15 Steamy Katy Perry Pics That'll Make Russell Brand Regret Leaving Her

Pop goddess Katy Perry is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful celebs in the world. She is every man and boy’s dream girl come to life. She is known for her unique and eccentric fashion sense and personality. The man that gets to marry Katy will be the luckiest man in the world. Russell Brand got the chance to be that lucky and was the envy of men everywhere. However, Russell gave that chance up, but let’s see if these pictures make him regret his decision.

Katy Perry is one of the best-selling solo artists of all time. She tours the world selling out stadiums and tops the music charts. She has won awards and has broken records with her number one singles. She wowed audiences with her live performances and made hearts beat fast with her sultry photoshoots. Her personal life is often of great interest to her fans and the media. Her marriage to comedian Russell Brand made headlines. However, their breakup generated even bigger headlines and was a major story. Katy was able to pick herself up after the end of her marriage and came back stronger than ever. If Russell is smart, he’ll do his best to avoid these gorgeous and steamy pics of his ex. Here is a look at 15 Steamy Katy Perry Pics That’ll Make Russell Brand Regret Breaking Up With Her.


15 Gorgeous Katy

Katy Perry often looks gorgeous in every dress she wears but this dress in particular fits her perfectly. It highlights her curvy body and reminds Russell Brand of how hot she really is. Russell is a stand-up comedian and actor that has been praised for several of his performances. However, he is best known for once being married to Katy. They first met in 2009 after Katy filmed a scene for Get Him To The Greek, which starred Brand. They were featured in a steamy make-out scene but it got cut from the final film. They started dating after meeting again at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. They became engaged by the end of the year when vacationing in India. It might seem like the relationship moved fast. But once Brand saw Katy in a dress like this, he had to seal the deal.

14 Legs For Days

Katy Perry heats up the screen in this sensual pic as she shows off her long gorgeous legs. Pretty much every man and teenage boy in the world instantly fell in love with the beautiful Katy Perry. It’s alluring pics like this that Brand goes out of his way to avoid. It probably doesn’t help that Perry is often considered one of the most beautiful women alive. She tops just about every Hottest and Most Beautiful list there is. In 2010, she ranked number one on Maxim’s Hot 100 list. Elle magazine described her body “as though it was sketched by a teenage boy.” She has openly discussed that she is very happy with her classic Coke-bottle-like figure. She leaves her fans in awe and breathless during her live concerts. Her photoshoots can leave her fans in a daze.

13 Beautiful Record Breaker

Russell Brand would like this picture to be erased from existence. He’d rather not be reminded of his beautiful ex-wife. Katy has released numerous chart-topping albums and singles. She has been nominated for several Grammy Awards for her work. She won several awards and even holds a few records. She won five MTV Video Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, and five American Music Awards. Additionally, she holds four Guinness World Records—Best Start on the U.S. Digital Chart by a Female Artist (2010), First Female with Five Number One U.S. singles from One Album (2013), and Most Twitter Followers (2015). Her Super Bowl XLIX halftime show performance won the Guinness World Record for Most Viewed Halftime Performance in 2016. This pic should win the Guinness World Record for steamiest image Russell Brand wants wiped from his memory.

12 Smurfette

Every time Russell Brand looks at the cartoon character Smurfette, it’s a constant reminder of the hottie he gave up. No, he didn’t date the actual cartoon character. As Katy became the biggest pop sensation in the world, she started receiving movie and television offers. In 2011, she voiced Smurfette in the live action/computer-animated film The Smurfs and the 2013 sequel The Smurfs 2. Additionally, she’s appeared in several popular TV series, including How I Met Your Mother, Raising Hope, and The Simpsons. She also served as a guest judge on the reality competition series American Idol and The X Factor. On July 5, 2012, the autobiographical documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me was released. It included scenes from her California Dreams Tour and dealt with her personal life. Several of her world famous friends make cameos in the film, such as Lady Gaga, Adele, and Rihanna. The film also features Katy dealing with the end of her marriage.

