15 Steamiest Celebs From Down Under We'd Love To Get Under

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of sultry women light up the big screen. Most have been from Hollywood, born and bred in the States. But some have made the transition, starting off in their own countries before taking the movie industry by storm and become world-famous. There have also been a few that haven’t quite broken out of their country’s movie industry, who are looking for that big break to propel them to superstardom onto the world stage. No doubt they’ll be mightily successful when they do.

In this article, I’m focusing on Aussie babes, Australian beauties, women from down under who are just ridiculously hot. Australia’s always had its fair share of stars in the celeb world, be it in the movie industry, music, TV or modeling industries. Most of them, regardless of which industry they started in, tend to end up doing some sort of acting, often starring in those world-renowned Aussie soap operas, Neighbours, or Home and Away. This opens up a host of opportunities, and that’s how many gain the attention of Hollywood, make the move to the other side of the world, and become big time movie actresses.

There’s just something seriously sexy about Aussie chicks. They’re just not your average actors, they all tend to have something different, something special, a spark that makes them stand out. Perhaps it’s just because they’re from the land down under, a country that’s somewhat mysterious, filled with wild and whacky things, and this just makes them seem exotic or adventurous. Whatever the reasons may be, Aussie women are undoubtedly some of the hottest women in the world, probably the subject of a lot of people’s dreams. In those dreams, it’s safe to say you’re doing a bit more than chilling out together! Here are 15 smoking hot celebs from Australia who rank extremely high on the hotness scale, sexy celebs from down under we’d love to get under.

15 Teresa Palmer – A Career That’s Gaining Momentum

From humble beginnings in South Australia, Teresa has risen to become one of the most-loved actresses Australia’s got to offer. She was raised on a farm and had to deal with a lot due to her moms’ manic depression, so it goes without saying that she had a pretty tough upbringing. She took part in a local audition on a whim, she won, and that’s how her career began. Teresa began small, dressing up in local shopping malls, before progressing to TV ads, and then she finally got her big break after graduating high school.

In 2008, Teresa thought her career had taken off when she was cast in Jumper. She was on her way to Hollywood, but the movie was then recast, she was out, and was utterly devastated. She thought her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress would never be realized. Fast forward nine years, and Teresa’s made it happen. She may not yet be one of the biggest actresses on the Hollywood scene, but she’s certainly up there when it comes to being one of the hottest.

14 Yvonne Strahovski – Not The Shy And Retiring Type

Yvonne Strahovski’s name might not sound very Aussie, but the stunning actress is Australian born and bred. The blonde beauty always wanted to be an actress, and from a young age, she began putting things in place to make it happen. By the age of 12, she started acting lessons, and was doing the usual thing, school plays and whatnot. But something that not a lot of other aspiring actresses have done, is start a theatre company. Yvonne founded her own company fresh out of university. That’s got to look impressive on her resumé! But what’s more impressive, what potential casting directors will be looking at, is her filmography. She’s landed some mega roles, such as on Chuck and Dexter, roles that have taken her acting career to the next level. But on the hotness scale, she’s always been right up there, and has been known for being a stunner, a blonde bombshell. She’s truly gorgeous, not just one of the best among Aussie actresses, but is probably one of the hottest actresses in the world, period. Much to our delight, she’s also taken part in some seriously sexy scenes over the years. For our sake, hopefully we can look forward to many more!

13 Isla Fisher – Prone To Doing Racy Scenes

Isla Fisher isn’t your conventional celeb in that she’s not really renowned for having a smoking-hot, svelte physique. That may not be what she's known for, but plenty of people know that's definitely a shame! She’s curvaceous, elegant, and isn’t shy about flaunting her assets. The petite starlet is just picture perfect, very comfortable in her own skin and trying out different looks, and we love her for that. She’s also got a beautiful head of flowing red locks; vibrant, deep, foxy, that stereotype of red heads holds true when it comes to Isla.

Isla’s seemingly been around for ever. She began her career at the age of nine, and she’s still going strong at the age of 41. Acting was never really her passion though, something a lot of people looking at her filmography would find incredibly hard to believe. Isla’s first love was writing. At a young age, she aspired to be a full-time writer, and even published two novels, before accidentally falling into the acting profession. It certainly ended up being a happy accident, because we couldn’t envision Isla locked away in her office with a laptop, and not as the Hollywood starlet she is sizzling on the big screen.

12 Melissa George – Rollerskating Champ And Model-Turned-Actress

Feast your eyes on the beauty that is Melissa George, and you can probably tell that she’s come from a modeling background. You could also figure out, looking at her svelte physique, her elegance, and posture, that she has some sporting pedigree. As a youngster, Melissa’s passion for all things dance led her to try out artistic roller skating, and she soon became a pro and competed at national level in various championships. This led on to modeling, before a career in acting started to take precedence. Around seven years later, in the late 90s, she achieved her career breakthrough role, and has since continued going from strength to strength. But still, you wouldn’t exactly call her an A-lister. You movie buffs will probably hear her name, think that you know her from somewhere, but can’t quite put your finger on where exactly. Nevertheless, she’s a gorgeous Aussie, and whatever role she takes to she ensures she sizzles on screen.

