15 Steamiest Celeb Cougars Who Love To Score With Young Dudes

If you're young enough that you're interested in an article about cougars who like to score with young dudes, then you're probably too young to remember a country singer named Ronnie McDowell. He was never Garth Brooks or Blake Shelton, but he had middling success in the 1980's. And perhaps his biggest song was a little ditty called "Older Women." It opened like this, "Everybody seems to love those younger women, from 18 on up to 25. I love 'em too, but I'm telling you: Learning how to really love takes a little time."

While Ronnie is sadly a footnote in the annals of music at best, he was dead on about older chicks. Young, nubile, fresh-faced chicks get all the attention. But let's be real. There's nothing steamier than a chick with a few years on her who's still got it. These ladies might not be as tight, toned, and perky as their college counterparts, but they've been around long enough to know how to work what they've got. Even better, they're generally over the drama, games, and BS that tend to go hand in hand with dating a chick in her prime.

Here's the best news of all. The stigma of older chicks scoring with younger dudes, in place for decades, is finally gone. Credit Demi and Ashton. Credit the term "cougar" itself. Credit whoever you want. But what was once taboo is now not only socially acceptable, but chic. Want proof? Here are 15 steamy female celebrity cougars who love to score with young dudes.

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15 Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz burst onto the scene in 1998's There's Something About Mary, an irreverent Farrelly Brothers comedy in which she played a smokeshow vixen that turned the life of every man with whom she crossed paths upside down. In real life, she made similarly seismic waves in the Hollywood dating scene. It started with a romance with Matt Dillon, one of her co-stars in the movie. But judging by her ensuing dating moves, the older fellas like Dillon weren't doing it for her. She hooked up with coolest-man-alive Justin Timberlake (nine years her junior) as well as pretty boy Tyrese Gibson (seven years her junior). At 45 years young, Diaz is still among Hollywood's hottest, and we doubt she lacks for suitors of any age.

14 Sandra Bullock

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For potential paramours, Sandra Bullock offers the best of both worlds in a celebrity smokeshow. She's every bit as hot as her counterparts; maybe hotter. But she doesn't give off the same stuck-up celebrity vibe as the others. Maybe it's a facade, but Sandra just seems like she'd be totally low-maintenance and a cool chick to be around, not a dime-piece who's fun to show off on your arm but insufferable to deal with in private. She has a history of picking younger dudes. It started with the guy every chick would pick first, Ryan Gosling. He's 16 years younger than she is. She later dated Ryan Reynolds (12 years younger). Her ex-husband, Jesse James, was also her junior, but only by five years. Seeing how that turned out, maybe he was just too old for her.

13 Vivica A. Fox


Similar to a blacksmith whose last name is Smith, Vivica A. Fox has a surname that aptly describes her. The actress' face is close to perfection, and her body is nothing to cough at either. Clearly, she could get just about any dude she wanted. So, which ones does she go for? The young'uns, of course. She had a one-year relationship with 50 Cent; the rapper is more than a full decade her junior. Later, when she was in her late 40's, she was engaged to Omar White. He's TWO decades younger than her. If she keeps going younger, she's going to have to start hanging out at high school graduations to pick up dudes (just watch out for those summer birthdays, Viv, so you stay out of jail).

12 Sharon Stone

If Sharon Stone is as seductive as her character in Basic Instinct, I'm not sure there's a dude alive (18 to 80, single or married) who could resist her. And she has no shortage of guys, younger as well as older, who've jumped at the chance to be with her. Most recently, in 2017, the 59-year-old actress was linked with a dude named Lonnie Cooper, 62, who's not famous or good-looking but is apparently loaded with the green stuff. But her most famous romances have been with the young set. A few years ago, she was with Martin Mico who's a full 30 YEARS (!!!) her junior. She also had a well-documented one-year liaison with Christian Slater (11 years younger) during the 1990's. Sharon is now back on the market and says she isn't actively looking for love, but we wouldn't be surprised if another young stud found her anyway.

11 Robin Wright

Unlike most celebrity cougars, Robin Wright's face rarely graces the cover of the celebrity gossip rags in the checkout line. She doesn't court drama, and she keeps her personal life mostly private. Suffice it to say, there's much less drama in her life than in that of her most well-known onscreen persona, Claire Underwood, wife of the fictional (and diabolical) president, Frank Underwood, on the hit show House of Cards. But Robin is a bona fide cougar even if she isn't at the club picking up young dudes or having flings with her boyish costars. In 2012, she got with actor Ben Foster. At the time, she was 46 and he was 32. They were together from 2012 to 2015, during which time they got engaged, called it off, got engaged again, and called it off again. That means she's back on the prowl for a new cub.

10 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's status as an object of desire has taken a tumble in recent years. It started with her public breakdown around the time Glitter was released. Then, most recently, she gave a cringe-worthy performance at last year's New Year's Eve bash in New York. A sound system failure caused the vocal component of her songs not to play, which, of course, gave away the fact she was lip syncing. Then, she made matters worse by completely losing her composure on stage. So, she's not at the top of most dudes' lists anymore, but she is still a steamy cougar. And now that she's no longer married to Nick Cannon (11 years younger than her), she's back on the prowl. Maybe she'll find a young stud to get her mojo back.

9 Ivana Trump


Ivana Trump–still attractive at 68–has been married four times. The most famous of those unions, of course, was with the current leader of the free world, Donald Trump, who once, in a nationally televised presidential debate, guaranteed the audience that there was "no problem" with the size of his unit. She divorced the now-president in 1992 upon learning that he was knocking boots with Marla Maples. She's had two marriages since; the second being a short-lived coupledom with Rossano Rubicondi that lasted only one year from 2008 to 2009. He was 23 years younger than her. In 2013, rumors surfaced that she had a new boyfriend who was 10 years younger. Maybe it takes youthful stamina to compete with the memory of Donald Trump's big, uh, hands.

