15 Steamiest Instagram Accounts Of Ring Girls

Of course, people watch combat sports, boxing and MMA and other such sports, to see some awesome action and watch an epic battle in the ring, octagon, or whatever else the arena may be. That’s primarily the reason people buy tickets to come to the arenas and tune in to televised events. But for a lot of people, such sports are pretty gruesome or are deemed to be barbaric. When punches are being thrown, kicks, grapples, and combinations are being executed, some people cower away. Yet these people can’t escape the hype surrounding a massive event – no one can. It’s precisely because of that, the hype, that causes people to tune it.

Nowadays, such events are more about the buildup for most people rather than the actual main fight itself. They’re spectacles, with plenty of glitz and glamor and all sorts of surprises on fight night to help amp up the fighters and the crowds. Over the years, ring entrances – especially in boxing – have continued to get more elaborate, some may say they’re verging on being over-the-top ridiculous. But there’s been another way that event organizers have indulged in, in order to keep people’s attention and keep people’s eyes glued to the screen, even when the actual fight might be rather dull: Ring girls – a tried and tested means of keeping people ogling at their screens. They add a touch of glamor to proceedings alright, a whole lot of it. Nowadays, with the social media boom, these ring girls can get themselves out there and market themselves superbly, and can actually gain greater fan followings than the fighters themselves. These 15 have done just that. So, without much further ado – I know you’re all gagging to see their sultry pics – these are the 15 hottest Instagram accounts of ring girls.


15 Rhian Sugden – British Beauty With BAMMA

If you’re not in the UK and aren’t an MMA aficionado or anything like that, chances are you wouldn’t have a clue what BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts) is. But it is actually a pretty big deal, not right up there in terms of being one of the biggest MMA competitions around, but it’s still a big competition. Understandably its popularity has increased since it started roping in gorgeous babes like Rhian Sugden to be ring girls. See Rhian strutting her stuff in the ring, or octagon in this case, and you’re bound to tune in and watch BAMMA again. The British beauty really is stunning, and she doesn’t just apply her trade to walking in the octagon either. She’s an international lingerie model, has modeled in all the top lads’ mags, and it’s clear to understand why. Rhian’s just sizzling hot from head to toe, is certainly one of the top models in the UK.

14 Rachelle Leah – A Jill Of All Trades


Model, actress, ring girl – you name it, Rachelle’s tried her hand at it. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why Rachelle’s been so successful in those industries either. She’s smoking hot, has a ridiculous body, and loves to flaunt her assets – and we love to see them. Rachelle really has taken part in a number of racy shoots over the years. She started out modeling for the motor company Ford as a teenager, and that served to propel her into the limelight. She’s bathed in that success while enjoying an entirely new fan base from the testosterone-fuelled world of MMA. She’s made TV appearances as a ring girl with UFC, and has become one of the most well-known octagon girls around. Luckily for fans who see her doing her thing in between rounds, there’s plenty of stuff going on on her social media, plenty of raunchy snaps and other updates to keep them entertained before she appears at the next major UFC event.

13 Caroline Wade – Top Corona Ring Girl

Now, a lot of you who know your motorsports – and pay attention to the sultry ladies on display – are probably wondering what the hell is Caroline doing on this list? Well, not only is she from the NASCAR circuit, she’s also turned plenty of heads as a ring girl. Caroline is a Corona Ring Girl, and you’ll realize as you go down this list, that they’re a pretty big deal. The Corona Ring Girls are probably the hottest ring girls out there, and they’re always seen strutting their stuff at major fights. Blonde bombshell Caroline Wade has done just that. In the boxing ring, if there’s a major fight on the cards, it’s safe to assume that Caroline might be making an appearance. A lot of people say that she doesn’t actually look real, that she looks like a bit of a Barbie doll; make your own minds up, but you can kind of see what people mean by looking at her Instagram pics – they might be Barbie-like but they’re still super hot!

12 Dessie Mitcheson – Glamorous To The Core


Dessie Mitcheson earns her corn as a full-time model, living the glam life out in sunny LA. She’s at where other models aspire to be, and she really has enjoyed a stellar career to date. You don’t get 221K Instagram followers if you’re just another model! You’ve got to have something about you to get such a fan following, something that sticks out, and boy does Dessie have something that sticks out – she has a number of things that stick out, if you get my drift! But those organizing boxing events think she sticks out too, something about her in terms of her beauty and elegance that makes her stand apart from the rest. She was a ring girl for what was arguably the fight of the century, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. You don’t get to be a ring girl for such a major event if you’re not something special, and Dessie’s special alright, as is evident by her sultry pics on Instagram.

