as Stifler's Mom, and Coolidge is still doing big things in Hollywood.

After appearing in such an iconic role, some performers are often left looking for scraps. People tend to only associate them with one role, and seeing them in anything else feels weird. Thankfully, Coolidge has had an amazing career so far, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this gorgeous woman.

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