15 Steamiest Mila Kunis Photos That Show Off More Than We Could Handle

Whether you are a fan of That '70s ShowTed, or Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you are no doubt aware of the fact that Mila Kunis is one of the hottest women on the planet today. Born in the Ukraine, Mila made her way out to the United States when she was just a kid, and she began taking acting classes in order to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. With a natural beauty and an undeniable talent, Mila was able to pull down roles in commercials before catching her big break in the acclaimed series That '70s Show. She was still a teenager when she began her time on the show, and in a few short years, she became one of the hottest and most popular women in Hollywood.  While her work on television was her primary source of success, it wouldn't take long before the actress made it huge on the big screen, further solidifying her place as one of the top talents in the business. Performers often struggle to find prolonged success after starring in a highly recognized role, but Mila was able to push forward and maintain a successful career.

Because of the exposure that she has received over the last 19 years, the Internet is chock full of gorgeous photos of the talented actress, and the ones that we found have her showing off a little more skin than usual. Outside of a beautiful smile and some of the prettiest eyes in Hollywood, Mila has a gorgeous figure, and these 15 photos of her showing it off will no doubt leave you hot and bothered.

15 Body Of A Goddess 

In order to track down the beginnings of Mila's acting career, you would have to look back to 1994 when the actress made her television debut on the series Days of Our Lives. She appeared in one episode of the series, and that same year, Mila would also appear on the series Baywatch. Interestingly, she would make two appearances on the series, but she would play different characters in each appearance as opposed to a recurring character. The following year, Mila continued making appearances on television shows, and her film debut would come in 1996 in the film Santa with Muscles. While this film wasn't exactly a contender for an Academy Award, it was an opportunity for her to get her foot in the door in the world of film. Now that she had done film and television, success wouldn't be too far around the corner for the young actress.

14 Legs For Days

1997 would be a pretty busy year for Mila Kunis, and she dipped her toes into both film and television. The year prior, she was able to secure a recurring role on the shows Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher and 7th Heaven, and those roles would roll into 1997. In total, she would appear in 4 episodes of 7th Heaven as the character Ashley. She would also appear in the series Walker, Texas Ranger for one episode. In film, her lone appearance came in the movie Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves as the character Jill. The film was part of the beloved Disney franchise, though this release didn't hit theaters, instead being released straight-to-video. Things were starting to pick up for the actress, and 1998 would finally be the year that she would have her big break in the business.

Mila is rocking a beautiful look in this photo, and the decision to show off her legs was a brilliant one. Normally, Mila's body is the focal point of photos, but showing off her legs here was a brilliant decision.

13 Relaxing On The Beach

Now that Mila had gotten the ball rolling in her career, success seemed inevitable for the young talent, and being cast as the character Jackie Burkhart in the series That '70s Show was a complete game changer for the actress. The series ran from 1998 to 2006, and Mila starred in all 200 episodes of the beloved series. The natural chemistry between the performers on the show was evident to viewers at home, and their chemistry is what helped propel the show to a great deal of success. Mila would appear in several other projects in 1998, including a role in the HBO film Gia, but That '70s Show is what finally put her on the map. She was just 15 years old when she was cast in the role, and her life would never be the same.

With a perfect tan, a gorgeous smile, and a bikini, Mila Kunis is stunning in this photo of her on the beach. The photographer did a phenomenal job of taking the perfect photo of the beauty.

12 At The Pool

Performers are incredibly fortunate if they are able to find a single role that catapults them into the fame and popularity that they so desperately seek, but some are able to have multiple roles that yield a ton of success. Just one year after landing the role of a lifetime as Jackie Burkhart on That 70's Show, Mila was cast as the voice of Meg Griffin in the series Family Guy, which is one of the greatest and most successful animated shows of all-time. With roles on two hit series on her slate, Mila would take some time off from appearing in films, choosing to focus on her television career. With That '70s Show and Family Guy both dominating on television, Kunis was a bonafide star in the business, and her career was just starting to heat up.

GQ is no stranger to putting together some of the hottest photo shoots on the planet, and their work with Mila Kunis has been dynamite. Let's hope that she will keep doing work with GQ in the future.