11 Arianny Celeste – Oozing Appeal

Arianny Celeste has a pretty sexy name and a whole lot of sex appeal about her. It’s something that’s held her in good stead as she’s gone about climbing to the top of the ring card girl popularity list. Over the years she’s become one of the most popular women to grace the octagon, and the fans just love her and just lap her up as she struts her stuff. It’s clear to see why; that beauty and set of twins, wow those twins. But with Arianny, it’s not just her beauty that makes her so popular. We’ve gotten to see a whole lot of her personality over the years, as she’s gotten a hosting gig, hosting the TV show, Overhaulin’. She’s also a pretty feisty character, and has gotten under the skin and felt the wrath of Ronda Rousey. Arianny sticks up for herself, and that beef with arguably the greatest female MMA fighters of all time has only served to increase her popularity. 3m followers on Instagram just about says it all, and tells you a whole lot about what people think of her.

10 Jhenny Andrade – Stacy Keibler Lookalike


This woman’s been likened to Stacy Keibler – that’s high praise enough! Check them both out and you can see that there are some similarities and they do look very much alike. One notable difference is that Jhenny doesn’t possess Stacy’s endlessly long legs, but what she’s lacking in the leg department, she more than makes up for in others! This UFC girl is pretty new to the whole MMA scene. At first, she found it daunting, now she loves it and gets an almighty adrenaline rush just being a part of that whole atmosphere. We’re glad, because that hopefully means that this Brazilian beauty is going to stick around for a while. UFC audiences have taken to her immediately. She gorgeous to look at and has an amazing body, but also has a really bubbly, upbeat personality, and that’s endeared her to a lot of people. People check out her Instagram account for hot pics, and her YouTube account for her gags and other quirky vids, and basically just to see a whole lot more of Jhenny.

9 Jessa Hinton – Playboy Playmate

Wow! Check out Jessa’s Instagram profile and that’s exactly what you’ll say. There are some seriously racy pics on her Instagram – scroll through it and it’ll be as if you’re flicking through a porno mag. It really is that full on, that explicit. I’m amazed she hasn’t violated Instagram’s community guidelines yet! But what else do you expect from a Playboy Playmate. She’s obviously not shy about stripping down to her bare essentials and revealing all. Her fans, over a million of them on Instagram, wouldn’t have it any other way. These antics and racy pics are what make Jessa so popular, and people just lap it up. Jessa has also been a ring card girl for UFC, has her own fashion line, and has made numerous other media appearances. She’s one busy lady and is making the most of her time in the limelight.


8 Kelli Hutcherson – Miss Strikeforce


As far as MMA competitions go, UFC is head and shoulders above the rest. That’s to be expected, and it’s going to take an almighty effort for other promotions to get up to that level. But Strikeforce are going about it in the right way, especially since UFC bought them out. They may not be able to attract the best fighters in the world, but it terms of the ring card girls, they have some talent. It’s part of the reason people tune in to watch what are often rather mediocre fights, to get some eye candy. That comes in the form of ridiculously hot octagon girls, girls like Kelli Hutcherson. This sultry babe gets people watching alright. She began doing her thing with Strikeforce back in 2009, and a year later, she had become the darling of the organization, and was named Miss Strikeforce. Just feast your eyes on her seriously racy Insta pics, and it’s clear to see why she earned that prestigious title.

7 Kiara Gomez – Million-Dollar Smile

I could talk about the fact that Kiara has flawless beauty, has an amazing figure, “not so PG" assets, a gorgeous complexion, and I could just go on and on. I could wax lyrical about just how stunning Kiara is all day long. But something that sets her apart from the rest, I mean really sets her apart, is her smile. That smile melts hearts, gets pulses racing, makes people go all warm and gooey inside. In that respect, Kiara really is what many people would deem to be the complete, perfect woman. That dreamy, million-dollar smile has led to her becoming one of the most popular and loved Corona Ring Girls. Her Instagram follower count reflects this. Scroll through her pics, and you’d think you were going through the glossy pages of an esteemed lads’ mag publication. That’s where her face and body belong. But as boxing fans, we’re not going to complain that she graces the ring as opposed to a glossy spread!

