15 Steamy Photos Of Get Out's Allison Williams

Get Out is taking the entire country by storm. The Jordan Peele directed horror-comedy sports an outstanding 99% on critic website Rotten Tomatoes, and after watching it myself, this particular writer can vouch for its acclaim. Get Out tells the story of a Black man named Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) who’s visiting his white girlfriend, Rose Armitage’s (Allison Williams) parents for the first time. Let’s just say things get weird, awkward, and eventually terrifying REAL QUICK. This film will be talked about for years to come.

Regardless of how one views the blatant messages, hidden messages, or barrels of social commentary affiliated with this film, everyone can pretty much agree that Allison Williams is pretty damn cute. The daughter of world renowned news anchor Brian Williams lit up the pop culture world when she was in a rather explicit scene in the HBO series Girls. Right now, she has the world once again taking notice at her character in Get Out. The woman behind Rose Armitage is just as hot and one can only hope that she has a hell of a lot more to offer in the near future. For now, let’s all sit back and marvel at these hot AF photos of one of the hottest actors right now.

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15 Come On Over

Allison Williams may be breaking through to a whole other audience of people with her role in Get Out, but millions of HBO watchers have already known who she is due to her role of Marnie Marie Michaels on the acclaimed series Girls. This is a shot of Allison as Marnie as she wears a nice red top, looking rather intrigued at whoever has her attention in what is clearly a restaurant atmosphere. This episode is from the 5th season and Marnie took center stage. Although everyone agrees that Allison Williams is strikingly hot, her long tenured status as Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) best friend has garnered disdain from fans.

“People tell me often and very freely that they don’t like Marnie,” said Allison Williams in an interview with USA Today. Marnie is an uptight hypercritical young woman so that’s going to be a polarizing aspect of her character. Nonetheless, Allison is currently featured on Girls which is in its final season on HBO.

14 Simply Red

Via Pinterest

Some of the more distinguishable things about Allison are her long brown hair, seductive eyes, and her slim frame; there’s no doubt that she’s tried her hand in modelling. This shot features Allison sitting on a couch with her clothes ever-so-slightly coming off. Allison is frozen in time with an uber-sexy “come over here” vibe going on. Allison along with her photographers know exactly what they’re doing with that subtle hint of cleavage with her hair flowing all the way down almost robbing us all of Allison in (almost) all of her glory. Allison doesn’t rely on her bloodline to get ahead, she aims to accomplish goals on her own. Allison used her experience at Yale’s improv comedy group Just Add Water to convince Girls producer Judd Apatow to cast her in the series. The troupe performs throughout the country and is known for their unique blend of games and music in their performances; Allison is one of many notable alumni.

13 #BlondeSelfie

Via Instagram

This is a very recent photo of Allison from her Instagram. She played Marnie Marie Michaels on Girls for 6 seasons, and this is her way of saying goodbye to the character. So, Allison goes from a stunning brunette to a stunning blonde? We’ll take it. Allison’s new blonde do has already been featured in magazines such as Allure, where Williams is barely recognizable.

Allison may be saying goodbye to a character on an acclaimed show, but it’s okay because with the success of Get Out, her career is looking like it’s about to go to the next level. Who knows how long she keeps the blonde look; can you go wrong either way? Not in this case. Williams is definitely on the look out to take her acting career to the next level. Get Out may have been Allison’s major film debut, but she’s been in various other TV projects as well. She’s been featured in The League, American Dreams, The Mindy Project, and managed to play Peter Pan in the live TV special of Peter Pan Live.

12 Breathtaking

Via GotCeleb.com

Here’s a shot of Allison Williams from her Harper’s Bazaar shoot a few years ago. Williams is on another level of hot with this shot, which features the slender actor sporting cut up jean shorts and a white shirt with a bandana around her neck. The shoot is especially notable because Williams also posed topless, wearing a denim jacket and jeans, with nothing under the jacket. I know Allison recently went blonde, and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, she looks pretty damn good. But if I (and a fan of brunettes) were to be real, I wouldn’t complain if she went back permanently. This Harper’s Bazaar shoot featured an in depth interview with the gorgeous actor. Allison manages to share some uber-juicy details about her daily routine. Allison describes herself as a night owl who looks at her phone first when she wakes up on a non-shooting day.