11 Anna Torv – The Enchantress

Anna Torv has been around for a long time and has acquired quite an extensive wide-ranging filmography. She’s one of those actresses who can’t really be spoken about amongst the best in the business, she’s not in that category. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a very successful career, doing her own thing in the industry. Anna’s done a few films here and there, but she’s really a TV actress. She’s played a part in a ton of TV series over the years, and has also travelled the world, acting on stage in theatre productions. That’s what she does best, she knows it, and she’s stuck to it. The Aussie beauty’s getting on a bit now, she's in her late 30s, but she still looks as gorgeous as ever. She’s beautiful from head to toe, and is known for having a ripped, splendid physique. Anna Torv is hot stuff alright.

10 Rachael Taylor – A Name Synonymous With Gloss And Glamor

This Aussie beauty started out in the modeling industry, and she modeled for some pretty big companies too. Sizzling away in modeling shoots, she caught the eye of casting directors, and that opened up a whole new door for her, a career for her in the movie industry. It’s been something that Rachael’s always wanted to do. From a young age, she was all about wanting to become an actress. She realized her dream when she began getting gigs in TV movies. This just progressed, led onto bigger and better things, and now, around a decade after her career began, she’s an established member of the movie industry.

Ever since Rachael burst into the limelight, comparisons have been made between her and Charlize Theron. That just about says it all in terms of how beautiful Rachael is. They do actually look pretty similar. It can only be a good thing, having two Charlize Therons in the industry, or two Rachael Taylors, depending on how you see things.

9 Pia Miller – One Steamy Cop

This woman’s just gorgeous, it has to be said that she’s one of the hottest actresses on the planet. It’s safe to assume the majority of you probably have no clue who she is, but you probably will be, and will want to find out more, after setting your eyes on her sexy pic.

Ok, so you can tell by looking at Pia that she doesn’t have Australian blood. She’s Chilean, but gained Australian citizenship after arriving on Aussie shores at the age of four. Australians certainly deem Pia to be one of their own!

Obviously, Pia looking the way she does, she has done the whole modeling thing too. But she wasn’t just spotted. Her mom actually enrolled her in modeling school. She began winning competitions, walking catwalks, and modeled for some prominent companies. But she wanted to try her hand at something new, so she started taking acting lessons. Pia got into acting at a pretty late stage, at the age of 26, and five years later, landed her breakthrough role. She joined the cast of the popular Aussie soap opera, Home and Away, as a policewoman. She certainly made for one sexy cop – I reckon most people wouldn’t have minded getting handcuffs slapped on them by Pia!

8 Caitlin Stasey – Breaking The Mould

After starting out in children’s TV, Caitlin’s career has blossomed considerably since then. If you’re an Aussie actress, there are two acting gigs you aspire to get: either joining the cast of Home and Away, or Neighbours. Joining the cast of one of these popular soap operas will mean the world will get to know your name. That happened to Caitlin in 2005, when she joined Neighbours. She was on Ramsay Street for four years, before getting involved in other film projects, developing her career even further. There have been movie roles, the odd appearance in a TV series, and she’s dabbled in a bit of music too. Caitlin’s certainly making the most of her time in the limelight.

Caitlin is also – don’t know if you’ve realized – incredibly hot. The hotness scale has just gone up, and she’s gained a ton more attention and intrigue, after coming out as a lesbian, despite having a male partner. Her guy, like most others would be, is probably just fine with that, because he still gets to get under this hottie from down under.

7 Gemma Ward – Hauntingly Beautiful

Gemma Ward comes from a modeling family. Her older sister’s a model too, but Gemma wasn’t really too keen on following in her footsteps. She didn’t harbor any ambitions of making it in modeling, it just kind of happened by chance. Gemma went to watch a modeling competition and ended up getting scouted herself. It was a total accident. But she made the most of it, grew in the modeling industry, and eventually became known as one of the best models on the planet. She wasn't just a model, but a supermodel.

From a young age, Gemma always aspired to be an actress. She made it happen, and has been a part of the film industry ever since. Gemma has a fragile, unique look about her, something that’s made her stand out. “Hauntingly beautiful” is a term that’s been used to describe Gemma – which is a compliment by the way – and it’s an attribute that’s held her in good stead as she’s gone about trying to make it in the acting world.

