15 Steamiest Sets Of Celebrity Twins

What’s better than one hot celebrity? Of course, two of the same alluring celebrity! Believe it or not, some of the most beautiful women in the world are twins—identical, red-hot twins. These seductive celebrity twins come from the worlds of acting, modeling, and sports and will make your heart beat twice as fast as you gaze into their eyes and beyond. That being said, seeing double never felt so good until you came across this list.

Being a twin usually means sharing everything. It’s not uncommon to see twins dressed in the same outfits, applying the same makeup, or sporting the same hairstyle. A lot of people think this is adorable. But as time goes on, it’s normal for twins to have a desire to find their own identities. After all, it can get very annoying when everyone expects twins to operate as one person in two bodies, unless if they can make a profitable career by sharing their similarities.

Whether you’re into the smokin’ hot looks of WWE divas Brie and Nikki Bella or the classic charm of former child stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, there are a plethora of hot celebrity twins on this list to keep you occupied. These hot celebrity twins definitely won the genetics lottery and have been blessed ever since. We’re doing ourselves a favor by getting to check out the photos and videos of Tia and Tamera Mowry on our TV and movie screens in our spare time. Therefore, celebrity twins are simply the best. If you’re curious to see what’s going on, take a look at 15 hottest sets of celebrity twins.


15 Tia And Tamera Mowry

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Aside from the actor and former Disney star Tahj Mowry, he has older twin sisters named Tamera and Tia. The pair are eight years his senior and from Gelnhausen, West Germany. Their mother, Darlene Renée Flowers, is of Afro-Bahamian descent, whereas their father, Timothy John Mowry, has Irish ancestry. The phrase “mixed kids are so beautiful” may be overused, but in this case, the Mowry twins are good-looking. When they’re standing together side-by-side, they look twice as nice to the average human eyes.

Despite their gorgeous mixed appearances, Tamera and Tia insist that their families were formed on love, not color. Tamera is married to a Caucasian journalism and former MLB player. She told People, “People choose to look past love and spew hate...I get called ‘white man’s whore.’” On the contrary, Tia is married to an African-American actor Cory Hardrict but still receives backlash from social media trolls. She told People, “My son is already being called names on Twitter, on Instagram, inappropriate racial slurs and names. But how I raise my son is the way Martin Luther King would approach the situation. It’s all about turning the other cheek and all about just showing love.”

14 The Bella Twins

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The Bella Twins may not be a relevant wrestling tag team anymore, but they’re still former WWE Divas Champions in terms of sports and appearances. Born 16 minutes apart in San Diego, California, Brie and Nikki are identical twins who grew up on a farm in Scottsdale, Arizona. These ladies are another case of beautiful mixed girls as they’re Italian and Mexican. They both went to the same high school and college and even worked the same jobs as waitresses at the Mondrian Hotel while trying to find an agent. Eventually, they started acting, modeling, and doing promotional work before getting their big breaks in the FOX reality show Meet My Folks.

In 2007, Brie and Nikki signed developmental contracts by the WWE. From there, the ladies began to succeed, and their looks just kept getting better. They’re brunette beauties who you don’t want to mess with in the ring. However, it’s completely understandable if you want to take them home tonight.

13 Gabriela And Mihaela Modorcea

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Move over, America! There’s a set of Romanian twins named Gabriela and Mihaela Modorcea who are very sizzling and talented. Born in Brașov, Gabriela and Mihaela began dancing and playing piano at age six. The twins graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Bucharest and then studied acting in Germany and New York. They became American citizens in 2013.

In 2006, the duo-known as the Indiggo Twins released a studio album called Be My Boyfriend. In 2011, they signed a contract with Imagem. They’ve qualified for the top 40 semifinals in Season 3 of America’s Got Talent in 2008. Snippets of their hit song, “LA LA LA,” can be heard on Jay Z and Kanye West’s 2011 studio album, Watch the Throne, on the song “Murder to Excellence.” These ladies are two of the most searched celebrities around the world for a reason. They not only have pretty faces, but their smiles are contagious and they often sport nice hairstyles.

12 Amanda And Sam Marchant

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Amanda and Sam Marchant, better known as Samanda, are identical twin sisters who rose to fame on the eighth season of Big Brother in the UK. Despite being the bookmakers’ favorites to win the show, they finished as runners-up and claimed to have earned millions since. The sisters have launched their own careers by releasing a fitness DVD called Samanda - The Twins: Dance Workout, creating skincare and fragrance lines, and sang a cover of “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

There’s more to Samanda than what meets the eye. Not only are the sisters attractive and possess beach blonde hair, they’re also fearless when it comes to stunts. Before their fame, the sisters were social care majors at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England. While they were in college, they participated in an advertising campaign for a new travel card that offered half-price travel to students. They were in a photo shoot at Manchester Piccadilly railway station with a local magician who performed a double version of sawing a woman in half in which he sawed both girls in half and apparently switched their lower halves before reassembling them.

