15 Steamy Female Celebs You Didn't Know Were Super Short

Short girls want to be taller, and tall girls wish they were shorter so they can wear high heels. Blonde girls want dark hair, and brunettes want to be red heads! In short, we all want what we don’t have. The celebrities on this list all come from different backgrounds, have different talents, and definitely have very different styles. One thing all these beautiful celebrities have in common is that they are all under 5'3. Okay, maybe another thing they have in common is that they are all super hot.

The camera adds 10 pounds they say, and we’ve learned that the camera can also make you look a lot taller than you actually are. For those who have seen Fast 5, Vin Diesel is 6 feet tall, and The Rock is actually 6'5, but no one ever really noticed the height difference! Sorry guys, but women always have heels to make up for their height. For any guy who is really insecure about his height, just look at Kevin Hart. The comedian is 5'4, but ended marrying the 5'7 supermodel Eniko Parrish. These beautiful ladies are so talented and absolutely gorgeous that no one ever thought about their height.

They always say the shortest girls are the feistiest; they have little dog syndrome. You know, the need to make noise to prove their existence. In any group of friends, the shortest girl is always the loudest and the most fiery, so it’s no wonder the beautiful ladies on this list are all strong and assertive women. We all know that models have to be tall, but no one said anything about the rest of Hollywood.

These 15 glamorous women have made a name for themselves and are now Hollywood’s top names. Whether it’s singing, acting, dancing or even all three, these women have entertained us in films, commercials, television, and of course, on their amazing social media pages.

15 Shakira (5'2")

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Shakira, the gorgeous 40-year-old Colombian singer, is not as tall as we thought! A lot of fans are surprised to find out that the mother of two boys is only 5'2. Unlike most singers, Shakira loves to perform barefoot. The singer has a Colombian mother but a Lebanese father, and she  married Spanish husband Gerard Pique.

What many don’t know is that the steamy blonde singer is actually 10 years older than her husband, but then again, if you look that good at 40, you can marry whoever you want! The singer is easily known for her very sultry, seductive videos, which is funny considering the fact she has said on numerous occasions that she is actually very shy. The gorgeous singer has received over 35 awards over the last couple of years!

14 Lady Gaga (5'1")

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The world met Lady Gaga in a couple of different “costumes.” If you don’t remember that phase, please free to google her meat outfit, or just google any of her outfits and you will be very entertained! Born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the 5'1" singer had the honour of performing at the 2016 Super Bowl, and man, did she rock it! In an interview with GMA, she was asked how she prepares for her performances and the superstar stated, “I work out a lot and I do versa climbing while I sing!” In an another interview with Fox, she was asked about her reaction when she was asked to perform at the Super Bowl, and the singer explained that she cried on the phone with her manager, then confidently said, “I have been preparing for this since I was four, so I know exactly what I’m going to do!”

13 Reese Witherspoon (5'1")

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Reese Witherspoon, who is famous for her role as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, is pretty petite! The gorgeous Southern beauty was married to Ryan Phillippe, famous for his role in The Lincoln Lawyer. The couple were married from 1999 to 2007 and have two children together. If you haven’t seen Reese’s daughter Ava Elizabeth, stop and google her now. She is a spitting image of her mother! The beautiful actress remarried in 2011 and had one more child. In an interview with Vogue, she shared that her favorite holiday is Easter, and that the coolest thing about being a mom is that “you get to eat fun things like chicken fingers!” Finally, when asked what she misses about Nashville, her hometown, she proudly stated “the people!” One thing is for sure, the Southern beauty is definitely one of a kind!

12 Christina Aguilera (5'2")

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Christina Aguilera, the "Genie in the Bottle" star, has been in the spotlight since Mickey Mouse Club, and the media has done a good job at creating a feud between her and Ms. Britney Spears. The singer’s voice is definitely unique! The "Dirrty" singer surprised fans on Lip Sync Battle when she joined Hayden Panettiere singing "Lady Marmalade," and the performance was nothing short of amazing! Aguilera has tested so many limits with her provocative outfits, dancing, and music videos. The sexy mom was a judge on The Voice and her dynamic with Adam Levine was definitely entertaining. The singer is definitely feisty! Aguilera was married to Jordan Bratman from 2005 to 2011, and she is now currently engaged to Matt Rutler and is in no rush to get married.

