15 Steamy Celebs Who Have That “Bad Girl” Look

If there’s one thing we can’t resist, it’s a bad girl. We know they’re bad news. We know they will probably break our hearts or get us in trouble. We know they’re the kind of woman that our mothers warned us about. But still, they’re just so hot.

What is it about a bad girl that makes us want to give in so easily? Maybe it’s the come-hither stare, or maybe it’s the teasing clothes they wear. Maybe it’s the fact that we know they’re dangerous. Just maybe it’s because we want to be punished, and getting that punishment from a hot woman makes it all the better. Whatever the reason, there’s a societal fascination with bad girls which just won’t go away.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Hollywood is stuffed full of ladies who are completely bad girl hot. They epitomize the term so well that you might think it was created just for them. Every photoshoot only underlines it further, and most of the roles they get tend to fall into this category as well. They’re the character that tempts away the male lead, or the one who gets into trouble with the law. The one who seduces the innocent teen or creates a plot to take everything for themselves. You wouldn’t want to mess with these girls – but you sure as hell wouldn’t mind it if they messed with you.

We’ve rounded up the 15 hottest bad girls in Hollywood for your perusal. You’re welcome.


15 Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer has enough of a bad girl vibe that she consistently gets cast as one. She was Anne Boleyn, the handmaiden so devious she managed to convince Henry VIII to divorce not just his wife but the entire Catholic church. She was Margaery Tyrell, a woman who schemed to become queen not just once but twice. She was Jamie Moriarty and Irene Adler. Need we go on? Natalie has that kind of smirk when you look at her that makes you understand she is not just going to seduce you, but own you. She’s in control and there’s no denying it, and she will probably be willing to do anything to get what she wants. It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine, and not in a bad way. It’s safe to say that Natalie is not only one of the hottest bad girls in Hollywood, but she’s also one of the most popular amongst casting agents.

14 Gisele Bundchen


Being one of the most famous supermodels in the world, we can bet that you already know everything you need to about Gisele Bundchen’s amazing body. She has it all, with legs up to her armpits, perfect hair, and skin to die for. She also has a bit of a penchant for bad girl poses and looks, which only make her seem all the more attractive. There have also been rumours in the past that she is quite hard to work with. Those behind the scenes at Victoria’s Secret runway shows call her a bit of a diva, screaming at designers. If that’s not bad girl behaviour, we don’t know what is. She also enjoys riding around on ATVs without a helmet, even though it’s against the law. Alright, it’s not like she’s the biggest bad girl out there, but it’s undeniable that she oozes hotness when she pulls those bad girl looks.

13 Angelina Jolie

Not only does she look like a bad girl, but Angelina Jolie has been demonstrated to be one many times in real life. She has frequently engaged in the oddest of behaviour, such as wearing a vial of her husband’s blood around her neck. She is always at her best when she is playing vicious and rage-filled characters, giving her the chance to pull off devious schemes and offer her best scowl. As a young woman, she had that Megan Fox-esque smirk that made you think she could devour your soul. Nowadays, she seems all the more dangerous – like she could ruin your life just for looking at her the wrong way. And she probably could – she has the power and clout to pull off a lot of things. As much of a bad girl as she may appear, she’s still so hot that it would probably be totally worth it to get involved with her.

12 Alyssa Milano


She definitely has that bad girl vibe, and Alyssa Milano has proven more than once that she’s not afraid to back it up. In the 1990s she decided that she needed to vamp up her image a bit and started starring in erotic films, some of which had her appearing fully nude. These included Embrace of the Vampire, Deadly Sins, and more. She had us ‘charmed’ – get it? – in one of her longest-running TV roles as Phoebe Halliwell. Right through to today, she has retained her bad girl looks. There was some attempt early in her career to make her out as sweet and cute, a move which included the release of bubblegum pop music albums. She has since said that she felt the music was poor quality and not her own style at all. It’s no wonder – just one look at her and you can definitely see that this is one bad lady.