6 Samantha Kumiko – Drop Dead Gorgeous Physique


Samantha Kumiko and Kiara Gomez look very similar. They’re also best buddies, partners in crime so to speak. See one, and you’ll probably see the other, which is just great for us because it means we get to feast our eyes on two hotties instead of one, which would also be just fine by the way. Samantha’s Instagram is filled with pics of the two, posing and getting up to mischief. It’s also constantly being updated with sultry pics of her posing and looking utterly gorgeous. She’s another ring girl who could very easily try her hand at glamor modeling. Luckily for boxing fans, she loves what she does, and doesn’t look to be stepping away from the ring, full-time anyway, any time soon. Samantha is of course, another Corona Ring Girl. Starting to see why I said the Corona Ring Girls are the hottest? She lights up events with that beaming smile, and of course that drop dead gorgeous physique, and long may we continue to see her strutting her stuff at the biggest boxing fights.

5 Kyra Keli – Fitness Babe

Here’s another Corona Ring Girl, one who’s worked some seriously big fights, such as Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez, and Daniel Jacobs vs. Peter Quillin. When she’s doing her duties, she looks like she’s having a blast, entertaining the audiences by strutting her stuff, essentially what she’s there for. And she probably is enjoying it – that beaming smile tells a lot. But, she hasn’t held back in telling people that modeling, being a ring girl, isn’t really her passion. What is her passion? Acting. She grew up with a love for theatre, and now she’s trying to make it work in LA as an actress. From the looks of things, fitness is also a big part of her life. Check out her Insta pics, and you could be looking through the profile of a fitness competitor. Kyra’s lean, ripped to shreds, and has curves in all the right place. No wonder she’s been able to earn plenty of money modeling, as a ring girl, while trying to make her acting career take off.

4 Victoria Moore - Seductress


In terms of Victoria’s experience as a ring girl, she doesn’t have a huge amount. She has been a ring girl, working for Golden Boy Promotions, although she hasn’t appeared at any big fights. But boxing fans still know a whole lot about her. That’s because she’s done quite a bit of work for RBRBoxing. Strangely enough, Victoria also doesn’t have a hugely active Instagram account. She’s not one to be posting images multiple times a day, taking sexy selfies and whatnot. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one of the hottest Instagram accounts of ring girls out there. She tantalizes, makes you wait to see one of her sexy pics, and when she posts, it’s always worth the wait. Victoria does plenty of modeling away from her duties as a ring girl, and so there are plenty of sexy pics out there, which she shares with her fans.

3 Chrissy Blair – Charlize Theron Lookalike

This blonde bombshell is just gorgeous, radiant, and looks like a million bucks. It’s great that the UFC were able to snap her up when they purchased Strikeforce, because that’s where a woman like Chrissy deserves to be, with the world’s top MMA promotion.

Chrissy’s also acquired quite a fan base over the years. That’s because she’s stunning, so stunning in fact that she actually looks pretty similar to Hollywood actress Charlize Theron. That’s a compliment in itself, because Charlize is one of the hottest actresses on the Hollywood scene. Feast your eyes on Chrissy’s gorgeous pics, and she really does look like Charlize. Some may actually say that Chrissy’s got more about her. Not only is she a stunner, she’s super cute as well. She has a gorgeous smile, and a seductive look that makes men become putty in her hands. There’s no doubt about it; Chrissy’s one of the hottest octagon girls around.

2 Gloria Friedley – Fiery Latina


This MMA knockout is wow, just wow. She’s one of the top octagon girls out there, one woman that the crowds just can’t wait to see. Regardless of what’s happening in the fight, if Gloria’s in attendance it’s going to be a glorious occasion.

Gloria’s another babe who’s not shy about stripping down to her bare essentials, and sometimes more. She is, for all intents and purposes, a glamor model. The pics she poses in, posts – yep, she’s a glamor model alright, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more glamorous. She’s someone who works very hard on maintaining her sizzling physique. When she’s not gracing the cage, she actually trains MMA to tone that rockin’ body to perfection. It’s something that’s also led to her competing in bikini competitions – she’d come first place in my eyes, every time. The fiery Latina has been turning heads for quite a while, and hopefully she continues to do so on fight nights.

1 Mercedes Terrell – All-Round Perfection

Sexy, sassy, sultry, and cute – this Bellator MMA girl has a hell of a lot going for her. There could have been any number of girls in this number one position, but Mercedes really does possess the entire package, and it’s one steamy package. Kudos to Bellator for getting her on board, because you’d have thought that Mercedes would be with the UFC by this point. But Mercedes herself probably doesn’t care, for her it’s all just a bit of fun. The Mexican-Italian beauty just fell into modeling; yep, according to her she just fell into the profession – look at her, and she’s saying she just fell into it? She’s very chilled out about the whole thing, which is perhaps why people have taken to her, she doesn’t try too hard. She’d also like to try her hand at acting. Looking through her portfolio of steamy snaps, I can certainly think of a few roles she’s tailor made for!


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