11 Anna Kendrick (5'2")

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If you haven't followed Anna Kendrick on Twitter, do so immediately. The singer/actress is absolutely hilarious! The 32-year-old singer is known for her role in Pitch Perfect, but many people forget that she was in three Twilight movies. Anna finished filming Pitch Perfect 3 this year, and is working on more projects to be released in the upcoming years. As if the singer wasn’t talented enough, in November 15, 2016, she published, Scrappy Little Nobody, which has received rave reviews. The hilarious singer is known for her petite frame and that most of the time, she sings in her roles. In 2011, Kendrick was ranked number 15 in People's list, "25 Beauties (and Hotties) at 25." One thing you can always count on in an interview with Anna is a good laugh, that's for sure!

10 Nicki Minaj (5'2")

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Nicki Minaj is definitely known for her bootylicious frame! Born Onika Tanya Maraj, the 34-year-old quickly made a name for herself as an actress, entrepreneur, and of course, a rapper! The "Anaconda" singer has been accused of enhancing her bootylicious derriere, but of course, she has denied that on several occasions. The singer is also very known for her crazy coloured wigs and very outgoing sense of style. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were both judges on American Idol, and very quickly hell broke loose. The two superstars quickly started feuding. There are several clips floating online that show tension between the two, interrupting, provoking, and blatantly disrespecting each other. In 2014, she blew everyone away with her mega-hit "Anaconda."

9 Adrienne Bailon (4'11")

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For those who grew up watching the Disney channel, Ms. Adrienne Bailon was one of the Cheetah Girls in 2003. In the music group was also the very controversial Raven Symone. For those who have been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they might recognize Adrienne, as she was in a couple of episodes as Rob’s girlfriend, who he later cheated on. Bailon is the shortest one on the list at 4'11. The Latina is known for her bustiness, and sexy tanned skin. In 2013, revealing photos of the cheetah girl were leaked, along with a list of other celebrities. Adrienne currently hosts a daytime show called The Real, and last year, she had a beautiful wedding in Paris. Because of her height, the Latina is often referred to as “munchkin.” One thing is for sure, the singer always wears super high heels to make up for her short height. The singer recently spoke up about getting her breasts enlarged and immediately regretting it and reversing the operation.

8 Lucy Hale (5'2")

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Lucy Hale is an American singer and actress who is best known for her role as Aria Montgomery in the very popular series, Pretty Little Liars, which has aired for several years. The star was one of several victims to have private photos of her leaked earlier this year. The pretty little liar was scrutinized a couple of months ago for calling herself “fat” in one of her old pictures. Lucy has been a guest star on many popular TV shows, like Baby Daddy, CSI: Miami, The O.C, and How I Met Her Mother. The actress is 28 years old, but because of her petite frame, she always plays much younger roles! Hale is well known for her thick eyebrows, and has been on several magazine covers since her stardom on the show.

7 Salma Hayek (5'2")

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It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’ve been, you know Salma Hayek. When Ms. Hayek is on the red carpet, we are not paying attention to her height (refer to the picture above.) In one of Salma’s hits, Frida, she was both the producer and lead actor. The gorgeous actor’s mother was an opera singer with Mexican and Spanish roots, while her father has Lebanese roots. Salma has reportedly admitted that her businessman father always spoiled her and her brother. The Latina beauty lent her very well known seductive voice to the recent adult cartoon, Sausage Party, and of course the very popular cartoon hit, Puss in Boots. Sorry guys, Hayek has been married since February 14, 2009 to Francois-Henri Pinault and they have one child together. In a 2016 interview, she was asked if she thinks good s*x leads to a good marriage and her response was, “No I think good s*x is the result of a happy marriage. The key to a happy marriage is generosity to the other person, letting them be who they are, and respecting who they are...”

