15 Steamy Celebs From All Over The World

Diversity in film and entertainment is a wonderful thing, and we are just now beginning to scratch the surface of what this can bring to our favorite films, shows, music and fashion. Having people from all over the world properly represented in our media not only ensures that everyone is included and feels like they're part of this world, but it also brings an almost unparalleled beauty. There are incredible, exotic women that are overlooked just because their race, nationality or ethnicity does not fit in with what we see as "normal" in Hollywood and the West. But now things are beginning to change, and it's like we're discovering a whole new world of possibilities and beauty in our entertainment world.

Many of the newest celebrity actresses and musicians are of mixed race or from countries that have never been represented before. This tells us that while we're still pretty fixed in our ways, the younger generations are going to be the ones who break the race barrier in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. In the past, many of the roles for non-white ethnicities were stereotypical characters that were defined by their race rather than their actual personality or their worth as an artist.

These girls are showing us all that diversity is a wonderful thing, and these girls are finally getting the spotlight due to their drop-dead gorgeous good looks. It's hard to keep your eyes off these girls, and the fact that their beauty is "non-traditional" makes them all the more appealing, as they offer something new and exciting that has never been seen before.


15 Rihanna

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This article wouldn't be complete without one of the best imports from overseas we've ever had: Rihanna. By now, everyone knows that this Caribbean Queen is originally from Barbados, and by a complete fluke was introduced to a major record label exec. The man brought her over to New York, where she immediately made it big at the tender age of 16. Ever since then, she's been releasing hit after hit and continues to dominate the headlines. She's also been in a few movies, most notably in the animated movie Home and this year's movie Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets.

Her beauty is undeniable, and has been talked about again and again. She's been in relationships with people like Chris Brown, which ended quite badly after domestic abuse allegations. She's also been continuously linked with Drake, although this relationship has never really "happened." People love this girl because she's never afraid to be herself, whether that means getting tattoos and piercings or just showing off the fact that she hates bras.

14 Tatum Miranda

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Tatum Miranda is one girl you never forget. One look at her and you'll be thinking it's a crime that no one has ever told you about this beauty. She's another amazing talent from far across the world, and she was born in Belgium. But the story doesn't end there. Tatum Miranda was actually born on a US military base in Belgium, making her a military brat. Her parents are of both English and American descent, making this actress, singer and model a wonderful and attractive mix of many races. According to her bio on IMDB, she is of English, Portuguese, Caribbean, Scottish, Irish, Finish, and Swedish descent.

She has appeared in quite a few shows such as CSI, and even started her own film production company. She is also a singer, and has released a debut album. But she's probably most famous as a model that has appeared in countless swimwear campaigns. Her beauty is making her become more and more famous, although you get the feeling that this talented woman is destined to be slightly underrated of for the remainder of her career. It's a real shame, because we would love to see more of her.

13 Jamie Chung

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Jamie Chung is another actress who is proving that diversity is a great thing in Hollywood. In her words, she's from a Korean family, although she and her sister are second-generation Americans who were born in San Francisco. She first started turning heads back in 2004, when she appeared on MTV's reality show, The Real World: San Diego. But that was only the beginning for Jamie Chung. She typically uses her beauty to her advantage when it comes to her acting career, such as her first movie role as a Hooter's girl in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

She became a pretty big star on the Disney channel, acting alongside people like Selena Gomez. But her most recognizable role might just be in the movie Hangover Part II, and Hangover Part III, in which she plays Stu's fiancee, Lauren. She's definitely a rising star in Hollywood, and we'll probably see a lot more of her in the coming years.

12 Natalie Martinez

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Another amazingly talented beauty is Natalie Martinez. Although this actress is American, she is of Cuban heritage and has been really breaking into Hollywood for her whole career. She's 33 now, but she's every bit as attractive as she once was in her early years. Back in the day, she gained fame for appearing in the film Death Race, but she's also appeared in many other TV shows, most notably crime and cop dramas like Detroit 1-8-7 and CSI: NY. She's also appeared in many other films like Self/less, Broken City, and End Of Watch.

She began modelling when she was just 15 years old, and it was Jennifer Lopez who noticed the star and gave her a chance to become a spokesmodel for her new clothing line. Once again, it was this actress' beauty that made all the difference in her career, and as you can see, she's incredibly attractive. It's this beauty that makes it almost certain that she will be appearing once again in more TV shows and movies in the near future.

