15 Steamy Photos Of Britney Spears In Vegas That Prove She Looks Better Than Ever

It’s Britney, b*tch! Britney Spears may be 35 years old, but like a fine wine, she only seems to get better with age. Pics of her at awards shows and red carpet events have shown that Brit is still keeping herself in great shape after all these years in the spotlight, but none of these do justice to how hot she truly is. Miss Spears has always been on her finest form when performing on stage and her recent Las Vegas shows are certified proof of this!

When Britney’s career was kicking off in the late 1990s, she stole our hearts as the cute blonde bombshell with amazing dance moves and even more amazing outfits. Nearly 20 years later, the original princess of pop is still doing her thing and she’s possibly hotter than ever before. Mature Britney still has the amazingly toned bod of a twenty-something with all the added charisma and confidence of a woman who’s faced tough times and come out the other side even fiercer. All together now: "Stronger than yesterday!"

After all these years, her fans still can’t get enough of her, with some going a little too far (like the crazy guy who recently rushed the stage at her Vegas show on August 9th). But Brit didn’t let this creep dampen her spirit – she’s still performing her amazing Piece Of Me shows in the city of sin and some of her racy outfits are very sinful indeed! Here are 15 photos from her recent concerts in Vegas that prove Britney most definitely still has it. Yowza!

15 Barely There

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Lessons on how to make an entrance from Britney Spears, Number 1: come on stage looking a little something like this. Brit gave one hell of a start to a recent Vegas show when she walked on stage wearing this nude rhinestone-covered bodysuit. Straight away, this look takes us back to the barely-there outfit that she wore in her 2003 video for "Toxic" that made Brit look completely naked if it weren’t for the strategically placed gems and rhinestones. (Some teenage boys probably broke their TiVo trying to rewind and pause that part of the video!)

More than a decade on, Brit still looks amazing in this outfit and has us dazzled all over again. Oddly, Spears didn’t perform "Toxic" in this sexy sheer number but wore it to open the show with her hits "Work B*tch" and "Womanizer." Kudos to her stylist on this one, 'cause if she wanted to make an entrance that stayed the audience – mission accomplished.

14 Stepping Up In the World

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Britney is so much more than just a leggy blonde – although her gorgeous pins do seem to last forever in this pic – she is and always has been a theatrical performer and never fails to put on a great show for her fans. Stepping on to a steep stack of chairs in heels could be considered perilous, but Brit makes the whole thing look effortless. The last time we saw Britney dabble with musical chairs was in the video for "Stronger" and she still has a fierce command over them, it seems.

But enough about her theatrics - her sexy black bodysuit is a show-stopping feature in itself. Brit’s sheer cutaway corset gave fans a cheeky glimpse of her pert posterior in addition to her well-toned thigh muscles. It’s no wonder her backing dancers can’t keep their eyes off her! I’d die happy if I still looked this good after two children!

13 Gym Bunny

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We all know by now that Britney can look as hot off stage as she does on and these sexy Instagram snaps prove she can still look gorgeous with a simple crop top and gym shorts. While working out in between her Las Vegas shows, Brit hit the gym to take this hot pic and frankly, our eyes are popping out. It’s not fair that she still looks this good! Or that she can still do the splits and make it look so effortless!

She treated fans to these stunning shots of her fantastic abs and gorgeously well-toned pins and it wasn’t too long before it had thousands of likes and comments. Britney casually captioned the pic “Back at the gym...” as if this is how we all look when working out! When she’s not posting gym selfies, Brit has loved showing off her hot beach ready figure in plenty of bikini shots too, but we think this pic does a far better job of displaying her...assets!

12 Toned Tum

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It isn’t just her girlish, yet powerful voice or flowing blonde locks that have become a trademark for Britney – it’s also her well-toned tummy. Throughout her career, Brit was rarely seen on stage without showing her midriff, so much that it's almost become her signature look and let’s face it – if we had a belly like Britney’s we’d never stop flaunting it! She may have had two children and been through some hardships, but you would never know it from this shot of her gorgeously flat tummy.

Ariana Grande has her long ponytail, Beyoncé has her trademark booty, and Britney will always and forever be known as the pop diva with the best abs in the biz. Despite struggling with her weight a few years back, Brit is looking in better shape than ever, as evidenced by this sexy shot of her hot and healthy-looking tum. No wonder she’s holding her arms out here – Brit has to beat them off with a stick!