11 Mesmerizing

Katy Perry grew up in a strict household due to her parents being evangelical pastors. In fact, she once stated that she wasn’t allowed to eat Lucky Charms cereal because “Lucky” reminded her mother of “Lucifer.” Her early musical influence was mainly gospel music. Her life changed when she heard Queen’s “Killer Queen,” and she cites Alanis Morissette’s album, Jagged Little Pill, has a huge influence. She also credits that Madonna has a huge influence in her ability to evolve her fashion sense and music. Regardless, Katy actually spent much of her youth protesting at Marilyn Manson and Madonna concerts. At a Manson concert, she handed out pamphlets titled How to Find God. However, once she saw the concert, her opinions greatly changed. She said she found it “really interesting and weird.” Luckily, she embarked on her career and stayed true to herself. Unluckily for Brand, Katy always looks stunning and gorgeous.

10 Go With The Flow

Katy Perry is admired for her stunning beauty and unique fashion sense. Adding to her appeal are her several tattoos. Unlike some celebs, Katy isn’t covered in tattoos but has several placed in strategic locations on her body. At the end of each tour, she gets a tattoo to commemorate the tour and album. She has a strawberry on her left ankle for the One of the Boys tour, a peppermint on her right ankle for her Teenage Dream tour, and a rainbow triangle for the Prismatic World Tour. She also has a Jesus tattoo on her left wrist, a lotus flower on her right wrist, and a Hello Kitty face on her finger. A few hours after her stellar Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance, she got an XLIX tattoo on another finger. Katy and Russell both got matching tattoos on their right biceps that have the Sanskrit writing “Anuugacchati Pravaha,” which translates to “Go with the Flow.”

9 Rich And Beautiful

Katy Perry has a lot of incredible talent from her spectacular voice to her extraordinary stage presence. However, she also has the ability to perfectly fit into every dress ever made. Not only is Katy one of the most gorgeous celebs but she’s also filthy rich. Just another reason why Russell Brand probably kicks himself everyday for breaking up with her. By 2011, she placed very high on several of Forbes' Top-Earning lists. In 2015, Forbes placed her at number one on the Top-Earning Women in Music list. That same year, she ranked number 3 on Forbes' World Highest Paid Musicians. She is involved in several charities particularly involving children’s welfare, education, and health. In 2013, she was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In 2016, UNICEF awarded her the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian award. She has an estimated net worth of $210 million.


8 Red-Hot

Upon seeing this red-hot image of Katy Perry, thousands of teenage boys passed out; as did Russell Brand. Perry’s rise to stardom didn’t happen overnight. She released her debut album, Katy Hudson, on March 6, 2001 to mostly positive reviews. However, it failed commercially and sold around only 200 copies because the label shut down. She then bounced around from label to label and faced many obstacles in making a second album. She had minor success and contributed to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Alfie soundtracks. She had her big breakthrough after releasing the album One of the Boys in 2008. The album featured the chart-topping singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold.” There is no dress that doesn’t fit her perfectly, and this is a great example of that. It’s also a great example of a pic that Russell Brand doesn’t want to see.

7 Breathtaking

There was a time in Russell’s life that he woke up every morning to this beautiful sight. Now, it’s simply a faded memory, but Katy’s presence still looms large. While Brand continues to enjoy a great deal of success, Katy Perry became an even bigger star following their divorce. Katy has an intensely loyal fanbase that buys all of her music and attends every single one of her concerts. However, she also has a very large social media presence that trumps all other celebs and Instagram models. In 2013, she surpassed teen idol Justin Bieber in Twitter followers. In June of 2017, she became the first person to reach 100 million Twitter followers. Time magazine included her on their 25 Most Influential People on the Internet. In 2015, she won the Guinness World Record for Most Twitter followers. It’s a steamy image like this one that makes so many people follow her online.


