15 Steamy Photos Of Bombshell Eva Mendes

What everybody knows about this 42-year-old Latino mama is the obvious– she is hot, hot, hot. What is less known is that beside distributing her talents among the big three– actress-slash-model-slash-singer– Eva Mendes is also a homeware designer. In fact, she has her own, quite successful home décor line, Vida, which she runs together with her ex-fiancé George Augusto. If you are not interested in decorative pillows, jar candles, and ornamented picture frames, then you probably would care for some statistics. The readers of Glamour magazine voted the actress best known for her roles as Sara in Training Day (2001) and Sara (again!) in Hitch (2005) the sexiest actress alive. For a second year in a row! The news brought Twitter to a frenzy and within minutes it became a top trading topic. A fan even joked, “Eva Mendes being named THE sexiest woman alive makes her boyfriend the luckiest man alive.” And that he must be! Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been together for nearly six years. Their first documented date was in 2011 in… Disneyland. Since then, the couple has never been caught in an uncomfortable situation. They share two daughters and one movie so far, The Place Beyond the Pines (2013). The last token of Gosling’s love to his woman was this month when he dedicated his Golden Globe Award for his performance in La La Land to his “sweetheart.” Fortunately, it’s not given only to him to enjoy Mendes’ beauty. Internet is a blessed place as it provides us with the opportunity to also rejoice in her godly assets.

Enjoy 15 of the hottest pics of Eva Mendes we’ve chosen for you. You’re welcome!

15 A Pisces Of Her Own


Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. Born in the beginning of March, Mendes is a Pisces herself, but she’s never been the last in anything, really. Even when she played in low-budget films, she showed the potential of a classy high-budget star! What you need to know if you want to attract a woman born under Pisces, is that first of all you try to be as romantic as possible. And of course, the sense of humor is a must. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, you think it’s bullshit that every woman on the planet claims their ideal man has to have a sense of humor. And yet, for Pisces girls it is a perfectly legitimate personality trait! Don’t take it personally, but you probably won’t get Eva in flesh, because she’s already taken, but it won’t harm you if you try to pull out a romantic trick once in a while. One never knows what the cat can drag in…

14 The Music Touch


In case you’ve got amnesia, let us remind you that Mendes was in Will Smith’s "Miami" music video. Of course, the actress’ super sexy looks landed her also in other music videos, such as Aerosmith’s "Hole in My Soul", and Pet Shop Boys' "Se a vida é". But she hasn’t always been just a prop character in other people’s music careers. The girl sings herself! In 2010, she made a duet for "Pimps Don’t Cry" with the rapper/soul performer Cee-Lo Green. Back then, the general opinion of her singing experiment was "Oh, please, not another singing actress!" But Mendes showed some attitude and decided to contribute to the soundtrack to the film she was starring together with Will FerrellThe Other Guys. People who’ve seen the video say that it’s far better than any possible private sex tape of hers.

13 Casual And Stunning


Eva Mendes in white doesn’t necessarily speak innocence. Yet, we kind of believe her when she says she wanted to become a nun more than anything when she was a child. She was born in 1974 in Miami to Cuban parents, who got divorced when Eva was ten. Her mom then decided they should move to LA. Mendes has two older brothers and a sister. In interviews, she often shares that back then they were very poor. She fancied different careers for herself, like an astronaut and an opera singer. But one day, the girl watches Annie, and the movie happens to be a real eye-opener to her. The nun thing was quickly forgotten, and her life changed drastically when a Hollywood casting agent saw some photos of her in a friend’s portfolio.

12 The Face Of Beauty


Mendes LITERALLY caught the public’s eye for a nude scene in Training Day, where she played Denzel Washington’s wife. There is indeed something captivating about that exotic face of hers, emphasized by big brown eyes, and her out-of-this-world sexy butt, which definitely challenges that of another Latina (Jennifer Lopez). With her profile on the rise, the then newly minted Hollywood sex symbol, was noticed by Revlon, and in 2002, she was signed as their international spokeswoman. That way she joined the league of Hollywood star power for the cosmetics giant; alongside the likes of Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, and Susan Sarandon. With her work for Revlon, Mendes proved she is more than “just a beautiful face.” She actively participated in the company’s campaign to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment.