11 The Circus Comes To Town

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She’s like a ringleader, she calls the shots. She’s like a firecracker, she makes it hot! The lyrics to Britney’s hit song "Circus" perfectly sum up her Las Vegas shows – she owns the stage in every sense of the word. Brit’s stage rendition of "Circus" is even hotter than her music video (and with even more epic costume changes). The stunning corset she’s rocking in this pic was actually Britney’s personal favorite to wear – no wonder, it shows off her curves amazingly.

It may also be Brit’s favorite because it was probably the most impressive custom-made corset of her entire run in Vegas. This one of a kind outfit was made up of thousands of hand-placed Swarovski crystals in different colors and was apparently very difficult to finish. A costume fit for a pop princess, then! Brit’s stylists and costume designers can rest easy, 'cause this outfit is clearly worth every cent.

10 Sassy Cheerleader

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The last time we saw Brit with pom poms was possibly when she wore some bright pink ones in her hair in the video for "Baby One More Time." Back then, she was cute in a girl next door kind of way. Almost two decades later, she’s rocking the pom poms as a mature cheerleader and it really, really suits her. There are few grown women who could dress as a pom pom-waving cheerleader and not look tacky, but Britney somehow manages to look even hotter now than in her schoolgirl phase.

Her hair is still in cute little pigtails we see, but her thigh high boots and the flash of sexy well-sculpted tummy prove this is no schoolgirl cheerleader anymore. Incidentally, one journalist at  Vegas Magazine recently described Brit as a performer that “still dazzles with the energy and innocence of a high school cheerleader.” Brit definitely has an energetic stage presence, yes, but innocent? Not so much...

9 Not Such An Innocent Girl

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Brit may be approaching 36 years old this year, but she could honestly pass for someone half her age – especially in costumes like this. To kick off one of her 2016 Vegas concerts, Brit wound the clocks back to her "Baby One More Time" phase and stepped out on stage in this cute yet sexy schoolgirl uniform. Whew, what a way to start the show! She still manages to look like every teenage boy’s fantasy, even into the next generation of adolescent boys!

We have Britney’s long-term personal stylist Soyon An to thank for this hot little number as well as all of the sexy costumes worn by Brit in her Las Vegas concerts. Soyon knows what makes a show-stopping costume, having worked previously with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift for some of their raciest stage looks. Her stylist sure struck gold with this costume – the combination of crop top, thigh-high boots, and a cheeky pair of hot pants with the words "Kisses" printed on it is too much.

8 Dancing Till The World Ends

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While dancing to her stomping pop number "Till The World Ends," Brit looked as gorgeous as ever in this crystal covered black bodysuit that gives her the perfect hourglass figure. We can’t believe how tiny her waist is here – she manages to look as svelte as she did back in the day and just as youthful. Britney also wore this saucy corset while she performed her big hits "Toxic," "Stronger," and "(You Drive Me) Crazy" – that seems appropriate, you’re driving us crazy, girl!

The head costume designer of Britney’s Piece of Me Vegas shows, Tisha Yates, wanted her to have plenty of costumes that would allow for free movement during the high energy dance numbers, yet something that still looked quite sexy and dazzling. They definitely have it covered with this one. Britney looks like a sexy gymnast preparing for a somersault! Just be careful you don’t pop out of your corset there, Brit!

7 Fiery And Flirty

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Las Vegas was certainly living up to its name as The City of Lights whenever Britney took to the stage because all of her costumes were a pretty dazzling sight – particularly this saucy red number. Brit donned this skimpy red bra and mini skirt combo while performing "If You Seek Amy" among other numbers and she looks amazing. Seeing Brit get dressed up in bright red PVC makes us think of her skintight catsuit in the video for "Oops!...I Did It Again." 16 years later, PVC clearly still works for her and she’s flaunting it for all it’s worth!

Britney’s stylist revealed that Brit wanted to take her costumes for the Vegas shows “to the next level,” so if it meant re-capturing her youth with some wild and zany outfits, she definitely gambled right with this one. The lace sleeve and diamanté encrusted belt may be a little on the tacky side, but who cares when you look this good?

6 Sultry Black Corset

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Britney looks so sultry and domineering in this outfit that you might assume she was performing one of her more sexually-charged songs that came later in her career, but in this pic, Brit was actually strutting her stuff in a corset and high heels...to "Baby One More Time." Britney’s breakout track was sweet and innocent and she looked a million miles away from the woman we’re looking at right now – wow.