11 Camilla And Rebecca Rosso

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Hold on, there’s another set of British twin sisters who are six years younger than the Samanda duo! Camilla “Milly” and Rebecca “Becky” Rosso are actresses and singers. They’re best known for their roles as twins Janie Milly and Jessica Becky Ellis on the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as well as Annabelle “Annie” and Isabelle “Izzy” Woods in the 2009 film Legally Blondes.

Becky is older than Milly by just one minute, but it doesn’t really matter because the 23-year-old sisters are blonde stunners who can act and sing! The gals are of Italian descent and can flaunt their boobs and legs. The genuine truth is that men appreciate beauty, and these two are exotic beauties with an undeniable presence. They likely embrace the finer things in life–like fashion and food–so they’d be perfect if you’re interested in living the high life.

10 Keaton And Kylie Tyndall


Keaton and Kylie Tyndall are identical twin sisters and actresses from Los Angeles, California. Keaton and Kylie started young as they began acting at the age of nine months and have starred in several movies and TV shows. In 2004, they landed the roles of Phoebe and Steffy Forrester on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, which would later earn them a Young Artist Award nomination for “Best Performance in a Television Series/Recurring Young Actress.” That same year, they appeared as twin gods in the fantasy/family drama Joan of Arcadia. In 2007, Kylie and Keaton appeared as Penny and Sissy Marquart on the HBO drama series Big Love. In 2011, they starred as Megan and Katie in the 2011 comedy film And They’re Off.

In a world full of blondes, Keaton and Kylie embody life on the dark side. The brunette sisters shouldn’t go unnoticed because they’re smart and beautiful.

9 Haley And Emily Ferguson

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Despite being listed as twins in Season 20 of The Bachelor starring software salesman Ben Higgins, Emily and Haley Ferguson have careers outside of twinning. The Las Vegas-based twins reportedly work as cocktail waitresses at a nightclub named Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. They’ve appeared on a reality TV show (even before The Bachelor) and dabbled in modeling. They're also aspiring cheerleaders, but they were eliminated in the first episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on the CMT network in 2013.

When it comes to The Bachelor, Higgins eliminated Haley in Week 4 and Emily in Week 6. Neither girl won Higgins’ heart, but they got their own spin-off show, The Twins: Happily Ever After?, on the Freeform network. The show focused on the twins saying goodbye to the comfort of living under their mom’s roof and beginning the journey of figuring out life on their own while searching for independence and new careers.


8 Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, known as the Olsen twins collectively, are fashion designers and former child actresses. The sororal twins made their acting debuts as infants playing Michelle Tanner on the TV sitcom Full House. They began starring together in TV, film, and video projects at the age of six. Their success continued into their teenage years and beyond.

As Mary-Kate and Ashley grew up, they began expressing greater interest in their fashion choices. The New York Times has declared Mary-Kate as a fashion icon for pioneering her signature homeless look, often referred as “ashcan” or “bohemian-bourgeois.” The look consists of oversize sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters, and flowing skirts. They also launched a clothing and beauty line called “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls” along with a couture fashion label called “The Row.”

The Olsen twins came into the spotlight when they were infants, and now they’re all grown up (and not as innocent anymore).

7 Alicia And Annie Sorell

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Alicia and Annie Sorell are American actresses who wrote and starred in Movie Twins, a series of short takes on films that were airing on the big screen at the moment. They’ve also appeared in a number of other movies, including Cruel Intentions 2, Special Unit 2, and Mad Twin.

Alicia has been credited as Alicia Lorén since 2002. But the good looks of these identical twins stayed put. They’re famous for their widely known talents and outer appearances, which is a wonderful thing! After all, two brunette stunners are better than one, right? Blondes may have more fun, but it’s the brunettes who are down-to-earth, which might lead to a happier (and healthier) life because they’ll make better lovers. While it may be hard to score the Sorell twins, we hope that this slide can prove that girls with dark brown hair should be a given a chance in the dating world.

6 Karissa And Kristina Shannon

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Love them or hate them, Karissa and Kristina Shannon are cute in a dumb-as-a-bag-of-spanners way, but there’s one thing better than a “Hottie of the Week,” and that would be two hotties. Well, these two young ladies fit the bill quite aptly. Aside from twinning, Karissa and Kristina are glamour models, most notably Playboy Playmates. In 2008, the Michiganders moved into the Playboy Mansion as two of Hugh Hefner’s three new girlfriends and subsequently starred in the reality TV show The Girls Next Door on the E! network.

