15 Steamy Photos Of Grey's Anatomy Cast Members Minus Their Scrubs

Why do we watch Grey's Anatomy? You didn't really think that it was the sappy, impossible love stories that reel us in, did you? That might be what every guy wants their girl to believe, but it's the steamy cast members that draw our attention. Guys might pretend to get into the storyline crap, but all BS aside, we're really not that big on those tearjerker moments or the silly cat-and-mouse games. You know what I'm saying—the games the surgeons play with each other's love lives. They rip off their scrubs (although not nearly enough) only to fall in love and crush each other apart. Nobody stays together for very long. If they do, the clock is only ticking before they'll break up, screw around, or possibly die. It's all kinds of sad when you really think about it.

That's why the best part for some of us is seeing those beautiful, classy surgeons saving fake lives. Yep, that's what gets our blood flowing. The smart, funny, gorgeous cast members of Grey's Anatomy. They're like a breath of fresh air. The only thing that isn't so great is that they're almost always wearing those skin-covering scrubs. Those scrubs make it difficult to see even the steamiest cast members' bodies. I guess the scrubs are necessary to make the show realistic and all. Besides, it is ABC, not Showtime or HBO; but the cast is rarely seen away from the hospital at all. No jeans, no tank tops, or yoga pants in sight. Rarely even a dress. Surgeons, or not, it'd be nice to see what these beauties look like in yoga pants, tank tops, short shorts, and skirts. Don't you agree?

Here are 15 Steamy Grey's Anatomy Cast Members Minus Their Scrubs...

15 Chyler Leigh

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You might remember this hottie as Dr. Lexie Grey. Although, she did leave her scrubs behind some time ago. Her real name is Chyler Leigh, and she's been busy since she left Grey's Anatomy, but she's also been sorely missed. She was one of the most gorgeous surgeons at Seattle Grace. Stubborn, too! Remember how hard she fought to win over her sister, Meredith Grey? Plus, she could make Mark Sloan go all soft for her. How could he resist that sweet face and those doe-brown eyes? That tattoo sure makes for an awfully nice view, too!

Irresistible, hardheaded, and intelligent. It kinda makes you wonder if that's what she's like in real life. She'd have anyone losing their minds in no time. (Especially, if she could really do whatever move it was that she supposedly used to break Mark's bone!) Those days are sort of hard to forget. As of now, Chyler has been acting as Supergirl's sister, Alexandra Danvers. Chyler's still steamy as hell, so you might want to check out the show!

14 Sara Ramirez

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It was hard seeing this juicy lady go as well. It's Callie's brand of bad-a*sery that has been lost from Grey's Anatomy, and it's left the show somewhat lacking. You'd know Sara Ramirez best as Callie Torres. Nobody could've jumped into the role as George O'Malley's girlfriend better than this super sexy, I-don't-give-AF woman. Remember that time she walked in on Meredith and Izzie in the bathroom. She was in her underwear and just took a seat on the toilet and peed right in front of them. Callie Torres had plenty more shock factor left for us in her future.

There was always something seriously hot about that hardcore demeanor of hers. She had no problem whatsoever with being Mark Sloan's "friend with benefits," which was super hot. Yet, things got extra spicy when Arizona came into the picture. We've seen Sara slide her scrubs off on more than one occasion but never as candidly as seen above. It appears that she's getting her fine self ready for Grey's. It's great that she wasn't killed off because that's one lady Shonda Rhimes should be working to get back. It's been a while since we have seen that juicy booty or heard the sound of broken bones being cracked back into place, for that matter.

13 Camilla Luddington & Kelly McCreary

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There's nothing wrong with girls having a little fun. It's actually super steamy if you think about it. That's Jo Wilson and Maggie Pierce that you see above. They're two of the steamiest ladies to set foot in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, let alone do some surgeries. Both ladies look seriously hot and relaxed, minus their scrubs. Kelly McCreary doesn't appear nearly as nerdy and awkward as her character, Maggie, does on the show. Although, you'd already expect that kind of sauciness from Camilla Luddington, a.k.a. Jo. That's part of what makes Kelly's carefree demeanor so steamy in this photo. You might not be able to see what they're wearing, but it's definitely not scrubs.