In the video for her debut song, we saw a schoolgirl Brit in pigtails and knee socks pleading with her ex to give her a call sometime. This Britney doesn’t look as if she’s asking - she’s telling us how it is and looks as if she won’t be taking no for an answer! Brit’s stylist for the show, Soyon Ann, revealed that she wanted to make the most of her “incredible shape” by giving her costumes that show “more leg, more midriff and more cleavage” than ever before. Brit’s tummy may be covered, but this look is insanely hot just the way it is.

5 Performing "Touch Of My Hand"

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While performing her super sexy song "Touch of my Hand," Brit was carried aloft by her male dancers, giving the audience (and us) a good look at her incredible physique. She lost the red PVC skirt from her previous routine to adopt a more sultry, boudoir kind of Britney, revealing some sexy red lingerie over her fishnet stockings. Phew. Backup dancers have a tough job sometimes, but someone’s gotta do it.

Britney pretty much stripped down to an outfit that only her boyfriend Sam Asghari should be seeing – but we’re not complaining! When she wasn’t being carried by her dancers, Brit was seen writhing around and twerking on the floor, showing off even more of her gorgeous bod. However much flesh Brit shows off, she always manages to look more glamorous than trashy and her imitation of a burlesque dancer is something the 35-year-old blonde beauty can definitely still pull off.

4 One, Two, Three

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Remember the ultra sexy, teasing music video for the song "3" that was all about...ahem...proposing a threesome? This is Britney’s stage recreation of those dance moves. Phew. For those that remember the 2009 video, Britney swapped in and out of some pretty racy bodysuits that flaunted her amazing cleavage and figure and it looks as if the live version of "3" was just as hot. A little too hot, in fact. Midway through her dance routine, Brit suffered a wardrobe malfunction and her revealing leotard revealed even more.

Brit and her dancers were halfway through her performance of "3" - which clearly involves a lot of gyrating and...pole action from the looks of things – when the back of her sheer black leotard split open, exposing her braless back. Luckily, a stage assistant helped Brit out and she was back into the routine in no time. Apparently, Britney’s costume designer for the Vegas shows re-sews new zippers into every costume every four shows – but the costume just couldn’t handle Brit’s hot moves this time!

3 Ruffle Our Feathers

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This pose makes us feel like we’re at Britney’s mercy and we’re not complaining. The epic feather shoulder pads and teensy rhinestone skirt make Britney look like some kind of tribal warrior princess – and one that shouldn’t be messed with either. Again, she’s flaunting her gorgeous midriff and proving to everyone that having 2 kids needn’t ruin your physique. Britney’s stylist Soyon An promised that Spears would be debuting “racy yet artistic” outfits in each of her Las Vegas shows and she certainly achieved that with this one.

With her toned bod and smooth, flawless skin, Brit still looks so youthful but this outfit is somehow far sexier now than if she had worn it back in her early days. Mature Britney trumps cute girly Britney by a mile. Remember her song "I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet a Woman?" Looks like she finally got there and the results are incredible.

2 Green Goddess

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What would a Vegas show be without a few sequins? Britney took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of her new glittering new wardrobe with her followers when she made her return to Las Vegas in April last year. The stunning pop temptress teased a pic of this glitzy low-cut number for the show and set pulses racing. The cut-out panels on Brit’s bodysuit shows she still has curves in all the right places and a show-stopping figure at 34.

Britney’s green sequinned costume shimmers with all the night lights of Vegas, but I think we can all agree that she is infinitely more eye-catching. Pairing this sexy plunging bodysuit with some thigh-high leather boots, Britney was also seen writhing around on stage with her backing dancers during this performance. We hope Brit had some modesty measures in place, 'cause this has wardrobe malfunction written all over it!

1 Slinky Black Catsuit

via shemazing.net

Is there anything hotter than a good looking woman wearing a skintight catsuit? Well, it gets ten times hotter if you’re Britney Spears. Okay, so we know her backing dancers are paid to be all over her like that, but we reckon they would happily caress Brit’s beautifully toned bod for free. She looks super powerful in this sexy black number. Unlike some of her other looks during her Vegas shows, this isn’t the flashiest outfit, but it’s hot in its simplicity – a bit like a little black dress, but a slinky catsuit version.

According to one of Britney’s costume designers Tisha Yates, Brit sometimes shops for her own stage pieces and creates the final look. If this was one of them, bravo! Brit knew she would look amazing in this and it certainly paid off. Not every woman in her mid-30s could slip into a figure-hugging dominatrix style bodysuit and actually make it work.

Sources: blog.caesars.com, dailymail.co.uk, variety.com, vegasmagazine.com

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