11 Metallic Pop!

Via Dailymail.co.uk

This shot of Allison shows a more playful side. It’s refreshing to know a beautiful, talented woman like Allison has a genuine sense of humor and has no qualms with looking like a goof. This shot is from Glamour Magazine’s 75th anniversary shoot back in 2014. She revealed in an interview that she would definitely give up her acting career to raise children. Fortunately that hasn’t happened just yet, so we can still see Allison in all of her glory.

“I’d love to be a mom – and not have to bring my kids into my trailer. That’s my long-term thinking…If you go into acting for love of the craft, and you dodge the fame aspect it’s more sustainable,” said Allison in an interview from Glamour Magazine. She isn’t into the fame aspect of acting; she actually loves what she does.

Allison’s Girls protégé Lena Dunham compared her to Tina Fey. That’s a hell of a comparison.

10 Allison Loves Loyalty

Here’s another shot from Glamour Magazine. Here Allison looks, well, glamorous. She’s stunning as she shows a little skin around her stomach with that stylish top. Allison explained to the fashion mag that the older she gets, the simpler she becomes. Williams goes on to describe the qualities she looks for in a friend. The brunette bombshell searches for loyalty, honesty and empathy.

“…As a girl I am entitled to say often we think we want honesty but (what) we want is for someone to say 'No, no you look great.'”

If you couldn’t tell with the latest batch of pics, Allison had a metallic themed shoot. I think it’s a safe bet to say she looks good in whatever she wears. Allison could be wearing a black trash bag in a rap video like Missy Elliot did back in the 1990s and she would still slay.

9 Katy Perry Knows Allison Is Hot AF

When you can comfortably stand next to the goddess that is Katy Perry (a goddess who is sporting her trademark pair of assets at that), you know you’re beautiful. This is Allison Williams at the 2013 Grammy Awards ceremony. I don’t think Allison has any music out, but it’s not a stretch to assume that Allison, who let’s be honest, has a very privileged group of family and friends, has likely been fortunate to rub elbows with the who’s who of Hollywood and wherever else. No, no that’s not a diss, just telling it like it is, we all would love to have the same opportunity. Oh well. Anyway, it turns out that Allison was Katy Perry’s choice to accompany her at the music gala, AS HER DATE. Katy Perry, one of the hottest women in the music industry and in the world of pop culture in general could have anyone she wanted, but she chose Allison. Got damn.

8 Wonderful In White And Black

Here’s a glam AF photo of Allison at a premiere for Girls. Allison has killer looks and she probably knows it. There’s also a solid chance that she’s quite humble as well (hopefully, it would suck to hear that she’s an awful person behind the lens). She looks amazing in white with a black bow to seal the deal on her look for the event. Is it far-fetched to proclaim that Allison Williams might just have one of the best smiles out there? I wonder how much crap she’s able to get away with for being so damn cute. As we all know, Allison has a whole lot to fall back on if her career doesn’t go anywhere post-Girls; however that’s unlikely with her movie Get Out tearing up the box office right now. There’s a strong chance that she’ll be cast in future thrillers and horror movies after being the (white) girlfriend of a black man going through some crazy shit that she doesn’t know about while he visits her seemingly nice (?) family.

7 Sweet Like Candy

Via Mrpopat.in

Allison’s life outside of the big and small screens isn’t as busy as one would think. Remember, celebrities are still people too; even this particular celeb is exceptionally hot and talented. Allison is obsessed with her smartphone, taking hundreds even thousands of photos of her dog (Moxie) or when she’s out on family trips. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Allison goes on to mention her love of the New Jersey sunset and how she is in a constant battle against her sweet tooth.

“Basically, the way I eat is like a little kid. I have such a sweet tooth, and I follow wherever it takes me. Black-and-white cookies are my salvation.”

While this isn’t really exciting material here, it perhaps lends credence to how down to earth and “touchable” Allison is despite her relatively high status in society. Boiled down, Allison’s day outside of the “workplace” isn’t all that exciting, we’re probably better off following a train-wreck.

6 She's Got Legs...

Here’s a photo of Allison flaunting her legs while wearing a nice pink and white dress. She looks pretty happy and seems to be in her “fun” zone as the shot is taking place. The shoot was for Boston Common Magazine, which featured her on its cover back in 2013. Williams isn’t always so glammed up despite having a famous upbringing. When it comes down to it the Girls and Get Out star likes to wear what she describes as “cozy clothes.” “Cozy clothes” according to Williams, consists of “head-to-toe cashmere in the winter, and sweatpants and an oversized sweater of some kind in the summer” (Harper’s Bazaar). Allison goes on to explain more about her lifestyle in the in depth interview, which literally details 24 hour of her day. As we can see, Allison has a very slim frame, probably due to a mix of bossome genetics and healthy eating. Her normal breakfast (the most important meal of the day) consists of cinnamon raisin toast with butter or a bowl of cinnamon life cereal with almond milk.