This hasn't been Kelly's first time acting as a surgeon. Although, it was a bit of an upgrade to her earlier role as first-year surgical intern, Tyra Dupre, on Emily Owens, MD. ApparentlyCW tried their hand at a medical drama, too. As for Camilla, nothing could top, or possibly get hotter, than being the voice and likeness of the great Lara Croft in both Tomb Raider (2013) and in Rise of the Tomb Raider (later in 2013). It's too bad we won't be seeing her in the new Tomb Raider movie.

12 Sarah Drew & Kelly McCreary

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It's Kelly again. Only this time, we've got a little leg action. She should really show those babies off more. They're long, sleek, and dark. She's a beautiful woman overall, but her legs are one of her best features. Kelly also stands up for what she believes in. Can you imagine that she was confused as being Jerrika Hinton by the media? Geez! They're both gorgeous ladies, but the comparisons stop there. Neither of them get caught letting their super-classy facade drop often. So, you might want to soak up this smokin' hot look as much as you can. It might not be much, but it's a lot more than she usually gives.

Sarah Drew is no different. She's totally hot with her red hair, smooth skin, and beautiful eyes. Meanwhile, her photo shoots aren't in the least bit revealing. Her childhood probably plays a vital role in her character, April Kepner, on Grey's Anatomy. Both her father and her brother are pastors. So yeah, the church mouse gone bad girl is a real thing! Although, her character hasn't had a love interest since her divorce. That's the April Kepner that we desperately need back.

11 Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl minus her scrubs. That used to be the stuff that sweet dreams were made of. However, now you barely see her at all. That is unless you count that the numerous times she's been in sucky movies since leaving Grey's Anatomy or the countless occasions where she's been photographed jogging in yoga pants, only to be called unflattering by the tabloids. Katherine was even photographed looking very rough on her front porch once.

However, her shape did look much better recently. In 2015, she was caught during a wardrobe change outside. Right in the middle of New York, to be exact. It was for her new show Doubt, which had some good reviews, believe it or not. Boy, if that didn't bring back a few memories of the old Izzie Stevens, I don't know what else will. You can almost hear her ordering Alex to take off his pants just as she strips down to her bra and panties. How steamy was that? Those were the days, though. Although, you've got to admit that the one-piece bit she's wearing above isn't near as steamy as her underwear from that scene on Grey's, though.

10 Melissa George

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This little hottie was one of the steamiest bad girls in the history of Grey's Anatomy...ever. Her name is Melissa George, but you might know her better as Sadie Harris. She was nicknamed Die to go along with Meredith's nickname, Death. Melissa also became known as Crazy Sadie by the other interns because it was her idea that they all begin cutting each other open to learn the surgical techniques that their residents weren't teaching them. You might recall that she even led them to take out a semi-unwilling participant's appendix. It was too bad that her role didn't last longer.

Meanwhile, Melisa looks extra stunning minus her scrubs. In fact, she dazzles in this smokin' hot photo of her in a bikini. The look on her face guarantees a spine-tingling feeling. Almost like being scared, only with heat instead of the chills. Did you know that she played Kathy Lutz in the 2005 version of The Amityville Horror? She also did such a great job acting as Rosie from The Slap that they actually signed her up for the U.S. version of that. Lately, she's been working on a new medical drama called Heartbeat on NBC.

9 Kate Walsh

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You don't have to look far to see a less desirable, yet very dramatic, view of Kate Walsh or an R-rated version either. In fact, she spent most of last year running from part to part. Two of her biggest roles included 13 Reasons Why, which is on Netflix, and another with Jada Pinkett-Smith and Queen Latifah in the R-rated comedy Girl's Trip, which is currently in theaters. Talk about totally switching up your entire personality between fights. That has to take some dedication! Probably a lot more than donning those scrubs took.