6 Nicky Whelan – Another Neighbours Star

It really does seem like every Aussie actress started off life in the limelight as a model. Here’s yet another model-turned-actress, but in terms of the actress part, Nicky Whelan’s done more than most. She’s achieved a hell of a lot and has broken free from that little soap opera bubble in Australia. She has gone on to star in many different movies and TV shows since, opposite some big-name actors.

As a model, Nicky began getting hosting gigs. She hosted many shows and became a familiar face to the Aussie public, before getting her big break in Neighbours which propelled her onto the world stage. It hasn’t taken much for people to take Nicky into their hearts, to become infatuated with her over the years. She’s drop dead gorgeous, super cute, charming, can act, and really just possesses the complete package. Nicky was made for stardom, and she’s certainly realizing her dream.

5 Elle Macpherson – A True, Glamorous Beauty 

And the model-turned-actresses just keep on coming. In the previous entry I mentioned how Nicky was probably better known for her acting prowess than her modeling. Well, for Elle, it’s the other way around. She’s a superstar model, and has been in the industry for a hell of a long time, since the 80s in fact. Hers is a name that’s synonymous with modeling, and she really has been involved in pretty much every aspect of the industry. There have been a ton of steamy shoots over the years that just show how amazingly gorgeous Elle is, which is why quite a few million people would want to get under this beauty from down under. She’s recently confirmed she’s single again, so all you people can keep your finger’s crossed! Being such a high-profile figure in modeling was of course going to open up other doors for Elle. She stepped through them and made the most of them, be it in business, or in an acting capacity. Elle boasts a pretty extensive filmography to go along with her modeling prowess, and at the age of 53, is showing no signs of slowing down.

4 Olympia Valance – Young Gun Attempting To Make It Big

Olympia Valance is a name that just exudes star quality. You can imagine seeing a name like that in the credits of some massive film – it just fits. It’s a super sexy name, and one that also fit the woman it belongs to. Olympia is someone who’s super hot and knows it. As a model – yep, another one – she’s not your shy and retiring type. She’s prone to getting her kit off for sexy shoots, and she keeps her thousands of fans happy by regularly posting raunchy pics of herself on social media. Olympia gained a ton more fans when she starred as a main character in Neighbours for three years, and she’s trying to use this to gain more acting roles.

Regardless of what she has and hasn’t yet achieved, Olympia was always going to be popular. That’s because she’s the half-sister of the next girl on this list, global superstar Holly Valance. But she’s not just famous because of her surname. She’s famous because she’s decent as an actress, and hot as a model, one of the hottest in the industry.

3 Holly Valance – We Just Want To “Kiss Kiss” Holly

Now I move onto the more famous Valance sister, I couldn’t include Olympia and not Holly. Holly’s been in the limelight for a hell of a long time. She began her career in the limelight as a teenager, what seems like many moons ago, again in the soap opera Neighbours. But after a few years, still in her teens, she decided to put her acting on hold to pursue a music career. It was certainly a wise decision, because she became pretty much an instant success. Her first single “Kiss Kiss” was absolutely massive. It received worldwide success, and Holly Valance the global megastar, the sex symbol, was born. She’s curvaceous, luscious, beautiful, just oozes sex appeal, and she’s only continued to blossom over the years. I reckon quite a few people have wanted to “Kiss Kiss” Holly since that sexy music video was released back in 2002.

2 Nicole Kidman – Still Killing It At 50

It really is staggering to think that Nicole Kidman is 50. Look at her, just look at her! She’s on her half century and she looks absolutely stunning, like a million bucks. Nicole’s still the gorgeous bombshell that hit our screens so many years ago. In fact, many would say she’s gotten even hotter with age; set your eyes on some of her recent sultry pics, and you’d be hard-pressed to disagree. Nicole’s evolved and developed exponentially, both body-wise and in terms of her acting prowess, to the point where today, she's regarded by many to be Australia’s biggest, most well-known celeb. She’s acquired a fan following that stretches far and wide, and that’s because she’s one of the greatest actresses of her generation, and she’s stunningly beautiful too. Nicole truly is ageless, and she has probably entered a lot of people’s dreams at some point, and will probably continue do so if she stays on our screens for years to come.

1 Margot Robbie – We’ve All Seen What She Possesses

Someone of Nicole Kidman’s pedigree and all-round sultriness would’ve certainly found herself at the number one position of a list like this if it hadn’t been for Margot Robbie. Nicole’s the ageless beauty, whereas Margot Robbie’s the new hot girl on the block. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2010, it’s pretty much a certainty that you know her name, know a whole lot about her movies, and have seen a whole lot of her. A lot of people have probably watched her scenes multiple times, because she really has taken part in some raunchy scenes since she moved to the States and became a Hollywood starlet. It’s a safe assumption that probably most of the people who’ve seen Margot would love to get under her, or have at least fantasized about her in some capacity. She’s sauntered her way to the top of the Hollywood scene, and she’ll probably be reigning supreme in that respect for a hell of a long time.

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