11 Eiza Gonzalez

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Eiza Gonzalez is another actress that is really making people talk these days. She's one of the most beautiful exports from Mexico to Hollywood in the last few years, and many people are saying that she could be the next Salma Hayek. But it's more than just good looks and Mexican heritage that Eiza shares with Salma Hayek. She played the Vampire queen in the TV reboot of From Dusk Till Dawn, which was the role that Hayek played in the original. She definitely has the powers of seduction, and if you're not careful she might lure you to your doom.

She is actually the daughter of a Mexican model, which explains where she gets her good looks. In addition to acting in English-speaking television roles, she made an amazing appearance in 2016's Baby Driver, in which she plays the character of Darling. Many people say that she really stole the show when it came to this movie, and acted with an enchanting level of confidence and attitude. And that's definitely a big part of this actress' appeal. When you look at her, you see incredible beauty but also a sense of danger and raw confidence.

10 Rachel Smith

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Here's another reminder of why diversity is so amazing in movies and the entertainment industry. Rachel Smith is a well-known model, TV show host, and television personality. This beauty was actually born in Panama on a US military base, and is of white, black and Native American ancestry. She has a long history of competing in beauty pageants, and even represented USA in the Miss Universe competition. She has also starred in Donald Trump's MTV series Pageant Place, which was a reality TV show focused around beauty pageants.

Most recently, she has used her stunning good looks and her contagious charm to land herself many positions as a TV host. She first started out as a reporter for E!, but moved on to ABC's show, OnTheRedCarpet, where she works as a co-host. In addition, she is the pop news correspondent on Good Morning America, and finally she also hosts Amazon's Style Code. This girl is doing great things with her career and we're sure to see more of her in the future.

9 Brenda Song

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Brenda Song is one of the brightest stars in Hollywood these days, and many people are really taking notice of her. She is actually American, but her family is of the Hmong ethnicity, which is from Asia. Her parents were born in Asia, but she was born in California. She is an amazing example of how the United States can be a wonderful place for first generation immigrants to really shine and reach the top of the entertainment industry. She started off as a child actress before moving on to working with the Disney channel as a young adult. She was also named as the Queen of Disney at one point, and even holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

Her beauty is what really catches most people's attention. She has been appearing in more and more roles which extenuate her s*x appeal, and most people are loving it. In the first episode of the show Dads, which aired on Fox, Brenda Song appeared wearing a stereotypical Asian schoolgirl outfit, which got a lot of people talking. Some loved it, but others, especially members of the Asian-American community, were offended and called the costume "racist."


8 Morena Baccarin

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Morena Baccarin is another prime example of a beautiful talent who came to Hollywood from overseas. She was born in Brazil, but she quickly took over Hollywood when she made the move to Los Angeles. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she moved to New York when she was just 7 years old. She started to get involved in acting and theater from a very young age, and soon she was getting involved in all kinds of amazing projects. Many people developed a major nerd crush on her when she appeared in the doomed sci-fi series Firefly, and this was her first major breakout role.

Since then, she's really been doing well, with roles in TV shows like Gotham, Stargate SG-1, and many others. You might recognize her most from her recent appearance in Deadpool, in which she plays Ryan Reynold's girlfriend, Vanessa. She also appeared in the action comedy of 2015, Spy. Things are looking great for this amazing, beautiful and talented actress, and you're sure to see a lot more of her in the future.

7 Zendaya

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This article also wouldn't be complete without mentioning a certain someone called Zendaya. Her real name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, but she just goes as "Zendaya," much like Rihanna, Cher, or Madonna. She is of mixed heritage with both African and English blood. She started acting at a very young age in Shakespeare productions, making her the real deal as far as an actresses go. She's another star who had a lot of success in various Disney productions, most notably as Rocky Blue in Shake It Up, and in A.N.T. Farm.

But she's also appeared in more mainstream movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, and many others. She's still working with Disney pretty heavily, but expect her to crossover into bigger movies and TV shows as she gets older. She's a real thing of beauty, something that has no doubt helped her blossoming film career and singing career. There's something about her that really exudes an air of mystery and intrigue.

6 Kristin Kreuk 

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Kristin Kreuk is another beautiful face you may recognize, and she's a testament to why it's important to have diversity in film. This stunning actress has been involved in many amazing projects, and is still very active today. She's also someone that has roots far away from America, as she was born in Vancouver, Canada. But if that's not exotic enough for you, she also has Chinese roots, and her mother was born in Indonesia. Her grandmother was also Chinese-Jamaican.