11 From B to A


If your parents ever told you that nothing good in life comes easy, you must have realized so far they were damn right. This simple existential rule applies to both rich and poor, ugly and beautiful, unpopular and known worldwide. And because we hate being claptraps, we give you our own Eva as an example. She began acting in the early 1990s, and her first roles were in B movies, such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) and Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000). Some Hollywood actors never really come to taste real glory, be it due to bad circumstances, bad timing, bad contacts… Mendes, however, had her breakthrough role in Training Day– a neo-noir crime thriller movie, directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Eva played Sara Harris, Denzel’s wife, and since then she has become a solid A-league Hollywood actress.

10 The Fearless Female


In 2007, the readers of Cosmopolitan voted Mendes the Fun Fearless Female of the Year. We are now convinced in her bravery because, even after her Calvin Klein ad was banned, Mendes showed no remorse and continued to contribute to various charitable campaigns by proudly showing off her body. She gave her consent for a nude photo of her to be used in an anti-fur campaign launched by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She went on with her modelling career by lending her sensational curves for a Morgan campaign. Then she appeared in the 2008 Campari calendar. The same year, she was announced the international face of Australia’s 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty event. Besides for Calvin Klein, the actress/model has been a spokesperson also for Magnum, and the chocolate milk brand Cocio.

9 The Secret Obsession


The Catholic girl, who was once obsessed with becoming Christ’s bride and dedicate herself to a life of chastity and pure thoughts, grew up to be a daring woman. In 2007, Mendes stirred the pot by appearing in a provocative advertising campaign for Calvin Klein’s perfume Secret Obsession. Apparently, however, Mendes was too sexy for the American puritans, and her 30-second commercial was banned in the United States. The campaign was deemed too “indelicate” because it shows a brief glimpse of Eva’s nipple. The consumers, however, didn’t care at all about the censorship’s opinion. The commercial was a huge success and hit the mark for the product. The moral of the story is the following: Sometimes even a half-a-second view of a nipple (if it belongs to the right person) can work miracles for the business!

8 More Modeling In The Way


2011 was another strong year for Mendes as a model. She appeared in Peek&Cloppenburg clothing catalog. The fact that she is among the most beautiful brunettes in Hollywood didn’t escape the attention of some big companies for hair products. Pantene got ahead of its competitors and made a smart move by making her one of its celebrity faces. When asked what made her star in Pantene’s campaign (beside the pay, of course), Mendes replied, “I grew up on Pantene. When I met with them they touched my hair to check the texture and to make sure I didn’t have hair extensions. There were no tricks on the photoshoot– no false advertising here.” Oh, we sure believe her! Every time we happen to see her silky hair in a photo session or on the wide screen, it looks absolutely flawless (as does she).

7 Hitch-Hiking To Stardom


In 2005, Mendes played alongside Will Smith in Hitch. They became the first minority duo to play leads in a hit romantic comedy. Her character, Sarah, is a gossip columnist and workaholic. And definitely very difficult to initiate even a friendly dialogue with, as we understand from Hitch’s attempt to win her attention in the bar scene. 12 years later the movie is still a number one choice for a cozy Valentine's Day movie night, probably because it’s not like the typical, sugar-frosted romantic comedy. Do you, by the way, remember the fact that Sarah’s great, great grandfather was a serial killer? Or the scene where Sarah and Hitch start a food fight involving broccoli and cauliflower? And even though it’s obvious there’s no chemistry between Mendes and her screen partner, there certainly is chemistry between Mendes and the rest of the male population of the world.

