15 Stars You Wouldn't Believe Got Fat-Shamed

Being a celebrity isn't all fun and games. It might seem like the best job ever, but as many stars can tell you, their lives come with a fair share of stress and hardship. The cost of having money and fame is higher than you might think. For one thing, celebrities are constantly having their image investigated on a microscopic level by the media. One simple bikini picture can be headline news, and you better hope you don't look fat in it. That's what a lot of these celebrities experienced when they were fat-shamed. But as you will see, it's not always the media that does the fat-shaming.

Sometimes, it's the industry itself. Actors and actresses are under enormous pressure to look good as part of their career, and their own employers can make devastating comments about their weight. Countless models and actors having been told that they're "too fat" by the very people who write their paychecks. Other times, the memory of being fat-shamed is a distant and faded one. These celebrities remember a time when they were just children, bullied by their peers because of their weight. These childhood experiences leave a deeper scar than you might think. Sometimes it's obvious which celebrities have dealt with fat-shaming, but other times that's just not the case. Most people would never guess that these huge stars dealt with fat-shaming... Prepare to be surprised.


15 Kelly Clarkson

For a lot of you out there, you already know about Kelly Clarkson's struggle with fat-shaming. But if you haven't really kept up to date with her in recent years, you might be surprised at the amount of hate she's getting. Sure, she's gained a little weight, but that doesn't excuse the level of abuse she's experiencing. Many people have commented over the amount of weight Kelly Clarkson seems to be gaining in recent years, but she herself says that's nothing new:

“I love how people think that’s new — like, ‘Welcome to the past 13 years.' Yeah, I was the biggest girl on [American Idol], too. And I wasn’t big, but people would call me big because I was the biggest one on Idol, and I’ve kind of always gotten that... I think what hurts my feelings for people is that I’ll have a meet-and-greet after the show and a girl who’s, like, bigger than me will be in the meet-and-greet and be like, ‘Wow, if they think you’re big, I must be so fat to them.’ ”

14 Tyra Banks


For those of you not familiar with the fashion and modeling industry, you might be surprised to hear that someone with a body like Tyra Banks could be subjected to fat-shaming. But it's a pretty well-known fact that models are under incredible pressure to have basically zero fat on their bodies. She gave an incredible speech on her talk show that addressed these issues, and confessed that she had been pressured to "basically starve herself." The speech she gave has now been recognized as one of the "60 Greatest Talk Show Moments" by TV Guide. Here's the speech:

“If I had lower self esteem, I would probably be starving myself right now. But that’s exactly what is happening to other women all over this country. To all those people who make women feel bad about the way they look and the bodies they have, kiss my fat ass!”

13 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is another amazingly hot actress that you might be surprised dealt with fat-shaming. She's undoubtedly one of the biggest stars alive today, and she's also one of the sexiest. But she didn't get to where she is now without being subjected to a lot of criticism about her weight. To me, she just looks like an average girl, and a skinny one at that. But I guess they wanted her to become rail thin. I, for one, am glad that she didn't cave to the pressure, because I love her body just the way it is. If she got any skinnier, she wouldn't be as sexy. Jennifer Lawrence herself talked about her experience with fat-shaming: “I was young. It was just the kind of [thing] actresses have to go through,” she said. “Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight.”

12 Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson is another woman who was, and still arguably is, one of the hottest women alive. So it really makes no sense why she was singled out and body-shamed. It actually has to do with something that a lot of women deal with: post-pregnancy weight gain. But while the average woman can deal with that on her own, a celebrity like Jessica Simpson is subjected to widespread media scrutiny over her weight. Speaking about the media's tendency to fat shame post-pregnant celebrities, Jessica Simpson said:

“I never listen to it, no matter who the press talks about when they’re pregnant. It’s ridiculous and unfair. I think any woman who is pregnant and creating a life is pretty much entitled to eat whatever she wants as long as she’s healthy. I wasn’t going to let the media take away from what was one of the happiest times in my life.”

11 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is known today as one of the hottest Kardashian sisters. And she has some stiff competition. Kylie, Kendall, and Kim are all incredibly sexy, so her being able to stand out is quite an accomplishment. But it wasn't always this way. As she points out, being surrounded by hot sisters might not always be a good thing, especially for your self-esteem: “Being compared to my sisters was something I was used to. But being compared in such a harsh way I just thought, ‘Okay, that’s my role.’ So I started saying it before people. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m the fat, funny sister. Who cares?’ I almost let that take ownership of me. [In reality] I wasn’t fat; I wasn’t obese. But I would let society make me believe that I was.”

10 Chrissy Teigen 


Another celebrity who had to deal with fat-shaming was Chrissy Teigen. And as you can see, this woman is clearly not deserving of any kind of body-shaming whatsoever. This just goes to show how insane the media is. But it must be said that the media is just a representation of society's viewpoints and ideals, and we as a society must take responsibility for out unrealistic expectations of women. When Teigen was fat-shamed by Instagram users, she hit back with a fiery salvo:

"In what other real life situation would you walk up to someone and tell them they're fat or gained weight? Seriously you are POS. I don't know why I am always surprised when you let me down. I gotta get used to this s--t. It's amazing to me that I am told to get over the a--holes but the a--holes are never told to stop being pieces of s--t."