6 Kristen Bell (5'1")

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Kristen Bell is the voice of Anna in the extremely popular cartoon film Frozen. The actress has been part of several successful productions, including TV shows and movies, from Veronica Mars, to Bad Moms, to Scream 4. Bell is currently working on Frozen 2, and we’re waiting to see A Bad Moms Christmas this holiday season, starring alongside the hilarious actresses, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn. Bell has been married to Dax Shepard since 2013 and they have two kids together, Delta and Lincoln. The actress is a huge fan of the Detroit Red Wings and is famously known for the video on Ellen in which she cries hysterically when meeting a sloth for the first time, and it’s a pretty hilarious! Her husband doesn’t like wearing rings, so instead he tattooed a symbol of a bell on his ring finger for his wife’s last name.

5 Eva Longoria (5'2")

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If you’ve missed Eva Longoria's "Anaconda" performance on Lip Sync Battle, go find it on YouTube; you don’t want to miss that bootylicious performance! Longoria is best known for her role as the sexy Gabrielle Solis on the hit TV show, Desperate Housewives. The petite princess is currently married for the third time. Her first marriage lasted two years, her second and public marriage and divorce was with Tony Parker, who cheated on her, and currently she has been married to José Bastón since May 2016. Longoria was ranked number 1 two years in a row on Maxim’s "Hot 100 Women," in 2005 and 2006.

4 Ariana Grande (5'0")

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Ariana Grande has a very unique voice; you can always tell when she’s on the radio or playing at the bar. The singer recently had the honour of singing the newly released Beauty and the Beast theme song with John Legend. Two years ago, Ariana was strongly criticized on the news for going to a donut shop with her boyfriend, licking a donut off the counter and saying, “I hate America, I hate Americans.” The singer has released statements to apologize about her behaviour since then. Ariana has been described so many times as a diva, stuck up, and conceited. Regardless, we all have to admit that the 24-year-old singer is very talented, and has already accomplished so much for her age. Grande’s hits include "Bang Bang" with the sultry Nicki Minaj and hot Jessie J, "Dangerous Woman," "Into You," and "One Last Time." The singer’s signature is definitely her hairstyle. She almost always sports the high ponytail.

3 Jada Pinkett Smith (5'0")

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Jada Pinkett Smith boycotted the Oscar’s this past year and was encouraging everyone to do so as well. Her reasons? Regardless of all the amazing performances by black actors, not one of them have been nominated for an Oscar award! Jada and Will Smith have been married since 1997 and have two children together. Together for 20 years now, Will Smith was asked about the secret to happy marriage, and his answer was, “It’s really about not quitting... we never worked on our relationship, [we] only ever worked on ourselves individually, and then presented ourselves to one another better than we were previously.” Pretty awesome advice from a man who’s been married for that long in an industry where some people get married for 72 days...

2 Black Chyna (5'2")

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Let’s face it, Blac Chyna came into the spotlight for most us when she got engaged to Rob Kardashian. As we all expected, the situation got very messy very fast, from a reality show to a very dramatic separation that was all on Snapchat. Rob and Chyna have a daughter, Dream, and have officially broken up. Earlier this year, Rob Kardashian went on a rampage posting n*de pictures of her and when Instagram blocked him, he took it all to Twitter. Chyna, in return, publicly claimed that he had abused her and hit her before. Allegedly, Rob was giving Chyna $10K in child support every month, she asked for $50K, and they reportedly settled for $20K. Chyna has been very honest about her past as an exotic dancer. Blac already has a boy with rapper Tyga, who was dating Rob’s half-sister, Kylie. Talk about awkward family suppers!

1 Hayden Panettiere (5'0")

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Hayden Panettiere is known for her two popular TV shows, Heroes and Nashville. In 1998, the pretty blonde lent her voice to Pixar’s A Bug’s Life as Dot. When the actress was only 11 months old, she was in her first ever commercial for Playskool, and since then, she has appeared in over 50 commercials from Neutrogena, to Carl’s Junior, to LG. In early 2016, Panettiere was on Lip Sync Battle and performed Blondie’s "One Way Or Another" and Christina Aguilera’s "Lady Marmalade," and fans were so surprised to find that Miss Aguilera herself joined Panettiere at the end of the song! In 2008, she made the "Maxim’s Hot 100" list, and ranked number 13 and in 2010, she ranked number 30.

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