6 The Hiccup Occurrence


It came as a shock to her fans when, in the beginning of 2008, it became known that Mendes checked into a rehab, treating patients with substance-abuse problems. The facility had become infamous after having treated the bad girl of Hollywood Lindsay Lohan the previous year. Mendes’ representative confirmed the news and added that Eva had been working hard lately and it was high time for her to “attend to some personal issues”, for which she needed professional help. At that point, Mendes had just become the new face of Calvin Klein, and the time she did in the rehab presented a serious threat to her career. Fortunately, the whole thing blew over quickly because the object of public attention shifted the day Mendes checked out from the clinic and another Hollywood celebrity checked in – Kirsten Dunst.

5 Married Or Not?


Before meeting Ryan Gosling for the first time on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines, Mendes had been in an eight-year relationship with filmmaker George Augusto. In September 2011, she and Ryan started dating. Since then, the Canadian actor has shared that his life feels like heaven. “It’s like walking through a field of flowers every day. I live with angels.” And they say only few men can do romantic things! The couple’s been together for six years and have two daughters. They never got married, although rumors about a secret union have been circulating for a couple of years now. The reason why people believe that they have tied the knot is that they are so infatuated with each other that to everyone else, they pretty much look like a married couple.

4 Hot Mama


Ryan Gosling made himself known to a wider audience with his performance in the romantic drama The Notebook (2004). Since then, he’s been favored by female fans over many other sexy actors, mostly due to his disarmingly charming smile. Although he is already a father of two, he still attracts the attention of young ladies. However, he is not easy, if not impossible, to be seduced. The guy has eyes only for his woman and his baby daughters. Can you blame him, given the fact that Mendes is officially among the most beautiful women on the face of the earth! As for Eva, she is known to be a very private person. She said in a couple of interviews she wants to raise her children away from the spotlights. And like any other mother, she too had her fair share of sleepless nights. “I’m completely exhausted,” she told Violet Grey digital magazine. “I thought my wild nights were over but these are some of the wildest nights I’ve ever had.”

3 It’s A Businesswoman’s Business


Last year, the 42-year-old actress launched her own clothing line with New York & Company. Her long-time stylist Erin Walsh is behind the looks of the collections, and Mendes cannot be more satisfied with the modern outfits Walsh comes up with. However, Eva’s mom, Eva Perez Suarez, with whom Eva shares a very special bond, keeps on complaining about the prices of the clothes. Eva is trying to convince her that $79 is not much at all for a beautiful coat, but Eva Perez is a stubborn old number. It’s not only her mother’s opinion that counts for Mendes. She told People magazine that her true critics are her customers. “With social media, you have a direct connection with the customers. It’s important to read all comments and really listen to them.” Well, with such serious attitude toward her new occupation, there’s no doubt the actress turned into a real businesswoman.

2 Go For Flowers!


Although we prefer to see her without much clothing, we have to admit that whatever piece of clothing Eva Mendes throws on, she looks amazing. She is definitely not a jeans-and-a-t-shirt kind of girl; she’d rather go for more feminine clothes. She actually questions the myth about jeans being a comfortable everyday wear by calling them “restrictive.” Her style, showing affinity to vintage looks and ladylike glamor, calls to mind iconic all-time Hollywood beauties such as Sophia Lauren and Faye Dunaway. Mendes’ absolute style essentials include a midi skirt and a floral-print dress. Also with cosmetic products, she embraces everything that’s super girly. Mendes loves makeup and “the art of transformation”. No matter whether she looks like a seductive femme fatale or the cheerful girl next door, we love her!

1 Eva Like Eve From Eden


If you ever happen to hang out with Eva Mendes for one afternoon, here are the first things you’re going to learn about this fascinating woman.

She is a good hugger. Even with strangers. Almost every time she finishes an interview, she’ll give the reporter a three-hug good-bye.

She is careful with spending money. It’s not that she’s tightfisted, she just doesn’t want to be played. There was this one occasion when a salesperson told her that an item Mendes wanted to buy cost $300. She, however, checked the price tag and politely objected saying, “The price is actually $225, ma’am.”

She has a 'round-the-clock bodyguard. That’s her dog Hugo, which is trained as an attack dog.

One of her favorite movies is Best in Show (2000).

She sees a therapist just for fun, and not to deal with stress and personal problems.

She is just amazing!

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