11 Eva Mendes

Hands up who’s jealous of Ryan Gosling? Eva Mendes is definitely one of the baddest Latina ladies out there, and she just oozes appeal. She’s one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, an idea which has been riffed on many times in her film roles, such as The Other Guys. She knows it, too. She’s always enhancing her bad girl look with dark eye makeup and messy-but-sultry hairstyles, all designed to make her feel totally irresistible. She’s got that Latina vibe of a woman who could probably crush you under the heel of her stiletto shoes if you cross her. Added to that is her sultry image of the cat who wouldn’t mind playing with the mouse for a while before eating it. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. The question is whether the risk would be worth the prize, and we have to say she’s hot enough to take that risk.

10 Scarlett Johansson


There’s a big reason why Scarlett Johansson was picked to play Black Widow in the Marvel Avengers franchise. She could tell you she doesn’t care a thing about men and is quite happy to destroy them whenever she feels like it, and you would easily believe her. Not just because of her acting skills – she has that look about her that lets you know she is far superior to you, and has no fear of stomping all over you. She has used this charm throughout her career, playing roles where she toyed with men’s hearts and even literally ate them at times. The term man-eater comes easily to mind when looking at her, whether it has any basis in her real relationships or not. It’s something about those full lips with the heavy eyes that just tells you to beware, even as it entices you in for a closer look.

9 Rihanna

What’s there to say about Rihanna? She even calls herself Bad Gal Riri, so it’s obvious even if you know nothing about here that she’s bad to the bone. She not only has the bad girl vibe about her, but she embodies it too. She’s known for endless nights of partying, doing whatever she likes with her posse of friends about her. She doesn’t mind wearing the skimpiest of outfits to get down, or grinding up against fellow stars like Lewis Hamilton for social media snaps. Tattoos and piercings combine with bondage-inspired looks and dark makeup to ensure that she always looks the part. It’s far cry from her original sweet image, but there was nothing that could contain this bad gal for long. She just had to burst out and be herself. Now there’s no doubting about who she really is, and we have to say we love it.


8 Olivia Wilde


Again, here’s another actress whose bad girl looks have managed to shape her roles throughout her career. In House, she was the bad girl doctor who got herself into trouble and never let anyone get close enough to see the real her. In The Lazarus Effect she was a scientist who has a creepy past, and decides to flip out and kill everyone after coming back to life as a rage-filled zombie. In On The Inside, she’s a bipolar patient institutionalized for everyone’s safety. Basically, the vibe she gives off is hot, intelligent, but also absolutely crazy. There’s something about the way her eyes are shaped, the way that she looks at the camera, and the cold indifference she normally wears on her face. She could well be crazy enough to kill you, but you’d probably still risk it anyway given that she’s just so hot. Luckily for us, she’s also not afraid to get naked for roles.

7 Jessica Biel

At first glance, she comes across as a cute and pretty woman who looks comfortable watching the sunset with Justin Timberlake’s arm around her waist. Dig a little deeper, however, and Jessica Biel definitely has a bad girl side. There’s something about her that suggests she might just have a hidden secret or a dark side lurking under the surface. You can’t quite put your finger on it, and the mystery only helps to make her all the hotter. She may not be known as one of the best actresses in Hollywood, but she’s had her fair share of great roles, and a lot of them have come with a darker side that shows casting directors see it too. One thing’s for sure: even if you suspected that she did have a hidden past or a skeleton in her closet, you would still be willing to get close enough to find out.