9 Sam Smith

Women aren't the only ones who get fat-shamed. Men are just as vulnerable to the harsh scrutiny of the media, and Sam Smith was one man who got hit with some pretty terrible fat-shaming. Speaking about his experiences, he revealed that he used to eat to deal with stress, and that fat-shaming is actually worse that homophobic slurs in his opinion: "If someone called me fat, that affects me way more than someone calling me a f-----. I think just because I've accepted that, if someone calls me a f-----, it's like, I am gay and I'm proud to be gay so there's no issues there."


8 Henry Cavill


The fact that Henry Cavill was fat-shamed just goes to show that you really can't judge a book by its cover. This is the guy who played Superman after all. He recently revealed that as a kid, he was a little on the heavy side, and kids used to make fun of him for it.  "They used to call me Fat Cavill. I actually had rolls of fat on me. They also called me a 'lemon,' a guy who gets nowhere with the girls. There was nothing physical I was a chubby kid but I wasn’t a weakling. I could have stood up for myself in that department. It was name-calling, and kids do that. So I comfort ate." While we might know him today as the man of steel, he had to go through months of grueling physical training to reach his current fitness level.

7 Jillian Michaels 

It's understandable that some of the girls on this list might have been body shamed, but it will probably blow your mind that a woman like Jillian Michaels was fat-shamed as a kid. Why? Because today, she's one of the most famous personal trainers in the world. As you might expect, this means she also has a really nice body. Talking about her past trauma, she said: "Being big as a kid was pure hell. I spent all of eighth grade in my classroom because God forbid I ever left. I was terrorized." She also revealed that she put on pounds as a way to deal with the stress of her parents breaking up.

6 James McVey


Another person who recently revealed they had been fat-shamed as a kid was James McVey of The Vamps. Looking at him today, the mere idea of that seems ridiculous. He's one of the skinniest celebrities known today! But according to him, it wasn't always that way, and he actually had to work out really hard to get to his current body shape. He revealed in an interview that "I used to be quite overweight when I was younger and I got a bit bullied because of that," he wrote. "I dealt with that myself - I lost some weight and got in shape, but I think speaking to someone is so important if you are being bullied, even though it can be hard."

5 Demi Lovato

You might also be surprised to hear that Demi Lovato has been fat-shamed over the years. She is also a disturbing testament to the affects that body-shaming can have, such as forcing people to develop an eating disorder. She revealed recently: "I was bullied for being fat. I literally didn't know why [people] were being so mean." In a later interview, she talked about how this caused her to develop an eating disorder, and the harsh realities that come with that: "But in reality I was only eating a meal a day. When I was about 15, I was only eating two meals a week, but I wasn't losing any more weight because my body adjusted to that."

4 James Maslow


James Maslow is another celebrity who you would probably never expect to have suffered from body-shaming. Judging from his impressive body today, it seems inconceivable that people once called him fat. But he's yet another star who has childhood memories of being bullied because of his weight. He recalled that: "Kids did messed up and malicious stuff [to me]. Being called ‘pudgy’ or ‘fat’ made me feel like the world was against me, made me feel like I didn’t have many or sometimes any friends. It did get to the point where I had to actually switch schools." This is yet another example of why you can't judge a book by its cover, and how even seemingly beautiful people may have struggled with bullying in the past.

3 Kesha

Kesha is a prime example of just how bad fat-shaming can get for celebrities. She recently went MIA for months, and she later revealed that this was all due to self-esteem issues caused by people fat-shaming her. At one point, she was referred to as a "Fat Refrigerator" by producer Dr. Luke, who she alleges sexually assaulted her as well as verbally assaulting her. She opened up about the traumatic experience, saying: "I was under immense pressure to starve myself. And I tried to and almost killed myself in the process... Someone I work with has literally driven me into this disease, tortured me and [expletive] with me and my family. So I'm here taking time and getting my magic back dammit."

2 Nina Dobrev


Nina Dobrev is another star who you would never guess had struggled with fat-shaming. But according to her, she wasn't always praised for her amazing beauty. Today, she is the picture of perfection, and as skinny and as fit as can be. Her body is something that is celebrated, but she remembers a completely different time when she was younger: "I had a chunky face. I had a phase where I cut my hair like a boy, too. Kids will find anything to pick on you for whether it's true or not because it makes them feel better and bigger." This just goes to show that many of the women out there who are stars had to overcome a lot of hate to get to where they are today.

1 Bethany Mota

Another star that's had to struggle with fat-shaming is Bethany Mota. She's a YouTube celebrity that many of you have probably never heard of. But if you're into the YouTube scene, you know this up-and-coming celebrity quite well. And she presents a whole new dimension when it comes to fat-shaming. YouTubers are constantly being watched and criticized by their fans, and we all know that YouTube commenters can be some of the meanest people around. Bethany Mota, if you can believe it, is subject to all kinds of rumors about her gaining weight on a pretty much non-stop basis. I guess that's the price of being on camera so much. People who watch you all the time are bound to notice small changes in your weight.



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