11 Too Hot To Handle

With her two hit shows making waves each week on television, Mila continued making appearances on other shows. In 2002, she would appear on one episode of the series MADtv. The show always had a number of guest stars playing comedic roles, and seeing Kunis on the show was a nice surprise for fans. That same year, she would make her return to the big screen with a role in the film American Psycho 2. Unfortunately, critics seemed to hate the film, and it wasn't exactly a success. Nevertheless, she continued her pursuits in other avenues while still holding down her roles on That '70s Show and Family Guy.

Now, Mila seems to have an uncanny ability for modeling, and her knack for playing to the camera is what helps this photo stand out. Well, that and the black bikini that she is wearing in the photo. Maybe the sexy way that she is biting her shirt plays a part as well.

10 All White Everything

Despite her incredible amount of success on television, Mila had yet to find a role in a film that would help add another dimension to her career. Fortunately for her, success in film wouldn't elude her for too long. While she was trying to break into the film scene, she kept making appearances on television, and she was featured in 2 episodes of the series Grounded For Life in 2004. The next year, she was pranked on the series Punk'd, which was hosted by her fellow That '70s Show cast member and future husband Ashton Kutcher. She also lent her voice acting abilities to the show Robot Chicken which was created by her Family Guy costar Seth Green.

If you hadn't noticed already, we are pretty fond of seeing Mila Kunis wear white. With her natural skin and hair color, white really pops on her. She shows off her toned midsection in the photo, leaving very little left to the imagination.

9 Everything's Better With Some Coffee

In 2006, after 200 episodes, That '70s Show finally came to an end. Fans of the series were absolutely gutted, but nothing lasts forever. She still had her role as Meg on Family Guy, but the ending of That '70s Show allowed Mila to pursue other endeavors in film. In 2007, she starred in 2 movies, After Sex and Moving McAllister, though neither film was a success for the actress. The following year, however, everything would change when Mila was cast as the character Rachel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The comedy ran wild at the box office, and it hauled in $105 million during its theatrical run. This role would be pivotal in Mila finally breaking out in feature films, and everything was about to change once again for the actress.

If you're like us, then you are completely fueled by massive amounts of caffeine. Whether it's to get through finals or just a day at the office, coffee works wonders, and it looks like Mila is no stranger to this. Not many women can make Starbucks look this sexy, but we're sure the lack of clothes helps out too.

8 Bedroom Eyes

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a huge turning point for Mila's acting career, and the television star finally had a hit film under her belt. The same year that Mila appeared in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, she also starred in the movie Max Payne. It made $85 million, but wasn't as well-received as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 2009 would prove to be a slow year for Mila, and the talented performer only appeared in one episode of The Cleveland Show on television. Her lone film role was in the movie Extract, and the film's tiny box office haul made it anything but a hit. What people didn't know was that Mila was gearing up for a 2010 that would help her career reach the next level.

If you can't figure out why this photo is insanely hot, then you must not be paying attention. Seeing her in magazines has shown her in a number of different looks, but this stripped-down look, only being covered by a blanket, is as good as it gets.

7 Flower Child

2010 would be the year that Mila Kunis would shed her image as a television performer and cement herself as a bonafide box office star. She kicked off the year by appearing in the film The Book of Eli, which made $157 million dollars during its theatrical run. The movie was a huge hit for the actress, and her next film in 2010, Date Night, was huge as well. That film's $152 million was on par with The Book of Eli, and Mila suddenly found the huge film success that she was looking for. She would round off her massive year by starring in the critically acclaimed Black Swan which made $329 million at the box office. More importantly, Mila received rave reviews for her performance, and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Mila has some of the nicest legs in the business, and this photo let her show them off. Although her white shirt is covering her body, there is still plenty to see in this fantastic photo of the actress.

6 A Quick Unzip

Now that her film career had finally taken off, Mila was ready to keep producing hit films for the masses. In 2011, she only appeared in one film, but she made her time on the big screen count. She starred in the film Friends with Benefits, and the film would find plenty of success at the box office. The film was released in July of 2011, and it was a surprise hit at the summer box office. After hauling in $150 million, Mila had herself another hit film, and her star was shining as bright as it ever had. She acted on two shows in 2011, most notably Sesame Street. Everything in her career was full steam ahead, and Mila was one of the hottest commodities on the planet. As if she hadn't become famous enough, 2012 would see the trend of Mila starring in massively successful films continue.