6 Kylie Jenner


When she completed her transformation from awkward little sister to a brand all of her own, Kylie Jenner also transformed herself into a bad girl. She’s known already for getting into some questionable dalliances, and dating guys that her family didn’t approve of (or so they say, at least). She also has a penchant for dark make-up and goth-lite clothing and accessories. When you look at her, you know she’s the kind of girl who would make you risk going to jail because she was underage. You’d believe she was older than she really is, too. She definitely knows how to vamp it up and does it frequently. If she wasn’t famous already, she would probably be the kind of woman that runs an Instagram account and takes money from her male admirers to fund a lavish lifestyle. Then send them abusive messages about how they hadn’t given her enough for that new pair of Louboutins. That’s bad girl hot, alright.

5 Megan Fox

One look at Megan Fox and you just know that she has the power to destroy a man’s soul. Probably a woman’s too, because she has that seductive vibe about her which isn’t limited by gender. She always vamps it up with her dark hair falling in messy waves, dark lines around her eyes, and tattoos to complete the picture. Whether it’s true to her real character or not, you just feel by looking at her that’s she’s got an animal energy which will probably chew you up and spit you out if you so much as look at her for too long. We aren’t the only ones to notice this, either, judging by the roles that she has taken on film. Nowhere was this more obvious than in Jennifer’s Body, where she plays a life-sucking creature from hell who destroys others in order to stay young and beautiful forever.

4 Jenny McCarthy


Jenny McCarthy is that kind of hot where you can see just by looking into her eyes that she’s also totally crazy. Imagine getting into a relationship with her. You know you’d have a good time in the bedroom, but she would probably also delete every female’s number off your phone and scratch out your ex-girlfriend’s eyes in photographs. She has demonstrated the crazy in real life, not just in your imagination, by claiming that vaccines made her son have autism. She tends to say whatever crazy idea comes into her head out loud, whether she has researched enough to back it up or not. She’s still hot enough to make you forget about that when you look at her pictures, though. After all, so long as she keeps her mouth shut, you can still have a good time and ignore her weird and harmful beliefs. She’s probably too crazy to keep it contained, though.

3 Kaley Cuoco

The whole point of Kaley Cuoco’s inclusion in the cast of The Big Bang Theory is the fact that they’re all nerds, and she’s hot. Bad girl hot. It’s a dangerous mix: a nerdy man with no real relationship experience doesn’t stand a chance against the lure of a bad girl. The sad fact is, she’s more than likely to rip him up into tiny little shreds and then abandon him when she gets bored. You can’t help but feel that Kaley has been a real heart-breaker, and probably would have ruined some men completely during college. Even now, if she gave you that look you would be powerless to resist. She has had a fair few failed relationships in real life, including a short-lived marriage which she believes was ended by a cursed house. If that’s the kind of thing she believes in, then you can bet she has that little dash of crazy which is essential to any bad girl too.

2 Bai Ling


Bai Ling is an actress, but that’s probably not what she’s most famous for. No, that would be her penchant for turning up at red carpet events wearing as few items of clothing as she can legally get away with. Her whole body is on display in paparazzi photos out there if you give it a quick search, and she has had more “accidental” nip slips than you’ve had hot dinners. In fact, these days, she eschews the nip and just goes for flashing her entire chest. If you’re a fan of Bai, you don’t need to leave anything to the imagination. With one look at her you can’t help but feel that she’s dangerous, and she backs that up with a dark stare. She’s not shy of using her body to get what she wants, a recipe which could no doubt spell disaster for many an unsuspecting man.

1 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis exudes bad girl to the point that she can’t portray sweet and cute even if she tries. It’s all down to her looks – those heavy-lidded eyes that beckon you into the bedroom, the full and sensual mouth prone to smirking, the sharp and angular bone structure… Mila was born to play a bad girl from the start. And she did – as just a young teen she played the infamous Jackie on That '70s Show, who was perfectly happy stomping on boys’ hearts and getting absolutely everything she wanted. She grew up into more than just a spoilt princess, but a seductive bad girl who could take everything you owned with a single look. It suits her well, and we love every minute of it. She often portrays a bad girl in her movie roles, or at least a girl with a mischievous streak a mile wide and impossible to hide.

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