She's probably best known for her role as Lana Lang in the long-running series Smallville, but she's done a lot of other amazing things. She was in Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li, and she started her career in a TV show called Edgemont. Her beauty is an amazing mix between her Chinese heritage and her Dutch blood on her father's side. Her attractiveness is often used as an example of how beautiful mixed race people can be. Her eyes in particular are especially alluring.

5 Ana De Armas 

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Ana De Armas is another actress from a distant location. This stunning beauty is actually 100% Cuban, and proud of it. She was raised in Havana, and embarked on her acting education when she was just 12. She's a really new talent in Hollywood, and only arrived in Los Angeles 3 years ago in 2014. But in those 3 years, she's really made a name for herself, with a huge role in the movie War Dogs. But these days, she's been getting a lot of praise for her role in Blade Runner 2047, in which she plays Ryan Gosling's holographic girlfriend. Her performance was so amazing that many are calling it her breakout role. This means that we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the coming years.

Not much is known about this actress yet, as people are really still getting to know her. But one thing is clear just from looking at her – she's incredibly beautiful. This star is going to go far on the basis of her looks alone, but with her impressive acting skills, she just might be a huge Hollywood star in the next few years. There's something about her eyes that put a spell on you, and the rest of her body is picture-perfect as well.

4 Kelly Hu

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Another big star with roots from across the world is Kelly Hu. This star is one of the biggest Asian-American stars in the world today, and has done amazing things with her career. She was actually born in Hawaii, but she has Chinese and Native Hawaiian roots, making her pretty exotic as far as American actresses go. She also has family in Japan, most notably her cousin whose success as a model inspired her to try modelling herself. She was made Miss Teen Hawaii in 1985, and came 4th in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

She's actually done a lot of work in TV and film, and you probably recognize at least a few of her roles. She appeared in TV shows like 21 Jump Street, and also famously played a princess in the movie The Scorpion King, which also starred The Rock. Many people loved her in this role, because she was involved in a famous scene where she was in the buff for a long period of time. She also played Lady Deathstrike in X2.

3 Liya Kebede 

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Liya Kebedes is another huge star who was born overseas. This Ethiopian model has really conquered the entertainment industry in the states, and has appeared on the cover of US Vogue 3 times in her modeling career. But that's hardly all she's known for. After being discovered by a French film director in Ethiopia, Liya quickly moved to Paris and soon she was an established model making millions of dollars each year. She hasn't been satisfied with just that, however, and has created her own line of clothing as well.

But the thing that makes her most attractive is her charitable work and her involvement in philanthropy. A huge amount of the sales from her businesses go to charities, primarily in Ethiopia, and she's also emerged as a maternal health advocate. She was even appointed by the WHO as an ambassador for maternal, newborn and child health. There is something about her that is intriguing and enchanting, and that's why she's also landed a few minor roles in movies like Lord of War.

2 Leila Lopes 

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Leila Lopes is another beautiful celebrity that is making the entertainment industry a better and more diverse place. Born in Angola, she is living proof that anyone can make it big in this world.She won Miss Universe in 2011. There's a lot of competition in the Miss Universe pageant, so the fact that she won it means that she must be something really special. And she is! There's no doubt that this girl is extremely attractive, and definitely one of the most alluring African celebrities today.

But many accuse her of winning the Miss Universe pageant by cheating. She actually entered the competition by first winning the title of Miss Angola UK, which was for Angolan girls living in the UK. But claims have surfaced that she never actually lived outside of the UK. In response, Lopes said: "I honestly don't know where they got that information. I gave Miss Universe all the required documentation. I'm legal. I just would like to begin the work of Miss Universe. What was said doesn't affect me because I know that [the naysayers] are in the wrong and I'm in the right. I have the documentation in my hands."

1 Piper Curda

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Piper Curda is another amazingly beautiful star that is really turning a lot of heads these days. She is an all-American girl, although her beauty is a result of a mixed heritage of English, Scottish, and Korean. This girl is primarily known for her roles in many Disney productions, such as I Didn't Do It, the Disney movie Teen Beach 2, and the series A.N.T. Farm. She's only 20 years old, so you really get the feeling that this star is on her way to great things in the coming years. She's already shown herself to be extremely talented in multiple areas, as she is also a singer with a debut single already released.

This girl's beauty is definitely a result of her innocence. She looks like a typical high school sweetheart, although her age is actually slightly older than that. Her sweet demeanor and charming smile is sure to get her a lot of work in the future, and this actress is yet another example of why diversity in film is such a good thing.

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