A quick unzip of her top has Mila showing off some of her assets. The beauty has done plenty of provocative photoshoots, and this picture is among the hottest of the bunch.

5 Jungle Boogie

With her impressive streak of hit films dominating the box office for several years, Mila Kunis was finally the massive movie star that she had been aspiring to be since she was a kid. In June of 2012, Mila would star in another summer comedy film that would blow away expectations. Her role as Lori in the film Ted was both hilarious and well-acted, and the raunchy comedy about a teddy bear who has come to life generated $549 million during its time in theaters. No one could have predicted that the film would have made this much money, and with another smash hit on her resume, Mila was bigger than she could have ever dreamed. She also acted in the film The Color of Time that same year, but that film was a small release.

Aside from showing off her beautiful body in this photo, the close shot of Mila does a brilliant job of capturing her beautiful eyes. They make a perfect contrast with her dark hair, and it is a huge reason why people find her so gorgeous.

4 Getting Ready To Hit The City

Even though That '70s Show had been over for several years, Mila Kunis had achieved her pursuit of becoming a bonafide movie star. Her films were making insane amounts of money at the box office, and just one year after the release of the hit film Ted, Mila starred in the film Oz the Great and Powerful. The film received a mixed bag of reviews, but the box office numbers were fantastic. After the dust settled, Oz the Great and Powerful made $493 million during its theatrical release. That same year, she appeared in two other films, Blood Ties and Third Person, but each failed to match the massive numbers of Oz the Great and Powerful.

With the city in the background and a gorgeous, white-clad Mila Kunis looking as gorgeous as ever, this photo definitely deserved a place on our list. The beauty does a phenomenal job in taking seductive photos.

3 What A Smile

After dominating the box office for several years, Mila Kunis was due for a slow patch in her career. It happens to every performer, and her slowing down began in 2014. She acted in the movies The Angriest Man in Brooklyn and Annie (in a cameo role). Annie went on to have box office success, but Mila had little to do with that. Her other film failed to make a dent at the box office, and she looked to get back on the horse in 2015. The film Jupiter Ascending was looked at as a potential blockbuster film, and very well could have been the next massive sci-fi film. Unfortunately, negative reviews hurt the film's box office performance, and the film barely cleared budget. It was considered a huge flop, but Mila kept pressing forward.

Unlike the other photos on this list, this one here is more of a candid shot of Mila flashing a beautiful smile. She has plenty to show off in the photo, but that smile of hers is just too perfect to ignore.

2 Showing Off Her Body

After the failure that was Jupiter Ascending, Mila Kunis was seeking to get back on top of the industry once again. In July of 2016, she starred in the film Bad Moms, which boasted an immensely talented ensemble cast, and it would be the film to catapult her back to the top. That summer, Bad Moms made an impressive $183 million at the box office. It may have received mixed reviews, but audiences seemed to love the film, and it was a surprise hit that summer. That would be her lone film appearance in 2016, and she couldn't have been happier with the results.

Back in black and the same boots from the photo in our number four spot, Mila is ridiculously hot in this shot. Her outfit exposes all the right spots here, and we can't help but stare. If you think this photo is hot, just wait until you see the one that took our top spot on this list.

1 Leather And Lace

Now that she is a mother, it is understandable that Mila is starting to take things much slower than she did early on in her career. Over the next three years, she has one film on tap each year, starting with the film A Bad Moms Christmas later in 2017. She will follow this up with The Spy Who Dumped Me in 2018, and with Amusement Park in 2019. When A Bad Moms Christmas hits theaters later this year, people are hoping that the film can capture the same success as its predecessor did. Regardless of the way that her films play out, you can expect magazines everywhere to seek out an interview and photoshoot with the red-hot mama. She has had an impressive career on television and in film, and her name is more than enough to generate interest in most any project.

We selected this photo as our top spot for pretty obvious reasons. With a leather jacket draped around her shoulders, Mila, dressed in a smoking hot black bikini, it proves why she might be the hottest woman in the business.

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