8 Nicole Scherzinger


39-year-old Nicole Scherzinger is a recording artist, television personality, and model. She's a former member of the pop group The Pussycat Dolls, whose most famous song asked the rhetorical question, "Dont'cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" (Obvious answer from men everywhere—yes). Most recently, she launched a new fragrance, Chosen, and did a photoshoot to promote it. All we can really say about the resulting pictures is that you might want to have a tube sock handy when you look at them. She dates almost exclusively younger dudes; her current boyfriend is professional tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, 26, and each of her two most recent beaus before him was significantly younger than her.

7 Susan Sarandon


Susan Sarandon might not be a top spank bank pick these days, but let's be real. How many 70-year-old chicks do you know who look better? If you married a chick and she still looked like Susan at 70, would you not be thrilled? So she makes our list of "steamy" cougars for that reason. Her most high-profile romance was with Tim Robbins, who's 12 years younger. They broke up in 2009. Shortly thereafter, she struck up a relationship with Jonathan Bricklin. He is a whopping 31 years Susan's junior, which has to be one of the biggest celebrity couple age differences not involving Hugh Hefner. Definitely the biggest age difference in which the chick is older. Sadly, Susan and Jonathan broke up in 2015.

6 Madonna


Let's just be honest. Madonna's best days as an object of desire are so far in the rear view mirror they're no longer visible. But she had so much s*x appeal in the '80s, it's impossible to leave her off any hot celeb list of which she meets the other criteria. And when it comes to celebrity cougar dating, Madonna, like Susan Sarandon, abides by the "go big or go home" mantra when it comes to age differences. While in her 50's, she scored with at least three dudes in their 20's. At 55, she dated 25-year-old Brahim Zaibat. For you, humanities majors, that's a 30-year age difference. She didn't stop there either. She rebounded from her breakup with Zaibat by shacking up with a 26-year-old, and rumors swirled that at one point, she had a 21-year-old paramour.

5 Katie Couric


As host of The Today Show during the 1990's, Katie Couric was known as "America's Sweetheart." The prepossessing anchor exuded class on screen, and off it, she kept her personal life private. During the height of her fame, she was married to attorney Jay Monahan, but he tragically died of colon cancer in 1998. She kept a low profile on the dating scene for years afterward. Around 2006, though, she got hot and heavy with Brooks Perlin. He was 32 at the time, while she was 49. Although the gossip rags dismissed their relationship as a fling, Couric and Perlin went strong for five years. Family disapproval on both sides purportedly caused their 2011 breakup. Couric's two daughters "hated" Perlin, while his family derisively referred to her as "nothing but a cougar."

4 Eva Mendes

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Let's be honest. The opportunity to get with Ryan Gosling could turn any chick at any age into a cougar. So none of us should be surprised that 43-year-old Eva Mendes, who turned heads and raised other body parts in movies such as Hitch and Stuck On You, seized her opportunity to score with the 36-year-old heartthrob. The pair first hooked up in 2011 and welcomed their first daughter in 2014. Their second daughter arrived in 2016. Shortly after he first became a dad, Gosling, apparently not content with the million other ways in which he makes the rest of us guys look bad, spoke on The Tonight Show about his love for changing diapers, then admonished other men who scoff at the duty (no pun intended). Thanks, Ryan.

3 Jennifer Aniston

If Jennifer Aniston lives to be 120, she'll still die a hottie. There's just no age progression simulation you can run on her that could make her not be hot anymore. So if things ever don't work out with hubby Justin Theroux (two years younger than her), she has plenty of years ahead of her to play the Little League field. The 48-year-old has already gotten some practice. Remember her fling with John Mayer? The singer-songwriter, nine years Aniston's junior, helped her forget all about Brad Pitt casting her aside for Angelina Jolie and singlehandedly ending the ZPG movement with their proliferation efforts. According to sources, it wasn't Mayer's good looks (nonexistent) or sensitive nature (a total facade) that hooked her. It was his much-extolled skills between the sheets!

2 Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is now 51, but she looks better than most 21-year-old chicks. Her unlined face radiates beauty, and whatever she's doing to keep her body tight and toned is working. No dude is going to turn her down on account of age. She's currently on her third marriage (and, as of 2017, separated from her husband). Her first two unions were to dudes slightly older than her. But she turned cougar in 2012, marrying Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana, who's nine years her junior. While not a bad-looking dude, Wissam's not exactly the kind of guy who makes you think that he's a "boy toy," "young stud," or "cub." But, to be fair, Janet had about 1 billion reasons (Wissam's purported net worth) to get with him.

1 Demi Moore

Were you expecting anyone else at the number one spot? Sure, the age difference between Demi Moore and former hubby Ashton Kutcher, at 15 years, isn't as large as some of the others on the list (e.g., Sharon Stone, Madonna). But for reasons unknown, they're the couple that inspired the word "cougar" and made the practice of older chicks seeking out younger dudes cool and trendy. Moore and Kutcher's eight-year union fell apart in 2013, after which rumors swirled that Moore, apparently grasping for ways to continue feeling young in absence of her boy-toy, started partying like a college freshman. Luckily, it was a fairly short-lived phase. She has since calmed down and stayed out of the tabloids. Currently, her dating life is shrouded in mystery. But, given that her looks haven't faded a bit, we wouldn't be surprised to see her emerge with a new cub.

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