In the first episode they appeared in, Karissa and Kristina reportedly attracted 2.4 million viewers, making it the most watched season premiere in the show’s history. Cashing in on that, they’ve made numerous amounts of appearances on reality TV. They’re piping hot and can rock just any type of outfit on a day (or night) out. What more can you want from two women?

5 Monica And Gabriela Irimia

Okay, we can’t get enough of Romanian women, so here’s another set of charming twins. This time, they’re from Cluj-Napoca. The Cheeky Girls are a Romanian-born British pop duo consisting of Monica and Gabriela Irimia. They’ve appeared in the British talent series Popstars: The Rivals and went on to achieve success in the charts with four top 10 hits between 2002 and 2004. They’re best known for their debut single “Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)” which has sold more than 1.2 million copies worldwide.

Gabriela is older than Monica by 10 minutes. The sisters share common interests as they grew up studying ballet and gymnastics and even touring with the Hungarian National Opera. They eventually moved to the United Kingdom, where they shot to fame after auditioning for Channel 4’s Model Behaviour and Popstars: The Rivals. The Cheeky Girls reportedly struggled to find work in showbiz, prompting them to land regular jobs, but photos of them scantily clad outfits remain on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

4 Scarlett And Hunter Johansson

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You probably already know who Scarlett Johansson is. After all, she’s an award-winning actress who is best known for her roles in The Horse Whisperer, Ghost World, Lost in Translation, and many more. But, did you know that she has a twin brother named Hunter? He’s also an actor who has appeared in the comedy-drama film Manny & Lo with her. However, he’s more of a low-key type of guy. He apparently likes to help out, having worked on the campaign and reelection of Former President Barack Obama, serving as a community organizer for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office, and hosting a Champions of Rockaway Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser.

Scarlett is sexy on and off the silver screen. If you search her name on Google Images, you’ll find plenty of raunchy photos of her in various outfits ranging from lacy lingerie to cleavage-baring dresses. Hunter, on the other hand, is just as worthy of constant attention like his twin sister. He’s the hot brother that you told a female friend about!

3 Gisele And Patricia Bündchen

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Just when you thought competing with your sister was rough, Patricia is the twin to the world-famous supermodel Gisele Bündchen! But, who exactly is Patricia? First off, she’s a woman who was born five minutes after Gisele. The twins grew up in Três de Maio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Considering their good looks, it’s no surprise that they’ve both worked as models in the past.

Patricia found herself in a sea of headlines in 2014. She was the subject of comments made by former Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Greg Hardy, during a press conference. At the time, Hardy received a 10-game suspension that was reduced to four games for a domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend. He returned to the field for the first time in a Cowboys match-up against the New England Patriots. He reportedly said that he’ll “come out guns blazing and gibes for two women” and then said, “I love seeing Tom Brady. You seen his wife? I hope she comes to the game. I hope her sister comes to the game...” He certainly made it clear that he wanted to see these gorgeous ladies!

2 Charlotte And Samantha Ronson

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If you listen to top 40 hits, you know about the English producer Mark Ronson, the guy who achieved his first U.S. and U.K. No. 1 single in 2014 with “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars. He also has a set of twin sisters named Charlotte and Samantha. They work in different professions—Charlotte’s a fashion designer while Samantha’s a DJ and singer-songwriter—but they look good for their ages, respectively. They also have contrasting appearances as Charlotte wears (and promotes) work-to-play styles, including vintage prints, and Samantha tends to be more flashy with neon colors. Basically, Charlotte is the girl next door and Samantha is a rocker chick.

Yes, Samantha is a girl who has dated girls such as Lindsay Lohan and Erin Foster. While it remains unclear if she’s actually lesbian or bisexual, she sure seems that way. But she’s still an attractive woman, just like her sister. We’re sure that you’d feel like a kid in a candy store if you managed to snag one of these sisters!

1 Jenna And Barbara Bush

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Jenna and Barbara Bush are the distractions that America needs. They’re the twin daughters of Former President George W. Bush and twin granddaughters of Former President George H. W. Bush. There’s a tremendous amount of brains behind these beauties. Jenna has her own media career as an author, editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine, and a correspondent for NBC News. Barbara has founded a public health non-profit called Global Health Corps.

Jenna and Barbara went to different colleges but took part of sorority rush for the same sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. You may not be a registered Republican, but you’re likely going to want to hang out with these twins and maybe have a couple of drinks at dinner. Jenna’s curves make her a favorite among many guys, whereas Barbara’s incredible looks can turn heads. It’s hard to hate these twins even if you find their parents irritating. Plus, the age-old myth “opposites attract” is somewhat true.

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