However, nothing could top her steaminess in both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. She's always been one of the hottest redheads in Hollywood. Aside from that, Kate's great at going from sweet and docile to wickedly evil, especially when her character is Addison Shepherd who thinks that some slutty intern has been sleeping with her husband. The poison oak in her nether regions was nice payback for being an adulterous wh*re, though. It'd be nice to see Addy back in Seattle. That's for sure!

8 Sarah Drew (Looking Hot)

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Bingo! You can't get much steamier than this photo of April Kepner. Or, maybe we should just call her Sarah Drew, since she's obviously not wearing her scrubs in this photo. Who knew that she was so juicy? Anyway, April isn't the only recurring role that Sarah Drew has taken on. In fact, you might also recognize her as Kitty Romano from Mad Men. In 2014, she starred in the Christian comedy Mom's Night Out. Not surprisingly, that's about as steamy and hot as this girl has gotten, which makes her even hotter than the thousands of women who can easily pull off those types of roles.

Things did change up for Sarah Drew, or I guess I should say April Kepner, when she met Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy. Technically, they had already known each other for years, but it was those medical boards. They sure did a number on her nerves and her attitude. One thing led to another, and they had premarital relations. That didn't end so well, but hopefully, there will be more love and good-girl-gone-bad in Kepner's future. As of now, Sarah's about to co-star in a movie called Indivisible, which is still in production. She'll be the wife of an Army chaplain, who is a decorated Iraqi war vet.

7 Ellen Pompeo

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Ellen Pompeo has got to be one of the fittest, steamiest actresses who's over forty. She can't get much hotter than she was in this bikini during her vacation in Maui! There's no need for scrubs there, that's for sure. It's a whole lot better seeing her here at the beach than in Seattle at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. You've seen her get McDreamy, lose McDreamy, beg for McDreamy, then marry McDreamy, only to lose him in a horrific car accident. How much more can the poor woman take?

Ellen's done other things, but she'll always be best-known for her leading role as Meredith in Grey's Anatomy. Hey, I'm sure she's not complaining. That role has raked her in enough dough to be listed #4 on Forbes' list for highest paid television actresses for years now. It's hard to believe that it was all the way back in 2005 when she first donned those sexy surgical scrubs on Grey's. Boy, was she steamy or what? Over a decade later, Ellen still has that smart, sophisticated personality with just the right amount of mystery that drives us crazy.

6 Sandra Oh

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Sandra Oh has played one of the hottest, nerdiest, and most socially-inept females at Seattle Grace...ever. She might have seemed cold for the majority of her time acting as Cristina Yang, but there were still tons of sexy moments that reminded us that she was indeed human. Sandra's also the kind of classy lady that rarely dresses down, so finding her minus her scrubs is almost a huge fail. However, this shot of Sandra Oh dressed in her casual gear is about as steamy as it needs to get.

Sandra Oh has already been busy since leaving Grey's. You might have seen her as Abby Tanaka on the last season of American Crime, and her next role will be as the leading lady named Eve in an upcoming series called Killing Eve. It's set to air in 2018. Meanwhile, you'll have to settle for watching reruns of Grey's, or you can watch her older movies like Sideways and Dancing at the Blue Iguana. That last one's about the lives of several women who work at a "club." So, it's a must-see, especially if you want to see more of a scantily clad version of Sandra Oh.

5 Jerrika Hinton

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This gorgeous woman is Jerrika Hinton. Boy, is she a stunner or what? It was Jerrika and Kelly McCreary who have been confused with each other in the media. Both ladies are steamy AF, but they're also much too unique to be confused with one another. Although, Jerrika might seem oddly familiar for another reason. That's because she's made guest appearances on several popular TV shows. For instance, have you ever watched Everybody Hates Chris, Bones, or Scandal? There's a lot more options where those came from.