5 Always Smiling

Allison is a busy woman these days. Her stint on Girls may be coming to an end, but it’s a good bet to assume that her movie career is going to heat up tremendously with Get Out’s box office and critical success. The very description of Allison’s character in the movie gets everyone’s attention. You know what else gets attention? Photos like the one above. With a smile and looks like that in dresses like that with poses like that, there’s certainly isn’t a lack of people wanting to date this woman. Unfortunately, Allison isn’t single. The lucky p.o.s who has the privilege of waking up to this woman in the morning is none other than Ricky Van Veen, aka the co-founder of CollegeHumor.com. Are we all jealous? Yes. And we all should be. Allison is hot, rich, with a lot of rich friends and family and has an equally rich husband who created a site that we all most likely have heard of or seen a clip from in some form or fashion.

4 Getting "Banged"

This shot of Allison shows the actor showing off her bangs, which People.com viewed as the actor beginning to say goodbye to her Girls character Marnie. The role of Marnie is what broke Allison onto the pop culture radar and what put everyone on notice. Allison Williams went from “Allison Williams: the daughter of TV anchor Brian Williams” to “Allison Williams, star of HBO’s Girls.” Anyway this candid shot is from Allison’s Instagram account. She posted it at 3:20 am (remember she said she’s a night owl) saying “it’s 3:00 am and @mrchrismcmillan just banged me!!” To the poor unfortunate souls that didn’t get Allison’s double entendre, she’s talking about the name of her hairstyle and the man that did it; that man didn’t actually do her (to our knowledge). People Magazine described Allison’s locks on Girls as “simple, wavy locks.” Well, this hottie can pretty much wear any hairstyle and she would most likely still be able to draw massive amounts of attention for her attractiveness.

3 Pretty In Pink

This is a photo that makes light of an incredibly awkward situation for Allison Williams. Now, we know that Williams' father is a world famous, iconic news anchor. But to Allison he’s simply her dad. We’ve all been there when it comes to awkward situations with the rents…You know, maybe you’re watching an R-rated movie and a sex scene comes on; yeah, shit gets mad awkward. This photo is from back in 2012 when Allison was first featured in the acclaimed TV series Girls. The Hollywood Reporter drafted the headline: “Awkward! Brian Williams’ Actress Daughter on Watching ‘Girls’ Sex Scenes With Dad.” Now THAT has to be pretty damn awkward. Apparently that’s exactly what happened. Allison screens the series to her family before its premiere.

“I watched it with them all the way through,” said Allison. “I just had to worry about pulling the brim of my brother’s baseball cap down during some of the scenes.”

2 Cute n' Cozy

Get Out currently sports a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s already being called a classic and is the best reviewed movie of the year so far. The horror phenomenon has some semblance of a chance of being represented at next year’s Oscars. The social themes of Get Out tap into a lot of fears, truths, and capitalizes on the uneasiness of race within America. It’s certainly difficult to tap into those themes when there are scenes of Allison looking up with her pretty eyes and sitting on a bed smiling, and inviting one (that one being Daniel Kaluuya's Chris Washington) to join in. In this scene Rose (Allison) is trying to convince her boyfriend that the weekend with her family is going to be okay. She tells him not to worry and they get all lovey-dovey. The two don’t know what’s about to happen and what Chris is about to endure. Things get weird very quickly once they leave the confines of Chris’ apartment and head out to Rose's hometown out in the sticks.

1 Blondes Have More Fun

This photo of Allison is from her Allure cover photo. Williams' blonde barrage is her signifying a change in direction of her career as she says bye to Marnie and hello to the next step. Taking the role of Rose Armitage in Get Out was a big moment for her.

“I had been looking for something that would really delineate me from Marnie and shock everyone into thinking of me as someone else,” said Williams during an interview with InStyle Magazine.

The comedic actor and first time director reached out to Williams basically exclaiming that she was THE one to play the part of Rose.

“When I started to read the script, I thought, I wonder what that means. As I kept reading and discovered what Rose was like, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for,” Williams said. Williams goes on to admit that she fell for the role due to the character using a trait that people associate with her; being uptight.

“I love the idea that I’d be able to embody this person and reset people’s associations with me.”

Sources: Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, The Hollywood Reporter

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