Russell Brand should never give into the temptation to Google his ex-wife. It’s never a good idea to see how an ex is doing. If he did Google her, he’d know that she’s doing great and seems to get hotter each day. Plus, this sensual and tantalizing image will pop up first. Katy had her big breakthrough with her second album, One of the Boys. She quickly rose to the top of the Billboard charts. She has since released three more chart-topping albums, including Teenage Dream, Prism, and Witness. She received praise for her other hit singles—“Firework,” “California Gurls” and “Wide Awake.” She is also known for her spectacular live performances, and her world tours often sell out in advance. In addition to her own work, she has also co-written songs for several top artists, such as Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj.

5 Elmo

If there is any one picture that Russell Brand should avoid, it’s Katy Perry wearing this classic Elmo t-shirt. She shows off her “assets” and a great deal of cleavage while also mocking a controversy. In September of 2010, Katy appeared on an episode of the kids’ television series Sesame Street. Her segment was uploaded to YouTube a week before airing. She appeared alongside Elmo but the segment garnered a great deal of controversy because of her intense cleavage. Parents complained that her appearance was inappropriate. The segment was pulled from airing, but the sight of Katy in the outfit remains. Later, she hosted an episode of the sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. In one sketch, she mocked the situation by wearing this alluring Elmo t-shirt. This image is a constant reminder of what Russell gave up. He can never look at Elmo the same way again.

4 Heartbreaker And Heartbroken

On October 23, 2010, Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married in a Hindu ceremony in India. They became the “it” couple of the moment and had everyone talking. They were both on their way to becoming two of the biggest celebs in the world, and their marriage cemented that. Shockingly, after 14 months of marriage, Brand filed for divorce. The majority of the world couldn’t understand why anyone would divorce Perry. Katy noted that the reason why the marriage ended was because of conflicting schedules and Perry feeling that she wasn’t ready to have children. Brand said the divorce happened because of her lack of activism and her commercial success. The divorce caused Katy a great deal of stress and suicidal thoughts. Making matters worse, Brand told Katy that the marriage was over through a text message. It was a difficult time for Katy but she should have simply texted this sultry and seductive image back.

3 Moving On

Steamy pics like this can make an ex-husband lose his mind. The last thing he wants to see is an ex having fun and looking hotter than the sun. It might come as a bit of a surprise but this wild party girl actually grew up with strict parents. Both her parents are born again Christians and Katy spent a lot of time at her church. She started singing when she was young and her parents soon had her singing at their church. She grew up on gospel music and wasn’t allowed to listen to any other kind. She would sneak in CDs of popular music of the time and listen without her parents’ knowledge. She later moved away to embark on her music career in LA. Despite their strict beliefs, her parents have been very supportive of her career. She just doesn’t let them see pics like this.

2 Cupcakes

Somewhere in this world, Russell Brand is burning copies of this luscious and provocative pic. There are only a few celebs that can combine steamy and funny like Katy can. Katy is known for her unique fashion sense and quirky sense of humor. Here, she wears a blue wig and shows off her curvy body and huge “cupcakes.” Growing up, she wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween so she’s now decided to overcompensate. She is known for including humor and food-related themes into her attire. She once wore a life-size Cheetos suit and is known for her famous peppermint swirl dress. She certainly enjoys wearing outrageous outfits but looks stunning in an elegant dress as well. She is constantly changing and evolving her look and hairstyles. She has noted that style icons Madonna, Daphne Guinness, Natalie Portman, and Gwen Stefani have influenced her fashion sense.

1 In The Kitchen

At one point in Russell Brand’s life, when he stepped into his kitchen, he got to see this sizzling sight. And we’re not talking about bacon. Katy looks stunning as always, as she wears very little clothes and prepares to do some cooking. Katy and Russell’s relationship will be remembered as being short and spectacular. Russell isn’t in the spotlight like he once was, but Katy’s star keeps getting brighter and brighter. Since Russell sent Katy the breakup text, they’ve had zero contact. It wasn’t the best way to end a relationship. However, the best way to get over heartbreak is to move on, which Katy certainly did. The best revenge is living happy. The other best revenge is to be the most beautiful girl in the world, which Katy certainly is. It’s racy and toothsome images like this that Brand uses all his money and resources to never see.

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