As for Grey's Anatomy, you'd know Jerrika best as the hot surgical intern, Stephanie Edwards. However, this past season was her last. It really doesn't seem like the past couple seasons were enough to get to know Jerrika's character, Stephanie. There was that nasty love triangle where Jackson ran away and married April. That was sort of mucked up. She was every bit as hot, if not hotter than April Kepner. Although, Shonda made her a true bada*s in the way she saved the little girl. That was an amazing send-off for her character. No worries, though. She's already working on something new. There's no word on her exact role, but she's listed in the cast for Insidious: Chapter 4.

4 Kate Walsh (Fillin' Up Her Car)

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Hey! Look at the legs on that beauty! That's Kate Walsh yet again. I'm not sure about the hat or sunglasses, but those legs in those shorts... whew! How could we resist showing off the fiery redhead, if not just once more? She was one of the hottest redheads in Hollywood when she was in her prime. Plus, you could say the same thing for gorgeous women pushing 50. There aren't many women as stunning as this beauty. Red hair, blue eyes, and legs for days, I might add.

Kate might be in the past when it comes to Grey's Anatomy, but this stunning lady has an awful lot going for her right now. Not only has 13 Reasons Why been picked up for another season, but she's also scored some movie roles. One of which is as Pat Miller in Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House. That's an upcoming biographical, spy-type, thriller based on the events of the anonymous Watergate whistle-blower. Kate's role is as one of the detectives' wives.

3 Chyler Leigh

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Okay, back to Chyler Leigh. She used to be Lexie Grey. This has been mentioned before, but you might've forgotten. Chyler Leigh has always been a bold one when it comes to losing those scrubs and being scantily clad. What about that smokin' hot video she did with Marilyn Manson. That came before Grey's Anatomy. The song was called Tainted Love, and Chyler spent most of the video in a black bikini with a spiked choker and hardcore black hair with a white streak in it. It was an interesting video, to say the least. Much different than her good-girl Lexie Grey act. She was in a hot tub with Marilyn Manson and three other girls.

Anyhow, it's sort of obvious that a woman as hot as Chyler would have many steamy moments. Take this sandy beach workout for instance. Can't beat yoga with those very short workout shorts on. Now, that's so much better than those scrubs she was always wearing on Grey's. Did you ever realize how many movies and shows this chick has done? I almost forgot her bit as Laney Briggs in Not Another Teen Movie. That was a cult classic. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out.

2 Camilla Luddington & Jerrika Hinton

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You already know that we had to save the best couple for last. So, here's hoping that you made it through this entire article. First, we've got Camilla Luddington and Jerrika Hinton. These ladies have got to be the two hottest cast members remaining through season 13 of Grey's Anatomy. That's part of the reason why it's so sad to see Jerrika go. The women who were left are all gorgeous for cougars, but these are the youngest ladies they had left. Now, only one is remaining.

You'll still be seeing Camilla, of course. Although, it's about time for a fresh batch of interns. Wouldn't you agree? These ladies seem to have been enjoying their time offscreen in this photo. It seems like Jo might be a little lost without her BFF even if they weren't always that close as Jo Wilson and Stephanie Edwards. There was that little bit of drama where Jo thought Stephanie was faking her history with sickle-cell. But other than that, they're the last hotties of their class. Why in the world would they want to split these lovely ladies apart?

1 Camilla Luddington (Too Hot To Handle)

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Last but certainly not least, we have another sizzling photo of Camilla Luddington, a.k.a. Jo Wilson. This one's minus the pants. Did Alex Karev really think he deserved all of that? Let's just say Camilla Luddington is full in all of the right places. A beautiful face, sweet girl-next-door charm, and a hint of danger, too. She's also great at making the "follow me" face.

It kind of makes you wonder, what would Grey's Anatomy do without Jo Wilson? She's their last young intern. Not that all those cougars aren't hot, but they certainly need to keep a healthy mix, don't you think? Of course, the show wouldn't be Grey's without Meredith and the alums that are left. Although, they still need to add just a couple of ladies that the younger crowd can relate to. In the meantime, Camilla can't go anywhere. Without her, Grey's Anatomy's younger crowd would be toast.

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